Old things and their second life in the country: we make crafts from unnecessary trash

Old things that have accompanied us throughout some part of our life cannot be easily thrown away. You get used to them, and it seems that they should definitely come in handy. Maybe at least some of the items dear to your heart are really not worth parting with? Putting off the final decision indefinitely, we take everything unnecessary to the garage or to the country house. So, so that your country house does not turn, in the end, into a place of accumulation of various rubbish, we advise you to immediately come up with a new life for old things. We bring some interesting ideas to your attention.

When your favorite jeans are small

Jeans fail unexpectedly, and most of them tend to still look great. But some scuff or other defect eloquently confirms that this thing can no longer be worn. A connoisseur of this garment may have several such pairs. One of the non-trivial ideas for their further use is the creation of a hammock.

The creation of such a hammock will not take much time, but how much pleasure it will be from using it! And you can conjure over its decoration at your pleasure, showing your imagination to the fullest.

Ideal if you already have an old standard hammock, but it's time to update it. This is where jeans come in handy. But keep in mind that you need strong enough products, which are simply a pity to harass them on rags. We use fasteners, ropes and other rigging parts from the previous hammock, they usually last longer than the cloth.

We sew several pairs with a thick and very strong thread. The guides and ropes should be secured in the same way as in the old hammock. Jeans scraps can be used to make them look like pockets or handbags. Sewn on the side, they can shelter a water bottle, a book, glasses, sunscreen and other little things that will come in handy for lovers of relaxing in a hammock.

An old bathtub is a storehouse of new ideas

You renovated the apartment and, of course, decided that you no longer need the old bathtub. But, as it turns out, it can become a real decoration of your summer cottage life. It remains only to count the options, in what capacity it can be used.

Idea # 1 - a small cozy pond

If you were planning to diversify the landscape of your site with a small pond, then the old bathtub will come in handy. Choose a suitable location, make markings based on the size of the tub, and dig a hole. The drain holes on the side and bottom can be closed with a wooden plug wrapped in a cloth.

A small pond bath will look very attractive even if it remains white. All the same, over time, if you do not clean it on purpose, it will no longer stand out so much.

Some people prefer to pre-coat the inside of the tank with a dark paint to make the pond look more natural. Along the perimeter, the finished reservoir is decorated with stones, lanterns, figurines and plants. Berry, ferns, bells, irises and loosestrife will look great.

To decorate a pond, you can use more than pebbles and plants. Decorative figures, lighting and even fountains will come in handy.

Idea # 2 - an original and stylish sofa

Furniture in the country should be not only comfortable, but also durable. If you work on the side of the bath with a grinder, you get exactly what we need. We process the edges of the cut, cover the product with paint, after which we close the cut with a border. Elegant decorative pillows, like the final touch, will bring the sofa to a state of full readiness.

Does it look like this stylish sofa was a bathroom in its past life? But now it can be left even in the open air, without fear of rain. But it's better to take pillows with you.

Idea # 3 - a bath-flower bed

A bath is a ready-made flower bed. It is enough to fill it with soil, not forgetting about drainage, and plants can be planted. Such a flower bed should be decorated taking into account the general design of the site. You can use mosaics, paints or any overlay elements. Get creative, and this flower bed will perfectly fit into any conditions proposed for it.

A snow-white bathtub filled with petunias like foam does not need any special decoration. However, the white figurines of poultry and animals look quite appropriate.

Idea # 4 - funny cow

A bathtub can be both functional and decorative if it is used as a container for water, which will always come in handy in the country. Small additions will make the old thing a source of great mood for everyone who sees it. By the way, since the water in this container will periodically change, you can use it as a pool for children.

Such a cow is needed not so much as a pool or water tank, although these functions are also very important. She is especially attracted as a source of positive, positive emotions.

Construction for flowers from pipes

For such a structure, it is not necessary to use just old pipes, but making it out of what was prepared for disposal is doubly great! The resulting design can rightfully be called a vertical flower bed. It is also important to find a suitable wall that she could decorate so as not to disrupt the overall style of the site. Although such a structure does not have to be done against the wall. It will also look great as a partition dividing the site into zones.

