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Considerations on the human being

Dear ones, I have reflected so much on Western man and I have an explanation of everything ready!

Man is like clay, he is malleable and easily takes the shape you want to give him, from this the capital importance of education and training is evident, and we will return to this in a moment!

Another question: man is driven by some psychological motives called "primary instincts": the individual survival instinct, the survival instinct of the species, the power instinct and 2 others that I do not remember now, but which include among the "primaries". Man is also a "social" animal, that is, like horses or wolves or rats, he tends to live with other humans, that is, in a "pack". From this derives that kind of "fear" that man has, in making autonomous choices that distance him from the group and make him fear of remaining isolated, without a group or without a herd of reference.

Small men, children, are therefore instructed to follow the behaviors of the first reference herd: the family: this has the double advantage of having a new element in the herd, which gives more strength to the herd itself, and gives strength to the small one than alone. has the strength to survive. If the baby becomes a too individualized adult, it destabilizes the pack and weakens it: it is frowned upon by the pack and creates annoyance and confusion.

Italian society is a large pack, with the pack leaders who have "formed" the various leaders of the pack in order to transform all the basic components of the pack into a useful way for the pack leader: newspapers, radios, televisions, which a time they have contributed to spreading the Italian language throughout the peninsula (before dialects prevailed), they have, UNFORTUNATELY, contributed a great deal to extinguishing some important intellectual activities such as critical observation, independent thinking, the courage to be opposed to fashionable behavior. Moreover, certain ways of dealing with reality / life have been abandoned: honesty no longer has weight, cunning prevails, respect and consideration of others is no longer valid, the ability to manipulate is rather worth it.

We talked before about the "power instinct": it is what animates our Italian leader, the Italian sub-leaders (various ministers and politicians) and almost all the leaders of the other world states. The driving force behind the behavior of all these leaders on the planet is money. MONEY = POWER.

The other primary instinct, the survival of the species, is realized with reproduction, which has sexual pleasure as a byproduct. In the present moment the desire for pleasure and power is expressed through an inordinate desire for sexual activity, which becomes even perverse and aberrant: pedophilia, prostitution, perverse erotic games.

There is currently no ideology strong enough to gather around seventh people so as to create a large bucking herd: the mass media of which I spoke above have enormously diluted the intellectual abilities and spiritual aspirations of the basic elements of the herd that has been deliberately cut in order not to create annoying confusion.

They have all been persuaded that what is worth is MONEY, even if it involves the destruction of the planet and the perverse cruelty to the animal world and to the wonderful environment that is our Earth.

Ornella, August 2010

Walter's considerations on Ornella's article

Dear friends

Yours is such an interesting starting point that it prompted me to give my opinion also as a result of Ornella's article. I also want to reflect on it.

Man is nothing more than a being who has had the good fortune to find the right condition to reproduce and prosper in an anomalous way, or rather, outside the logic of nature which usually behaves differently, leveling the possibilities of demographic explosion and consequent accumulation of riches at least until this moment.

Do you know the exponential growths of bacteria and fungi or yeasts? If they find the right conditions they reproduce (in theory indefinitely) until the substrate suitable for them ends (resources?) Then they are destined to die, meanwhile some of them are released into the air and if they find the favorable conditions again they repeat. the cycle.

Well what I think is that man has found and is still "in the right conditions" to reproduce himself indefinitely until resources run out, nature works like this.

Social behavior is another thing, that is what Ornella refers to, the most important and devastating aspect is our selfishness, the one that leads us to accumulate wealth at the expense of the environment, if we exceed the limit of the number of egoists who accumulate wealth we comes to destroy everything exactly as we are doing today, even in the past selfishness was devastating but limited, think about the logic of the Egyptian pharaohs or the Roman Empire, they too were destroyers and accumulators of wealth but the substantial difference is that there were relatively few to do this , I think it is the same stimulus that pushes, for example, a squirrel to accumulate as many peanuts as possible to survive the winter and therefore this is part of the natural design.

To conclude, I am sure that nature will sooner or later react by leveling this anomaly as it has always done and always will, I want to recall the several mass extinctions of the past that have affected billions of living beings who have found themselves in the conditions of "end of resources", now not I want to say to be happy with this if it translates as a future perspective but it is still acceptable and "naturally sustainable".

Hi Walter

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