Garden candles

Lemongrass candles

Those with a passion for candles know that their garden would be incomplete without this piece of furniture. Many buy the classic citronella candles, used to ward off mosquitoes, but these, while producing the same light, certainly do not have the same decorative function. A citronella candle is often housed inside an aluminum or terracotta container, and in some cases they are used to decorate an entire avenue.

The torches

Alternatively, always with a lighting function, there are torches that can be placed directly on the ground to mark a sort of path to follow. Even if in both cases it is a candle light, we cannot say that these have the same function as garden candles. More than illuminating, the garden candle has the task of creating a particular atmosphere, where the light intensity, compared to a light bulb, will certainly be lower.

The candle holders

The candle must necessarily be placed inside a container because the melting wax would fall on the space where the candle was placed. Some are already sold with their candle holder, while others need a support that must be purchased separately. Speaking of candle holders, and referring specifically to those that are used in the garden, we list several shapes. The lantern is perhaps the best known also because its original function was already to illuminate. The lantern also has a completely transparent structure, so the light spreads evenly. It must be purchased in proportion to the candle because if it is too small, it can suffocate the flame. The color of the lantern structure is usually chosen based on the colors that will be predominant for the evening, the same ones also used to set the table. When the candle is closed inside a candle holder, it is superfluous to orient the purchase on a scented candle, because the scent will not be diffused. The large candles allow you to have a constant light source throughout the evening, simply resting on a base and, if they are not completely consumed, they can also be used a second time. It is not recommended to use candles in the garden if the sky threatens to rain.

Shapes and sizes

Garden candles differ not only in their size but also in their shape, the choice is so wide that it is truly amazed. The classic candle has a traditional shape, then we have the small round candles, the classic long candle, and others that are worked in such a way as to reproduce the shape of a fruit or a flower. These are very special candles which then lose their shape as they burn.

Scented candles

The scented candle has different fragrances, but it is advisable to choose all the candles intended for that same evening with the same fragrance, so as not to fill the space with a too intense smell that could also annoy the guests. It is true that not all scented candles give off the same intense smell, but it depends on the type. Handcrafted candles undoubtedly have an aesthetic that differentiates them from others, in addition to their scent, and the cost is also very different. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are available in every model. The candle in the garden can be lit safely but if there are children, they must be constantly supervised by their parents. Otherwise it is good to place the candles at such a height that they cannot touch them. The candles that are lit in a row have no protection, as well as the torches, and in this case we must be more careful. Thanks to the candle holders, the candles can also be hung on trees and once the candle is consumed, the container will be reused.

Buy candles

When you buy a large number of candles, the cost is certainly lower than buying a small number, also because, to set up an outdoor space such as a garden with similar lighting, you need many and even in a small space it will be necessary a considerable amount.

Floating candles

The only difference between indoor candles and those to be used in the garden is that the latter are also made in a floating version, just like those used for the bathtub, and in the garden they can be placed in the pool or in the garden. fountain.

Distribution in the garden

The candle is able to change the appearance of the garden making it different, even if only for one evening. It is important to know how to distribute the candles, so that they give the best lighting. Obviously the more you use them, the more you learn to have your own style to personalize your garden with this light.

Garden candles: garden furniture: The candles in the garden

A garden with a touch of romance; here is your garden with candles.

The passion for wax in all its variations in recent years has grown a lot so the possibilities of decorating using candles have multiplied.

Having become real pieces of furniture, available in many shapes, models and colors, they are objects capable of filling garden spaces with elegance and originality.

Even those who have no passion for garden candles cannot hide when they embellish the spaces, decorate the garden with all their light.

And with all the elegance that distinguishes them.

The most classic for the garden? Citronella candle, as well as beautiful, citronella candles have an essential function: they naturally keep mosquitoes away

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