Add some imagination of your own and just imagine what this same structure might look like when the plants peeking out of the holes bloom wildly.

With the appropriate decor, you can create real miracles. In order for this flower bed to decorate your site, it will take very little:

  • sewer plastic pipes;
  • standard and corner connections;
  • wall mounting;
  • paint;
  • an ordinary country tool.

By the way, you can also paint the supporting wall. Just imagine how this structure will look if you plant ampelous plants in it!

News from the world of old tires

What was not done from old tires in the country! We were delighted with the swan families, flower beds and flowerpots made of this rubber, which has practically served its purpose. But it is impossible to resist and not share this option for its useful use. Be sure that such a Batmobile will not leave any boy indifferent.

We will need five tires, an old plastic chair, a steering wheel and the material from which the frame and base will be built. It is possible to install all elements of the structure on a welded metal frame. Alternatively, the parts can be secured autonomously to pieces of the corner, driven into the ground. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which manufacturing technique you choose. Much more important is the design of the structure, which should be given maximum attention.

We warn the adult part of the family that this toy is really dangerous. It makes the fathers of the family addictive and a passionate desire to return to childhood.

The old trampoline is right there

A trampoline is a hobby that can keep your child wonderfully entertained until it gets bored. It differs from any other abandoned toy only in size. But for us, this very parameter will be of key importance. See what a wonderful wigwam you can make out of a trampoline.

Even if the new structure is simply called a hanging bed, it will not be empty. The obvious advantage of such a bed will be its remoteness from the surface of the earth: you will not be annoyed by insects, damp and moisture will not threaten.

Such a hanging bed is convenient precisely because of its distance from the ground. Firstly, it will be convenient to get up from it, secondly, it can be protected from crawling and flying insects, and thirdly, the cold from the soil will not affect the health of the sleeping

What's growing in your dacha?

Old, but such beautiful dishes are a reason for creating amazing country glass decorations. Making such a glass flower with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems. The general principle is as follows: you need to choose crockery items in the same color scheme or, conversely, contrasting with each other. The assembly should be done from a larger part, which depicts the petals of a flower, to a smaller one, imitating a flower corolla. A hollow metal rod can be used as a stem. Such a flower can act as a flashlight at night.

These are handmade flowers. You can make such beauty yourself if you have extra utensils that you can donate to decorate your garden.

Blooming garden music

Musical instruments that have served their time simply cannot be sent to the trash. The hand does not rise. But this is not a reason to turn your house into a warehouse of used things! You can turn tools into flower beds.

Musical instruments are especially a pity to throw away, so you need to make every effort to protect them from bad weather and the negative effects of moisture

But you should first carefully process the wood to protect it from decay. This procedure will have to be repeated at least once every two years. In the video below, you will see a waterfall built from a piano. This complex design requires special protection of the internal parts of the tool from water. Otherwise, this waterfall will not have to please its owner for long.

Fences and gates from old trash

Sooner or later, gardening tools also fail. And then, when they can no longer be used for their intended purpose, you can build from them, for example, a gate, a fence or even an original garden flower for fear of garden pests and thieves.

And also, you can make a garden scarecrow out of unnecessary clothes. Read about it: https://diz-cafe.com/postroiki/ogorodnoe-chuchelo-svoimi-rukami.html

This agricultural equipment looks very organic not only on the gate, but even as a flower: with a hint of retaliation for those who dare to encroach on someone else's property

Talking about the new life of old things is simply impossible to stop. Probably because human fantasy has no boundaries. And it is wonderful that the desire to surround ourselves with beautiful things that bring positive and happiness to our home does not disappear in us.

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Crafts for a summer residence - 115 photos of the most original design options for a summer residence and a plot

Anyone at home will find unnecessary things. They are not used, but you do not want to part with them, it is a pity to throw them away. Is it possible to think of a suitable application for such things, to give a new life?

Sure. From old things, you can easily make crafts for a summer residence with your own hands. Things do not have to be thrown away, they will delight you with their beauty for many years. It is enough to find them, to think about what can come of old objects.

