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One of the most popular representatives of the Asparagus family in room culture is Yucca. In nature, it can be found mainly in North America, namely, in the subtropical belt of this continent. Yucca grows slowly. In nature, it blooms with white flowers, but it will hardly be possible to wait for flowering in the conditions of our apartments.

Briefly about leaving

Do not expose under the scorching sun, the light should be diffused. The temperature for yucca in indoor conditions should be about 22-24 degrees in summer and about 10 degrees in winter. From March to August, the yucca is watered abundantly, preventing the earth from drying out by half, and in winter, watering is reduced. In addition to high humidity, yucca must be sprayed.

They are fed only during the growing season once or twice a month. From mid-autumn to early spring, yucca goes to rest. Yucca is transplanted, if the pot has become small, they do it in the spring or early summer. Yucca is propagated by cuttings, seeds.

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Photos of popular species

Yucca is aloe-leafy and Whippla, short-leaved or treelike or giant, beak-shaped and filamentous. Yucca is radiant or tall, leafy and elephantine, gray and glorious, Schotta or large-fruited. Yucca southern or thread-bearing, Trekulya.

In the photo: Yucca aloifolia

In the photo: Yucca elephantipes / elephant yucca

In the photo: Yucca filamentosa / filamentous yucca

In the photo: Yucca glauca / yucca sizaya

In the photo: Yucca gloriosa / glorious yucca (Spanish dagger)

In the photo: Yucca recurvifolia

In the photo: Yucca rostrata / yucca beak

In the photo: Yucca schottii (macrocarpa) / Yucca Schotta (large-fruited)

In the photo: Yucca treculeana / Yucca Trecule


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