DIY gazebo in three days

Simple gazebo for giving with your own hands

One of the brightest parts of any garden or country house is a simple gazebo for a summer residence, making it with your own hands is not difficult. Indeed, in this cozy corner it is so pleasant to spend time with loved ones, to relax, sheltered from the sultry sun, to be alone with your thoughts, and simply to take a break from the surrounding bustle.

You can easily build such a cozy nest yourself. You just have to strain your imagination and show your imagination.

The life of the pavilions has been going on for almost five millennia. In ancient Egypt, these miniature architectural masterpieces were an integral part of the gardens of the nobility. Today, the gazebo continues to play an important role.

There are a huge number of varieties of such buildings. But, before you start building a gazebo, you need to decide on its style. The most successful option would be to choose the style in which the house and garden are decorated. Your next step is to choose the decoration elements.

Materials and constructions

A cheap and practical option is a wooden gazebo. Such material looks beautiful and is easy to process. If wooden elements are impregnated with special solutions, they can serve for a long time. In addition, the construction of a summer cottage will not take more than 3 days, even if you do the work slowly.

Another material that is used for the construction of such structures is metal. When the frame is made of a profile pipe and steel corners, the gazebo can serve for many decades. You can build it yourself. The work is done quickly enough, and the materials are quite cheap.

Build gazebos with your own hands

How to create summer cottage with their own hands? On the Internet, as mentioned earlier, there are many projects and drawings of gazebos. If you are not sure that you can create your own project on your own, it is strongly recommended to use the projects of those gazebos that can be found on the network.

Drawing of a structure made of wood with dimensions

So, creating a gazebo project consists of several stages. First you need to create a sketch of the future building, draw up working drawings. Schemes and sketches will allow at this stage to plan the location of the structure, outline the arrangement of equipment and furniture in it. If communications are needed in the gazebo, in addition to light, then their supply system is also determined. There are clear guidelines that will allow you to properly prepare a project.

Open structure diagram

So, initially we decide on the type of gazebo - open or closed. Then - think over the style of the summer cottage, which should be combined with other buildings on the site. The building materials that will be used in the works are determined. Finally, on the site you need to allocate a place for a gazebo. All dimensions must be clearly reflected in the drawing and coincide with the site on the ground. If the gazebo in the country house will be of a closed type, then you should definitely create a ventilation system. For massive arbors, the type of foundation is determined:

  • tape,
  • columnar,
  • base of slabs.

Now you can proceed to the description of structural units. Here the places of installation of windows, doors and stairs are marked. Roof layout is a separate work. The technology for the construction of each of the structural elements of the summer cottage is determined separately, which should be reflected in the project. The time has come to mark the wiring of electricity and plumbing. The plan shows the places of installation of furniture, equipment, lamps. It should be noted that this is far from all the work, the nuances that should be taken into account when drawing up a gazebo project with your own hands.

Photo of a rectangular building project

The more thoroughly the project is worked out, the more accurate the calculations of building materials will be made, the easier it will be to carry out the construction itself. The most important thing is that errors are practically leveled out. The design will turn out to be strong and durable.

Video: garden gazebo made of wood, step by step instructions

DIY construction of a wooden gazebo

So, when it comes to choosing a material for building a gazebo, then many people prefer to choose a tree. The fact is that this material allows you to create a gazebo for a summer residence that fits into the interior of any site. In addition, wood is an environmentally friendly material that is environmentally friendly, durable. The tree is easy to process and for the construction of gazebos they use timber, logs, boards, and other elements.

Winter construction of arbors made of wood, photo

Rectangular gazebo

The easiest option for self-construction of a wooden gazebo is to use a rectangular structure. This is an open-air structure for summer use. There will be open support posts, roof and railing. In the drawing, only the dimensions of the structure, the height, and the sketch of the structure should be displayed.

As a rule, a drawing of the profile and frontal projection of the gazebo is created. The foundation is displayed in a separate diagram. As a rule, a columnar base is preferred. Here you need to indicate the dimensions of the pillars, the height and depth to which they will be dug in.

