May fishing. May is a paradise for anglers

Fishing Academy

May is a month of sun and spring heat. It is at this time that the most lively biting of fish occurs. From the surface of the water, you can see how from the depths young shoots of reeds, reeds, cattails stretch towards the light. They form the first green islands.

Among this vegetation, they like to arrange ambushes for pike. They have a post-spawning gorge. Every now and then a small fish scatters in a fan on the water - it is attacked by a toothy predator. The May pike zhor is a real treat for the spinning player.

She actively takes lures, wobblers, vibro-tails (Figure 1), twisters (Figure 2), tackles, and various silicone and foam lures. In addition, pike is well caught on bottom tackle, circles and girders, using small live bait (especially crucian carp and gudgeon). Perch, chub, asp are often caught on the lure intended for pike.

At the beginning of May, it still takes burbot for bottom gear. As the water temperature rises, the bite gradually dies down. May is perhaps the best time to catch a ruff. During this post-spawning period, the ruff actively grabs any animal attachment. And yet the most attractive nozzle for him is the red dung worm. Fishing in deep clay and silt pits, the favorite places of the ruff, is especially prey. Since the ruff is basically a bottom dweller, for it to be successfully caught, it is necessary that the nozzle touches the bottom.

May fishing for gudgeon is very successful. It begins as soon as the spring flood subsides and the water begins to clear up. Since the gudgeon lives mainly near the bottom, it is better that the nozzle (mainly small dung worm) is at the bottom or dragged along it.

In the second decade of May, sometimes a little later, in lakes and large bodies of water, as the water warms up, a steady biting of ide, bream, roach, crucian carp begins. Closer to the grass, pike continues to be actively caught on spoons, wobblers, mugs and girders. However, mostly small in size, the so-called "grass".

At the same time, with good water warming, in conditions of prolonged warm weather and with the beginning of flowering of the gardens, the larvae of the barnacle dragonfly begin to emerge in the grasses. This is a rather large insect - 2-3 centimeters in length, painted dark brown or black, it is a tasty food for many species of fish.

They take excellently for the barracks: large roach, ide, chub, perch, silver bream, large crucian carp, rudd. The casara is harvested with small nets, sometimes collected from the stems of water lilies and reeds. Or they scoop out an ordinary bloodworm from the bottom together with silt. The attachment is stored in containers with frequently changed water or in wet cotton wool.

In the last decade of May, with the emergence of the third leaf on the birch and with the appearance of young oak leaves, a mass emergence of the May beetle (khrushch) occurs. Beetles can be caught with nets during their flight on quiet warm evenings, when they move in large numbers from place to place.

However, it is much easier to collect them under trees, especially at the edges of the forest. To do this, early enough in the morning, when the beetles have not yet emerged from their night torpor, shake the trunk of a birch or oak. And a lot of beetles will fall from it to the ground. The beetles are stored in spacious ventilated boxes with birch or oak leaves. The May beetle, like its larva, is an excellent nozzle for both fly fishing and bottom and float fishing rods for asp, chub, ide. Fishing for these fish is especially successful in the evening and early morning. Beetles are also good for bait.

In the third decade of May, intensive biting of roach and chub on greens usually resumes. After spawning, the biting of crucian carp noticeably increases. He willingly takes on a worm, bloodworms, bread crumb. Although crucian carp is slow, clumsy, but very sensitive and careful. In the absence or cessation of biting, it can be attracted by bait with a pungent odor. For example, flavored with sunflower, camphor or anise oil.

A small float is placed on a fishing rod for catching crucian carp, and the tackle is thrown from a shelter closer to the grass. The nozzle is lowered shallowly, in a well-heated place in the reservoir. Crucian carp is very sensitive to weather changes. It bites briskly on a warm, quiet day. But the atmospheric pressure, water temperature or wind direction will slightly change, the crucian carp disappears.

Alexander Nosov

May fishing. May - fisherman's paradise - garden and vegetable garden

Quiet Pregolya is a purely regional river. It is formed near the city of Chernyakhovsk from the confluence of the Instruch, which originates in the northeast of the region, in the Krasnoznamensk district, and the Angrapa with its right tributary, the Pissa. It feeds mainly on the waters of the Mazury Lake District. In addition to Krasnaya and Angrapa, they are carried to Pregolya by the Lava River and the Borodinka and Putilovka flowing into it, and the Mazur Canal. Pregolya is the second largest river in the region. Connected through Deima with the Curonian and directly with the Kaliningrad bays, it is rich in a wide variety of fish. There are many good, convenient fishing spots, beautiful, poetic resting places. The Pregolya flows from Chernyakhovsk from east to west along a wide valley. The river is 123 kilometers long.

Once I had to sail on a boat from Kaliningrad to Gvardeisk. In the lower part of the Pregolya, where its branches formed a swampy island in the floodplain, stretching for a dozen kilometers to one and a half kilometers, no one was visible on the reed-covered, inaccessible shores. But already somewhere behind the village of Rybny all the way, now to the right, now to the left, fishing rods hung over the water from the banks, and fishermen were sitting in the cool shade of the bushes, apparently, each in his favorite place.

So my friend and I know such a coast on the Pregolya, which at least someone will like, cannot but like it!

Having come one summer on the eve of a weekend to my work, Sergei asked for a sheet of paper and silently began to draw some kind of diagram. Then he handed the sheet to me:

Below is a section of a winding road. There are rectangles in two places on both sides, under them there are inscriptions: "Tumanovka", "Ponds". A little higher is the oblique line of the railway. Even higher is the designation of some kind of fence, and behind it is the smoothly curving ribbon of the river.

- Have you ever been to Tumanovka?

- Me too, angler! It's just four kilometers from Ozerkov on the road to Gvardeisk. And you know what places to fish! The Pregolya flows nearby, it makes two bends here. There are also three bay lakes in the valley. And most importantly, the banks here are high, dry, the river is deep.

The shores are dry ... Well then, everything is clear. My friend is an avid donor. And for this method of fishing, a good shore is far from the last thing.

The place really amazed me. Imagine a hill descending like an amphitheater into a wide green valley. The river is almost invisible, it is only guessed by the arched outlines of the coast. Directly across the river, on a hill, the village's tiled roofs ginger in the green. In front and on the right, brooding islands of forest, closing the perspective of the river. But to the left it is open far, far, almost to the very Kaliningrad.

Moving to the right bank, I saw an equally picturesque panorama on the left bank. Beyond the valley, the area stretches gently towards a high ridge, along which trains now and then run, scattering a hurried patter around, flickering at night with yellow rectangles of windows.

It was so good here, at ease, that for some time we did not recognize any other places besides Tumanovka.

The transition from winter fishing to spring fishing in our region can be very short. Yes, and year after year is not necessary. Once on 7 April I was catching roach from the ice in the Curonian Lagoon. And it happened to start spring fishing on the river in March.

The water will carry away the ice, enter the banks, and the path to the Pregolya is open. Actually, at Tumanovka, even in a strong flood, the river does not flood the banks, it only cuts off the path to them, breaking through into the adjacent lowland.

The end of March. At night there was a warm, warm rain, after which the grass turned brightly green. Both the rain and the grass hit the sensitive strings of the souls of the fishermen and called them on the road.On the first Sunday we rush to Tumanovka.

Heat. A sea of ​​blinding light. High rare clouds. Sharp, heady freshness. The water still gleams in the hollows. From the country road, swift streams in places carried sand to the meadow, exposed a flooring of brushwood. The river is almost flush with the highest banks. The water is muddy and clayey, impetuous.

We are unwinding the tackle: Sergey is his donkey, I’m fishing rods. A friend does not need to be wise for a long time - he planted worms, threw his heavy weights further into the river - and you're done. And I had to re-equip the fishing rods so that the strong current would not raise the nozzle. In addition to the usual light weights, 30 centimeters from them I suspended a heavy flat sinker on a leash, which held the nozzle at a depth - it walked freely at the bottom, drawn by the force of the jet. But the current pulled the line in an arc, the float buried itself in the water. The line had to be held with the tip of the rod, giving it the desired angle with the flyers.

After a while, the tip of the rod twitched violently. This, it turned out, was done by a large, thick roach. Following the first one, another pecked.

The fishermen, who were surprised nearby, came running to look at my catch - no one bites, but here ... What, how, what for? Please see, try to catch the same.

I also caught a bastard and a perch. Not much, of course, but not a bad start at all. And Sergei has nothing, except for a ruff and a roach, which he released back into the river. Does this have any explanation? I think it does. In big water, the fish keeps close to the shore, here it does not have to overcome such a strong current as in the middle of the river. And there is a greater likelihood of finding food - worms washed with water, larvae.

After the warming, a sharp cold snap set in, as is often the case in our region. The temperature dropped to minus four. The ground froze again. Snow fell. A blizzard broke out. All this somewhat cooled our ardor. But when the warmth returned, we were again on Pregol. This time we got to its shore not without difficulty. After the abundant snow melted, the river swelled, overflowed the nearby lakes and rushed from there into the hollows. We had to walk along the country road with the tops of our rubber boots raised.

We stopped at places we knew well, but we were in no hurry to take off our backpacks or unwind our fishing rods. Muddy water splashed at our feet - what can we catch in it? Little by little we adjusted the tackle. To my right, along the shore, there are four sticks with elongated flyers hanging from them. From them into the water stretched fishing lines with hanging bells. This is my friend's donkey.

Such a "stationary" fishing does not particularly appeal to me: what, in fact, is good here - sitting, as if tied, with these sticks and waiting for the fish to accidentally stumble upon your bait? If I fish with a float rod, then at least approximately I know what to expect. And then go and guess who gets caught - roach or bream, eel or perch, pike or burbot?

And bites ?! All the salt, the whole charm of fishing, one might say, is to make a sweep at the very moment when the fish takes the bait - you are alert, with utmost attention waiting for this moment, waiting for the float to move at least a little. And here about "a little bit" is out of the question. Even though you will notice a bite, but while you run to make a hooking, the fish may leave.

I think so. But for Sergei, there is no better way than fishing with a bottom line.

- My job is to offer the fish a bait. If she wants, she will swallow it properly. And for me to tremble over the float - no way! And you know how nice it is to hear: dzin, dzin, dzin ...

And what? A fish was found that day, which acted as a serious argument in our dispute on the side of my friend. It was ... a gluttonous burbot. He swallowed the crawlers so zealously and swung the bells so ferociously that there was no need to worry too much. One of my donkas, when I gape, even dragged the burbot along the coast.

- Well, what did I tell you! - Sergey triumphed.- When a fish takes on a donk, it takes what it needs ...

In my catch there were also two crayfish, which, like clothespins, grabbed the line of one of the donoks with their claws.

- If the crayfish are gone, be warm.

