When to sow strawberries for seedlings in 2019

Growing garden strawberries from seeds is not easy. More often, lovers of this berry propagate it with a mustache or buy ready-made seedlings. But you can try to get it yourself.

General principle for determining the sowing time

The sowing time of strawberries will depend on when you plan to plant young plants in the ground - in spring or autumn. For the spring planting period, strawberry seeds can be sown from the end of January and further throughout February. As a result of early planting, plants can begin their fruiting (albeit small) by the end of the current season.

Seedlings planted in February require additional lighting

If it is planned to plant in the garden in the fall, then the appropriate sowing time is the end of April - the beginning of May. In this case, over the summer, young plants will have time to get strong enough and the next year they will be able to give a full harvest.

Does the planting time depend on the variety

The sowing time per se does not depend on the variety, but it must be borne in mind that the germination period for different varieties may differ: seedlings may appear after 2 weeks, or maybe after 20 days. It makes no sense to wait longer than 20 days for seedlings to appear, it is better to reseed.

Strawberries are among those garden crops that do not tolerate picking well, therefore it is better to sow seeds immediately into spacious containers, ensuring development without transplanting.

For strawberries, you need to immediately select containers of more volume

When to sow strawberries for seedlings in 2019

The gardener's lunar calendar will tell you the best sowing dates in accordance with the lunar phases. It is believed that especially favorable days for berry crops are when the moon is in the sign of Gemini or Pisces. But the main thing is not to get sowed during the new moon and full moon.

In addition to the moon phase, it is worth guessing with the sowing and under the desired zodiac sign - Gemini or Pisces

Favorable periods for sowing berry crops according to the lunar calendar in 2019 *:

  • January: the best days are 15 and 17, sowing is possible in any period from 7 to 20;
  • February: most favorable 6, 7, you can sow 9, 11 and 12;
  • March: from 7 20 each, the best terms are 8, 14, 15;
  • April: from 7 to 17;
  • May: 6 to 17.

Moon in Gemini:

  • February 14-15,
  • March 12-13,
  • April 9-10,
  • May 6-8.

Moon in Pisces:

  • 6-8 february,
  • 5, 7 Martha,
  • April 1-3, April 29-30,
  • The 1 of May.

* Dates are in bold when the favorable phase of the moon and the auspicious sign of the zodiac coincide.

Unfavorable dates for sowing:

  • January: 6 and 21;
  • February: 5 and 19;
  • March: 6 and 21;
  • April: 5 and 19;
  • May: 5 and 19.

I tried to grow strawberry seedlings on my own, surprisingly, the experience was successful. I did this in February in order to plant seedlings in the garden by the beginning of summer. The seeds were planted in peat tablets with a toothpick (two per tablet), then the tablets were placed in a plastic greenhouse, which was sometimes aired by removing the lid. Be sure to supplement the lighting.

Video: sowing strawberry seeds for seedlings

Self-cultivation of strawberry seedlings guarantees the match of the variety and gives you the opportunity to taste the new products you like. Do not be lazy and luck will smile on you!

When to plant eggplants for seedlings

Of all the vegetable crops grown in the gardens of Russia, it is eggplant that is considered the most difficult. These plants are very capricious: eggplants need a lot of light, constant high air temperature, a certain level of humidity, nutritious and loose soil. It is quite difficult to create ideal conditions for the growth of eggplants; moreover, it requires a lot of time and effort for the farmer.

You can increase the chances of harvesting a good eggplant crop by growing seedlings of this culture yourself.

These fragile plants must be transferred from one soil to another as soon as possible, which is almost impossible when buying seedlings, but it is quite feasible within the framework of your own summer cottage.

About when to plant eggplants for seedlings in 2019, how to do it right, and how to care for these complex plants - in this article.

Dates of planting in open ground

Seedlings are planted after a week of hardening - strawberries are regularly taken out into the street, gradually increasing the time for "walks" in the fresh air. Conditions under which strawberry seedlings are planted in open ground:

The approximate dates for planting strawberries in the ground depend on climatic conditions:

  • in temperate climates seedlings are planted from the second half of April to the second half of May
  • on South countries carry out the landing earlier - from the beginning of April
  • in the northern regions - from the beginning of May.

In any case, make allowances for weather conditions. Do not rush to disembark if it is cold. When there is a risk of frost, it is recommended to cover the plantings at night. The film also helps protect young plants from sunburn or heavy rainfall.

