Iris flowers

Iris flowers

Iris is a plant whose cultivation is carried out in pots or in the ground to create colorful and very decorative flower beds or ornamental borders. The iris flower is very beautiful and can be yellow, purple, white, etc., it blooms from spring to the end of summer. The inflorescences of the iris are composed of two or four flowers that have peduncles that develop from the armpit of small leaves located in the upper part of the stem; the flowers are wrapped in two white bracts, have six very faded violet tepals, of which three located on the outside are folded slightly downwards and the other three placed inside have an erect posture and the upper part vaulted in the center.


There are many varieties of iris, each with different characteristics. Here are some of them.

Iris Latifolia: also called English iris, typical of the Pyrenees and north-western Spain. It has very beautiful blue flowers with small yellow areas that bloom in June and July, consisting of six tepals and reaching thirteen centimeters in diameter.

Iris Germanica: this iris is native to Asia and is grown mainly in gardens. The flowers are very elegant, large, pleasantly scented, the outer shell that encloses the sexual part is very pale violet tending to candid. Some varieties have orange, yellow and lilac colored flowers. The flowering period is from the end of April to May.

Iris Pseudacorus: also called water iris. It has intense yellow flowers that develop together in the armpit of large bracts, which can exceed ten centimeters in diameter. Pollination occurs through insects even if these flowers are not in the least fragrant.

Iris Sibirica: the flowers of this iris can reach a diameter of ten centimeters, are composed of six tepals, three placed in the lower part and facing the ground, the other three more straight. They bloom from May to June and are violet-white with yellow-white parts.


Being the typical flower of Florence, in this city there is an Iris garden, where you can admire over three thousand types of iris; particular thing is that every year many new specimens are added to this already splendid and very rich garden, coming from the now famous competition organized specifically for hybridizers from all over the world.

In Greek mythology, Iris or Iris, daughter of Taumante, a divinity of the sea, and Electra, an ocean nymph, came down to Earth to carry the messages entrusted to her, running fast on therainbow. She is often depicted as a beautiful girl, with wings and dressed in brightly colored clothing.

The Iris you can find all the thousand colors of the rainbow, from Violet, to the blue, to the lilac, with orange, al red, to pink and also to yellow. His petals they are thick and velvety, frequently veined with other colors.

Every gardener would like to have this perennial in the garden, it is resistant, easy to grow it is reliable. It is capable of attracting butterflies and gives beautiful cut flowers.

They grow in the desert like in a pond. They like the sun with pleasure but also adapt to the shade. There are so many choices Iris they offer, a small and colorful one, with sweet scented notes for early spring or a larger one, which produces large orange berries, after flowering in late autumn.

The genus Iris belongs to Iridaceae family. The plants that belong to it can be considered as perennial, rhizomatous or also bulbous. In the common sense, Iris is also called Iris of Florence, Iris or Flower of San Marco. There are about 300 species belonging to the genus Iris. Among the commercially available Iris, there are numerous hybrids and the variety belonging to the most common species.

Iris is one of the plants that, from an aesthetic point of view, most surprises the visitor to the garden, with his leaves in the shape of spears perfectly straight and i wavy petals of its flowers, which meet in an arch at the top. If you look carefully at the flowers of this perennial, you will find an unusual resemblance to a woman with a beard. There "Beard" of Iris it is also a scientific term used to describe this kind of flower. If you take a closer look inside the iris, you will see how a small lock of well-groomed hair. Making a comparison with the famous artist Frida Kahlo, who painted his mustache in his self-portrait, theiris he is as attractive as a woman with a beard. The Iris has also inspired painters of the caliber of Vincent Van Gogh who portrayed them in his works.

History and symbology

Iris is a plant rich in history and symbolism as it has always been appreciated in all civilizations. Frescoes depicting irises were found near the walls of the temple of Amun in Karnak (ancient Thebes) in Egypt, and in the botanical garden of the pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1516 -1426 BC). It is said that the first species of iris were transported to Egypt by the pharaoh, from Syria.
The ancient Greeks identified the iris with Iris the messenger of the Gods, handmaid of Hera, who was the medium that allowed men to receive the messages of the Gods. According to mythology, Iris slipped on the rainbow to descend among men (hence the genesis of the name).

