What kind of canopy can be made from polycarbonate?

Choosing a covering material for the garden and vegetable garden

A special covering material for the garden and vegetable garden is used when planting new plants as an aid to young shoots in raising and strengthening. It is of two types: natural (for example, fallen leaves) and artificial. The first is more environmentally friendly, but it can be infected with fungal diseases, insect larvae hibernate in it. Therefore, artificial varieties have become increasingly popular. Let's take a closer look at their features and scope.

Benefits of awnings

  • The design is lightweight, easy to install.
  • The structure is solid, but not as fundamental as a gazebo or building.
  • A fixed roof, unlike an awning, is also more durable. Will serve the owners for many years.
  • Much cheaper than other similar structures, but it performs the function of protection from bad weather perfectly.

As for the shortcomings, you can name only one. This structure is open to all winds and is well ventilated. This must be remembered during construction and make sure that your creation stands firmly on the ground, is especially durable, and can withstand any weather conditions. This condition is easy to fulfill, you will, of course, cope with it, deciding to build a shed in the country.
First, we decide on the type of construction and the necessary materials.

Project development

First of all, it is worth considering the design of the future canopy over the porch or other place. To make a project, you will need to think about the following parameters:

  1. Site measurement and frame calculation.
  2. Determination of the type of material for the frame. It can be metal or wood.
  3. Definition with the type of polycarbonate - monolithic or honeycomb.
  4. Drawing up drawings.

As for the drawings, at the end of the article, you can familiarize yourself with some of the options. For example, you can take some as a basis and add something of your own.

Sheds in the courtyard of a private house: photos of structures depending on the field of application

Sheds are, first of all, structures designed to protect a particular territory from precipitation (whether it be snow or rain), hot sunlight or falling leaves. Therefore, a shed is placed in the courtyard of a private house, mainly above the recreation areas and the most "walk-through" areas.

Canopy in the form of a "visor"

We can say that a canopy-visor over the entrance is mandatory - it protects not only from rain, but plays the role of a kind of protection against sticking on steps and thresholds of wet snow, which can lead to falls and injuries. There is one more type - an extension canopy over the terrace, with one side fixed to the wall, under which comfortable furniture, a barbecue and other attributes of a comfortable stay can be located. As a rule, the shelters above the porch are made in the same style as the main building, using appropriate materials and colors. For example, for a house made of timber, a wooden structure with the possible use of forged elements is suitable.

Canopy extension

You can implement a shed in the yard to protect the area from the entrance to the gate or outbuildings. Such structures are rather large in size and, for the most part, are an extension shed, one side of which is attached directly to the wall of the house, and the other is supported by supports. Their undoubted advantage is that you can freely move along the paths at any time of the year, while in winter you will not have to clear them of snow. They can also be stationary (with supports on all sides) or mixed.

Pool carport in the courtyard of a private house

In this case, it is better to design closed sheds in the courtyard of a private house - the photos clearly demonstrate the advantage of the "greenhouse" type constructions.

You can use sliding elements, with the help of which the mobile sections can be opened in hot weather and reliably closed in windy weather.

Gazebo canopy

This version of the canopy is a structure, a favorite of summer residents and owners of country houses. The gazebos can be of various shapes: round, square, polyhedron-shaped, as well as open (the design assumes the presence of supports and a roof) or semi-closed type (side walls are present). Such buildings are usually placed in the greenest picturesque areas of the site on the hills.

Canopy over the playground

A canopy over the playground is a rather popular construction for families. Even in the worst weather, it is very difficult to keep the child in the house, so the canopy located above the swing, sandbox and horizontal bars will be a good help for the child and his parents. In addition, the canopy will protect the wooden elements of the site from precipitation and extend their service life.

Carport to the courtyard to protect the car

The carport will certainly become indispensable for owners of small plots where there is virtually no free space for building a garage. Car sheds in the courtyard of a private house (the photo shows their various options) can also serve in the event of the arrival of guests, who, undoubtedly, will be calmer to see their car on the territory of the site, and not outside it. Among other things, the installation of such a canopy will require significantly less financial costs than building a garage.

Polycarbonate pool enclosure: conclusions

Thus, we can conclude that polycarbonate is an excellent shelter option for any type of terrain. It can easily replace wood, glass, and even metal. Moreover, such material has a very affordable price, and many can afford it.

Polycarbonate sliding awning

An incredibly large range of colors is on sale, which will allow the use of polycarbonate not only for the purpose of shelter, but also for decorating the site. Due to their plasticity, polycarbonate awnings can become an irreplaceable part of garden landscaping.

Polycarbonate pool enclosures, photographed to perfectly illustrate their aesthetic qualities, will suit any style and building. Such a shelter is quite simple to build, and it is not at all difficult to care for it. You can create a design with your own hands. But, if you want the canopy to be resistant to all weather conditions and last for many years, you need to seek the help of a specialist.

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