Advice! In order to make the work more convenient to carry out, you can attach a detailed installation diagram of technical units to the project, indicating the options for fastening to each other.

As for the drawing of the roof, it is appropriate here to display the rafter systems, indicating the fastening of the upper strapping, the lower support for the rafters, and also indicate the step between the rafters. As soon as all the drawings are ready, you can directly start construction work. So, we prepare and mark the site for construction. Stakes tied with a rope are used. As soon as the perimeter is marked, we begin to equip the foundation.

Drawing of a simple wooden gazebo with your own hands for a summer residence, dimensions

To create a foundation, a pit should be dug according to the drawing. Although the pit can hardly be called a pit, if it is 80 centimeters deep. However, everything should be named according to the building rules. A layer of sand is laid out on the bottom. Supports are placed, which are then concreted. Be sure to check the level of the evenness of all supports, their distance from each other, as well as the level in height.

Photo of the initial stage of work

Now we turn to the creation of the lower strapping, we equip the floor from the log. Wooden beams are used. As soon as the floor frame is ready, you need to create the flooring from boards or ready-made floor coverings (see website). Then the upper trim is fixed, the roof frame is assembled. The frame is sheathed with a board and covered with roofing material.

Construction stages

Once the structure of the gazebo is in place, you can create fences. Initially, fix the horizontal beams, which will be the railing at the same time. Then vertical racks are installed. If the project provides for a wooden lattice, then it is necessary to create a frame from a bar, and then a lattice is packed inside it.

Wooden structure, dimensions for building

Gazebo with barbecue and barbecue

Before you start creating a gazebo project with a barbecue, fireplace or barbecue, you need to create a sketch that displays the location of the gazebo on the site. The fact is that gas and water will be suitable for such gazebos. Therefore, the layout must be perfect. Consider the direction of the wind so that the smoke from the stove will not spread to other buildings.

Wooden gazebos with barbecue, stove or fireplace, as a rule, replace summer kitchens. It is noteworthy that the structure can be open or closed. So, a closed gazebo can be used even in winter. Therefore, at the design stage, you need to take care of the insulation of the room, as well as the creation of a high-quality ventilation system.

Note that create gazebo project with barbecue, barbecue or oven is a rather difficult job. Here, not only the design of the gazebo and the foundation are taken into account, but also elements such as a stove and a fireplace. Remember that stove equipment is made of stone that is heavy. As a rule, a strip foundation is created, and a tiled foundation under a stove or fireplace.

Advice! To prevent cracks from appearing in the concrete base, it is necessary to lay fittings under the brazier or fireplace.

In the drawings, you need to display the dimensions of the future summer cottage, as well as the location of the fireplace or barbecue in it. The diagram of the foundation and the chimney is indicated separately. The project will include the brazier itself, the shape of the brazier, the number of firing points, stone laying in rows.

In the course of developing a plan for a gazebo, it is necessary to carefully consider the zoning of the room. It is necessary to provide for the safest location of the table, to provide free access to the fireplace or to the barbecue. Do not forget that you will have to clean the stove, fireplace, and so on. It is extremely important to designate an area in the project within which fire-fighting material will be laid around the fireplace.

If your gazebo with a fireplace or barbecue will be used as a summer kitchen, then water, electricity, gas must be supplied to it. Therefore, the project needs to provide for the appropriate communications, wiring diagram, water, and so on.

Once again, we note that difficult work lies ahead not only during the creation of the project, but also during the construction. Therefore, now it is necessary to draw up a project as carefully as possible, so that later unpleasant "surprises" can be avoided.

Construction of a metal gazebo: simple and beautiful

Very often, in addition to wood, metal is used for the construction of gazebos. It can be aluminum or simple iron. The material is so good that it does not need to be specially processed, like wood. The joints are created using a welding machine. It is noteworthy that models of metal arbors can be not only stationary, but also prefabricated / collapsible. In the second case, bolts are used to connect the structural elements.

Advice! In order for the metal structure to serve as long as possible, it must be treated with an anti-corrosion material, and also occasionally painted.