The iris was the coat of arms of Clovis I (466 - 511) king of the Sali Franks, second historically ascertained ruler of the Merovingian dynasty, who had him depicted on flags, shields, armor and tapestries, after having received this flower in a dream from an angel, who had appeared to him to honor the event of his conversion to Christianity, which took place after the victory of the battle of Tolbiac in which the sovereign and his army expelled the Alemanians from the upper Rhine, in 496.

It is known that the coat of arms of the city of Florence and of Louis VII is a lily, but in reality, in both cases, it must have been originally an iris. According to numerous historical data, in fact, Louis VII had decided to insert an iris in his royal coat of arms, for this reason, however, the flower was called fleur de Louis (Luigi's flower), unfortunately its pronunciation is very similar to fleur de lys which means lily and probably for this reason over the years the two names were confused and the coat of arms of Louis VII became the lily. The same fate happened to the coat of arms of the city of Florence.
In 1954, the Iris Garden was created in Florence, in Piazzale Michelangelo, created with the aim of hosting the annual international competition for the best varieties of iris.

Adoration of the Shepherds by Hugo van der Goes

In the artistic field many times the white iris has taken the place of the lily in the paintings dedicated to the Madonna, as is the case, for example, of the Adoration of the Shepherds, central panel of the Portinari Triptych (three paintings, datable 1477 - 1478, oil on panel made by Hugo van der Goes and currently exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence) in which two vases are depicted, one containing white and yellow irises, a symbol of purity, and another containing columbine, which could have two different symbolic meanings, from on the one hand the joy of birth and on the other it could indicate the feeling of sadness and bitterness, as if to foretell the future death of Jesus Christ.

Iris fimbriata

Widespread throughout the world, it is also appreciated in the East, where it was used for a long time in folk medicine as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
The quality present in China has purple flowers and due to its conformation it is commonly called by the Chinese purple butterfly.

In language of flowers and plants the iris, in general, symbolizes the good news, although its meaning can change depending on the variety

(the iris fimbriata symbolizes theexalted love, the iris pratense the Good news is the tuberous iris there desolation and the nostalgia) and color (thepurple-flowered iris symbolizes the wisdom, L'iris from flowers white there purity, L'iris with blue flowers there hope)

The azaleas

Azaleas belong to the Rhododendron genus of the Ericaceae family and bloom with wonderful colors: pink, red, white and magenta, against the background of dense dark green leaves. There are many varieties, so the flowering period is vast: from March to October. They are very hardy and evergreen plants. The ideal would be to plant them in the garden, because they do not fear neither cold nor heat. But they also fit well in pots and can even be used indoors! Let's see what care is needed to grow healthy and beautiful azaleas.

The terrain it is of great importance for azaleas: it must tend to be acidic (with a ph from 5 to 5.5), well drained and without stagnation of water. When repotting azaleas be careful not to plant them too deep as they have very shallow roots.

If you live in a mild climate, place the azaleas in full sun, while if the summer is long and hot, a semi-shady place is preferable. Garden azaleas don't fear the cold while potted azaleas need to be protected during the winter.

Azaleas need regular and abundant watering but without stagnation of water. If it is very hot it is good to spray the water on the flowers and leaves. To increase flowering and make it more beautiful and resistant, it is advisable to add universal fertilizer from time to time, to enrich the soil with nutrients useful for the plant.


Begonias are bulbous flowers, which are characterized by being very colorful. The leaves are shiny and range from green to purple. They are quite simple to grow and you have to pay attention to a few details.

They are sold in the form of tubers and must be planted when the risk of frost is avoided, therefore from mid-April onwards. Flowering will come in the middle of summer. However, if we want to anticipate it, they can also be cultivated potted inside casa: in this way the begonias bloom already from March.

They are flowers that they fear the sun, therefore they must be planted in semi-shady areas. The soil must be well drained, with a layer at the bottom of the pot of at least 5 cm of expanded clay balls, both for terrace begonias and for those indoors. Watering must be abundant but without water stagnation.

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