The second life of old things: how to make interesting crafts for a summer residence

Pretty woman, I love it! We built a country house last year. And now I dream of decorating my plot with such crafts. A parrot, a frog and a palm tree made of tires - they just amazed, I really wanted to))) As they say - our hands are not for boredom!)

Very original. Ideas can be taken not only for your garden, but also at playgrounds, organized with parents and made similar products. This is what you need. Summer has just begun, there are tires in the yard, we will definitely make a frog, but curtains from plastic bottles are interesting, but I don’t understand what confuses me. Even as an idea to draw, with the remaining paint, asphalt: classic, bumps, ladybirds. Be sure to involve children in this work! Your ideas are great too, and many different in one place.

Thanks for the ideas, very inspiring for creativity. I liked the idea of ​​making a table and armchairs from old logs, tried to find a step-by-step master class on the Internet - everything comes across not that, it would be nice if you showed in more detail how this is done and how to fasten the logs together. Further it is already clear, just open it with varnish. You can also make some bright pillows with your own hands.

The second life of old things: how to make interesting crafts for a summer residence

We've got a lot of old junk in my grandmother's apartment. And it's a pity to throw it away)))) This eternal storage feature: "What if it comes in handy"))) although she knows that she hasn't used all of this for 10 years, and it will obviously not be any further. For example, a suitcase, that's where she is ?! I really liked the version of its decor to match the ottoman or cost - lovely. I hope I can do it too. At least there will be some sense from him now!

And I liked the use of old shoes, I really don't know how the neighbors will react to this)), but I will plant a couple of three boots for the sake of experiment. The suitcase is also good, we have it somewhere in the attic. Thanks to the author for such interesting ideas.

Cottage decors are not cheap and not everyone is ready to spend money on it. Therefore, most often, we use what has already worn out and can be useful in the country. From the old doors in the country house, we laid out a path in the garden, made pots from holes with holes in which we planted flowers, made several chairs and so many from tires. As they say, everything in the household will come in handy)).

OGo how interesting. My dacha is 27 years old, I have not traveled for a long time, and the house was ownerless, and now I decided to start putting things in order. Now in the summer I generally live in the country. So, if I had read your article before, I would not have thrown away many things.

There is an old suitcase in the basement, just come in handy, I will make, as in your article, a crib for my dog. I also really liked the idea of ​​the bathroom, there is also an old one in stock. Well I read it, your article is very useful, there are so many great ideas, just take it and do it, the main thing is that the inspiration does not disappear now ... THANKS.

I think that if you feel sorry for throwing out old beds, cabinets and chests of drawers and instead of trash can you drag them to your site, pour soil on them and make flower beds out of them - this is definitely a syndrome of pathological hoarding. I’m already silent about the torn sneakers, in which the flowers were planted in the photo))) But at the expense of the pond from the old bathtub - the idea is super great, you can also put pebbles and beautiful stones along the edge.

Oh, well, what nonsense they just come up with. Trash and old things should be thrown away!) And not to portray what is unclear from them. All things accumulate their energy, broken ones should be thrown out immediately! And what a terrible smell it will all have! It seems to me very rarely that something decent comes out of old things. It's not enough to have a fantasy, you still need to embody your idea so that at least it would be pleasant to watch.

I already wanted to throw out an unnecessary old bathroom at the dacha, as today I read how you can easily and simply make a small decorative lake out of it, you can plant a couple of plants nearby to give a greater atmosphere of an oasis among the stone jungle. In general, on my next trip to the dacha, I will definitely take care of this bathroom, to the envy of my neighbors, you will have a small heaven on earth.

I always liked the idea of ​​"Second Life" old things. The attic is full of all sorts of rubbish from old photo frames to a wooden barrel with a wine. And now I'm thinking of making something interesting out of this trash.
I want to make a bar stoic out of a barrel. Small barrels will make cool chairs. And from an old wooden door you can make a cool table.

Dacha and antiques are synonymous words. But old things almost always have a chance for a second life. Recently, it has become fashionable to save money, be friends with nature, do manual labor and not throw anything away.And now there are many more ideas for "reusing" unnecessary things. And this list is only a small part of all the ideas that now live on the Internet.

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