Indeed, the day cleared up in the evening, the sun sparkled, and it even became stuffy.

So we found out what kind of fish bite in the muddy spring water. From that day on, I almost became an avid donor.

It’s time to hurry to the bus, and I’m still reeling the lines of my donoks on the flyers.

- Well, what are you digging there. - a friend urges me on.

Donkey procedures: winding the lines, unhooking the sinkers, hiding the hooks, removing the bells - really take a lot of time. Towards the end of the fishing, my fingers ached with pain - so the skin on them was erased with fishing lines from this unwinding, reeling and throwing donoks.

- Where is such a tackle good for, which gives the angler only torment and, moreover, takes so much of his time? I grumble. But I know that the real fan of the bottom rod generally does not experience these inconveniences.

You can equip a bottom fishing rod, for example, like this. Take an even stick of dry hazel (or even better, bamboo) 80 centimeters - meter long. Peel off the bark gently. Put three rubber rings on the top of the stick - you will hide the stings of the hooks under them. Tie on both sides of the hooks made of copper or aluminum wire - in this case, the line will not bend the stick when the tension, which is still difficult to avoid, will not bend. Put a rubber tube on the top of the stick, which will hold the fishing line and serve as a kind of shock absorber nod (Fig. 1). Hooks spaced 50 centimeters apart allow you to quickly wind and unwind the line. One skein is a meter. This is also important for the safety of the line - fewer bends.

Fig. 1. Fishing rod for bottom fishing rod

An important working part of the donkey is the sinker. What shape and weight should it be? It depends on many conditions: the speed of the current, the distance of the cast, the nature of the bottom and the coast. The stores sell metal sinkers in the form of a truncated pyramid, an elongated cone. But for the river, I think, lead sinkers cast in a teaspoon or tablespoon are more practical. Being flat on one side, they adhere tightly to the ground and are not carried away by the current. Such a sinker is attached with a loop loop. So that the thin line does not break off, a thick line (0.6–0.7 millimeters in diameter) should be placed at the end of the donk and leashes should be tied to it. It is good to paint the fishing line and leashes brown or gray so that they do not stand out at the bottom of a lake or river. Leashes can be tied with a loop or double blind knot.

Such a donkey is no match for a simple flyer. It is compact and easy to carry. But nevertheless, it has a significant drawback - it reacts poorly to the touch of a fish to the nozzle, the bite is noticeable only if it is taken by a large and not very careful fish.

However, you can make the bottom rod more responsive. To do this, it must be equipped with a sliding weight (Fig. 2). Here, the most careful bite will not go unnoticed. And to make a longitudinal hole in the sinker, you need to fix a needle or steel wire along the spoon before casting it, lightly greasing it.

Fig. 2. Sliding sinker for bottom fishing rod

And so you came to the river, reeled up the line to the length you needed, attached a sinker, hooked on the hooks, stuck the rod into the ground. They swung and smoothly sent the sinker so that it would lie down in the water as quietly as possible. Then they chose the end and secured it with a rubber tube. The last thing left is to attach a bell or some noticeable object to the line that will give you a signal to bite.

At the top of the bell, there is a tongue with a hole through which it is tied to a fishing line using a loop loop. Such a fastening is not very convenient - the length of the line changes during casting, which means that every time you need to move the bell, as it may be too far or too close to the rod.So that the bell remains in place after each cast and does not interfere with the hook and play of the fish, you need to put a wooden block on its metal tongue, with which the bell can be hung on the fishing line or suspended from it (Fig. 3). The block is wrapped in a strong tension with a nylon thread, then stuffed onto a tongue sharpened with a file, a hole is burned in it with a red-hot needle so that it coincides with the hole of the tongue. A wooden pin must be hammered into this hole tightly - now the block will be attached securely. A steel wire bent in the form of a paper clip is tightly attached to the upper end of the block with a nylon thread, which will hold the bell on the fishing line.

Fig. 3. Equipping the bell with a wooden block with a wire for hanging on a fishing line

Fig. 4. Method of hanging a bell with a wooden block in a clamp

You can hang the bell from the line by slightly pinching it into the cut of the block. Perhaps this mount is the most convenient. When hooked, the line is easily released. To prevent the bell from getting lost, it should be tied with a thread to a fishing rod (fig. 4). Match bells of different sound to your fishing rods, and you will easily be guided by which donkey it bites.

But not everywhere you can use such a bottom fishing rod.

... One spring day I happened to visit Leningrad on the spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Fishermen were standing on the granite embankment. What kind of bottom fishing rods and devices I did not see there!

A fisherman does not always have to throw a donk from a soft shore into which you can stick a stick, twig or rod. On a granite, stone embankment or a concrete pier, you need something else as a donkey. Spinning comes to the rescue. Equipped with a sinker and two or three leads instead of a spoon, it can serve as a truly universal bottom. From any shore and from a boat with a spinning rod, you can more easily and further throw the bait. It is more convenient for them to play fish. And the donka winds up faster.

Meticulous anglers came up with a spinning rod and a permanent, non-removable bite alarm. Used for this a white roller from the electrical wiring. The roller is tied to the rod, and the line is passed through its hole (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. A signaling roller for a donkey thrown by a spinning rod

From an iron pier on Rybachy Island near Baltiysk, bream is caught only with such donks. Foam balls suspended on a fishing line with a hook are also used here as a signaling device.

A widespread use for fishing for perch in the bays was the running donka. Having thrown a sinker and two or three leashes from the boat with hooks attached with crawlers, the angler slowly makes a reel - a sinker and one hook drag along the bottom, one or two hooks - at the bottom. The moving nozzle is tempting for predatory fish.

It is better to equip the running bottom with a conical sinker - this will prevent snagging in stones and shells.

You can go to Pregolya near Tumanovka from April to November. But the best months for fishing here are May, July, August. The places are so blessed for the angler that one day while on vacation we decided to spend a few days here in May.

Arriving in this long-awaited green paradise, we throw off our heavy backpacks, sit down on the shore and sit silently for a long time, dreamily contemplating everything around. Warmth. Quiet. Not a wrinkle on the river. Around yellowish, timid greenery. Bird trills are heard in the nearby grove ...

So we were in a hurry here, so impatient to throw our donkeys ... and now the minutes go by, and we sit, captivated by the spring beauty, and it seems that we have nothing to do with fishing.

- So we will establish contact with the fish or something.

Sergei begins to manage on the shore at the white pass mark, and I am a little to the left.

Then we set up a tent, collect dry wood for a fire. And all the time we listen to if the bell rings.Both have a state of bliss from all this: with what regret does a fisherman usually have to part with the evening dawn, interrupt unique moments, because he has to catch a bus or train. And then - you think! - so much time ahead. The sun is still rolling towards the horizon for a long time. But when it sits behind the forest and even hides completely, we will not need to leave this shore. The light will go out, it will blow with coolness. A bonfire will blaze, we will hang a kettle over it and talk about something leisurely, or maybe, peering into the mysterious darkness, listen to the nightingales pouring in ...

... The fire went out. The nightingales fell silent. The deep night has extinguished all sounds. However, what is it that is so squelching near the shore? We grab a flashlight, go to the river.

A beam of light rests on a bush of grass swaying in the water, from where a long shadow darted. It's a pike that is robbing!

We went to bed late. And as soon as I began to fall asleep, there was a loud whisper:

I heard absolutely nothing, but the sensitive ear of my donor friend caught the trill of a bell. I was ready, of course, to rush to the donkey with a bullet. And Sergei listened for another minute to see if it was a reliable call, and then slowly climbed out of the tent and headed towards his donkies. I could not resist either - what if there was a huge pike sitting there?

On one of his donoks, the line was completely weakened, the bell hanging almost to the ground trembled slightly. No, Sergei didn’t rush to cut the line right away, but only after a while, having watched the bell, began to fiddle with the twitching line. In the water, under the beam of a flashlight, something long, wriggling strongly flashed.

- Hmm ... eel! - Sergey said in amazement.

He jerked it ashore and fumbled for a long time until he was able to remove it from the hook. It's not so easy to eat with this fish.

We thought about the eel, leaving the donkeys in the river for the night: we knew that the eel was taken at this very time, and even in severe bad weather. But our main hopes were still associated with the morning catch.

We got up at dawn, it was not yet four o'clock. We checked the donkies - it's empty. At this time, a fisherman approached us, as it turned out, from Ozerkov. He supposed, apparently, to come here first and was surprised that fishermen from Kaliningrad were ahead of him.

- Aren't there good places for fishing there, closer to the city?

There was latent discontent in the question. Apparently, this is not the first time he comes to this place.

- Yes, it bites well here. I know what kind of perch I was dragging!

- Well, catch it now, please ...

He unwound his unsightly fishing rod, made a descent of a meter and a half, hooked on the hook with a dung beetle and lowered (precisely lowered, not thrown) the nozzle into the stream near the shore. Holding it slightly so that it would not be swept away by the current, he held it for three meters to a small bend, where the river deviated slightly to the left. And then the float plug plunged sharply. Perch!

I also got better in this way to catch perches. There were downright excellent humpbacks. And Sergei, having climbed onto the sandbank, was somehow wise there. Then I guessed when I saw an inclined stick above the water - he put the gore on the pike. The zherlitsa worked flawlessly.

Just a few days of warmth - and everything around was transformed, became alive, elegant, joyful. In the evenings, however, the weather is quiet, cloudy and rather cool, but this merry world is not afraid of the cold, nothing will stop the triumphal procession of spring.

Each of us has developed our own fishing tactics during these days. Sergei still throws his donkeys into the river as far as possible - there, they say, the fish are less fearful. I'm looking for fish near the shore.

In the morning, almost catching a pike, which was tempted by a worm, I decided on an experiment - I offered her live bait.

But the pike left my live bait unattended: as I guessed, the current presses the fish to the bottom, and the leash on the donk is too short for it to walk freely ...

And on the lake nearby, one of the fishermen caught a pike not even on the girders, but with a float rod. With a long rod with a large float on the line, he threw live bait on a small threesome to the reeds barely protruding from the water.In five to ten minutes, if there was no bite, he walked further along the shore, carrying a bucket of live bait. He carefully watched where the predator was chasing for trifles, and found it in this way. Isn't it an original way?

The experience of this angler fish I remember, a case will turn up - it will come in handy. But my mind had its own - how to catch pike in the river?

Through the day it took me to rebuild the tackle, I continued to experiment. I put a fishing rod with rings and a reel on the flyers. At the end of the line - a flat lead sinker. At 40 centimeters from the sinker to the fishing line, I attached a leash 30 centimeters long with a threesome with a carabiner. Having lowered seven meters of fishing line from the reel (along the depth of the river), I planted live bait on the tee and threw the nozzle into the water. When the sinker sank to the bottom, he picked up the slack with the coil. From the top ring, the line went into the water at an obtuse angle. Looking closely, I notice that she shudders a little - it means that there, in the depths, live bait walks. Everything is as it should be.

