Plastic planters

Characteristics of plastic planters

Plastic is a material that is widely used in the garden furniture sector. In fact, it has features that make it not only durable over time, but also particularly suitable for any temperature. There plastic planter it is quite light, so much so that it can also be used in the special containers of balcony planters. In it the flowers and plants can have a good development and growth process. First, the plastic planter it is always equipped with a hole, generally located in the central part, which serves to drain excess water. When the plant is watered, it may happen that an excessive amount of water is poured. If this hole were not present, the water would remain trapped inside the pot, without performing any function, except to risk damaging the roots of the same. The water that escapes can be collected inside a pot, a highly recommended solution when the plastic planter is placed directly on the ground on a floor covered with tiles, which could be damaged by prolonged contact with water. There are versions of planters with double bottom, where the water is conveyed. In some models it is also possible to detach this double bottom.

Plastic processing and merits

Plastic pots are always a great success. The slightly protruding edge allows and facilitates the grip, so much so that, when they are quite small, the vase can be moved even if full. Plastic is a material that is suitable for all types of processing. You can have vases of classic shape, rectangular, square, round and of different heights. Today, also thanks to the introduction of rotational plastic, it is possible to create vases with very particular shapes. The vase is stackable to take up a rather small space when not in use. The plastic planter has a very versatile appearance and can be perfectly integrated into any garden. Among other things, it is also resistant to sudden changes in temperature, but unlike a stone planter, in case of violent shocks, it can break. The garden where the plastic planters it appears to be a tastefully furnished space, because it does not have too strong an impact. The plastic planter can be purchased alone or together with your own grill. In this case, a climbing plant can easily be placed inside, which allows the planter to have a double function: in addition to being decorative, it will also be used to divide two areas.

Rotational plastic

Today plastic is widely used, because it is one of the materials towards which research has directed his interest. In fact, before we mentioned rotational plastic. The plastic used in the garden has undergone a change not only in terms of processing, but also in terms of style and shape. When it comes to plastic planters, you can't help but pay attention to resin pots. This material is very successful because it has been able to integrate the common characteristics of a simple plastic planter, however associating them with a completely unusual design and style. The plastic planters modern have much larger dimensions than the classic ones, they are taller, and within them are placed the most varied plants. The taller structure highlights both the planter and the plant. Within a garden this becomes a very interesting focal point on which to focus one's attention. This solution is interesting not only for that space of the garden left without furniture, but also for enhancing the entrance to a home.

Colors and new shapes

The colors used for these particular planters are really many; if before the plastic planter was mainly made in a dark brown color, today these innovative planters have any color and even shades that until a few years ago would have seemed strange to include in the garden decor. Therefore, there are not only bright colors but also shades such as black that until now had never been used with this frequency. Plastic planters can also take an angular shape, in order to take up a small space. There are so many versions that they can fit into any garden furniture. In specialized shops there is never a shortage of plastic planters, because they are versatile and very comfortable. Before storing them, if they are not to be used, it is best to wash them thoroughly, removing any residue of earth, without using any detergent. After the plastic has dried, they can be stored in a closed, dry place ready for use again. Their aesthetic is also appropriate to the interior space. In the case of particularly delicate plants, during the winter the pot can be moved inside, without this negatively affecting our furniture.

Pots and planters: Plastic planters

The planter has the function of containing the plants and flowers, more often, present either on the balcony or in the garden.

Obviously, both the construction material and the size and shape are greatly influenced by the use that will have to be made of them.

Balcony planters usually have a rectangular shape and hooks on the back because they are installed on balcony railings.

Among the most common materials for processing we find plastic; plastic is also one of the most classic manufacturing materials and is widely used in the garden furniture sector, not only for flower boxes.

Plastic is widely used for its well-known characteristics: durability and adaptability even at different temperatures.

Plastic planters: buying guide


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THE flowers fall between decorations for interiors and exteriors most desired and purchased. If they are then accompanied by vases is planters elegant, creative and ornamental, the result is nothing short of incredible!

If you are looking for some idea to better furnish your apartment or garden, consider purchasing plastic planters: practical and economic, they prove to be thegreener option ever and allow you to find the best solution to your needs! Alternatively, you can also evaluate other materials such as wood, the concrete or the terracotta .

