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Question: privacy fence

On two neighboring gardens fenced with wooden poles and net about 1.80 cm high. Can one of the two neighbors put up a privacy net? How tall can it be? What is the article of the law that protects me from my neighbor? Is it possible to have the article?

Answer: privacy fence

Hello Claudio and welcome to our website, the site for those who love greenery and gardening. Assuming that it would be better to seek advice from legal experts rather than garden experts on these matters, there should be no problems in putting the privacy net from the moment the fence is already present and if a high net applies. as far as the palisade there should be no problems with the neighbor. Another matter are trees, hedges and shrubs that have a clear and precise regulation for both distances and heights. The laws that deal with these issues refer to article 892 of the Italian Civil Code. and in the following articles and in these texts you will find all the information you need to document yourself properly on the subject boundaries-distances-heights.

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