A little further away, in the same way, I set up an ordinary float rod. Only with her, the float should transmit the moment of the bite, and not hold the nozzle.

Can you imagine what I experienced when I saw how the float was dragged into the water and the tip of the rod bent like an arc? The tackle worked! Yes, in different waters and fish is caught in different ways. How? This must be solved.

I was so carried away that I did not notice how the weather turned bad. The wind has risen, it is overgrown. With gusts of wind came the thick smells of wet young greenery and the delicate aroma of bird cherry. And I did not rush (think rain!), I wanted to breathe in this subtle smell. I knew I would say: the pike starts to peck well with the beginning of the flowering bird cherry. And never before has the omen been so confirmed as on that day in May.

And in the second half of May, when the bird cherry blossomed and the lilacs began to bloom, I caught a pike perch for the first time on Pregol. And it happened quite by accident.

Having learned with the help of a jig "small pellet" and a very light float to catch a great live bait - bleak here, on the fishing spot, I somehow threw it on the donk, counting on a pike. But, to my surprise, the pike perch fell on the donkey.

Actually, I caught walleyes, but, as far as I remember, they came across at evening or morning twilight. And so that like this, in the middle of a bright day - never.

And now, apart from the pike perch, I was no longer interested in anything. Since he is found here, it was necessary to find out everything about him: for what, when and how to catch him. Again he put bleak on, threw it into the river with a donkey. But the pike perch was no longer caught, either day or evening.

From the fishing literature I knew that pike perch prefers all other gudgeon live bait. Well, I also brought the minnows for him. I caught in one lake in Kaliningrad, where there are many of them. Together with the minnows, several small bitter fishes, or, as they are also called, bruises, were caught.

And it turned out that the Pregolian pike perch preferred bitter gudgeon to the gudgeon. Perhaps this is due to the fact that bitterness is more noticeable in the water than gudgeon.

After spawning, the fish is very voracious, therefore, in May, pike perch takes in the daytime, especially in rainy weather. Zander was caught, as a rule, off the coast in pits for crawling and on pieces of fish. In July and later I caught him only at night and at dawn.

As soon as the river became more or less familiar to me, I decided to explore the nearby lake. Several times I persuaded my friend to go there, but he did not agree.

- The banks there are in the reeds, you can't approach the water. Donka cannot be abandoned. And if you throw it, you won't pull it out, you will cut off all the hooks ...

- But you can find a gap in the reeds and fish with a fishing rod, why is it necessary only with a donkey.

Sergei stood his ground. He was also supported by Mikhail Pavlovich, the owner of the house in the village, where we sometimes spent the night, if the night promised to be especially cold.

- The bottom is muddy, what kind of fishing can there be?

I objected. The lake is probably full of fish now.

“Maybe you’re right,” Mikhail Pavlovich agreed.

In the end, I could not stand it and, leaving Sergei on the river, rushed to the lake.

Unwound two fishing rods.I got hooks on one with dung beetles - this is for bream, and the other, light and long, with maggot, planted on a jig, for rudd. I just threw the nozzle into the window between the leaves of the water lilies - the float immediately floated to the side lying lying down. Who else can peck like that? Of course, rudd! Then I got caught here and podleschiki.

How many more I came here later! There is not a bite on the river, but here you can climb into the reeds, which are above your head, and rudd, roach, podleschik can quickly make up your catch. And even pull out a couple of bream.

Especially good in floodplain lakes, the rudd takes, as Mikhail Pavlovich suggested to me, on a grasshopper. Only in this case, the angler should be careful not to betray his presence.

In June, after spawning, the fish bite is greatly weakened in comparison with May. No wonder there is even such a saying: "June - spit on the fish." However, this does not apply to all fish in Pregol. And in June we successfully caught pike perch, eel, pike, roach here.

I remember that at the beginning of June, leaving the tent, I headed towards the canal across the meadow through the grass, gray with dew, to catch live bait for the pike. At the very channel he tried to step silently, froze on his fingers by the bush, abandoning a fishing rod because of it. The dull water smoked slightly. The nozzle dropped completely inaudibly. After two minutes, the float made several cautious movements, then froze, and after a moment its tip, slightly, just a little, lifted up and disappeared. Immediately, I felt such strong jerks that it seemed to me it was bream. But a very large roach was caught. And she was not the only one.

Almost midnight. And yet it is light. On the left, in the distance over Kaliningrad, crimson-crimson domes of thunderclouds were illuminated every now and then. But a gloomy, almost completely black cloud passed to the south. For a long time the horizon in the south was illuminated by distant lightning, and above us an innocently gentle sky rose, only rare raindrops fell. A huge red moon rolled low over the twilight, wrapping itself at times in light clouds.

There are three of us on the shore: my friend and I and one more fisherman from the village - Sergei the railwayman, as we call him. We sit by the fire, drink tea, talk.

- I don’t understand where the bream has gone? Something now he does not really call ...

- Bream is a strict fish, - says our interlocutor. - Even sitting quietly on the shore, and then she feels you. And if the slightest noise, knocking will never take. Besides, the bream needs some groundbait ...

He told how, upstream, near the Ponds, they catch bream on the donkey, feeding it with steamed wheat. Why wheat? Because it is heavy, it does not flow quickly. And fragrant. Bream can smell it from afar. I already prepared to hear something like:

- Nonsense. When a fish takes, it takes without bait ...

But this time my friend diplomatically kept silent.

Yes, a lot has changed in the behavior of the fish in the summer on the river. The water decreased greatly, the fish became more cautious. Hence the peculiarities of summer fishing: the angler must behave inaudibly on the shore, the line must be thinner, the hook is smaller.

At about four in the morning we quietly went to our places. I noticed from a distance how a bell swayed slightly on the line of one donkey, without even making a sound. It turned out - pike perch. On the bottom of the bream, I did not find anything, then the nozzles. For a long time I could not understand who was eating it, until one day he pulled out a pearl barnacle shell on a hook. There are many of them here, near the coast, they deftly suck and gnaw worms.

In summer, on Pregolya, only dawns bring good luck, while in the afternoon fishing is uninteresting and tiring. Moreover, at this time, ships often pass along the river, which not only scare away the fish, but also tighten, confuse the donkeys. Every now and then you have to re-throw the tackle.

Fluctuations in the water level in the river noticeably affect the fish biting. Strong, steady westerly wind, which is especially felt here, in an open wide valley, as if a dam supports and stops the current. Water comes before our eyes, overflows the lake, floods the meadows.On hot days, medium and small fish go out into the flooded grass and eat there. Therefore, there is almost no bite in the river. The east wind, on the contrary, drives the water into the bay, the current speeds up, the river grows shallow.

Many Kaliningraders fish near the city on both branches of the river and in the city itself. In recent years, a lot has been done to protect the river from pollution by wastewater from enterprises and residues of oil products from ships. Therefore, the fish reappeared in the river within the city.

The Rybachiy island near the sea channel is especially popular with many fishermen, where the "Raketa" - a hydrofoil motor ship, is sent specially from the wagon plant's pier. The water in the channel close to the sea is clean. Large bream comes here from the bay and the sea. He is lured and caught on donkeys. Large vessels go along the canal one after another, and the excitement of the water carries away the bait, so it has to be thrown often. Actually, this corner is not so hot - stones, sand, water - that's all. Yes, such people are fishermen - where there is water, fish, they feel good there.

Let's talk at least briefly about the elder sister of Pregolya - the Lava River.

… The trees wedged up to the very edge of the steep cliff. And further - a wide reach stretched out in a semicircle. To the right of the cliff, with a small narrow bay, the water rests against a low bank, on which a thick dark forest wall rises. You look from the cliff, and you can't take your eyes off - such a magnificent, unique picture was created here by a combination of hilly relief, water and lush vegetation. Indeed, I do not know of another corner in our region with such an impressive beauty as this reservoir on Lava, located south of Pravdinsk. It's nice to just wander along its picturesque shores. That is why on the eve of one of the days off in June, my friends and I rushed to these shores. Fishing rods, spinning, of course, were taken with them - what kind of fisherman can leave them at home, going to the water ?!

However, I did not have any hopes. The hottest days in June are not very good for fishing. But I saw on the reservoir full of sinkers and floats.

My attempts at the first evening dawn were unsuccessful. Maybe because I only had a dung worm as a nozzle. From early morning until sunrise, I am guarding my two floats again. But none of them will even flinch, although the fish around them play so that the water seems to boil with splashes. From time to time, powerful thuds are heard, as if someone is throwing boulders into the water. Oh, live bait! It seems to me that a pike is chasing a trifle.

On one of the fishing rods, I changed the hook and attachment - I began to fish with bread balls. And soon there were enough fish in the cage for a good fish soup: a decent breeder, a few roach.

The second fishing rod, equipped with a large float and a tee with live bait, threw it at the driftwood. Zypiec played great - just about a pike should have grabbed him.

But it was not a pike that lived here, but ... a chub. A high cliff helped me find this. Sitting on its very edge and looking at the water for a long time, as if spellbound, I suddenly saw on its smooth surface barely noticeable arrows floating in a wedge toward the shore, as if from an invisible boat moving under water. When they approached the shore, I saw a large fish at the very surface of the water. This was the chub. Approaching almost to the shore, he turned around and disappeared, indifferently walking past my fishing rod with live bait. Plotvichka is not a delicacy for a chub.

Pike, chub, perch, asp, eel, bream, pike perch, catfish and even carp are found in Lava. Isn't it true, there is where the angler can apply his skill, ingenuity, and try out the tackle.

Lava is the largest and most full-flowing tributary of the Pregolya. It receives a lot of water from small rivers, streams, the Masurian canal. Although the distance to Pravdinsk from Kaliningrad is about the same as to the bay near Polessk, the coast of Lava is visited by few.Maybe because the Lava flows away from the main highways? Meanwhile, getting to it is just as easy as to any other of our rivers: buses from Kaliningrad to Pravdinsk, through Pravdinsk to Zheleznodorozhny, Novo-Bobruisk, Kostromin, or from Gvardeisk to Pravdinsk through the villages of Znamensk, Druzhba, Kurortnoye, located on Lava, will take you fishing in a little over an hour.

