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Sexual confusion

Sexual confusion is one of the biological control methods used for the control of insects in the defense of crops from harmful agents. This method in fact uses some substances called pheromones (from the Greek phero "Port" e hormao 'Stimulus') which are produced by the insects themselves as chemical messengers for the exchange of information between insects of the same species. Among the different pheromones there are sexual ones that serve to recall the other sex for mating from distances of even several kilometers.

What did entomologists come up with? The use of diffusers, that is to say of special capsules impregnated with the pheromone of the species to be fought, which are distributed in the environment. In the presence of an excess of pheromonic substance, the males are unable to locate the females (it creates "confusion") and consequently they do not mate, thus limiting the damage produced by that insect that does not reproduce.

In other words: "You don't have to marry!"

Curious sexual customs

Curiosity on sexual customs and practices on the African continent

The Bulungo women (popolkation of Egyptian derivation) of this sect move only if carried on the shoulders of men and touch the bare earth only when they want to mate with some brother who belongs to their sect, who has no possibility to refuse the request.

The young Cabrai (Togo) are forced to demonstrate incredible courage and ferocity, before undergoing circumcision. During their childhood they were given a puppy dog ​​that grows with them. It becomes the play and adventure companion and follows them in all moments of their life. In this way, a relationship of very solid affection is created between the puppy and the child. Reached the time when the boys have to say goodbye to all things of their childhood, they are forced to kill the dog, faithful companion of their life. It is a test of atrocious cruelty but there is nothing to be done, if the boy Cabrai wants to pass to the new age class, he must necessarily strangle the dog, then quarter him, take his blood and collect it in a pot, where he will come. then put to cook the meat that will have to be eaten by the initiators without any hesitation.

The Cagga population (slopes of Kilimanjaro) is famous for their sexual freedom but the circumcised boys must first undergo a cruel initiation which includes resistance to fire, to the deadly bite of ants.

In Upper Volta, married women can have all the adulterous relationships they want with their numerous lovers, provided that they undergo a kind of forced labor for the husband of the unfaithful woman.

In the upper Nile valley, among the Ganda, when the birth of a pair of twins occurs, unlike other populations, the father is happy and admired by everyone. After the birth, the ceremony takes place which involves the removal of a banana flower, placed in the body of the woman who gave birth, by her husband, in front of the applauding village.

West Africa: it often happens that a girl who was betrothed when she was a child no longer wants to marry her boyfriend because in the meantime she has fallen in love with another. In this case she will be able to go with the man she loves, but she is obliged, by way of compensation, to live together for three months with her old boyfriend who during the long engagement worked for the girl's family, sacrificing himself to work for a long time at favor of in-laws. During these three months, in winter, when the rain falls very hard and all men and animals do not come out of the forest, the boyfriend will try to make the girl withdraw from his insane decision and will try with all the means at his disposal to make her forget. the man she fell in love with, but if she can't, when the time runs out, he'll have to let her do whatever she wants.

In Bidjogo in Guinea the girls of this tribe, where only men have the obligation of fidelity, have the habit of declaring their love to the chosen man by placing a bowl of rice in front of his home. If the man agrees, he eats rice and finds himself in bed with the girl who, if he considers him a valid lover, the next day repeats the rice operation and if he still accepts it, he finds himself officially married. The man who refused the bowl of rice would be despised by the entire female community and would no longer find anyone with whom to vent their instincts because he would be rejected by all the girls of the tribe. Also in this tribe women, in addition to choosing their husbands, have many other rights including that of being able to leave him at any time and for any reason. In fact, if the wife decides to go to bed with another man, all she has to do is throw the husband out of the hut that belongs to him and tell him that from that moment the marriage is dissolved.
Finally, always in this mythical tribe, often the wife, even if she wants to have an occasional relationship with a man she likes, may not give her husband any explanation, but it is enough to let him find his few rags in front of the hut and the wretched understands. to be celibate again!

Around the world in 10 strange news

The three most told lies by all

Amherst United States. "I'm coming", "I'm fine", "see you later". Count how many times you say these sentences in three months and how many times they correspond to the truth: that's what a group of 230 volunteers did for a study by psychologist Robert S. Feldman at the University of Massachusetts. The researchers found that these are the 3 most frequent lies. On average we tell a lie every 25 minutes between friends (we are therefore more sincere with them), every 13 between boyfriends, every 5 between acquaintances and every 3 between strangers.

The marriage that does not deflate
Australia. Produced by a Belgian company, this inflatable church was sent all the way to Australia to two future spouses who wanted to celebrate their wedding in a specific place and not in the usual neighborhood church. The structure is 5 meters wide and 7 meters high (it reaches 12 with the bell tower) and there are also airbrushed windows to replicate the real mosaics. Inside there are organ, altar, pulpit, benches, candles and a gold cross, angels on the doors: all inflatable (it inflates in 2 hours and deflates in 1). And it's also stiletto-proof. Inflatable churches then became very popular in Great Britain. In Italy for some years you can see them on the beach, but they are not so beautiful!

