The profession of a landscape designer in 1 year!

The profession of a landscape designer in 1 year and a project in the portfolio is real!

If you dream to start implementing your own suburban area project in May, then start training right now!

On March 1, classes in the "Landscape Design" group (1 year, diploma) start.
As an object for design, students are invited to create a design project of their own site, taking into account the existing realities: the mechanical and chemical composition of the soil on the site, the water regime, the surrounding landscape, the style of the house, the wishes of the customer, etc.

Course curator, landscape architect Elizabeth Lambert she was awarded a diploma for the preparation of the project of the Olympic facility “Recreation center Otto Greta in Sochi”, it is under her leadership that you will create the project of your dreams!

What special skills will a student gain if they are focused on the international standards of the profession "landscape designer"?

This is a really important moment in education - it determines the professional future, a broader perspective of work opens up for the designer. In the process of training, students analyze the techniques of landscape design of the earth's surface, forms of vegetation and relief, light design, water devices, sculpture and land art using the examples of the international standard of the profession. International workshops on landscape design, which we regularly organize in Europe, provide an opportunity to visually get acquainted with global trends in the field of landscape design in order to create our own new solutions.

Why is it necessary to study landscape design at the International School of Design (St. Petersburg)?

The new program invites students to study landscape design in an integrated manner. Students of the School receive a wide range of knowledge and professional skills, which are transferred to them by design specialists, design masters, and architects. So, the basics of landscape composition are learned together with decorative dendrology and floriculture, and the theoretical course in the history of landscape architecture is adjacent to practical drawing lessons. In the landscape construction course, students study soil science, engineering planning of territories, environmental solutions, as well as the design of road and outdoor clothing, the design of landscape equipment and garden furniture.

When preparing modern design professionals, we pay great attention to computer technologies in landscape design. In AutoCad, students learn to complete the site master plan, centerline plan, and site plan. In Adobe Photoshop, they design the Sample Board and edit 3D MAX renderings.

Why is February good for starting learning landscape design?

Starting the course in February, by May, students will have all the necessary skills to implement their own landscape design project. By the way, the choice of your sites for design on the basis of the International School of Design (St. Petersburg) is another significant advantage in modern landscape education.

The course "Landscape Design", for which students are recruited both in February and in September, thanks to highly qualified designers-teachers, provides professional training in specialized disciplines, which forms high-quality professional skills in landscape design in a relatively short period of time. The author's techniques and training programs that we use have no analogues. As in other courses of the School, special attention is paid here to international standards of the profession.

Who teaches landscape design at the International School of Design?

- All teachers at the International School of Design are practitioners and graduates with successful experience in both design and student training. Each designer teaching on the course has a large number of completed landscape objects, including international ones, articles and books on landscape practice, and many successful graduates. (Note MShD - course curator Elizaveta Lambert was awarded a diploma for preparing the project of the Olympic facility “Otto Greta Recreation Center in Sochi.” In the nomination “Architectural Image of Russia” this project was included in the top five!).
In addition, it should be noted that our students study on the basis of exclusive educational materials, many of which are developed by the School's specialists.

How do you assess the effectiveness of the updated program - from the point of view of a designer-practitioner and a curator-teacher?

- My experience already allows me to say that based on the study of the basic landscape disciplines offered by the program, the students of the School form a competent comprehensive professional vision of landscape design and, as a result, a graduation project is born, meaningful in all aspects of landscape design. With a conscientious attitude to the learning process, students expect high professional results.

Training in the "Landscape Design" group begins on March 1, join us!

International School of Design, Department of Landscape Design

Address: Narvsky prospect, house 22, floor 3, office 322
Phones: +7 (812) 326-07-01, 326-05-52
Email: [email protected]
Driving directions: metro station "Narvskaya", from the metro - to the right, cross Staro-Peterhofsky Prospekt along the pedestrian crossing, and then - straight along Narvsky Prospect - to the Narvsky Business Center. The school is on the 3rd floor

The profession of a landscape designer in 1 year! - garden

Many people like the profession of a landscape designer because of the possibility of creative work, contact with wildlife, good earnings. But on the way to a dream a lot of thoughts arise - I am too old, young, I do not have enough knowledge, experience, time, money for training, etc. We responsibly declare: "Nothing is impossible!"

