Tagghjate: enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage


The tagghjate

Proposal for an intervention project for the tourist enhancement-promotion of the cultural and environmental asset consisting of the complex of disused tuff quarries called with the dialectal term of "Tagghjate", located in the territory of San Giorgio Jonico (Taranto), downstream of the western slope of the mountain Belvedere extending along the SP nr. 109 San Giorgio Jonico-Pulsano.

By prof. Giovanni Carafa

Tagghjate: Interior landscape

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"Nocturne at the Tagghjate"

In memory of those who with the epic Tagghjate allow us to rediscover a corner of lost identity.


SUBJECT: Artistic operator Prof. Giovanni CARAFA. Proposal for a "project" of intervention for the enhancement-tourism promotion of the cultural and environmental asset consisting of the complex of disused tuff quarries called with the dialectal term of "Tagghjate", located in the territory of San Giorgio Jonico (Taranto) , downstream of the west side of Monte Belvedere extending along the SP nr. 109 San Giorgio Jonico-Pulsano.

The undersigned Artistic operator prof. CARAFA Giovanni, born in San GiorgioJonico (Taranto) on (...) / 1956, resident and domiciled in Oristano at Via (...) (See attached "Biographical Card")



The evidence
The community of San Giorgio Jonico (province of Taranto) gives great memory to its territory an indelible trace of historical-economic-social identity consisting of the quarries in question deriving from the intense extraction of tuffaceous ashlars at the time mainly intended to meet the building needs of expansion of the neighboring capital.The historic delivery
The disposal of these quarries in question, at the end of the 50s of the last century, gradually gave them more and more connotations of a suggestive and pregnant historical testimony of a material culture (proto-industrial archeology) now acquiring an evident aesthetic-landscape and naturalistic value in the coalescence created between daring aspects properly technical-formal (of artifice) and those of nature (partial reappropriation by a luxuriant spontaneous vegetation). Precisely because they were abandoned, as they were delivered to our current conscience, the Tagghjate (this the generic jargon indicating that particular area of ​​the Sangiorgese territory in which there is a systematic and marked presence of this extractive activity) today no longer fulfilling the original function, they lend themselves to the most disparate interpretative territories not even to the imaginative one, in its variegated symbolic and perhaps even mythical meanings. So, read on landscape aesthetics, the latter understood in its most extensive correct pluri-signic meaning of the matured contemporary conscience.

Tagghjate: Ante (engraving)

Testimonials of interest
The testimonies of artistic and cultural interest addressed to Tagghjate sangiorgesi on the part of several eminent and sensitive personalities have seen in the pictorial and engraving mature work of the 60s and 70s of the grottagliese artist Emanuele DeGiorgio (who seems to have often come specifically to our territory to paint en plein air le dette cave) a real sign of social identity that has gradually taken on the connotations of a local realityleitmotiv of an omnipresent specific regional habitat wisely become in the hands of Our faithful expression of a sincere ferment, authentic and of high value depth of the southern cultural situation of the time. The artist's rigorous youthful Urbino training, his contact with the personality of art and culture there, never interrupted, personalities who will later prove to be a vital humus in the national artistic panorama, will provide a valid significant "specific" contribution also to the process of de-provincialization of the art of Ionian land (1), if not the most general fabric of southern Italy. Only his stubborn, loving and unstoppable attachment to his origins, to his territory, his permanently permanently there, has held back the possibility that his work would also rise to other opportunities of national notoriety.