When you plan to create a metal gazebo, carefully choose a place on the site. The fact is that the metal gets very hot in summer. Therefore, metal structures of gazebos, as a rule, are created in an open type and in the garden.

Simple shaped tube construction

Before starting the creation of a project, it is better to think over the design of the building, which will correspond to the style of the exterior. The dimensions that are laid down in the drawings depend on the number of people who are expected to be inside the gazebo. In addition, you should consider the amount of furniture, equipment, and so on.

Usually people use ready-made schemes for the construction of metal gazebos. It is not difficult to find photographs and projects on the internet. The simplest design is rectangular, measuring 2.5 by 3 meters. In this case, the gazebo will not be cumbersome. At the same time, several seats and a table can be easily installed in it.

Do-it-yourself gazebos from profile pipes

Due to the fact that the profile pipe has a number of advantages, many people use this particular material for the construction of arbors. The structure is not only easy to build, but also easy to maintain. The fact is that the metal is not strongly influenced by the environment and has a relatively high durability. Profile pipes are not expensive, they have a neat look. Before starting construction, you should decide on the type and shape of the structure. In addition, drawings are prepared, the availability of materials and tools that will be used in the work is checked. So, you can create a rectangular, round, square, hexagonal and other shape of the gazebo.

Advice! If you do not have enough experience with a welding machine, or if you are creating such structures for the first time, like a gazebo, it is better to choose the simplest structures.

You can create your own drawing, sketch of the gazebo. All dimensions are indicated in the drawings, the rest of the calculations are carried out as accurately as possible, since the further appearance and durability of the gazebo depends on this.

So, in order to build a gazebo from shaped pipes with your own hands, you should use the following materials: concrete, a primer for metal processing, roofing material, as well as the shaped pipes themselves. Of the tools, there must be a welding machine, a level, a grinder, drills with a drill, as well as fasteners. As soon as the place for the construction of the structure is selected, you need to start arranging the pits. Their number is determined according to the project - by the number of supports. The pits are up to 60 centimeters deep. The height of the posts is taken into account with this dimension. As supports, it is allowed to use a profile 80 by 80 mm, as well as with a wall thickness of 3 mm. Support heels are welded to the racks. This will increase the degree of rigidity of the structure.

Crushed stone is poured into the bottom of the prepared pits. After that, the litter is tamped, racks are placed and concrete is poured. Here you should follow the vertical of the racks as accurately as possible. As soon as the concrete begins to harden, the flatness of each post is checked again. After these works have been carried out, it is necessary to wait about two days for the concrete to "set".

Now you can start creating the bottom harness chord. Here, a profile of a smaller section is used, welding the material to the supports at a certain height above the ground level. As a rule, the harness is made at such a height that you can enter the gazebo as comfortably as possible.

The stage of creating a roof begins. A rafter system is created from the profile according to the drawings. If the form is gable, then the profile is welded at an angle of 15 degrees. To make the roofing material more convenient to fasten, a profile pipe is welded onto the frame as a crate, the pitch of which is 45 cm. That's all - the frame of the gazebo is considered assembled.

Metal and polycarbonate construction

Polycarbonate gazebos

The main advantage of polycarbonate is that it has a transparent structure. In addition, it combines well with other materials. Polycarbonate gazebos can decorate any yard. It is noteworthy that polycarbonate can be used not only for roofing, but also for fencing.

There are a huge number of forms of polycarbonate gazebos. This can be explained by the ductility of the material, low weight, and ease of installation. The design can be oval, round, rectangular and even spherical. The structure can be open or closed.

Polycarbonate must be closed at the ends. When moisture enters its honeycomb, destruction begins.

The roof can be pitched or gable, arched, hipped, and so on. Since all sorts of polycarbonate colors are sold, you can create a unique atmosphere inside the gazebo. Everyone chooses the color of the material in accordance with their tastes. Polycarbonate can be combined with any material: stone, metal profile, wood, plastic and so on.