"On the edge of the world"

Mobile: 097-4574882, 066-2729446
Estate site
E-mail: [email protected]

Distance to, km
Prices, UAH
Manor opening calendar

- Homestead is open - Homestead is closed

About the estate

On the edge of the world.
Probably each of us from time to time has a desire to give up everything. escape from the daily bustle of the city and workdays and go far, far away. to the edge of the world.
But that's just where he is. Where to find this end of the world. Is he there?
Yes! The end of the world is, and it's actually pretty easy to get to. It is located where all paths and roads end near the cleanest river in Ukraine and Europe - the Desna River, which will save you from the summer heat and fill your lungs with the cleanest and healthiest air for a long time .. You will see incredibly beautiful natural landscapes that are not yet frequent visiting tourists call the little Ukrainian Switzerland.
Here you will not be greeted in Ukrainian national costumes, but on the other hand, you will be greeted with Ukrainian hospitality and excellent conditions for rest from the bustle of the city, exhaust gases and summer heat.
At your disposal is a separate wooden country house, clean and cozy, cool in the hot season and warm in the rain, with all the amenities: two rooms for 3 single beds and 2 double beds. The house has hot and cold water, kitchen, shower and toilet. Spacious bright dining room on the veranda. Altanka in the garden under cherries for breakfast and outdoor activities. Delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine from organic products collected in our own garden and grown in the household .. Every day on your table delicious honey from our apiary and homemade fresh dairy products with delicious bread from our rural bakery. The house is heated with natural gas, so that in cold weather you can always create comfort in the house.

Near the estate there is also a separate cozy room for 2 people (warm shower and toilet outside). Meals are optional.

Desna river 150 m from the house. Immediately there is a ferry crossing with a ferryman who will take you to a huge meadow with many lakes and three islands, which can be reached only by water in spring during the flood. Behind the meadow begins Bryansk forest, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers to neighboring Belarus.
Cycling. River and lake fishing,with the ability to catch crayfish in the Desna, picking mushrooms and berries in the forest. Excursions to local and nearby attractions. An ancient monastery in the ancient city of Novgorod-Seversky, the Mezinsky paleontological museum in a neighboring village, the Kibalchich museum in the town of Korop, the A. Dovzhenko museum in Sosnitsa, the hetman capital in Baturin, the castle of Count Rumyantsev in the village of Vishenki, the Rykhlovsky monastery and much more.
Absolute freedom for your children, they can take care of pets, swim in the river or play football in the village stadium near the Desna.
Sverdlovka village be in the very center Mezinsky National Natural Park. Within a radius of 60-70 kilometers there is not a single harmful enterprise that affects the environment. It is here that one of the largest settlements of primitive people was founded many thousands of years ago. It is here, at the end of the world, that the dacha is located, where Leonid Kuchma, being the president of Ukraine, repeatedly rested from the bustle of the world.
Route to us very simple:
By car on the highway Chernigov - Novgorod-Seversky after 135 km. from Chernigov behind the villages of Sosnitsa, Avdeevka, Shaboltasovka on the border of three districts - Sosnitsky, Koropsky and N-Seversky (Lesnaya stop, old name Gorbaty Most) turn right to Pokosichi and drive 12 km. to Sverdlovka.
Or every 15-20 minutes from the terminal Lesnaya metro station in Kiev, minibuses leave for the city of Chernigov, and from Chernigov every day from the bus station at 15-30 a regular bus Chernigov-Sverdlovka leaves, which will take you to your place of rest. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday there is an additional bus at 8-20 Chernihiv-Radychev, which can also come to your destination.

Now that you know what the end of the world is and where it is, the only thing left is to take a good mood with you and hit the road.

(Since 2016, the village of Sverdlovka has been renamed into the village of Desnyanskoye).

(Note): At the request of guests, while relaxing in the estate, you can take a course of health massage from a qualified massage therapist, as well as a master class in caring for rabbits, bees, flowers. There is an opportunity to undergo a health-improving course of apitherapy in a special house on bee hives. A high-quality Internet connection operates throughout the estate.


1. Yuri 26 October 2020, 14:52

The four of us rested for 5 days, from 20 to 25 October. We got a lot of good impressions. Reasonable prices, hospitable hosts, gorgeous nature.

2. Tetyana. Kiev region 13 October 2020, 20:19

A miraculous pickup at the malovnichy town of Chernigivshchyna-sadib "On the edge of the world". We got to the head of Veresna, if they were overwhelmed by enchanting monsters for five days. Sadiba roztashovana at 150 meters from the Desnya. You can write a rosy statement about the beauty of nature, about the memorials of history and culture, which are rich there, about the miraculous housekeeping, saving with love to their roots, that living room of the masters of Pan Vasil and Pan Natalia, about the taste of milk I will find Alioni. Ale is more beautiful than priyhati, see that everything is on the power of the eyes. If you want to hang out with the quiet and calm, try to meet your friends, eat delicious dumplings for a couple, sirniks, mlints for a spicy young - you are here. There are three ferry ferries, how many times did they take a ferry across the river? Not far from the village it is possible to see Rikhli through the old alley of yalin, the fossil lake and the pechery (until 1917 there was a monastery that was the most popular in Ukraine), Sosnytsia with the soulful museums of Dovzhenka, the perlin of Chernigivshchyna Novgorod. It is possible to tell a lot about tsі mіstya, ale more beautifully I would like to poke around once.

3. Maxim 24 July 2020, 20:14

If you have planned a trip, it’s a pity that Sadiba’s knowledge is already taken care of and written in advance. I didn’t think of the mandate, having prepared a mustache for life in the tent camp in the boy's small town by the side of Sadibi and the virus with the family! The prospect of a povnotsinnogo recovery psuval lishe dumka about the need for gotuvati їzhu in marching minds, if I want and possession of a man, all the same, there would be a vidpustka for everyone. krіm mister. I here pani Natalya, proponated the option of three meals a day without living. We were delighted, we were home, but if we were honored to have the first part of the trip, then we would be attracted to the proposal. Allegedly, the versatility and the size of the portions of healthy food for the first time zakhozhitsya in the homeland. The length of time flew yak day. We went up in price with little boys' outskirts, lived in the outset without the middle of a memory memorial, and three for a day appeared in Sadib, skushtuvati stravs, which have never happened again in 6 days. We went to the house to cheer up the maister and skilled cook - Pani Alioni for his enticement and the right, because they reworked the banalities of this kind of banality, like "three meals a day" for a good meal. I give the gentlemen and pani Alony TRIMATI a stable high level, and prices at a reasonable level! Such people yak vi, ruin the idea of ​​green tourism in Ukraine!

4. Oleksandra 18 July 2020, 10:17

From the wide heart of the raju wins at the garden "Ni the edge of the world." Hi, not like that. Make sure to check Natal's and Vasil's ones on you! What is the most important belongings in Ukraine ?! Burn ?! Richki ?! Lisi ?! So, everything is wonderful.That goodness is the center of hospitality, love for your land and people! One hour ago, the birthplace of the Kirilyuk family took over from the Vlasny village of Zrobiti tourist center. We rested at the Batkiv's hut, everyone stayed in Yakiy, having overshadowed the flavor and calmness of the Silskoy booth. Tse of okremiy budinks for her households, like Natalya's pani, she reprogrammed into a Kazkovian quiz, and on what was a homemade apiary. Dorechі, glory about the miraculous honey of Pan Vasil to expand into the regions of Ukraine, and to visit Nimechchina to check not the whole new, ecologically pure honey. We spent more than a month in a large living room in the garden with two rooms, a majestic calm veranda with panoramic windows, a garnished kitchen (with a boiler), a gas stove, a large vibrating refrigerator, small, small Surely, the shower cabin and the toilet (there is a boiler in the bathrooms), so there were no problems with the lack of water, I splashed three times. They greased the cheekbones with shashlik. In our order, there is an articulated alcove with a great table and benches with soft mattresses and light. A handgrip for roasting a brazier, у firewood, a sink, a hammock hanging from cherries, on which it is possible to take into account the specs and podrimati. Ale especially charming place for children. In the government є a lot of homemade animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, doggy, cat), for those you can sposter, brothers in your arms, go for it! Especially for our blues, the first admission of such a close match with domestic creatures has begun. Sin became lazy, respected, seeing his view of the sadness and impatience of the day of checking “as long as it is possible to help uncle Vasya by the gift of the Lord.” Sin tried boson). Whole year we have found a special family member, who settled on a hundred saddy bears and proudly renamed blue "our Woodpecker")) And the Kazati, we have lost the love of this family Okremo, I want to tell you about food. Here you can get a drink by the power of power, buy products in stores, from local residents, and go to the market near Novgorod-Siversky (obviously, as V on the cars). Everything will be prepared with delicious homemade products and magnificent portions! Omani nasniki and "formovi" steams of dumplings. Well, it was absolutely freezing at home, and for the sake of satisfaction, they were petting not just children, but grown-ups. Rankova kava with home-made frost - tse, friends, just not overturned savory. And in the sisters of the Aunt, they bathed milk and sir for our blue. Yakbi of such people like Pan Natal and Pan Vasil from heart and fair love to your heart will be bigger, Ukraine has already become a tourist Mecca of Europe for a long time! Great VDYACHNIS for your warmth, love, turbot, hospitality and patience to our bungalows from the young ribalka Vovi, Tetyanka and Sasha. (PS Our period for the offensive rik armor is already now).

5. Sim'ya Chernyavskikh 13 May 2020, 18:52

In April 2020, the season of our visit to the most beloved mice in the world has passed away!))) We were even warmly welcomed. It’s unique nature with its own energy, as it charges with a positive) There is unique nature, which doesn’t stop wondering. bootie on the street. I highly recommend the Silskiy dim "On the edge of the world" for making a decision. Mishche come vlіtku)))

6. Denis, Nina 8 August 2019, 20:56

We rested for the second year in a row! The rest turned out to be great! It is impossible to admire the local nature, it is charged with energy for the whole year.The local dishes that Alena prepared for us every day are categorically delicious, especially we liked the fried "frogs". On the territory of the estate there is an excellent barbecue, although for lovers of barbecue, we recommend taking meat with you, since you cannot find it in local stores. With fish in these places, everything is fine, it is caught steadily, there are also enough crayfish in the river. In general, we had a great rest, we will definitely come again! Vasil, Natalia, thank you for your hospitality!

7. Oleksandra 7 August 2019, 21:56

The third rik of the row wanted to get a fly to the edge of the house in the village of Desnyanske, but it was zapped, it was zapped and taken care of. Tsyogo fate was spared to us. 1 to 10 worms were fed. The weather was chudova, everybody was swimming, the cholovik navit ribi kilka developed the catch, I want it not to fish, more mushroom picker. We were not lucky with the mushrooms, for a long time the plank has not been built. Nature is so charming, people are so gracious. Especially thank you Olentsi for the miracles of the ravages, which they relished all ten days. One night was spent with the roommate in the hundred in the blue, I wanted exotic, but at night I didn’t sleep. And then we saw the historical place of Novgorod-Siversky, Ushivsky Krynytsya, the Mezinsky Museum, they chose a handful of belemies (devil fingers), which are more than a hundred people in power. And on the way home, we went to Baturyn and there was a nicely hostile historical reminder, as the breeders were born to President Yushchenko. So, the allowance has given to us, and we have already replaced two weeks in advance in the garden on the edge of the light. Thank you Natalia and Vasyl for the miraculous organization of our collection. The leader of Oleksandr and Volodymyr, metro Kiev.