Fight for your calling and everything will work out! Today you will learn five ways to become a landscape designer, the main thing is to believe in yourself and act!

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways, because in a fairly short time, you get the maximum amount of knowledge. In some schools, you can immediately try your hand at working with a customer. It is also a great opportunity to create your first projects. Another advantage is comfortable conditions (small groups, there are classes on weekends, in the morning or in the evening).

Online courses are gaining popularity now. Do not be afraid to spend your time on them, you will receive exactly the same knowledge as in any landscape school. In addition, upon graduation, some schools issue official certificates or diplomas, help in further employment.

The cost of courses can be completely different - from five thousand to several hundred, depending on the level of professionalism that you want to achieve and the speed of its achievement. In any case, courses remain the easiest, most affordable and common way to become a landscape designer.

You will need financial investment, time and your own efforts to learn this difficult, but very enjoyable profession.


A landscape designer's job involves many tasks. It all begins, of course from negotiations with the customer and the identification of his desires. Further, the specialist must deal with the existing landscape, that is, to determine the size of the territory, the type of soil, the proximity of the location of groundwater, the presence of reservoirs, the specifics of the relief, the climate and other features. The next step is creating a garden project, and the design of all buildings on the site is also taken into account. After the development of the necessary communication systems, for example, drainage, begins direct landscaping of the site. At the end of the workflow, installation of lamps and decorative elements.

Basically, a landscape designer should be able to do everything - from creating a beautiful picture to bringing it to life in accordance with engineering requirements. As for communications, it is important to note that the specialist will have to develop a water supply system, sewerage and storm drainage, and also include a drainage system and sedimentation tanks in the design project. If the customer expresses a desire to additionally create a reservoir on the site, the employee must cope with this. Of course, it is he who lays paths and paths, directs the planting of trees, flowers and shrubs, and also thinks over the irrigation system.

By the way, quite often all these tasks are performed simultaneously on several projects.

In the next step, you meet directly with the owner of the organization and your boss. They talk with you to find out if your knowledge and skills match their needs. Possible tricky questions aimed at testing stress resistance and reaction to criticism.

If you show yourself well, you will get a job as either a design assistant or an independent specialist. It all depends on experience. Further, it all depends on your hard work and skills. The trial period usually lasts from 1 to 2 months, no more. During this period, you should successfully complete the first project.

How a career is usually built

The beginning of a career starts with the position of a designer assistant. On it you gain experience and learn from more experienced colleagues. It is important to learn as much as possible during this period - the period of formation.

Then you become an independent specialist and you can get your own assistant, whom you will train. Quite often, landscape designers do not rise above this position.

If you find yourself in a large company, then you can head the landscape design department. This is already a rather prestigious position.

It is possible to grow to a financial director, but for this it is necessary to take refresher courses and obtain an appropriate certificate.

Profession prospects

The main perspective of the profession is to acquire knowledge that will be enough to start your own business. With perfect landscape design skills, you can easily run your business.

Review of 11 free software for creating landscape design

A beautiful and harmonious garden is an advantage and pride of any owner. But most of the owners of country houses have never been engaged in the design of landscape design on their own, and they cannot afford the services of professionals. It is for such situations that there are many both paid and free programs for planning garden design. These apps allow you to design a garden of any size, style you want, and make it easy to create your dream garden.

We bring to your attention the 10 best free online and offline garden landscape design software that can be found freely available on the Internet.

This application is primarily created for planning garden irrigation. The set of landscape elements is quite modest, but you can easily plan your site online (a simple diagram of your garden) and place the main buildings, paths, ponds, beds, trees and shrubs.

One of the few software products created not only for professional landscape designers, but also for ordinary users with an intuitive interface. Depending on the choice of the installation package, the user is given a huge selection of garden plants, more than 1600 elements to be included in the development plan of your site. The software library includes such common decorative elements as outdoor furniture, gazebos, pool accessories, lamps. The program even includes a selection of kitchen items and other outdoor items. There is a 3D visualization of your site in excellent quality. The interface language is only English. The program is paid, but you can download and install the trial version of the Realtime Landscaping Architect program. You can download the latest version of this software for free directly from the developer's website - Realtime landscaping architect 2020.