Video - original building project

DIY gazebo

DIY gazebo
from the blockhouse in three days

A person has always been drawn to comfort, and the main goal of the gazebo is to create a cozy, comfortable zone for relaxation.
The gazebo is a lightweight enclosed, semi-enclosed or open structure. The closed ones include glazed gazebos, which more resemble a small house.Insulated gazebos for summer cottages are built of wood, foam concrete, aerated concrete, brick. Fully open ones are used only in summer, they are convenient only for dry, calm weather. If you want to build a summer gazebo in which there was

would be comfortable in any weather, then you should choose the semi-open option. In it you will not be afraid of either wind or rain. This is exactly the option gazebos i decided to do do it yourself.
There are collapsible options for semi-open gazebos, but such gazebos for summer cottages will not work, they will not stand a very strong wind or rain. Therefore, stationary options are preferable. The arbors are not limited in shape; they can be round, square, rectangular, triangular or any other shape. Nowadays, gazebos in the Chinese or Japanese style with a four or hexagonal roof and other attributes of their culture are very popular. Some summer residents like to plant a gazebo with green spaces, but for wooden buildings this is very harmful, since the tree will be saturated with moisture and darken over time, so the gazebo from the blockhouse, in particular, needs to be built in a well-ventilated area.
The most common types of wood used for arbors are spruce, pine, fir, larch or oak. In order for the gazebo to last longer, all wooden parts must be treated with a special impregnation that repels water, and the treatment must be repeated every 5-10 years. When using water-washed sulfur impregnations, the wood must still be painted to protect it from moisture, pests and fungi. You can purchase wood that has already been processed (for example, by pressure treatment), then additional care and painting will not be required, and the wood will last at least 20-30 years.

Why build do-it-yourself gazebowhen can you buy it on the market, you ask? I also thought so when I decided to get a gazebo, in the yard I just had a suitable place for a gazebo with a barbecue.
I looked through all the offers on the market, it was expensive and of poor quality (mostly), and it was difficult to find something for my size. I decided to do it myself. Today you can build a summer cottage gazebo any shape and style do it yourself. I watched a bunch of videos on the Internet, there are a lot of versions, but there was no such model to take and copy, where everything suits you and did not like everything. I had to work hard, but after a few sketches I stopped at a spacious 3x3 meters wide and 2.2 meters high gazebo (I advise you to do it a little higher.) And even this version of the gazebo from the blockhouse can be further improved, for example, trimmed with a milling cutter planks and posts, or hang beautiful lanterns and curtains ...
In choosing the material for my gazebo, I was guided by such criteria as quickly, as cheaply and as cheerful as possible, but thoroughly.

The most difficult thing for me, since I first encountered the work of building anything from wood, was the roof. I doubted my abilities and did the sketches of the roofs in a simpler way, although I wanted just one that looked more like a gazebo, and not like a beer stall. My efforts paid off, although, I confess, it was not easy without work experience, since some connections had to be made by "typing" and even ruined a couple of tablets.
The choice of shingles was also no coincidence. I watched a bunch of videos about all types of roof finishes and made conclusions with which I want to share:

  • firstly - for this type of roof, bitumen shingles have less waste
  • secondly - shingles wear for at least 25 years, for comparison metal shingles - 15 years
  • thirdly - unlike slate, metal shingles, ondulina, bituminous shingles do not shrink from rain and wind, absorbing noise
  • fourthly, the boards under the tiles tighten the frame of the gazebo so that it does not stagger
  • fifthly, it just looks beautiful and in Europe it is now a fashionable feature.

An excellent way to waterproof the roof is the use of special coatings - waterproofing, which are easily applied in a liquid state with a roller, brush or spray, and after drying they form a flexible waterproof membrane. Liquid rubber price. At a low cost, the coating easily eliminates the leakage in the old coating, without replacing, for example, a whole sheet of roofing material.

Perhaps such a roof will cost you a little more than the same metal shingle, since under it you need a base of boards or OSB, but your alcove made do it yourself, will not fold under a gust of wind into a house of cards. In addition, you can safely place it near the barbecue and not be afraid that it will catch fire, since bituminous tiles do not burn, they can only melt under the pressure of direct fire, so that sparks will not ignite it, unless you burn it.