8. Alisa Veronika Yulia Lesha 7 August 2019, 10:05

Everyone is grateful. I recommend ВСІМ ВСІМ ВСІМ is the most beautiful place near the lights "Budinok on the edge of the world". Gentlemen are still kind, chuin people. The booth is garnished, clean, in the new н everything is necessary, warm in the cold season of rock, that cool in the warmth. Є sadochok, you can sit there, go to a new day, and also a hammock for a frog and see)))) They died in the middle of the day, and in the same time they were living the same day, they got a minimum of three and the stench just spilled. There are two children, two little girls for 5 rockies, there is fun, there is a lot of fun in the crystal clear Desna, for children there is not too much and the stench doesn’t stick out of the little children. The stench still love to help the gentlemen feed the ring and go to the city. On the way to the beach I come to the beach, I’m quieter as I go, we clean it up, we clean it up. At our homeland there was a "secret place" so called yogo dvchata))))) you need to go up the mountain and you can see such beauty, the spirit is bursting, there є benches that style can be used to create a pop))) You can order homemade, naturally moisturizing dairy products. Order є lis in yaku є mushrooms, berries. I’ll tell you honestly, read one, more beautifully come and self-perpetuate. Only they were quicker, more on the onset of the ric, we already booked some of them.

9. Katerina + Vladimir + Ilya + Veronik September 23, 2018 9:36 am

We were seen at the garden on the cob of spring at once with children (the boy was three and a half years old). It was warm and in the Desna. The water at the child is still clear. We bachili kreydyanі take care :) :) :) We also knew zakam "yanіlostі," Rusalchiny fingers ". Malyovnich nature. This is also the land of mammoths. Itself in tsіy mіstsevostі they knew a lot of dishes of tsikh tvarin. We were honored with a museum. The child was at the seizure of the bystanders of mammoths and trees of yanoi sculpture. The little boy with the help of hands, to navigate through the Internet. Gentlemen of the hotel, welcomed us with honey, ribbons, welcomed us with honey.For the first time, we ribalized and saved 2 ribbons :) :) :) Dyakuєmo to the gentlemen that will help us to eat again.

10. Irina and Anatoly September 7, 2018 4:38 pm

Our memories of the rest at the "End of the World" in 2016. brought us here again at the end of the summer of 2018. The miracle was repeated! Gums, fish, gardens, flowers, and, most importantly, the owners. I want to come back again and again. Thanks to the hospitable house, thanks to the hospitable hosts. We are waiting for new meetings.

11. Denis August 21, 2018 7:58 pm

The rest was wonderful. Nature fascinates with its beauty and pristine nature, after a week of stay, I would describe my feelings in one word - pacification. For lovers of fishing, this is a paradise, the river is full of a wide variety of fish, and most importantly, it is quite deserted, it happened that I walked along the coast with a spinning rod for a couple of kilometers along the river and did not meet a single fisherman. The hosts turned out to be friendly people, very hospitable and interesting in communication. Repeatedly treated with delicacies of their own making. We were satisfied with the food, everything that we ordered was simple, tasty and very tasty, and some dishes are beyond praise, my wife even wrote down the recipe. Everyone was satisfied with the rest. We will definitely come again!

12. Vladimir August 21, 2018 4:50 pm

Recently I went to the site of the guest house at the end of the world in Desnyanskiy, where we had a rest last year, I wanted to ask the owners to live a week with my wife and daughter. But, unfortunately, everything is busy until mid-September. And then I read the review of some Elena. Bullshit. Probably some kind of competitor. It's a shame that there are such people. We have the brightest and most positive impressions of the rest. And the little girl (5 years old) did not want to go home at all. The hosts did everything for the comfort of the guests. And the food is top class. Natalia and Vasily, next year we will be booking your house for us from the spring. Thank you for being there.

13. Elena 19 August 2018, 10:38

After reading the positive feedback, we went to this base. We didn’t feel welcome there. And we did not get the long-awaited silence and freedom. From five in the morning in the courtyard there was noise, the roar of the gate, the loud conversations of the owners' brother and son. To the remark, the hostess's brother answered: "I was born here." And we realized that life is in full swing here and we are superfluous here. No one offered any honey or bread. And the ordered fresh fish, almost all was taken by the owner's son. And honey too. You can't put anything in the freezer, because everything is crammed with the hostess's products. "Light veranda", filled with old stuff with an unpleasant odor. Maybe we were just unlucky for some reason.

14. Irina June 4, 2018, 15:10

Irina and Sergiy. Visited at the garden from 25.05 to 28.05.2018. Ukhali from Kiev. We went to Sosnitsu near the museum of sadibu O. Dovzhenko, bouly near Novgorod to Sivurskiy, went to L. Kuchmi's dacha. It was a surprise, the beauty of the Chernigiv region was so precious! Gentlemen Natal and Pan Vasil made a good work on the garden! It’s cool at the cake, з all the lightness, the spacious veranda, two large rooms, the kitchen. Dyakuyu for you sacred! Not far from the sadibi against the river Desna, they used to catch riba on them! It’s impossible to convey, but still, I want to hear and hear. Gentlemen have a cup of honey, even more delicious that rabbit meat. or puree soup with garmon.

15. Pavel (Kiev) September 4, 2017 4:41 pm

Very good ! Were at the weekend, September 2-3, 2 families with small children. Of course, there were doubts: what was there and how. But upon arrival, they somehow immediately imbued with the positive and calm atmosphere of both the half-asleep Desnyansky and the estate. Everything is organized.Excellent cuisine (everyone ate pumpkin soup for the first time), the house - with all the amenities, the yard - everything that is needed for lazy rest and evening gatherings, the river is nearby, on the street they did not notice either the local "blue" or the "buzzing" youth, no transport especially, - calmly walked with the children. At night - patriarchal rural silence. We didn’t see everything that was planned. I did not want to twitch and fuss, these places do not dispose to this. Thanks to Vasily and Natalia for the fact that “at the end of the world” they wanted and were able to equip such a feng shui place for rest and develop it.

16. Alena and Dima (Dnipro) 18 August 2017, 21:22

"At the End of the World" is an ideal place for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. These are endless uncrowded paths for walking and cycling in picturesque places in the vicinity of the village, historical and cultural attractions within a radius of 50 km. But the main thing that makes this place special are the hosts. Vasily and Natalia are very interesting and genuinely hospitable people. Thank you for a wonderful stay!

17. Igor and Iryna July 3, 2017, 17:49

Dyakuimo gentlemen for the hospitality. Nature - for kraєvidi that Desna. Kuchmi (at the same time) - for the zealous agrus on the territory of the first colishny dacha. Everything was wonderful. Bagato of soulful roses. Recommended)))

18. Alexander June 13, 2017 7:27 pm

Alexander and Alena. We rested from May 28 to June 1, 2017. We met good people - Natalia and Vasily, the owners of the house. Respect and respect to you! Thank you for your concern, we remember with warmth. We love outdoor activities: travel - traveled all over the area, along the Desna, lakes, picturesque places along small rivers, historical sites and archaeological sites, Baturyn, Cherry, local history museums, ancient settlements, places of campaigns of the Swedish army, redoubts, nakot, Ushivskaya Krinitsa, fords and swamps and pulled out the car of the local and of course fishing. and it is a pity that it is not the mushroom season. A short vacation, but we absorbed a lot, recharged ourselves with natural energy, beauty, clean air, enjoyed delicious food - thanks to Alenka, learned a lot of interesting things, forgotten from the bustle of the city, politics, economics. We met an interesting young poet and listened to his poems. Liked. - [] Don't be afraid of the End of the World! There is a normal life here and it is cozy, this Land is cool and this is my Motherland - Mom was born nearby.

19. Tatyana June 4, 2017 10:12 pm

I spent 9 wonderful days in Desnyanskiy (Sverdlovka) in the "House at the End of the World" with wonderful people - Vasily and Natalia. Teachers by profession, passionate and creative in life, sincerely did everything to create maximum comfort. Thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Silence, peace, fabulous nature, fishing, walking. I have dreamed about it for a long time! I can safely recommend it, it is worth going, I really liked it! I will definitely come with my family to the mushrooms in the fall! June 4, 2017 Best regards and gratitude, Tatiana.

20. Tatiana, B September 7, 2016, 20:36

We read beautiful reviews about the estate At the End of the World on the Internet and decided with my wife to go there on the weekend for exploration at the end of August. I will say right away that it was not in vain that we drove 300 km from Kiev. We arrived on Friday evening, and on Saturday morning the guide took us to the mushrooms. We arrived just in the mushroom season. For a couple of hours, we filled our purses and bags and my wife was busy with mushrooms until the evening, and in the meantime I went fishing and for dinner we had mushrooms and fish with delicious potatoes. On Sunday, we slept well (the air was amazing), visited an interesting museum in a neighboring village, ran a jog around the neighborhood, loaded ourselves with delicious fresh honey and fresh organic products (cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, potatoes, carrots, etc.) and went back home for the night. we live by memories and are going to break out there again at least for a week at the end of September or in October. Many thanks to Natalia and Vasily for their hospitality.

21. Anatoly and I September 5, 2016 4:19 pm

Yakshcho Vi shukaєte superb quiet and pleasant calmness from the garden of the cherished nature in the bosom of the natural reserve with the ancient Siberian forest, protest all the sounds and you can’t resist the comfort of your stay, “kindly recommend” to your guests from. Desnyanske (b. S. Sverdlovka). Literally, there is a clear line of the Desna, near thick foils, hostile, unforgettable landscapes, purer food, dzherelna water and natural home products. If you want - mandruy and enjoy malovny cravids. Want - ribal abo zbiray mushroom that may happy. If you want - swim and sunbathe, or just think about the vitality. At the same time, available from a gardener in the most beautiful view of the earth, with such a blissfulness - a gas spout and a microchip, a shower cabin with cold and hot water, a refrigerator, a satellite TV stand and browse the Internet. It's not a paradise for a healthy earthly mind. With my squad, I hoped (more churgi) to carry out a release there, for my dear dyakuєmo that lowly inclined to the hospitality gentlemen Vasyl and Natalia, intellectuals, pratsovitim and patriots of Ukraine. For the unforgettable enemies Anatoly and Iryna - vicladachi from Dnipra serpen 2016r.

