Acropeto: definition and meaning

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1 Purpose, purpose, intent you want to achieve: have one s. to strive, to aim at one s. aim, propose, yearn for one s. to achieve, to reach one s., the s. what s.? Is this it is. to which I tend I did it at the s. to help you I came with the s. to clarify the situation the aims of art, science, research
|| A life without purpose, useless, meaningless
SIN. target

2 extens. Person or thing representing the purpose: the son is now the only s. of his life money and entertainment, it has no other purpose

3 TECN Mobile part of the surveying instrument consisting of a square of wood or metal divided into four sectors, white and red or white and black, which is slid along the graduated rod of the instrument planted vertically in the ground, until the center of the square on the line of sight

4 ant. Target
|| Today only in the loc. False aim, natural or artificial point of aim used by gunners in indirect aiming to hit an invisible target

second element of compound words of scientific terminology, which indicates the person carrying out an analysis, indicated with an s. in -scopy: necroscope

Meaning of BUDGET

The term company budget indicates a document relating to expenditure forecasts of an organization in a given period of exercise for the achievement of a given result. The budget can refer to specific sectors or individual activities and its preparation usually takes place well in advance of its development. As part of the economic and management planning process, it is possible to identify the cost components that constitute it and identify them as:

  • operating budget: operating costs are costs incurred for the normal performance of activities and are included in the operating income statement
  • investment budget: the set of capitalized costs in the balance sheet of the balance sheet and capable of increasing the asset value of the company
  • financial budget: the set of sources and uses of financial resources.

Next to the forecast function, the budget is configured as a compass for the company, which allows you to define a path to follow, check that there are no deviations from the predetermined path and coordinates activities in order to achieve the set goals. The drafting of the budget promotes the communication exchange between the different business areas that put a comparison one's requirement and the performance. The determination of the cost estimate is a complex activity whose objective is to obtain a forecast document that is consistent and adequate to pursue the expected results and compatible with the financial resources available. For its drafting it is necessary to take into account the strategy that the company decides to follow and the objectives it wants to achieve. Thanks to business budget planning it is possible to intervene effectively and efficiently on any unforeseen events and through its control it is possible to compare the estimates with those in the final balance. The main stages of budget preparation are seven:

  • definition of guidelines and objectives for the preparation of a forecast budget
  • preparation of the budget reserved for sales
  • preparation of budgets relating to the other organizational levels
  • resource negotiation
  • coordination of budget components
  • approval and commissioning
  • revision.

The prerequisites for formulating the cost estimate. Source: Cegos

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