So we do do-it-yourself gazebo :

  • we select the place of installation of the gazebo, plan the site and fill it with sand
  • under the future strapping we install 11 homemade concrete blocks, the dimensions of which are equal to standard cinder blocks, and level them up in one plane
  • on the blocks we lay the bars of the lower harness of the gazebo kakras and the floor logs. We attach all parts to each other and cover with an antiseptic
  • on the harness at the corners of the gazebo we install vertical posts and temporarily attach them to the beams of the harness with slopes and install the upper harness with prepared boards
  • we lay the floorboards, we attach the crossbars (screeds) diagonally to the upper strapping and install inclined rafters
  • we sheathe the frame of the gazebo with clapboard, having previously removed the temporary fastenings-slopes, then we fasten the crate under the roof to the rafters
  • we fix bituminous shingles with galvanized nails 20 m long and with a wide head
  • We paint the interior parts of the gazebo with a regular stain, and the exterior finish with a stain with Teflon, followed by a matte acrylic varnish in three layers. We cover the flooring with yacht varnish.

It remains only to decorate the gazebo with some wooden tricks using a hand router.

I hope my experience in building your own gazebo from a blockhouse will give you confidence in your abilities and you will make the gazebo even better than mine (I will not be offended).
Perhaps, on the market of offered gazebos, arbours and pergolas, you can find something more beautiful and more complicated than you can build yourself, but better quality, according to your taste, with a twist and with the energy of your personality - this is unlikely. So go for it!

Step-by-step construction of a summer cottage with your own hands

Do-it-yourself gazebo from a visitor of our site

I present to you a wooden gazebo, made by hand by a visitor of our site "Cheap and Angry" - Denis.
You can study the stages of construction of his gazebo in more detail by clicking on this link

The gazebo is made with your own hands, perhaps now you will need to bring a garden path to it, which you can also do with your own hands using forms for the "Garden path" path or
Round stones.
The concrete slabs of these tracks (60 x 60 x 6 or 80 x 80 x 6), if necessary, can be transferred to any other place.
Pros of a garden path:

  • The cost is three or more times cheaper than purchased paving stones or paving slabs
  • The service life of such a track is higher, since the slabs do not sink, which cannot be said about the paving stones

Cons of a garden path:
You can't drive a bulldozer on it :-)

You can read more about making a garden path using plastic forms on the page:
DIY garden path

Delivery within Russia is carried out by Russian Post and EMS mail, sending from Bryansk MORE DETAILS You can also buy goods for tracks in Ukraine by clicking on this link

Arbor for giving with your own hands

It is difficult to imagine a summer cottage without a gazebo. At the dacha, no one likes to sit in the house, only during the rain or at night, in order to escape from mosquitoes. But during the day it is much more pleasant to be in the fresh air. Especially if friends and relatives have come to your dacha, you cannot do without a gazebo!
It is quite possible to build a gazebo with your own hands, and quite quickly - in 2-3 days.

What material can a gazebo be made of:
Open with live greens.

It is practical and inexpensive to make a gazebo out of wood. It looks beautiful and the wood is easy to handle. Probably, some materials made of wood will definitely be found in the country. First of all, you need to draw a drawing, it will be much easier this way. Then let's get started!

So, the very first thing is to drive in four pillars - the basics. They can be made of wood or metal. If you want the gazebo to last longer, it is better to take the pillars from metal. Wooden ones will begin to rot over time, even if you use concrete from them.

For the floor, you first need to level the concreting area, then pour the concrete screed and cover with boards.
The roof for the gazebo can be made of slate or metal. As you like. More often they are made of slate, it is faster and more economical. In addition, a sheet of slate can always be found in someone's dacha.

After the frame and roof are installed, the gazebo needs to be decorated. It is advisable to treat wooden elements with an anti-corrosion agent. Then the structure can be painted or varnished. If the gazebo has no walls, then for comfort and beauty, you can hang it with tulle or netting. This will even protect against insects in the daytime to some extent. And also, you can plant a climbing plant near the gazebo, such as honeysuckle or grapes. A hedge is always beautiful and relevant.

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