This is a professional landscaping software. This site design software is also available for free download. Realtime Landscaping Pro offers good opportunities for visualizing the style of a backyard or garden area. Since the program uses 3D capabilities, your designs will look very realistic. As a result, you will be able to plan your garden down to the smallest detail. The application is used by both novice designers and professional masters of their craft. Realtime Landscaping Pro works in English, it has the ability to save the project.

You can download the program at the link

Whether you are a newbie to landscape design planner or an experienced professional, SmartDraw helps everyone easily create their own backyard and backyard designs by adding the desired garden decor elements to the drawing. SmartDraw allows you to add barbecue or grill areas, walkways, umbrellas, picnic tables, fountains and lamps to the visual of buildings of the courtyard at your discretion. The landscape design program SmartDraw functions both as an online application and can be downloaded to a computer. The user is provided with a 7-day trial period.

In addition to creating style content, SmartDraw provides users with the ability to animate graphics, create presentations using PowerPoint... With the built-in photo software function, you can import images from digital cameras or smartphones, scale them, adjust brightness and color, and crop pictures. The interface language is English.

You can find the program website by this link.

One of the best sets of programs for designing both home interiors and garden planning with handy graphic tools.

The advantages of this software are:

  • high performance and high quality rendering for 2D geometry
  • save and open AutoCAD files (DWG / DXF)
  • a huge selection of flowers, shrubs and trees that you can add to your design, there is also an opportunity to add your favorite plants to the database
  • a feature of the application is the ability to see how the site you planned will look over time (after 1 year, 5, 10 years)
  • suggests a preliminary consideration of how the shadow will be created in your garden from different objects and plants
  • The ability not only to insert ready-made objects, but also to create them yourself
  • Compatible with new Sketchup formats and allows you to edit objects in the program
  • The ability to estimate the arrangement of the site.

Although this software is paid, the developers provide a 14-day trial period. You can download a free trial version of the Garden Landscape Planner on the official website.

Garden visualiser will allow you to put all your landscape design ideas in a beautiful 3D format and render it. The drawing can then be edited to achieve the best fit for your patio or garden. The ability to add your home to an image also within the tool is a special feature that you will find in this software.

Garden Visualiser allows you to add small objects to the project - fences, walls or hedges, paths, edging, gazebos, walls. You can find the program at this address.

The generated schematic 3D plan is automatically saved to your online account when you go online. There is no application in Russian, but a crack has been developed for it, which is also downloaded in the public domain.

Plan-a-Garden Is a great free tool for creating landscaping style, it is very easy to use. There are special buildings and shrubs, as well as trees that can be recreated in the picture to plan the perfect plot of your dreams. Plan-a-Garden designed to work online or installed on a PC. The language of the program is English.

This landscaping builder lets you upload digital photos of your own garden and add the necessary plants, pots, walkways and walls to virtually build your dream lot. You can change projects an unlimited number of times until you find a suitable one. Showoff Virtual Designer not only helps in planning the perfect garden plot, but also has a preservation function, it is possible to share the best practices with others.

This is a professional 3D landscape design program that allows you to plan an area with such popular areas as patios, swimming pools, and other elements of garden decor. After you plan your area, the resulting image can be printed. TO My garden online manuals are provided in Russian and Ukrainian.

Garden planner - another application created for planning the landscape design of your garden or site.
The application database contains over 1200 plants and garden decoration elements. Any object can be customized as you wish. This software offers simple drawing tools that allow you to insert sidewalks and paths, fences, water bodies and other elements into the design.

This free landscape design program impresses with the ease of use of all tools and an intuitive interface. Any object can be easily dragged from the menu to your drawing. It can also be rotated, enlarged or reduced, even reshaped. Subsequently, the drawing can be printed. The Garden Planner program status is conditionally free (limited to 15 days of work). The application is in English, but you can find it on the net and install the crack. You can download the program for Windows at this link. There are many tutorials and materials on the web on how to learn how to work with Garden Planner.

You can also try this developer's online landscape design builder. But unfortunately, it is impossible to save the developed plan of your site.
you can try the online version of the program and make an express plan. You cannot save your project online.