Scribbles to show off

Belgrando. Dušan Krtolica started scribbling at the age of two, like all children. At eight, however, he had his first show. Since then he has attended drawing courses and, now that he is 15 years old, he is able to draw from memory many animals and plants, including extinct ones and the geological eras in which they lived, in great detail. Dusan does not define himself as an artist, but one who tells stories. His designs are truly amazing.

Track. duckable
London (Great Britain). There are preferential lanes for bikes, for cell phones (in Chongqing, China) and also. for ducks: in London, Birmingham, Manchester. The aim is the same: to respect those who go at different speeds. Great Britain, in fact, is crossed by over 3,000 km of waterways, populated by numerous families of ducks, who have difficulty walking on the sidewalk with "normal" pedestrians.

The trash transformers

Jinan (CHINA). U n day Li Hung, a 21-year-old who works
At the landfill in Jiian, China, he began building a life-size Transformer out of crashed car parts and other metal waste. The giant has attracted so many tourists that Li, helped by his colleagues, has built 39 more in 4 months. There are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron: the biggest weighs 5 tons and some have arms that move. Now these giant transformer they are on sale for about 15,000 euros each. To be put in place of the dwarves in the garden, as long as they are there!

The super sweeper

Tokyo, Japan. Mangetsu-man, or Moon Man, is a superhero who has been cleaning the streets of Tokyo for two years. He also plays small gags and writes on his social channels to look for volunteers who will clean the world with him of social injustices and urban ugliness, such as the flyover built on the ancient Nihonbashi bridge, which Mangetsu-man would like to dismantle before Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The samurai hairdresser

Danang, Vietnam. Nguyen Hoang Hung, years ago, set a record because he could cut your hair in 59 seconds using 11 pairs of scissors together. But now he cuts them with the wakizashi, a sword that samurai in the 15th century used along with the longer katana. He started as a game, participating in a TV show where he had to cut his hair with a handsaw.

The day of birth more and less common, according to the study by economist Amitabh Chandra.

It is the length of the tunnel that one mole can dig into the ground in one night.

Minimum height to become astronauts (the maximum is 190). Other requirements: be between 27 and 37 years old and have a scientific degree.

The times it has been repainted the famous Eiffel tower of Paris: to do so it takes a year and 25 painters.

The year in which two brothers open the first McDonald's in San Bernardino (California). In 1959 they opened the
100th in Chicago.

Sexual Confusion - Curious and Strange News

Well to know

Curious news from the world

Caffeine like Viagra

Problems with libido? Does your erotic charge not activate at maximum power? No problem: a cup of coffee a day, and you will be in better shape than before. According to research conducted by the University of Michigan, coffee helps sexuality. All thanks to caffeine, which, over time, seems to have a preventive effect against erectile dysfunction for men and a decrease in libido for women. This is not new: it has long been clear, according to scientific research, that a moderate consumption of caffeine, equal to three or four cups a day, has positive effects on health. In the American study, which involved about 800 couples of people over sixty, it was found that in 62 percent of cases, coffee drinkers had maintained a more active and satisfying sex life. A word to the wise ...

Younger, and with more breasts: a chewing gum is enough

One of the most curious Japanese "inventions" of recent times is by the Japanese: it is called Bust-Up, a chewing gum, soon on the market, which fights the signs of aging and increases the volume of the breast. Where physical activity, massages and cosmetic surgery are not enough, here is the prodigious chewing gum. Rose flavored, it should be chewed three or four times a day. The secret is all in an Asian medicinal plant, pueraria mirifica, which - as the producers reveal - thanks to its active ingredients, always keeps the tissues toned and keeps the breasts in shape.

Cooking is good for the brain

News that will delight chefs and housewives from all over the world: it is Japan again that offers a sensational revelation. Tohoku University scientists have found that intense cooking activity improves blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, an area of ​​the brain that controls decision-making and computing skills. The experiment, conducted on fifteen women between 35 and 55 years of age, with supersophisticated techniques, such as optical tomography, showed that dedicating oneself to the art of cooking requires complex brain actions, such as to keep the brain active and vital. The effect is also positive on men: with a three-month cooking course, followed for at least 15 minutes a day, the activity of the prefrontal cortex becomes evident. In this way the forecasting and calculation capabilities increase. A simple and fun way to keep in shape one of the most important areas of the brain for cognitive activities. Who knows if the secret of great magnates and scientists lies in the art of cooking!

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