Instructions for the use of fertilizer for cucumbers and tomatoes

This fertilizer composition is very popular today. The drug dissolves easily in water, which promotes useful components to quickly enter the plant. The health food fertilizer consists of a balanced set of chemical elements, which is optimal for tomatoes, cucumbers and any other plant. Each pellet contains a large amount of substances that help the culture to grow and form a crop. It is necessary to use the health product according to the instructions for use.

The composition and characteristics of the fertilizer zdraven

The following elements are included in "Zdraven":

  • nitrogen is the most important substance for the life of plants. It is located in chlorophyll, which provides photosynthesis, participates in the formation of protein molecules and the creation of new tissues;
  • phosphorus - affects the absorption of nutrients, growth, flowering, photosynthesis;
  • potassium - improves material metabolism, increases the level of water in cells, creates protective properties in culture against dehydration and drought. Has an effect on growth and maturation;
  • manganese - increases the level of ascorbic acid and sugar, participates in the respiratory process of cultures and photosynthesis;
  • iron - helps to form chlorophyll, controls photosynthesis. With a lack of this element, the plant lags behind in growth;
  • boron - reduces the number of barren flowers and unblown ovary. Raises sugar and starch levels. If it is insufficient, the development of the root system is disrupted, the foliage distorts its forms, the plant takes on an unsightly appearance;
  • copper - takes an active part in water regulation. The shell of plants without this element becomes limp, losing the required tension. Even with abundant watering, plants lacking copper are capable of withering;
  • zinc - takes part in the assimilation and synthesis of components for growth, affects the size and shape of the fruit;
  • molybdenum - improves the growth rate of crops, increases their productivity. Able to destroy nitrates in cells, develop the formation of proteins and amino acids;
  • cobalt - needed for plants that are grown on sod-podzolic soils. Great for the cultivation of potatoes, peas and cucumbers.

The composition of the fertilizer makes it possible to do without mixing simpler preparations, thus saving you time. Its complete dissolution in water helps any plant to quickly absorb useful elements.

The solution is prepared in water heated to thirty to fifty degrees. After giving him the opportunity to cool down a little, watering is carried out.

Advantages and disadvantages

Experienced gardeners are well aware that it is simply not realistic to get healthy seedlings from which strong bushes covered with tomatoes will grow without special feeding compositions. For such situations, there is Zdraven fertilizer, which has a number of positive signs:

  • the composition is able to replace several simple fertilizers;
  • there is no chlorine in it, which has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system;
  • the mixture contains nutrients necessary for growing plants;
  • the presence of sodium humate in Zdravna improves the physical characteristics of the soil, stimulates the work of microorganisms, does not allow the accumulation of nitrates and other harmful substances;
  • complete dissolution in water in just a few minutes.

Health can be used as a preventive measure and for the treatment of chlorosis.

Instructions for use

To grow good seedlings, you need to apply Zdraven.

It is necessary to feed the sprouts from the moment when they form two or three leaves. Before the procedure, the seedlings must be watered in a couple of days.

Fertilizer consumption rates

It is best to dilute the drug at the rate of 15 grams of the product per ten-liter bucket of water. It is recommended to add a few grams of urea to the solution. Watering is performed until fully moistened, after one and a half to two weeks, the procedure is repeated.

Safety measures when working with the tool

When treating plants with this preparation, it is recommended to protect your hands with rubber gloves. After finishing work, wash your face and hands with soap and water. The storage of the drug is organized in a dry room, closed for children and pets. It is prohibited to keep food near the chemical composition.

Reviews of gardeners about fertilizer Zdraven

Nina Sergeevna: in the spring, all the windowsills in the rooms are filled with boxes with seedlings. I support it with Zdravn, which contains all the components necessary for seedlings. I apply the solution twice, diluting the powder by fifteen grams in a bucket of water. The seedlings are doing great. I use the composition after planting to help the plants take root in a new place.

The package is enough for ten buckets of water, and the drug is not too expensive.

Svetlana: with my husband we keep a plot of ten acres. Every year we grow fruits, vegetables and berries on it. Naturally, the season begins with the preparation of the seedlings. For several years now, we have been using Zdraven turbo as a fertilizer. It dissolves in water quickly, fifteen grams are enough for a bucket. As a rule, we carry out three dressings. We pour the preparation under the root so that the root system of plants uses it in full. I think this method is much more effective than just watering the plants.

Molodkina Inna: spring is a difficult season for gardeners. And buy seeds, and fertilizers ... for the first time I tried to apply Zdraven. The tomato seedlings looked great. I recommend this excellent drug to everyone.

Sergey Petrov: I begin to grow seedlings at the end of winter. I use different fertilizers for its good growth. This year I bought Zdraven. It dissolves perfectly, contains all the necessary components. The seedlings immediately began to look different, got stronger, turned green. You can only advise the manufacturer of the packaging for the drug to use a larger volume.

Galina Alexandrovna: I have been growing commercial seedlings for a long time. Special care is needed so as not to waste time and effort in vain. I use Zdraven as a feeding agent. There are no words - I recommend it to all gardeners.

