How to grow watermelons in the open field near St. Petersburg, competition "Summer season - 2007"

As our magazine has already reported, from February 28 to March 6, the exhibition "Spring Flora" was open at the Eurasia cultural and exhibition center. Traditionally, within the framework of this exhibition, on March 3, for the fourth time already, our editorial staff summed up the results of their competition "Summer Season - 2007".

The past season was characterized by difficult weather conditions. However, as one wise man aptly said: "He who wants to work looks for opportunities, who does not want, looks for reasons."

And these words were fully confirmed by their work and their successes, those gardeners-summer residents who sent materials to the competition and talked about the achievements of the past season.

Now we can confidently say that gardeners Boris Petrovich and Galina Prokopyevna Romanov have developed an effective technology for growing watermelons in the open field near St. Petersburg. For the second year in a row, they get high yields of watermelons and melons. The stand of the Romanov gardeners became a sensation at the last year's exhibition "AgroRus - 2006". And in our competition they took second place.

And the winner of the competition, having grown an excellent harvest of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins by the method of natural fertility, became Irina Vladimirovna Vezhenkova. She received the main prize - a greenhouse from the general sponsor of the competition - the firm "Life at the Dacha".

Galina Ivanovna Balueva took third place. She has successfully mastered the cultivation of grapes in a greenhouse. The second and third prize-winners received certificates for two and a thousand rubles from the sponsor - the company "Mika" - for these sums they will buy seedlings of the plants they need in the spring.

A special prize - the film "Svetlitsa" from LLC "Shar" - went to Lydia Valentinovna Popova. All winners and participants of the competition were awarded with weighty sets of regionalized vegetable seeds from the firm "Hardwick". We are especially grateful for the activity of Marina Shumova, L. A. Vlasova, V. F. Chernyshova, S. M. Katsman, O. Goncharova, as well as our permanent sponsoring firms, without whose support we would not have been able to organize the competition and did not know would be about the remarkable successes of these gardeners.

One competition is over and another is starting. By tradition, in May, we announce a review of the most beautiful summer cottages, or rather, a landscape design competition "Envy, Neighbor! - 2007". The general sponsor of the competition is the Life at the Dacha firm. Its results will be announced during the Autumn Flora exhibition in September.

The conditions of the competition remained unchanged: to tell about the creation of a beautiful, original garden in a garden or summer cottage. Interesting materials are also accepted about the construction of some separate fragments of a beautiful garden - reservoirs, lawns, alpine slides, flower beds and flower beds. The main requirement is to supplement the verbal story with photographs reflecting the stages of work and the result.

And, of course, we do not exclude from the competition those citizens who do not have summer cottages, but express their love for beauty in the design of balconies and loggias, as well as in the creation of flower beds and flower beds near the entrances of their houses, as our last year winners did. - enthusiastic flower growers living in the house # 32 on Aviakonstruktorov Avenue, in the Primorsky District. Then one of the home improvement activists Galina Nikolaevna Alekseeva wrote to us about this.

The women, who were also helped by the children, proved that in the conditions of the city it is possible to create colorful flower corners that are not inferior to summer cottages. We had a publication in our magazine about them: "In a house where a colorful palisade ..." (Flora Price "© 10 (81), 2006). We expect new enthusiasts to respond this year who, with their creative they decorate their homes and courtyards with creative labor, and therefore their beloved city.

The applicants have a lot of time to win and prizes in our competition - we are waiting for your letters and photo reports until September 1.

E. Valentinov

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