This list of programs for planning the landscape design of the site can also be supplemented with a popular free application for smartphones Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden.

This mobile application will allow you to design not only your house, but also a garden plot or vegetable garden. The program with an intuitive interface is easy to use. It can be used to mark and mark different areas in the garden. There is a library with over 100 elements for landscape design:

  • garden furniture,
  • trees and shrubs,
  • flowers and ornamental plants,
  • swimming pools,
  • greenhouses and outbuildings,
  • fences
  • decorative elements, etc.

The application contains 3D rendering, which will help you visually enjoy the result of the layout of the site and easily make your design dreams come true. In the free version, you can use the functionality of the software, but the program will not save your projects in memory (only in the paid version).

The application can be downloaded for free on smartphones running on Android or IOS.

We have considered only a small number of free programs for creating landscape design, but this is enough to design your future site.

Education for a landscape designer: where to study?

Since ancient times, a person has equipped his territory, dividing the site into a garden and a vegetable garden, paving paths for a convenient approach to the beds. However, the very concept of landscape design appeared only in the 20th century in Great Britain and Germany. It was here that gardening was retrained into the art of arranging household plots, and a little later, specialists appeared who began to deal with the decoration of parks and gardens. At the moment, the profession of a landscape designer is extremely in demand, since it covers a wide area of ​​knowledge.

Who is a landscape designer: what you need to know about the profession?

A landscape designer is a specialist in designing gardens, parks or home gardens. The main task of such a professional is to create a harmonious space.

Any design involves the use of expressive means, elements, techniques. For a landscape designer, these means include plants, natural landscapes, buildings, and garden accessories.

Tasks and responsibilities

The duties of a specialist in this profile include:

  • visiting the site and communicating with the client
  • development of the improvement concept
  • delivery of the finished project.

Work and salary

A job as a landscape designer can be offered by numerous companies that provide services for the design of the territory, as well as companies associated with the construction of cottages. There is also the possibility of receiving individual orders.

Pros and cons of the profession

The profession has its merits and demerits. The advantages of this specialty include:

  • high payment for orders
  • creative work
  • the possibility of freelancing.

Among the cons are often called:

  • seasonality of work
  • disagreements between the aesthetic requirements of the customer and the possibilities of the territory
  • the need to work in all weather conditions.

How to become a landscape designer?

Landscaping is a specialty at the intersection of several profiles (architecture, design and botany). You can get a diploma by graduating from a specialized faculty, where they teach only according to a specific program, or you can choose a more general direction.

It is possible to become a landscape designer without specialized education by completing regular courses. However, it will be much easier to study in workshops with an education as an architect, botanist, designer or florist.

What skills are needed?

The key to success as a landscape designer is imagination, out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. However, for the implementation of the conceived projects, the specialist also needs organizational skills, the ability to work in any weather conditions, communication skills and responsibility.

What kind of education is needed and where can you go?

To work as a landscape designer, you must have a higher or secondary specialized education in the field of design or architecture. You can also complete special courses, the training program of which is designed to master this specialty from scratch.

In the curriculum of universities, special emphasis is placed on the project part. Students in the classroom create presentations and course projects, performing control and graphic work. They also study materials on landscape design, albums with drawings and illustrations on modern and historical objects of landscape architecture.

What do you need to take for admission?

To enter a university or secondary school, you will need to pass 2 main exams in the Russian language and biology in the testing format. Also, in some educational institutions, for admission, it is necessary to pass a creative competition, which includes drawing and composition.

How much to study after grades 9 and 11?

Pupils of the 9th grade will have to master a new profession for 2 years 10 months or 3 years 10 months, depending on the specific program of the secondary specialized educational institution.

School graduates after grade 11 can enter a higher educational institution, where education will take 4-5 years.

Is distance learning possible?

At the moment, many courses offer to undergo specialized training for specialists who graduated from a secondary specialized or higher educational institution, remotely. This makes it possible for many to get an interesting profession in a comfortable format.

Where to study?

Today, there are many universities, as well as secondary specialized educational institutions and advanced courses that allow you to master this profession.

Universities and academies

In Moscow, this direction can be mastered in several educational institutions.

