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Magnolia - blooms on bare twig

The most beautiful is the magnolia as a solitary shrub that greets at the entrance, free-growing by the pond or next to a large rock that balances the magnolia's graceful growth. It is also wonderful to have magnolia as an eye-catcher from the kitchen window. Of course, you can also plant the magnolia in a flower bed along with ground cover or low perennials and bulbs. An underplanting with pearl hyacinths, white narcissuses or forget-me-nots that bloom at the same time as the magnolia can be very beautiful.

Magnolias generally prefer a nutrient-rich and humus-rich soil with a low pH value. Therefore, be careful when planting and prepare the growing site by improving the soil with bark soil, blueberry soil or uncalcified peat before planting.

Water abundantly during the first season and then during drought, especially important if the spring is dry.

Magnolia's roots are superficial and therefore one should be careful about digging around the plant. Feel free to cover the soil with spruce twigs before winter.

Otherwise, the magnolia requires very little care, but feel free to give the bush blueberry fertilizer after flowering.

Time to plant magnolia

I want to recommend an easy to grow and hardy magnolia. ‘Leonard Messel’ becomes a small elegant tree or shrub that has an upright growth habit and dark green foliage. Zone 4. The leaf buds are surrounded by a hairy bud shell and on bare branches in May she blooms butterfly-like bright pink flowers.

This is probably the most easily grown variety you can choose.

It requires humus-rich soil. Mix the old soil with large amounts of rhododendron soil, bark soil and compost. In the spring, especially newly planted magnolias need a lot of water, but the roots must not be too wet. Magnolias want to stand in a wind-protected position and are covered with fabric against the scorching spring sun.

The soil below should be kept shady and cool as it grows with shallow roots. White sock flower or Myskmadra, Galium odoratum are excellent ground covers that help keep the soil moist. Many of the large varieties shade their own soil when they have become large enough. It is a myth that magnolias are difficult to grow. The best time for planting is spring and early summer, then they have plenty of time to take root before winter. Once established, it is a plant to love indefinitely.

Many ask if it is possible to grow magnolia in a pot. I do not want to recommend it as magnolias are piglets when it comes to soil and want to be able to develop their roots in well-drained soil. But if you absolutely want to try, I recommend the star magnolia Magnolia stellatawhich is hardy in zone 4.

The picture above shows the newly arrived Magnolia stellata on Zetas.

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