22. Andrey, Valentina June 10, 2016 7:20 am

Opened the season in the old familiar estate "On the edge of the set". We ordered the house back in March, because we know that everything will be scheduled later. Despite the fact that the swimming season has not yet begun (in comparison with last year), we had a great rest. Cycling, fishing, fresh air - all this gave us a positive charge for a long time. And the kids could not be dragged away from the rabbits for days, they fed them 20 times a day. Thanks to Natalia and Vasily for a wonderful stay. Special thanks for the delicious acacia honey and Vasily for the donated poetry collections. We would like to visit IOHNN back in the fall, when there are mushrooms.

23. Marina Alexey September 18, 2015 10:50 am

We rested in September (4-11). We swam until the last day. All perfectly. Good conditions, places of wondrous beauty, clean river, delicious food. The hosts are very interesting people. We were lucky. There are many tourist places around, for example, Novgorod-Seversky. We recommend it to everyone who is interested in Ukraine.

24. Ludmila August 8, 2015 11:28 am

Lyudmila, Alexander. For two years now, our family has been going to visit the guest house At the End of the World, and every time we are late, the house has already been painted for the whole summer. But this year Natalia took pity on us and offered to rent a room in the house where she lives in July. Firstly, it is half the price of renting a house. And secondly, we really liked it. We felt at home here. A large spacious house with seven conveniences, a spacious room where the four of us felt very comfortable, a large bright kitchen. Nice backyard garden with swing, table, hammock. There is wireless Internet in the house and in the yard, which was especially important for our girls, who every day shared their impressions and photos with their friends. In the courtyard, bees work, carrying delicious honey (they collected for themselves and their relatives). A very beautiful landscape opens up from the hill where the house stands. Up to the Desna from the hill 800-900 meters. On the way to the Desna, every day the children went to the estate At the End of the World, where they fed more than fifty rabbits with grass and grain, which live in burrows in a large room and who are not at all afraid of children, eat from their hands, allow themselves to be stroked, to be photographed with them. They also made friends with the dog Kuzya, who knows how to count, divide, multiply ... They swam in the river, caught fish, which they fed Kuzya and two cats: Sonya and Fishera, rode bicycles, visited an interesting museum in the neighboring village of Mezin, brought home a whole album of beautiful photos. Natalia prepared lunch and dinner for us. We haven't eaten such yummy food for a long time. We agreed on the estate in advance for the next year. Many thanks to the owners for giving us the opportunity to visit and breathe well in this piece of paradise. Wait for us next summer.

25. Oleksandr July 6, 2015, 20:27

At the chervnyi mіsyatsі we visited in Chernigivshchyna near the hotel courtyard "On the edge of the world". They took away even a great deal of satisfaction from the repair through the harmonious day of two warehouses - overseas Landscapes, the middle of which Sverdlovka was roasted, those wonderful People who lingered around this wonderful Land. Otzhe in Pershe - that gaze of the Desna is beautiful, the meadow is rich in greenery, the Akatsiya is plowed, the vastness that is calm Sadiba, and also even more richly tsikavih mіsts navkolo sadibi (marvel P.S.). Sadiba herself - she is still calm and bright. Go to Desnya - about 200 meters. In the yard there is a spacious bed, goydalka, hammock, brazier and walkers. At the house необ everything is necessary for the repair - a large veranda, two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. There are a lot of old-school items - musical and state-owned instruments, old-fashioned clothes, as well as a large number of beautiful literature, which can be picked up and dispersed by the sovereigns from the garden - beautifully called "At the edge of the country." Another warehouse of our kind - even tsikavi gospodarі sadibi Vasil Denisovich and Natalia Andriyivna Kirilyuki - readers, who gave their life, knowledge, talent, energy and kindness to schools, children, and fellow villagers you come to them "on the edge of the world". It is not hard to describe in wicked words the tsikh of beautiful, seemingly, smiling and wise people. To the world of integrity and pratsovitosti to us - to the inhabitants of the city, it is simply uncomfortable to understand and vimiryat. For a whole day, the stench will be occupied by the robot: the booth, the city, the living, the bjols, etc. until the endlessness, or rather - "from dawn to dusk." And when I come in, there is still an hour or more for two synopsis, for their scholars, for numerous friends all over the world, for the guests of the garden, one for one and for that purpose, to write beautiful verses and baladi - Vasil Kirilyuk, the author of three poets: “ Dvі sili "," Love from the first glance "," Happiness handled "and numerical publications. Krym pan Vasil'she know on lykarsk herbs and rob even more savory cherry wine and riznomanitnі infusions. Otzhe "On the edge of the world" is a very superb place for reviving the soul and rejecting the positive charge of life-loving energy. P.S .: Probably, it is very different, for five days after the instructions are made, a moment for review. Specially for the Kievans - emphasis on the route from Kiev, which did not build up to 300 km (the old Chernigiv is not taken by the rosary): - M. Mena - the United Zoo near the regional center of Ukraine, the projects were made in 1977, there are more varto zavitati - s. Sosnytsya - Museum of O. Dovzhenko - tse yogo fatherland - m. Novgorod-Siversky (napolyagaєmo on the road to Sverdlovka, some of them will not be an hour later.) - Triumphal Arch, Torgovy ryadi, Zamirkova Gora ... Sverdlovka obov'yazkove vidvidvannya: - Rikhlinsky St. Mykolaivsky Monastery with the Icon of St. Nicholas, the ruins of an ancient monastery, stoves, chestnut and yalinovo

26. Olga Cherkasova June 22, 2015 6:25 am

Four years ago we came from Kiev to rent "House at the End of the World" for a month, but, unfortunately, everything had already been booked. We spent one day and fell in love for the rest of our lives: fabulous nature, ecologically pure products, a klondike of fish, mushrooms and berries, what else is needed for happiness? We did not hesitate long and bought ourselves a house near the Desna in this wonderful village, and never regretted it! Come here to rest your body and soul. The gums are magnificent here, shallow sandbanks with a strong current, jacuzzi + peeling is better than a spa salon, the water is clear and clean, the beaches are not crowded, even swim naked :) + white medicinal clay. Lucky with the weather - get a full charge of the health battery for a whole year, no - sleep in peace and quiet, eat tasty treats ten times cheaper than the capital's restaurant, travel to local attractions: Mezinskaya paleontological parking (museum), temples of Novgorod-Seversky, etc.

27. Julia, Gregory February 6, 2015, 9:35 am

We rested in August 2014. The rest was wonderful. Pleased with nature, fresh air, herbs in the fields, clean Desna, cozy house, delicious home cooking, hospitable hosts, and of course HONEY. We went to Sverdlovka through Chernigov, and back through Baturin. We recommend this route and rest "At the end of the world" to everyone.

28. Masha, 8 years old October 6, 2014, 14:20

I really liked it here, I saw and learned a lot. I saw fireflies, swam in the river and saw a caterpillar hanging from a branch, which was winding its thread into a ball. When we were on the beach, cows came up to us, and dad drove them away. I myself milked the cow, collected the eggs and played with the little rabbits that were just born - they are very cute! My little sister Lisa played with the puppy Alex and sat on it like a horse. I helped Natalya Andreevna with the housework and fed the rabbits together with Vasily Denisovich. They cook very tasty here, and we always had honey on the table. In the evening we always drank the milk that Chernushka gave. My mother saw a bee with a head that looked like a human skull. I would like to stay still in Sverdlovka. Thank you!

29. Boris, Natalia September 28, 2014 9:01 am

Boris, Natalia, Kiev. The end of the world in Sverdlovka has delighted this year with wonderful warm weather. For the end of August and the beginning of September it was very warm and cozy. My husband swam every day, I'm in the mood. We counted on mushrooms (the year before last we prepared mushrooms for half the winter), but the dry weather was not mushroom. But on the other hand, they have prepared medicinal plants for a whole year, which are abundant in this area. It is very cozy and pleasant to live in the house itself, where there are all conditions and comfort. We prepared breakfast ourselves, because we like to sleep a little longer, and Natalia prepared lunch and dinner for us. After such a plentiful and tasty meal, we are starving at home again, pasta abounds. Many thanks to Vasily for the acacia honey. This is the best honey that we have eaten in our life. We gave it to friends to try, they also liked it. So next year, leave for us not four, but eight 3-liter cans (if necessary, we will pay the money in advance). In February-March, we will agree on the next year. Special thanks to Vasily for organizing the fishing trip. Although we did not catch the biggest fish this time, we took our heart out and the fish ate their fill.

30. Alexander August 21, 2014, 13:24

I have been resting in the estate "On the edge of the world" for several years, sometimes myself, but more often with my wife. I never cease to admire the local nature and soulful hosts. I recommend to all lovers of spiritual relaxation. Best regards, Alexander and Lyuba Kiev-Fastov

31. Evgeny June 18, 2014, 15:10

We rested with Vasily and Natalia in June 2014. Everything that is written in the resume representing the estate was seen firsthand, but the most pleasant thing is the owners, who do not just love their business and guests, but real patriots of their Sverdlovka and Ukraine. In one sentence, our impressions can be expressed like this: beauty, savor and grace. We recommend everyone to visit.

32. Igor. October 21, 2013 9:02 pm

At the beginning of October, we rested for five days with friends in Sverdlovka, at the end of the world. The owners are very decent, kind, hospitable people, the accommodation corresponded to a good rest: warm, hot and cold water, shower / toilet in the house, gas stove, refrigerator, clean linen, parking lot, summer gazebo, barbecue outside. The hostess cooks very tasty, for which a special thank you, plus homemade fresh milk. The purpose of our visit was fishing. All fish caught in the Desna River are labor. Pike, pike perch, bream, perch were regularly present in the catches. The surroundings - the river, flooded lakes, forest, meadows, delighted with magnificent autumn landscapes. Who will visit here at least once will never forget the rest in these places. We look forward to next year and on vacation again to these places. Once again, many thanks to Vasily and Natalia for a wonderful vacation, more such kind and helpful people. Best regards, Igor Ivanovich.