  1. State University of Land Management. Offers an undergraduate program in Landscape Architecture within the Faculty of Architecture. There are 22 budget places, the cost of the contract is 203,000 rubles.
  2. Russian State Agrarian University. Offers a landscape architecture profile as part of bachelor's degree training. There are 48 budget places, the cost of the contract is 249,000 rubles.
  3. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. The university trains specialists in two areas - "Landscape architecture" and "Design of socio-cultural objects". There are budget places, the contract costs from 85,000 rubles.
  4. Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry. Offers specialist training (for a period of 5 years). There is a budget, a contract from 350,000 rubles.
  5. Moscow Architectural Institute. Recruits applicants for the specialty "Design of the architectural environment". Budget seats are not provided, the cost of the contract is 291,000 rubles.

St. Petersburg universities also train specialists in the field of landscape design.

  1. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Graduates bachelors in the direction of "Design of the architectural environment and landscape architecture". There are budget places, the cost of paid education is 56,000 rubles.
  2. Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design. Prepares specialists within the Faculty of Design and Arts. There are 8 budget places, the cost of the contract is 212,000 rubles.
  3. Saint Petersburg State Forestry University. Graduates bachelors in Landscape Architecture. There are budget places.
  4. Leningrad State University named after Pushkin. The Faculty of Design graduates bachelor's specialists, the form of training is full-time, part-time. The cost of the contract is 131,000 rubles.
  5. St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry named after Stieglitz. Prepares professionals in the framework of the specialty program. There are no budget places, the cost of the contract is 230,000 rubles.

Colleges and technical schools

Education is possible in colleges or technical schools in Moscow.

  1. College of Architecture, Design and Reengineering # 26. Provides an opportunity to get an education in the specialty "Master of landscape gardening". There is no contract form.
  2. College of Architecture and Civil Engineering No. 7. Prepares graduates on a budgetary basis and on a contract basis (120,000 rubles).
  3. Shchelkovo College. The training program is designed for 46 months, there are budget places, the cost of the contract is 160,000 rubles.
  4. Interregional Competence Center - Korolev Technical School. Training of specialists is carried out in 46 months at the expense of budget funds.
  5. Moscow College of Architecture and Urban Planning. In the specialty "Gardening and landscape construction" training is offered for a period of 46 months on a budget.

St. Petersburg secondary schools can also offer training for future landscape designers.

  1. Garden-Architectural College. Offers several training programs at the expense of budgetary funds. Duration of training from 10 months.
  2. Academy of Urban Environment Management, Urban Planning and Printing. The training of specialists is carried out in the direction of "Garden and park and landscape construction". The duration of training is 34 months, there are budget places, the cost of the contract is 36,000 rubles.
  3. Lisinsky Forestry College. The preparation takes 46 months, the secondary school has 50 budget places, the cost of the contract is 102,000 rubles.
  4. College of Technology, Modeling and Management of St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. Prepares specialists in the direction of "Design (by industry)". The cost of training is 107,000 rubles.
  5. Petrovsky College. Education here is obtained on the basis of grade 9 on a budgetary basis. Duration of training from 34 months.

Courses and trainings

There are many courses, trainings and seminars in Moscow that allow you to work in the field of landscape design.

  1. School of landscape design. It offers several areas, including a basic course, professional retraining and refresher courses. The basic course is held for 2 years, its cost is 203,000 rubles.
  2. Institute of Professional Education. Offers 6 months training. The cost of training is 131,000.
  3. Academic School of Design. Conducts recruitment for refresher courses. Classes are held for four months, the price is 50,000 rubles.
  4. Moscow Education Center "Prestige". It offers several training programs, short-term courses last 3 months and cost 30,000 rubles.
  5. School of Architecture and Design. The basic course is designed for 4 months and costs 52,000 rubles.

Training courses also exist in St. Petersburg.

  1. Training center "Amilen SPb". It makes it possible to master basic programs in several directions. The term of study is 2 weeks, the cost is 5,000 rubles.
  2. ArtFuture Design School. He offers to listen to the basic intensive course in landscape design in 6 months. The price is 86,000 rubles.
  3. Dryadas studio. Offers several training and internship programs. Classes are conducted from 1 month, a basic intensive course for 4 months is offered for beginners. Price - 109,000 rubles.
  4. Educational Center "Sphere of Success". Provides an opportunity to get advanced training in the basic course. Training lasts 72 hours and costs 15,000.
  5. School of design "Sosnovka". Offers a course of study with practical exercises. The term of study is 6 months, the price is 54,000.