Many gardeners are happy to talk about their experiences in using Zdravnya. It can be used to feed tomato seedlings and other plants. The seedlings will turn out to be strong, their shade will be bright green. And at the same time, the complete absence of chlorosis, which is especially important!

The chemical content of the Zdraven fertilizer is balanced in terms of macro- and microelements. It contains nitrogen (N) necessary for the growth of shoots and leaves. There is phosphorus (P), which accelerates metabolic processes (synthesis of protein, starch, sucrose, fats), promotes the formation of a strong root system, if it is deficient, tomatoes bloom late.

There is potassium (K) in Zdravna, thanks to which the fruits ripen on time, and the plant successfully resists bad weather. The manufacturer maintains the optimal ratio:

  • N - 15%
  • P - 20%
  • K - 15%.

In addition, Zdravnya contains seven trace elements, each of which is necessary for a plant at all stages of development:

  1. Manganese - protection against pests and fungal infections. It is especially well absorbed when feeding on a leaf.
  2. Copper is a regulator of the plant's water balance. Thanks to her, tomatoes are easier to tolerate temperature fluctuations and dry periods.
  3. Zinc is an element responsible for plant growth. If your tomatoes are stunted, then they lack zinc.
  4. Iron is needed to protect against chlorosis and to strengthen the defenses.
  5. Molybdenum is needed for fruits, with its assistance, more vitamin C is formed in the pulp.
  6. Cobalt is essential for better nitrogen absorption.
  7. Boron is responsible for the defenses of the plant.

It is worth noting separately that Zdraven's top dressing for tomatoes contains all minerals in a chelated form, and this significantly increases the percentage of nutrient absorption. As scientists have proven, nutrients in chelated form are absorbed by plants by 90%, and in normal form - by a maximum of 40%.

Fertilizer characteristics Zdraven

The effectiveness of the Zdraven fertilizer lies in the fact that it contains such elements important for plants as nitrogen, phosphorus, manganese, iron, potassium, copper, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt. At the same time, manganese, copper, iron and zinc are used in the form of chelates. All of these elements have a specific function. For example, without nitrogen, an essential element of chlorophyll, photosynthesis is impossible, potassium contributes to the intensification of metabolic processes, the formation of sugar, and copper regulates the water balance of plants.

Together, all the elements are involved in all processes of plant development. At the same time, the nutrients in the fertilizer are in the right ratio for certain crops. For example, pepper, tomatoes require more manganese, zinc, cucumbers - cobalt, cabbage - boron, molybdenum.

For this, a whole series of Zdraven fertilizers has been developed: for peppers and tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic, cabbage, fruit and berry and other plants. The assortment is constantly growing. Health for beets and carrots, Universal Health for horticultural crops, and Health for indoor plants have already gone on sale.

Practice shows that when using the Zdraven fertilizer, plants are practically not susceptible to late blight, powdery mildew, scab and other diseases. In such plants, the yield increases by about 20%.

Fertilizer composition and release form

"Mag Bor" is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly fertilizer of a new generation. In its action it surpasses the lime-boric composition, which is an analogue of "Mag-Bora".

Includes an optimally selected percentage of three important chemical elements:

Fertilizer is presented in the form of a white crystalline powder. Produced in plastic film bags with packaging: 100 and 200 grams.

Shelf-life Unlimited. It is important to store in a dry place.

Safety regulations

Complex fertilizer Zdraven has a hazard class 3, therefore, when using it, you need simple protective measures - gloves.

A respirator is not needed, but if liquid fertilizer splashes on the skin of the face, legs and hands, rinse the affected surface quickly with running water. In case of accidental contact with the eyes of the liquid, they must be rinsed at least 2 times with running water. During foliar dressing, pets and small children must be removed from the garden. If the product from the bag is not used within 1 time, then we pack it tightly and store it in a remote place, inaccessible to minors.

Universal fertilizer for tomatoes

As an alternative course of groundbait, you can use the following fertilization schemes:

  • Nettles, chopped before flowering (4 buckets)
  • Mullein (1 bucket)
  • Wood ash (2 l)
  • Yeast (2 kg)

How to make your own organic fertilizer? - All ingredients are poured into a 200 (l) barrel and filled with water to the brim. The barrel can be covered with a lid. The consistency should ferment for 2 weeks. Stir the consistency periodically. That's it, the micronutrient cocktail is ready. Tomato bushes are watered with infusion at the rate of 1 liter for each unit of vegetation. Top dressing is done every 10 days (it is planted in open ground until the last crop is harvested).

Please note that the nettle must be used green, that is, the nettles that have not yet bloomed are crushed. The green plant contains an increased concentration of micronutrients.

If you use this micronutrient cocktail, then no other fertilizers are needed. Another alternative method of feeding tomatoes is noted on the video:

If a long-term transportation of seedlings is planned, it is not worth treating it with fertilizer, this will negatively affect the development of the root system. Watering with plain water should be carried out no earlier than three days after using the fertilizer.

If, after spraying, whitish spots appeared on the leaves, these are signs of the development of phytotoxicity, which could be provoked by a significant excess of the dosage indicated in the instructions. Also, this phenomenon is observed after processing at an elevated air temperature (more than 25).

Watch the video: Team Instructions Redux - How to use them in various situations

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