33. Igor August 26, 2013 12:36 pm

Igor (2013 - 08 - 08) We rested for a week in the estate "At the end of the world" at the end of July 2013. From Minsk by train to the city of Mena (8 hours), then a little by bus towards Novgorod-Seversky, where we were met by Vasily Denisovich 9 ) and took to the estate. The guest house is designed for a maximum of 7 people, but we rented a house for two people, it is more convenient for us. Two large rooms, a shower and a toilet are in the house, a large closed veranda, a kitchen - (gas, refrigerator, microwave , water - from a well), in the rooms - satellite TV, i.e. - living conditions are purely urban: a green courtyard, a large wooden gazebo with music and lighting - for eating and relaxing, a large garden, a swing, a hammock, a vegetable garden, an apiary. Rabbits do not live in cages, but in burrows - almost in natural conditions. We ordered 3 meals a day, the table was set at any time convenient for us. Thank you Natalya Andreevna - the food is excellent. Rabbit and other meat, fish, honey of different varieties, tea made from medicinal herbs - we were present on the table every day. We especially liked the vareniki. We rested in different countries - but here the portions are really large, we could not eat everything. The owners of the estate have 4 higher educations for two, knowledge of foreign languages. Vasily Denisovich - poet, the third collection of his poems will be released soon. The owners can organize any excursion, rest on the banks of the Desna with a tent, there is a boat (up to the river from the house - 100 meters) We caught catfish, pike, ide, bream, etc. in the Desna. In the village there are two shops, an evening bar. In the evening in the garden of the estate you can see a fox or a hare, a forest nearby (mushrooms, berries) Thanks to Natalya Andreevna and Vasily Denisovich for a real and high-quality rest. (Igor and Zhanna, Belarus, Minsk, [email protected])

34. Tetyana, Viktor August 4, 2013, 19:55

We watched "On the edge of the world" in Sverdlovtsi for four quarters of times. Ale in tsyomu has its own charm, everything around is like planks and kvitlo. I’ll taste good food for Vasily Denisovich, wonderful honey. Already we have seen, we are coming to the onset of the rik.

35. Tatiana and Valery July 16, 2013 10:57 am

We rested at the end of the world in June-July 2013 with our granddaughter Masha for 6 years. We left in complete delight from the beauty of the surrounding nature, the hospitality of the owners, the cozy atmosphere in the house and in the estate. And Natalya Andreevna's dinners cannot be compared with any all inclusive program in Turkey and Egypt! The granddaughter did not want to leave, so she made friends with all the inhabitants of the estate (rabbits, cows, cats, dogs), improved her health on fresh milk, honey and products from the garden. Thanks to Natalya Andreevna and Vasily Denisovich for a great vacation, we dream of returning there more than once.

36. Nikolay June 11, 2013 7:44 am

We have been resting at the end of the world for several years in a row and every time the rest is getting better. This time we took our friends with them, who are also delighted with the places of rest, the river, and fishing. Medicinal plants are in bloom. We have already learned how to prepare herbal teas for the winter. It is a pity that cucumbers and tomatoes have not arrived in time for the owners yet. We left here last year with ready-made preservation for the whole winter. Thanks to Natalia for the delicious food. My wife has already tried twice to cook such cheese dumplings as yours, but, alas, it does not work. We will come to you for the weekend for dumplings.

37. Vladimir Lyudmila September 30, 2012 8:39 am

Thanks for a wonderful stay! We rested for a week in this beautiful place! ... The undoubted advantage of rest in Sverdlovka is the ecological situation, everything is of the highest quality: the water in the river and artesian water for drinking and fresh country air (around the village there is a pine-birch forest), deposits of white clay, the aroma of herbs in the meadow, healthy home country cuisine. Milk and honey of our own production (cow in the meadow, bees in the garden) Special thanks to Natalya Andreevna for her care, attention and responsiveness. Thanks to Vasily Denisovich for the booklets for the granddaughters (you should have seen their delight!). This is also a new discovery for us. We wish the owners health, strength and prosperity. We advise everyone.have a good rest.

38. Andrew September 16, 2012 10:31 pm

We rested in the estate "At the end of the world" in early September. We got a whole bunch of great impressions and great pleasure! River, forest, amazing nature, and most importantly - amazingly friendly hosts! And how delicious the food is. Just to try again the wonderful dumplings and fabulous potato pancakes, we will definitely come! Thank you very much to Vasily Denisovich and Natalia Andreevna!

39. Elena August 31, 2012, 17:59

We went with my husband for 3 days at the end of August. All just great! It seemed as if we had come to visit relatives. Very pleasant and caring hosts. This is our best vacation within Ukraine. Everything in the estate is done with care, cozy, quiet and very calm! Cleanliness in the house, cleanliness of dishes is perfect! Conveniences in the house, hot water at any time. Delicious, varied homemade food. There is fresh homemade milk, cottage cheese, honey! And all this is combined with the cleanest air and amazingly beautiful nature. We went fishing, boating and walking. The rest was 110% successful. There are a lot of pleasant and good impressions left. We will definitely come again! Come, you will not regret it!

40. Tatyana July 25, 2012, 23:08

We rested from 07/15/12 to 07/22/12 in Sverdlovka "On the edge of the world". We came here for the third year in a row. Good living conditions, delicious organic food, amazingly beautiful landscape. There is where to walk, fish, pick mushrooms. The gums are clean, it is good to swim. The owners of the estate, Natalya Andreevna and Vasily Denisovich, are pleasant, intelligent, educated people who try to do everything possible for a good rest for their guests. It is here that we rest in body and soul. It's great to be in Sverdlovka after noisy Kiev, but I didn't want to leave at all ...

41. Yulia July 25, 2012, 9:38 am

Wonderful place. After a turbulent civilization, this is a corner of screaming silence, where the soul and body can relax, feed on positive energy. Here you can get lost in time and space. A very picturesque place. What impressed me the most was the endless malachite meadows, the incredible smell of herbs and the bizarre bends of the river. I would also like to mention home cooking. The taste of steam dumplings still haunts me))) Even from the usual cucumbers, tomatoes, greens from the garden, you can't tear yourself away, eat and feel how the body is filled with all the necessary vitamins. You can still write a lot of things, but it is better to go to feel, see and try everything yourself.

42. Andrew July 24, 2012, 22:33

Our family spent a wonderful weekend in Sverlovka. There really was a feeling that we had been to the end of the world. Unique nature, silence - just what we needed in Kiev. The information about this place on the site is completely true, the house has all the amenities for a comfortable stay, incl. with baby. I highly recommend renting a house with meals. We agreed with Natalya for a "test" lunch - after which the decision on full board was made "unanimously". Time flew by quickly, it is clear that a weekend in Sverdlovka is not enough ... The village is located on the territory of the Mezinsky National Natural Park, there are a couple of museums and a lot of places where there are cool photos for memory. Desna is just super, you can fish, crayfish or just rent a boat and paddle. We were pleasantly surprised by the prices for natural rural products. Sverdlovka "At the End of the World" is a place where you would definitely want to return.

43. Victor July 8, 2012, 23:36

Victor, Nadezhda and Alena. After a car accident four years ago, thanks to the best health resorts in Ukraine, I have already restored my health a little, but I still have problems with speech and legs. But after every vacation trip I get very tired of the hustle and bustle, of people, of bureaucratic bureaucracy and extortion. Therefore, this year, together with his wife and granddaughter, I decided to climb somewhere to the end of the world, away from the hustle and bustle of the people. Thanks to the Internet, we found exactly what we wanted in Sverdlovka in the Chernihiv region.Fresh clean air, daily walks and swimming in the Desna, delicious healthy food made incredible in two weeks. I began to talk better, move better and instead of a taxi we got home perfectly by the regular bus, which turns out to run daily from Chernigov to Sverdlovka. The wife and granddaughter also did not want to part with this wonderful resort. Many thanks to Natalia Andreevna for her care, attention and hospitality. I hope that we will become your regular guests in the future, if you don't mind.

44. Nikolay April 25, 2012, 0:11

Opened the spring season 2012 at Easter in the house "At the End of the World" in the village of Sverdlovka in the Chernihiv region. The rest was a success. Especially fascinated by the Spill of the Desna. Such beauty has not been seen for a long time. They even rode us on the flood boat. In addition to good health and good mood, they brought home the freshest organic rabbit meat and delicious honey. Thanks to Natalia for her hospitality and a cozy beautiful house near the river. We want to come to you in the summer to swim in the Desna and go fishing.

45. Alexander Slavutich April 4, 2012, 11:35 am

Rest "at the end of the world" turned out to be REAL and hot July 2011, and cool October 2011! My wife and I did not even think that near the river it could be no worse than at the sea :), especially for our 3.5 year old daughter. But the master classes of a REAL master in simple everyday affairs - charge with enthusiasm! True, no less REAL hostesses were lovingly fed with simple and varied food, which in the fresh air charged with energy of joy. In general, no matter how much sugar you say, but your mouth will not be sweet :) CALL, MAKE AGREEMENT and COME "to the end of the world" in order to relax, recharge and spend a wonderful time with your family!

46. Nina August 8, 2011, 19:27

Nina, Nikolay and Misha, Kiev My husband and I, and our three-year-old child, were looking on the Internet for a place where we could run away from our metropolitan apartment from the city bustle and asphalt for at least a week. We decided to find what is not a wilderness, where no one will disturb us, but most importantly - by the river. We stopped at the Desna. On the site of green tourism in the Chernihiv region, the name "At the end of the world" caught our eye and this logo immediately coincided with our desires. They hoped to get into a village forgotten by everyone, to an old grandmother, who herself huddles in a summer kitchen, and rents out a house in order to have additions to her meager pension. Having looked through the site of this estate, having read the text and reviews, we were pleasantly surprised by what they saw and read, and even more wanted to get there. By phone indicated on the website, we agreed with the hostess for a week in July. Already at the entrance to the village, a pleasant impression was formed. It is immediately evident that there are owners here. Everything is sown, well-groomed, soundly. Even more pleasantness awaited us ahead: pleasant intelligent owners (former teachers, now retirees) who managed to organize a pleasant vacation not only for me and my husband, but also for our child, who at the end of the week did not want to go home for anything. He liked to play with rabbits every day, to feed the cat Serka and the dog Kuzma, to stroke the cow, which gives such delicious milk. It was a kind of health therapy for our city child, he slept well, became much calmer. I was struck by the cleanliness and sterility of the house itself, its amenities. Never in our life have we eaten so much and such delicious food as here. For several days Natalia was offended that we eat little, but after a couple of days our appetite came and we enjoyed every day with new delicious dishes made from homemade healthy products. Beautiful nature, warm clean water, fresh air, medicinal white clay by the river, delicious berries in the garden - everything is here at its best. I would also like to say about the delicious acacia honey, which we were treated to every day, This is something special! And my husband took a master class with the owner, for the first time in his life he not only saw, but himself participated in pumping honey.Until now, every day he shows his friends photographs of how he was a beekeeper. Now we have stocked up with honey for a whole year. The only thing we didn't like was that in many places along the river there is a lot of rubbish, plastic and beer bottles. Less, of course, than we have near Kiev,

47. Ksenia January 15, 2011 4:27 pm

We met an unforgettable Christmas 2011 at this Homestead! A lot of impressions, very hospitable hosts, in winter it is as beautiful here as, probably, in summer. The purest untouched snow, delicious food, cute little animals and a warm welcome left no one indifferent. Staying in Sverdlovka for a long time charged us with positive emotions. Our happy faces can be seen in the photos in the photo gallery, and how many are still behind the scenes! Thanks to Pan Vasily and Mrs Natalia!