Thus, the work of a landscape designer is extremely interesting and responsible. A specialist in this field should be both a good theorist and an excellent practitioner. This profession, in addition to specialized education, requires a good imagination and imagination. It is perfect for creative people who love working with plants.

How to choose a landscape firm: advice from an architect

Adding an article to a new collection

Choosing a landscape designer is a daunting task. What criteria should be followed? What to pay special attention to? How not to be mistaken? Perhaps the advice of experienced landscape architects can help you.

We invite you to get acquainted with the opinion of specialists in landscape design: Alexander Zhukov, Svetlana Chizhova and Dmitry Kalashnikov.

Where to find a landscape designer

There are a lot of options: from the Internet and recommendations of neighbors to announcements on a tree, etc. If you need a good garden, and not just sticking thujas along the fence, then you need to choose a performer wisely.

Search for landscape firms at garden festivals

Landscape project by Alexander Zhukov

I would focus on garden festivals. At these events, you can see what a designer or company is capable of: a flight of imagination, work with material, the complexity of the design, the quality of execution and the place received in the competition.

Participation in festivals for a designer is a rather costly and complex event: a clear organization of work, logistics, the ability to work in tough time and weather conditions are required. And if you liked the garden, are satisfied with the style and quality of work, then "you should take" without hesitation!

From the known I can recommend the following:

- Moscow Flower Show / Moscow /,

Finding the right specialist in design studios

A few words about design studios. Don't be intimidated if the company doesn't have an office. As a rule, 99% of the work takes place "in the fields" and most designers do not need to pay extra money and rent an office. The quality of the project and work does not depend on the authorized capital or the turnover of the company does not depend on the number of working personnel, the location and design of the office.

Who would I not work with?

Landscape project by Alexander Zhukov

1. If the company / private trader does not have a website. In the age of space technologies, it is easy to create a small page about yourself on the Internet and fill it with information.

Sometimes the first page is written not for clients, but for search engine robots, so that when typing certain words on search sites, I would give out a link on the first pages of search - I would run away from such performers. They have a stream of customers - it's strange to expect an individual approach from them.

2. With construction organizations (gardening departments) - everyone should do their own thing.

3. With friends / relatives - this is an exceptional case if there is no money, but in any case, what happens, who will you ask? In the future, this threatens with kindred disassembly, and this violates the existing commodity-money relations between the Customer-Executor.

4. With companies that are engaged not only in garden design, but also in sewing felt boots, production and sale of tools, interior design, i.e. a little bit of everything. Of course, it's nice to work with a designer who decorated the interior of the cottage, but landscaping is another reality, with its own pitfalls.

5. With firms selling planting material - nurseries, garden centers. The main turnover of these companies is the sale of plants, respectively, the project and further cooperation will be based on the sale of as many of their own plants as possible. In such firms, the design department is weak, and it is unlikely to expect a good garden from it. This will be the usual landscaping from the materials that the company sells.

What would I pay attention to

Landscape project by Alexander Zhukov

  1. Experience in landscape design - at least 5-8 years. This means that the company is stable and people have a lot of experience.
  2. Author's handwriting: recognizable style, presentation of the project, favorite materials, etc.
  3. Legal support: a competent contract, checks, etc.
  4. Adequacy of the performer, when a person is ready to work in any conditions and with any site and is aimed at the final result.

In the creation of a garden, the personality of the designer is very important. Only by choosing a person who understands your tastes and desires can you create the garden of your dreams. A garden, in which you will later be pleased to be, can only work out under the condition of mutual understanding and trust between the customer and the landscape designer.

Large landscape firms

Landscape project by Svetlana Chizhova

The well-known name of a landscape company is not yet a guarantee of success. Many designers of different levels work in such firms: there are experienced, and there are beginners, there are those who will listen to your wishes, and there are those who will try to impose their ideas on you. Large firms often have a lot of turnover. Many young novice landscape designers strive to get into a well-known company, are ready to work even for a small salary, but gain experience and soon flee from there, set off on an independent voyage.