Additional categories corresponding to the selection

Outdoor pots and planters

OBI vase Bernay 69.5 cm beige

OBI vase Bernay 19.5 cm x 50 cm beige

Bama Separè planter with wrought iron back

Bama Trifoglio vase with saucer set 3 pcs

OBI vase Valsonne 69.5 cm anthracite

Millennium box cm 79 corten

Itaca box with sub-box 40 cm terracotta

OBI Valsonne vase 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm anthracite

Bama Fontana bowls set 3 pcs white

Cube Millennium vase cm 39 corten

Dark gray rectangular Ficonstone vase 57x24x25 cm

OBI vase Valsonne 17x17x38 cm anthracite

Bama double Klunia planter 40 cm

Bama Separè planter with white back

Unica Maxi box 80 cm light terracotta

Terrae cistern with sub-box 50 cm smoky gray

Terrae square vase 25 cm smoky gray

Unica cylinder vase 20 cm light terracotta color

Terrae Cassette with sub-cassette 80 cm terracotta

Bavaria vase in terracotta Ø 23.5 cm

Terrae Midi box with 45 cm sub-box in terracotta

Terrae Maxi square vase 43 cm dark beige

Single box 40 cm light terracotta

Fenice bowl Ø 50 cm terracotta

Fenice bowl with saucer Ø 25 cm terracotta

Terrae Maxi 60 cm smoky gray box

Terrae cistern with sub-box 50 cm stone white

Terrae box with sub-box 40 cm terracotta

Terrae Mini box with sub-box 22 cm terracotta

Terrae Maxi box 60 cm stone white

Arezzo bowl 21 cm x 52 cm x 52 cm

OBI Valsonne vase 19.5 cm x 50 cm anthracite

OBI vase Bernay 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm beige

OBI vase Bernay 17,5 cm x 38 cm beige

Impruneta festooned vase 45 cm

Balcony box 40 cm

Bama Pyramid vase with gray saucer

Bama planter Trevy gray

Green steel planter

Single Crate 40 cm Light Smoke Gray

Maxi Single Cassette 60 cm Light Smoke Gray

Planter with positive arch grid W 80 x D 36 x H 169 cm

Planter with negative arch grid, L 86 x D 36 cm

Basic grid planter

Tuscan terracotta vase "Lemons" 30 cm

Millennium Cube Vase cm 39 anthracite color

Millennium box 79 cm anthracite

Millennium Cube Vase cm 49 anthracite

Unica Cylinder Vase 30 cm Light Smoke Gray

Unica Cylinder Vase 35 cm Light Smoke Gray

Single bowl with saucer 25 cm terracotta

Kit 3 planters Garden and trolley

SEPARE planter 79 x 35 x 37 cm anthracite color

White wood effect plastic planter

Plastic planter with wood effect, anthracite color

White wood effect plastic planter

Plastic planter with wood effect, anthracite color

Planter KIT FURNITURE 80 x 42.5 x 42 cm white color

Round urban loft vase 20 cm anthracite

Urban loft round vase 35 cm high anthracite

Wooden planter 120x40 cm

Round terracotta vase 20x20x16 cm

Terracotta bell vase with roses decoration 19x19x19 cm

Square vase Fibreclay gray 42x42x40 cm

Rectangular gray Fibreclay pot 49x20x20 cm

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Eco-sustainable plastic pots 83419636 of various sizes perfect for decorating gardens, green spaces, avenues, outdoor areas.


Products in ecological recycled plastic, first choice linear polyethylene, thermoplastic resin

- Rotational molding production
- Shockproof, light, resistant to thermal shocks and u.v.
- Excellent for decorating modern, lively and cheerful interiors or exteriors.
You can place in any geographical area (sea, mountain, hill, city)

- In the garden or on the terrace, plastic planters are excellent containers for your decorative plants.

- Wellness centers, beauty centers, medical offices, architecture studios, hospitals, churches - green spaces in harmony with the tradition of Italian taste.


In case of positioning the vase on parapets, walls, balconies, terraces, poolside, etc., it is recommended to fix it with a common glue or with threaded rod.

Also buy the saucer: look for art. - SAUCER FOR VASE

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