48. Nina September 21, 2010 11:42 pm

We rested in August 2010 with my husband and two cubs - 7 years and 4 months. Regardless of the diversity of interests, everyone really liked it. The elder, after seeing that the cow was eating apples during milking, began to drink "apple milk", made friends with the dog and played enough with the rabbits, but of course the most important thing - he bathed in the river, now he regularly asks when we will go to Sverdlovka again)) ) Dad finally got a contemplative rest, which he had long dreamed of, and the baby and I just rested from household chores))) Special thanks for the delicious food. P.S. Cozy, clean house, friendly, unobtrusive owners, and beauty around.

49. Dima September 21, 2010, 22:55

We spent a week of unforgettable rest at the end of the world. Wonderful nature, fishing and mushrooms are what we dreamed about on the way here. The dream has come true. Fish and mushrooms were full for the year ahead. Thanks to Natalia for the delicious food. It’s a pity that I didn’t catch a big fish that broke my Japanese spinning rod. It is a pity that the vacation is over, because the golden autumn, fishing and mushrooms at the end of the world continue. Trophies: (mushrooms, honey and fossilized molluscs of 20 thousand years ago) were brought home and shared with friends. Thanks to Vasily for the booklet "Mezinsky Park". This is also a new discovery for us.

50. Alexander September 1, 2010, 12:16 pm

At the end of the world it is quiet, beautiful and tasty. I want to come here again. Thanks for all.

51. Boris Kutsenko August 25, 2010, 15:27

Bully in Sverdlovtsi 3 days with the squad Zhanna, the blue Timofiy and the godfather of Paradise for the day of independence. Vidpochinok going into. Shchiro dyakuєmo Vasily and Natalia for the hotel reception, I will relish that homemade food, garnet and warmly welcome. Misty nature has been honored even more, the river is garnishing, the silly hut is cool, and everything is healthy. I’ll have to listen to the commentary about wet yoghurt and honey! Those scho Vi robite - are fair for people!

52. Natalia August 9, 2010, 10:05 am

Natalia and Oleksandr. Not long ago, they were celebrating a birthday in Sverdlovtsi. On the edge of the world. Upon arrival, the children immediately wanted to know before the Desnya. They planned not to write anything at all, why not roam with advertisements, for a future fate, I would like to welcome and recommend to friends, they gave me such a rank, but Natalia Andriyevna, Natalia Andriyevna, for the turbot, for the miracles and delicious In children, through the day, a blush appeared on the cheeks from the sun, pure food and healthy savory food. The cholovik may be pleased, more than a skin day, having given us a fresh ribcage, Natalia's yak was so deliciously prepared. Children are even worthy to ride on the poros and on the chandeliers, big barefoot on the grass on the pockets beyond the Desna. A lot of rock here at Pivnochi Chernigivshchyna, it was very hot summer in Europe, but the little riches did not see any special specialties. Mi boules more than once beaten by the sea, a little more than once near Sverdlovtsia - a special price, a whole piece of paradise, which we have seen for ourselves and our children.

53. Sasha July 5, 2010, 18:05

We were in Sverdlovka at the end of the world for 3 full days, I’ll say right away - not enough! You need to come at least for a week. I was struck by the cleanliness and silence. and no wonder - the village is located on the territory of the Mezinsky reserve. Excellent fishing, crayfish catching, swimming in the clear water of the Desna, pristine landscapes. Just super.Separately, I would like to say about the owners - you rarely meet such friendly and interesting people in our time, Vasyl read us his poems and introduced us to the work of the bee family, and the hostess treated us to homemade yogurt of her own making. Of the shortcomings, only mosquitoes and gadflies, but on the other hand, mosquitoes did not go to visit us, but we came to them :)). In fact, this is not a problem, I just recommend taking appropriate remedies for blood-sucking insects with you. to appreciate the beautiful in nature and people, I recommend visiting the House at the End of the World! I myself am going in the fall again to those places for fishing.

54. Sergiy June 29, 2010 8:57 pm

Sergiy and Natalya We went with the squad on the road trip to the hut "On the edge of the world". So the yak khatinka Bula is occupied, and we have a tent in the car, then we settled right on the birch of the Desnya. Vidpochinok buv monsters! I am ribaliv, the squad was picking berries, cooking up the riches. Forward into life, catching crayfish with his hands. Sinister already 12. and one burbot 300 grams. Kraєvidi zhooplyuyuchi, the water is warm and clean. Silence and calmness is hostile, so it should be more like my squad. At night, mosquitoes were not allowed to sleep in the ward, and the squad was tired for less than a year and declared that I wouldn’t be a cook for me anymore. On the way back they asked the gentlemen to show the hut. The hut was struck by the cold at that hour, if the street was over 30. Clean, comfortable, calm. Gentlemen ate even savory homemade yoghurt with half-breads and honey, which I can see and accept. We bought from them three years of moisturizing acacia honey, picked up by bjols on the mountains above the Desna, now all relatives are welcome. Nicholas did not think that such a miraculous quiet time in Ukraine is not far from the capital.

55. Vita June 22, 2010 11:55 am

Thanks for a wonderful stay! Had a rest last week with my husband! we were the first visitors to the house of the owners Vasily and Natalia. What can I say ... the undoubted advantage of rest in Sverdlovka is the ecological situation, it is not very easy to find an ecologically clean village in Ukraine, everything is of the highest quality: the water in the river and artesian water for drinking and fresh village air (around the village there is a pine-birch forest), deposits of white clay, the aroma of flowering herbs on a meadow warmed up by the sun and the trills of a nightingale ……) in addition, healthy home country cuisine with unforgettable yoghurts, kefirs. Milk and honey of our own production (cow in the meadow, bees in the garden) Special thanks to Natalya Andreevna for her care, attention and responsiveness. We wish the owners health, strength and prosperity. I advise everyone. have a good rest.

56. Nikolay June 15, 2010 8:41 am

We got acquainted with Sverdlovka at the end of the world. The impressions are wonderful. It is a pity that the owners' house is occupied until the end of this week. But next weekend is ours. We spent the day just on the river. The water is clean and pleasant. Bought crayfish from local aborigines. They caught them under the bushes right in the river. Everything that hangs on the site converges and it is already nice that there is no scam that we have experienced many times in other places. It's hard to believe that in our time there are still such beautiful well-groomed villages, where even the local collective farm has survived.

Real estate for sale - Pavlovsk

An excellent plot of 10 acres, a house made of aerated concrete is not completed, everything is owned, it is possible to exchange for an Auto. Help in registration for a capital.

Gas riser. Log house, slate roof, plastic windows, water in the house, drain, Area 32.3 sq.m .: 1 room and kitchen, suspended ceilings, stove heating. There is a bathhouse, a barn, a toilet on the street. Land 861 sq.m.

Selling a garden plot in gardening "nectar". The 47th kilometer of the Pavlovsky tract is about 10-15 km before reaching Pavlovsk itself, from the old tape to the exit from the highway exactly 40 km 15-20 minutes, then another 1.5 km along the gravel road. On the site there is water, an unfinished brick house (there are walls), there are plantings - cherry, ranetka, apple tree, honeysuckle, irga, barberry, grapes. The site is located 40 meters from the bus stop with a shop.Between the road and the site there is a birch forest belt, drive into the site from both sides (the site is located between 2 streets), light all year round, water only in season. To the lake 5 minutes walk. All questions are on the phone, I don't read messages here. The land is not privatized, as everything will melt, we will privatize and the price will increase

Urgently for sale a house of 28m2 on a plot of 10 hundred. in connection with the move!
In the house: kitchen (water heater), bedroom, cellar, bathroom. node, veranda.
Remains Furniture And Household Appliances (refrigerator, Gas Stove, Microwave, TV, Washing Machine).
On the site there are plantations, a bathhouse, a garage, a coal box (supply of coal and firewood).
Own well.
Suitable for maternity capital, without debts and encumbrances.
Address Telman str., 25.

The walls of the house are Sibit aerated concrete 400 mm thick. The walls of the garage, bathhouse, summer kitchen and transition are gas blocks. There are 2 sewerage systems: to the bathhouse and to the house. The electricity is 380 V. There is water supply. Plastic 5-chamber REHAU windows are inserted. Inserted: the main door, the door between the passage and the house, the door to the backyard, the door between the garage and the summer kitchen. Everywhere the subfloor is flooded. The walls are not plastered. The roof is built under the attic. The whole territory is fenced. There is gas in the village. Possible exchange for housing in the city of Barnaul, in the village. Pavlovsk. Bargain.

The apartment is in a semi-detached house. 60 sq. + 30 sq. Bath, garage, barn, greenhouse, three rooms, a kitchen, plus a veranda and a room with a separate entrance. separate stoker, stove water heating, the house is very warm, the consumption of coal is 1.5 tons and the floor of the car is firewood for the season ... all plantings are there. The walls in plaster are painted with washing paint under varnish can be washed, leveled. Shower and toilet in the house, titanium. from the tracks are 2 minutes, the road is cleaned steadily. photos in the blizzard on December 21. the last 2 photos on December 22. There is always light and water. Everything is done, come in and live, plastic windows, a separate dressing room, suspended ceilings. a barn for animals, a barn for households. Neighbors live in the city as a summer cottage. A well in a vegetable garden, a cellar. I will leave a kitchen set with a built-in gas stove, as well as a lot of tools for the household, I will also leave carpets, due to moving to another region. Year of construction of the house 2008.

For sale a log, dry, warm house of 28 m2 on a well-fertilized, fertile land plot of 30 acres in the village. Zhukovka, Pavlovsky District, Altai Territory.
A spacious room, a large kitchen, a Russian stove, a cellar, a canopy (requiring cosmetic repairs), a storage room, a veranda, a water supply system, a local sewerage system. Garage, sauna, livestock and poultry corral.
Plenty of space behind the garden. A great place for breeding animals and birds.
A new FAP (feldsher-obstetric center) has been opened in the village.
EVERYTHING IN PROPERTY. The documents are ready. Bargain.
Zhukovka is located near the regional center. Turn to the village right before the entrance to Pavlovsk.
An ecologically clean area, beautiful landscapes, fishing, mushrooms, berries, meadows with herbs, it is convenient to use for PASEKA. Lakes with fish, relict tape forest.
A motor road passes by the village to the villages of Kolyvanskoye, Arbuzovka, city buses run every 1 hour. To the federal highway by car 7 minutes.
EXCHANGE: for any housing in Barnaul, Pavlovsk, Toyota car not earlier than 2003, with automatic transmission, volume from 1, 5. I will consider all exchange options.

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