Moreover, it is known that some large landscape firms do not even make gardens themselves, but distribute orders to subcontractors. Their task is to advertise and gather a clientele. Leaders of large landscape firms often have nothing to do with landscape design, they are just good organizers. Once it seemed to them that landscape design was a profitable business, and they opened a company.

It also happens that private customers are a small fish for large firms. They prefer to work in large urban facilities, where there is a lot of money and few complaints about the quality of work. In a large company, you sign a contract with one person, and completely different people will design and create the garden. And it's not a fact that you will like them. Don't be surprised if you overpay for a well-known company name and you will not be treated well. You might get lucky though.

Private landscape designers

Quite a few landscape designers work without forming a legal entity. They manage to make one or two objects per season. Their activity is reduced to design and author's support. They, in fact, do not bear any responsibility for the process. Customers usually negotiate with such designers, who can provide a construction team for landscaping.

In general, this option is cheaper for the customer, but adds a lot of worries to him. He has to take care of many things himself: from ordering materials to providing workers with living and sanitary conditions. But I must say that many famous landscape painters have gone through this stage at the beginning of their careers.

Construction firms and brigades

Landscape project by Svetlana Chizhova

Often, builders are ready to happily take on the landscape work. I categorically do not advise customers to agree to this! Of course, in the creation of gardens there is a part of the work associated with construction: earthwork, concreting, construction of gazebos and much more. But even this has its own subtleties, which the builders do not suspect. After all, you would not want an ophthalmologist to treat your teeth, although he has an idea of ​​how this is done? Likewise, you should not involve non-specialists in creating a garden.

Small firms

This is probably the best format for creating good gardens. There are no drawbacks here that a large landscape firm has, and those that can be seen with private designers. Here you conclude an official agreement, where your rights and guarantees are spelled out. In the process of creating a garden, you will communicate directly with the head of the company. The designer (and often he is the head of the company), who was engaged in the design, will also participate in the field supervision during the work. The cost of work will cost less than in large firms.

Sometimes among small firms there are also unscrupulous ones, so you must first find out more about potential contractors. Be sure to look at their work, take a look at the site. Now every self-respecting company has a website on the Internet. Read what they write about them on professional landscape portals, for example, If people say that their clients are very famous and serious people, the security did not allow taking photographs at the sites, then most likely they are cunning and they simply have nothing to show you ...

First meeting with the performer

Landscape project by Svetlana Chizhova

It is better if the first meeting between the customer and the landscape designer takes place at the facility. In general, a professional designer will never engage in a project without visiting the place, without taking photographs there and without receiving a detailed topographic base. It will be good if the customer prepares for this meeting, formulates his wishes, maybe even shows photos of some gardens that he likes. If not, then the designer himself will be able to ask the necessary questions, show various examples, which will help him understand the tastes of the customer and decide in what style to plan the future garden.

It is important for a landscape designer to know which garden style the client prefers: austere, with clear geometric lines or picturesque. Or maybe he would like to have a garden or some corner in the garden in the Japanese or Muslim style? Will there be ponds, rocky gardens, gazebos and pergolas in the future garden, are there many flower beds, does the customer have favorite trees? It is very important to know the composition of the customer's family, whether he has small children, pets, how often and how many guests will be in the house.

The very first acquaintance with the offer of landscape services can overwhelm anyone. Yandex will offer more than a thousand sites of various organizations operating in this field of activity in the Moscow region to choose from. In order not to get lost and find the right contractor, I advise:

It is best to do this "with a good eye" - that is, seeing the result of the activity of this company from your friends and correlating it with the funds spent.

Large landscape firms

Perhaps you shouldn't look for a contractor on the first pages of the Internet. Very often, good firms simply do not consider it necessary to use super-efforts both to promote their site and for other advertising activities, since they are provided with work (see the previous paragraph).

Large landscape firms very often represent a certain brand that they sell to various teams, i.e., by contacting a large company, you do not guarantee yourself a true corporate identity, and also pay for the services of an intermediary. In addition, large companies are mainly engaged in municipal and large state orders - work in small gardens is by no means the main thing for them.