Tagghjate: Antro Grotta Mitragliata (detail)

Personal initiative and intentions
Specifically to the value issue of heritage Tagghjate the artistic-cultural interest of the undersigned-proponent includes, documented (See attached "Thematic Curriculum" tab), an attentive and operational path without a solution of continuity starting from the second half of the 1980s until the following 1992. After a desirable interlude of life, but not alienation from the spirit that has always stubbornly supported with love the attention towards our starting from the second half of this decade that has just passed, to recur in the first person in the last, but not exhaustive, intervention referred to in the reflection note "Metamorphosis of the imaginary of the ruins from the Tagghjate park to the Belvedere area"of 29 June last participated in the illustrious Messrs. Mayors of San Giorgio Jonico, Roccaforzata and Faggiano as well as the Associative Bodies that institutionally more directly operate in terms of promotion of the territorial area (GAL - Colline Joniche, Union of Municipalities of Montedoro), therefore, to the social media (press).
This long temporal extension of disclosure and solicitation aimed mostly at the specific instances of identity and quality of associative life of the current Sangiorgese community on the value of its territory, in particular of the Tagghjate and hopefully also in the more extensive considerations on Mount Belvedere (in its meaning of "district"), now it can be considered didactically acceptably to have fulfilled the initial spontaneistic intentions of suggestion, feeling and state of mind as a way of cognitive approach to the specific problem - without detracting from further possible qualified interpretative interventions of multidisciplinary scientific reading in terms of landscape"(first of all configurable) as a geo-anthropological datum, as a socio-urbanistic reality, as an ecological conscience, as a pedagogical reason, (which) cultural connotations" (2) – an "act" of strong political administration is now urgent by the local body that is institutionally more directly involved and by the Associations of the various social, professional and entrepreneurial categories, including private ones, which have the promotion of the territory among their institutional and institutional foundations. An act that "even if minimal", must, however, be characterized by extreme concreteness and trust in the action of enhancement and protection of the territory.

Tagghjate: Washes (detail)

This is the intent of the present project proposal.
It is necessary to avoid the oblivion of the identity memory of the Sangiorgese community, but this will only be possible with the tangible expression of a real act of will aimed at the recovery, enhancement, protection and enjoyment also of one's own aesthetic-cultural-environmental heritage witnessed here by the Tagghjate.
Therefore, non-pharaonic planning intentions are difficult to achieve, also given the current particular long-range economic-financial situation. However, it is well-considered, of long-term purposes (district) it will still be necessary to talk so that every intervention on the territory can be shared by the local populations and be structurally, current and unified by design. Even in the context of a possible shared planning between different subjects, the local authority will have to wait and supervise the functions of guarantor of the maintenance of the social needs of the communities concerned.The semantic discard
In reference to the loved ones Tagghjate, again, for some time it has also been unfortunate to find a malpractice, a habit in the dissemination of written texts and iconic (photographic) material with a spontaneistic-private initiative, a practice mainly endorsed by the extensive possibilities offered by the web communication circuit. Temporary descriptions are provided, not entirely exact and, in any case, with a largely nostalgic content, misinforming the unsuspecting recipient, distracting him into futile hedonisms, making him lose the true cultural significance of this heritage.

It is all this - and much more which for the moment may well be omitted because it is not considered of strict immediacy - that now more than ever it is urgent to become active interpreters.

Project input: territorial regional institutional initiatives
For some years the Puglia Region (through the program promoted byRegional Department for the Mediterranean, Culture, Tourism and organized by Puglia Promotion, the Regional Tourism Agency) has activated the care of initiatives in favor of the promotion of its territory. Particularly in the summer season, the regional tourist vocation is enhanced by intense competition between local authorities, associations, etc .. A question arises spontaneously "... and, why not, if also our beloved Sangiorgio can propose with her best dress (the Tagghjate) to compete in the fruition of the benefits offered-deriving from the institutional circuit of the regional initiatives named OPEN DAY". An operation, this, of extreme project concreteness that for Sangiorgio would have nothing to envy to other regional territorial realities of already consolidated and proven organizational efficiency and knowledge-transmission of ethnic, naturalistic and cultural contents. OPENDAY - all nocturnal initiatives, free of charge. , guided and open to the public - Thursday includes proposals from the local area relating to ethno-gastronomy; on Friday access visits to sites of particular naturalistic and landscape value and, finally, on Saturdays, all dedicated to a busy calendar of "visits" to discover particular cultural assets usually not immediately available.

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