3 simple remedies to get rid of slugs in your garden

Slug is one of the most important pests that gardeners and gardeners fight from early spring to late autumn. He enjoys eating vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs that grow on the site. Most of all, a small slippery clam loves any kind of cabbage, which attracts it like a magnet. How to save your harvest from these gluttons using natural and cheap means, we will tell you in this article.


Scientists have proven that caffeine acts as a nerve agent on shellfish. Young individuals die, while older ones flee.

The easiest way is to take regular, powdered coffee, even the cheapest or expired, or dried coffee grounds will do, and sprinkle it around the plantings. Such an obstacle will scare off slugs and they will not be able to crawl onto the plant. But remember that this method is effective until the first rain or heavy watering, then you need to repeat the procedure again.

You can give slugs a real coffee shower. To do this, you need to brew unsweetened coffee, cool it and spray the plants that the pests love. Many summer residents note that such treatments are very effective and, at the same time, do not harm garden crops at all.

Wood ash

Indispensable in the garden. It is not only an excellent slug repellent, but also an effective insecticide. Wood ash is rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur and others. It contains no chlorine, which negatively affects the growth of crops such as cabbage and potatoes. Therefore, among summer residents, ash is considered one of the most effective and natural fertilizers.

Slugs avoid areas sprinkled with ash, as it sticks to them, interferes with movement and creates an alkaline environment, corroding their mucous membranes.

Take dry ash and sprinkle it along the beds and bushes, you can also dust it on vulnerable plantings. Repeat the treatment once a week in dry weather or after watering.


An infusion of mustard powder is a versatile folk remedy in the fight against slugs and other garden pests such as aphids, Colorado potato beetle larvae, spider mites and cabbage. This pungent seasoning irritates the mucous membranes of the tears and scares them off with its pungent aroma.

To prepare a working solution, you need to dilute 100 g of mustard powder in 5 liters of water and infuse this mixture for a day. Before use, dilute the finished concentrated infusion with another 5 liters of water. To enhance the effect, you can add 2 tablespoons of grated laundry soap or any other soap. It will help the product stay on the leaves longer.

It is best to spray mustard infusion once every 3-4 days in the evenings in dry weather. Alternatively, you can simply sprinkle dry mustard powder on the soil around the plants - this is also quite effective.

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How to get rid of slugs in the garden: the best methods and prevention

When the first slugs appear on the site, most summer residents do not even attach any importance to this.

And like, what can slugs do at first glance? - nothing. But if you talk to experienced summer residents, they will say: they will destroy seedlings, young shoots and can damage vegetables and berries.

And after that, can they be called harmless? Moreover, if one appeared on the site, then you can be sure that in a few months their number may increase tenfold.

Therefore, everyone should know about effective ways to combat and prevent.

How to get rid of slugs in the garden or in a house without chemicals? 2 easy ways

The methods are really, well, very simple. Many, it seems to me, have no idea at all that these things are capable of almost 100% destruction of slugs.

What are these folk remedies?

I tired you a little with a preface. Now I will present these funds to you. There are 3 of them, choose. It:

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  1. beer (absolutely any is suitable)
  2. instant coffee (the brand also does not matter at all)
  3. Coca-Cola (and any of its modern varieties)

All of these natural "control agents" cause irreparable harm to slugs. And, you can use them in different ways. Here are 2 of the most convenient ways to use them.

Option number 1

The first option is suitable for "evening hunting", when slugs, after the heat, get out into the open spaces of the garden. They just need to be sprinkled with instant coffee, Coca-Cola or beer. The concentration here is the same for all products - a tablespoon per liter of water. If you want, you can spray the slugs with any of these drinks and in pure form.

All these means, which, by the way, we ourselves use for food, act on slugs no worse than poison. And in the morning, such "processed" slugs die.

Option number 2

You can go the other way, and prepare a trap for the slugs with these drinks (any, of your choice).

We cut off the plastic bottle and get a container, 4-5 centimeters deep. Then we pour the agent into it (half the volume), after which we dig it into the ground where slugs often appear. In the morning, your jar will be filled with pests.

Everything, it seems to me, is very simple, and most importantly - it works 100 percent! You can find a few more products, just as harmless (that is, "not chemistry"), here. This article will help you deal with snails. Read if this problem is also relevant for you.

And we watch a video where you will be told about the real use of coffee in the fight against slugs.

The main point of installing protective barriers is to block the path of pests to plantings. Sprinkle the ground around the perimeter of the entire site and around the beds with something sharp and rough - for example, sand, walnut shells, slaked lime, crushed shells. You can also use superphosphate, coffee grounds, dry mustard for this purpose. Spread sharp rough substances in narrow strips at a distance of about 15 cm from each other.

If you want to protect certain bushes or trees, place a sand bank around the holes. Turn the mulch periodically, since moisture can accumulate under it, which slugs love so much. Another option is to place small containers filled with water around the area. If pests get into them, they will quickly die.

A metal alloy containing copper, in contact with the mollusk, causes the formation of a current discharge. The result is that the pest dies. So you can try sticking some copper wires around the area.

Slugs in the garden: how to get rid of these pests forever

Good afternoon, my reader. It is believed that pests such as slugs are difficult to resist. After all, they are able to throw off a layer of mucus containing poisonous agents that are used to exterminate them. These mollusks are dangerous in that they eat seedlings, shoots, leaves and stems of plants, berries and vegetables also suffer from them. However, in fact, there are many simple ways to get rid of slugs in the garden.

Ways to fight

You must purchase special chemical agent against slugs and dilute it with water according to the instructions. Treat in the evening. After the first time, take a break and after 30 minutes repeat the procedure again. If the slugs continue to show signs of life, carry out this manipulation again.

Lovers of folk methods can try the following ways:

  • spray the plants with a decoction of hot pepper (it needs to be crushed into powder and filled with 10 liters of cold water, wait 2 days, bring to a boil and wait 2 days again)
  • water the garden with a liquid that contains brilliant green (pour a bubble into a bucket of water and stir)
  • spray with ammonia (4 tablespoons per bucket of water)
  • process the garden with potassium salt (1 kg of salt per 10 liters of water)
  • use an infusion of garlic for spraying (chop 3 heads of garlic and pour 10 liters of water, leave the liquid for about 24 hours).

You can also try to build trap or bait for slugs from boards, cardboard, linoleum or even burdock leaves (remember that you cannot water the ground 5 days before the procedure). Another trap that can help is cornmeal bait. It should be poured into glass jars and buried in the ground. After the slugs are collected, release them into the pond or take them to the forest.

You can block the path of pests using special barriers. Around the beds, the earth is sprinkled with something rough (it can be sand, nutshells, wood ash, dry coffee grounds, dry mustard, slaked lime).

Killing shellfish can help alcohol ... It is best to use ethyl alcohol. The so-called drunken death of slugs is achieved if you place saucers of beer on the territory of your garden. Another way is chilled coffee. It is also recommended to plant next to plants mint .

Nobody canceled an easier way to fight: manual collection ... In the morning, look around your garden and collect slugs. Remember that their favorite habitats are wood and metal surfaces, dark and humid places. Take a close look at taps, irrigation hoses, iron watering cans, and buckets.

Also, do not forget about prevention, which will help prevent slugs. It is recommended to dig in the fall and spring, regularly weed the beds, do not keep garbage in the summer cottage, and remove last year's foliage.

How not to do it

Some summer residents use coniferous needles or eggshells. These funds will not help solve this problem, they will only restrict the movement of shellfish for a while.

Do you know how to get rid of these pests forever?

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