Landscape public organizations

Almost unmistakably, you can choose a worthy company by contacting one of the landscape public organizations (association, guild, etc.). They unite companies that have clearly proven their professionalism and decency. By the way, it is in such an organization that they will expertly advise you on this or that enterprise in accordance with your requests and financial capabilities.

Small landscape firms

A good landscape firm with its own style is basically the firm of one leading architect (designer). It is very similar to a couturier, with the difference that many of the wonderful landscape designers I know are women. And therefore, the number of orders executed per season is, of course, relatively small. After all, no matter how many assistants he has, the master himself must put his hands to the garden and follow the work.

The key figure in creating a garden is the architect or designer. Without it, nothing will happen. That is, you can place everything competently and sensibly, but this is not enough for the Garden. Therefore, choose those who are not indifferent and attractive to you personally and try to maintain this sympathy for the entire period of work. And in order not to be mistaken, ask to see your projects, photos of the gardens and just let him (her) talk about the gardens. If after that you want to plant something immediately, feel free to conclude a design contract. You can ask to take you to his garden, but do not jump to conclusions if the designer starts to crumple at the same time. For obvious reasons, in many cases this is really not possible.

A consequence of the two previous points is the presence (rarely, but it happens) of a queue of customers from a particular designer. If you really like his (her) style, by God, you should wait ...

It is quite possible to divide the work on creating a garden into design and actual execution. In this case, the designer will tell you the contractor. If you already have a project, then it makes sense to refer to item 4.

Oddly enough, the prices of decent landscape firms, unlike well-known couturiers, are quite sane and are in the middle price range. I don't know what it is: lack of proper business education? Lack of self-esteem? Conscience?

It is not necessary to strictly correlate the quality of the car of the representative of the company who came to your site with the quality of the services provided by this company. That is, an expensive car clearly shows that it will be very expensive to pay, but the domestic "bug" is quite capable of delivering really high-class specialists.

Other landscaping options

If your site is located in a cottage village, then the administration will certainly offer you its service or a close company to carry out landscaping work. I highly recommend neglecting these proposals, because, firstly, you run the risk of getting an impersonal site - a copy of the neighboring ones, and secondly, the level of professional skill of the landscape divisions of construction companies, as a rule, is not high, i.e. in this case, you are most likely to get not a Garden, and not even a garden, but a typical landscaping and improvement.

Is it possible to carry out work on creating a garden without the help of landscape firms

If there is no money for a normal company and you have convinced yourself that landscape firms are simply shameless eaters, you can go along the following paths:

1. "That, the owner, the tsezh are just brave ... I’m ahronom buv. I’m a mustache toby!" or "You would not be chasing, priest, for cheapness ...".

A very often arising situation, extremely tempting in that everyone promises to "grow up" for a third of the price announced by the company. And despite the fact that everyone understands perfectly well what this is fraught with, there are still hunters for freebies. At best, it ends with a small advance and the disappearance of the "achronom", at worst - the need for a complete remake of the "broken" one. What are the guarantees, savings, designs!

2. Do it yourself?

In principle, having a certain minimum of knowledge, a good full-fledged detailed project, a reliable construction foreman and a team of workers, it is quite possible to make a garden yourself. Moreover, it will be your Garden, watered with your sweat and blood, and therefore beloved a priori. But I must warn you:

- savings can go sideways due to almost inevitable mistakes. I say this with knowledge of the matter, tk. Every year I completely redo several of these areas of the sad image. The worst thing is that it is already extremely difficult to make a Garden out of this.

- even if you have a good project that you yourself carefully execute, do not expect special inspiration from this garden, since the final touch is not put on paper, but in nature

- it is unlikely that you will find the optimal plants for the optimal money - this is the prerogative of the pros

- transplanting dead plants and reworking broken paths is your risk.

3. Looking for a freelancer

This is probably the best advice for those with limited finances. Such a free specialist will be quite expensive, but generally much cheaper than the firm. He (often - she), as a rule, performs the duties of a designer, supplier, foreman and quality control department for your workers. Optimal search is through landscape associations. By the way, having sensed a tendency towards an increase in demand for such specialists, some (so far few) landscape firms began to provide such services - such as engineering or installation supervision.

As you can see, there are many ways to find a good landscape designer. The main thing is to clearly understand what exactly you want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

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