In winter, gardeners have enough time to study the Lunar calendar in detail and carry out sowing work in accordance with it. For garden strawberries, the following times will be appropriate.

Work is not recommended during the Full Moon and New Moon and 12 hours before and after this phenomenon.

Although the influence of the lunar zodiac on plants has not been scientifically proven, the fact remains: gardeners and gardeners pay close attention not only to the phases of the moon, but also to the passage of the night star through the signs of the zodiac.

It is believed that Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces are fruit signs.

Barren - Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

In addition, the barren ones were distinguished from the lean signs - these are Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

All this information is taken into account in the lunar sowing calendar and greatly simplifies the life of gardeners and gardeners.

When to sow aster seedlings?

However, you need to know the timing of planting asters for seedlings in order to get strong plants. In general, sowing is carried out from March to April, taking into account the characteristics of the variety, the climate of the region.

To accurately calculate the sowing date, you need to take into account the growing season of a particular variety. According to the flowering period, all species are divided into the following groups:

  • early
  • average
  • late.

If you are going to sow early varieties of asters, when choosing the timing, you should take into account that flowering in such plants occurs 90 days after the appearance of the first shoots. Medium flowering asters open their first buds at the beginning of August, and until that moment, about 110 days or more have elapsed since the emergence of seedlings.

Most often, late-flowering aster varieties are on sale. Such plants for seedlings must be sown, taking into account the fact that flowering occurs in them after 130 days. The peculiarity and attractiveness of such asters is that they bloom continuously and for a long time from the end of August until the very frost.

The second factor why you need to sow aster seedlings is the intention to collect your own seeds. Since asters bloom by autumn, and it will take time for the inflorescence to ripen, it will be necessary to sow seeds for seedlings early.

Onion sets per head in open ground

Well, there is one more important point left, this is such a species as sevok. Many people know him not by hearsay. As I already mentioned above, you must determine the specific date of planting yourself, depending on what spring will be, as soon as the soil warms up at a depth of 6-10 cm degrees to 12 degrees. Therefore, if you will be guided by the weather, in early spring, you should plant sevok at the end of April.

The main points in planting this type of onion are such recommendations. Most importantly, you need to correctly mark the beds, which you can easily make with your own hands.

It is recommended to dry the purchased seed for a start, but immediately before planting, soak in a saline solution 2 tablespoons of salt per 2 liters of water, and then disinfect. To do this, place it in a warm solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes and rinse again. This is the kind of preparatory work to be done, it is really simple.

Now you need to decide on a landing site. As you know, onions are a fairly light-loving plant, so you need to plant them in a sunny place and the ground should be open. Onion loves a fairly loose and nutritious soil.

Therefore, the garden bed itself for digging must be equipped with ash and add 1 tbsp for each square meter of azofasca.

Interesting! It will be a great solution if you place onions next to carrots, this is an excellent neighbor. Thus, they will mutually protect from pests.

Since the correct placement of the bulbs during planting increases the germination of the seedlings and improves the quality of the products, it is necessary to make the correct marking of the beds.

For this purpose, take a regular board 20 cm wide, the length should be about 80-100 cm, that is, the width of your garden. And using the drill bit, make through holes with a diameter of about 3 cm.

Next, put this finished board on the garden bed and make a hole with a planting cone. After that, stick the bulbs into the holes and then make the markup further.

Thus, a uniform marking is obtained with the same distance between holes in a row of 10 cm and between rows of almost 20 cm. It is such a row spacing that is very convenient to process with a plaster cutter.

The planting depth of the sevka in the ground should be about 4 cm. And then cover the holes with earth using a rake.

Important! If you plant much deeper than the seedlings, then the first shoots will be delayed and the onion can probably form a more retracted shape. And planting at a shallower depth can lead to a lack of nutrients in the roots.

Well, in the end, you need to moisten the soil well with the help of a watering can with a rain nozzle. Onions have an increased demand for watering, especially the first months after planting, that is, this is the period when it rapidly grows green leaves, and only then its heads are poured. During this period, especially monitor the moisture content of the soil, do not allow it to dry out.

That's all dear friends for me. Share your feedback and wishes. Come to my page more often. Smile, because soon spring, and then summer. Bye everyone! See you later!

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