What colors affect a person's mood and well-being

On the influence of red on a person's mood and well-being

Choose a color and tell the ailment: "NO!"

The human world is multicolored. Most of us, however, remain deeply unaware of the benefits that conscious use of color can bring.

The color of the clothes that we choose in the morning is not random, we intuitively seek the color we need. If we feel tired in the morning, then we choose clothes in warm colors: orange, yellow or red. And if we come home from work irritated, nervous, we want to throw off bright colors and put on calm ones: greenish, blue, blue. Why? This is required by our physical and mental state.

The reason for the autumn blues lies in the lack of bright summer colors around us. There is a relationship between the physiological indicators of a person and the colors he looks at and in which he is dressed. Gloomy tones send less impulses to the endocrine system. And that, in turn, produces less hormones that stimulate life processes. As a result, the body's resistance decreases, and chronic diseases are exacerbated.

Mood and color

By using the appropriate color, it is possible to influence the physical health and the psyche. Red color makes a person talkative, excites, intensifies emotions, makes the lazy more active. The red color has antiviral effect.

It is known that red curtains, curtains are hung for diseases of measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever. In case of a cold, for example, irradiate the red light of a flashlight for 30 seconds several times a day to the point between the forefinger and thumb on the outside.

Our grandmothers, with erysipelas, covered the sore spot with a red cloth, with inflammation of the appendages, painful menstruation, they advised to wear red panties, and when coughing, they wore red T-shirts and blouses. A red scarf is tied around the throat for goiter.

The endocrine glands work better, the heart beats more rhythmically, blood circulation is restored, if you wear red clothes, it strengthens memory and vision.

The French scientists J.M. Vai and M. Chavelli explain the effect of red by the fact that it stimulates blood circulation, accelerating blood flow, and the work of the liver, if irradiation is applied to them in the appropriate zone. This is very important, because every minute 1.5 liters of blood pass through the liver. This is why red is effective in treating anemia. A decrease in the detoxification function of the liver entails the appearance of diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, acne.

The red color promotes the treatment of these diseases and entails a violent reaction to the release of infection from the body. This color is used in the treatment of burns with infrared and ultraviolet radiation. It has a calming effect on spinal pains, headaches, heals stomach ulcers, and treats inflammation of the genitals. Physician S. Pancost used red light baths to treat paralysis, wasting, and third-degree tuberculosis.

The red color also shows useful properties in foods - beets, pomegranate seeds, radishes, strawberries, red cabbage, paprika.

Harmful red foods include large quantities of fish caviar, tomatoes, tomato juice and sauce.

Red helps to actively overcome obstacles in life, improves the dynamism of life and even entrepreneurship. It is effective in treating depression, depression, and melancholy. It causes excitement, anxiety, increases nervous tension, so red colors are contraindicated for sanguine and choleric people. Red color raises the level of anxiety, excitability, isn't that why the red color of banners is inherent in the revolution?

In cold weather, it is better to wear red socks than blue and drink water charged with red. When illuminated with red light, the nervous system is excited, and even at the beginning there is an increase in efficiency. After 10 minutes, labor productivity is increased by 26% due to an increase in muscle tension and speed of movement.

It is noticed that red lighting doubles the force of the hand grip. The red color cleanses and disinfects, so it is useful for constipation and iron deficiency. It raises the level of adrenaline in the blood, relieves drowsiness and lethargy. It is useful for colds and chronic chills, but it is not suitable for easily excitable people.

However, when adapting to the red color, the number of correctly solved problems decreases by 20%, and labor productivity - by 34% (after 20 minutes of adaptation). Color fatigue appears.

You have to be careful with red. It was not by chance that we chose red for a traffic light that requires a stop.

It is useful to wear red clothes on those days when the Moon is in Aquarius, as well as when the Moon is in Aries or Leo. During these periods, the red color of clothing and food has the greatest influence. During this time, poor blood supply and circulation especially affects the head. If your blood pressure and circulation are too active, you can use a contrasting color - blue or yellow - as an antidote, food, clothing, and the environment of this color have a calming effect.

For heart problems and hypertension, it is better not to wear red clothes, especially under the sign of Leo. On the other hand, yellow and blue colors restore balance, green is also useful, and food should be selected accordingly. Red clothing and foods can be especially helpful if you have low blood pressure or fatigue. You should not wear red clothes for more than two to three weeks, even if it is necessary for health reasons.

The energy of the action of red on a subconscious level is such that if you wear red clothes, then it helps you to defend your rights. It helps you to persist in your own way and achieve goals, relieves unpleasant experiences, protects your self-confidence, and also increases sexual energy. Traditions do not arise out of nowhere, and they deserve to be looked at and followed.

The answers turned out to be detailed and even detailed, but short answers in this case, it seems to us, will raise even more questions.

To maintain our health, every little thing is important: what we eat, what we breathe (especially!), What we wear, what nature surrounds us, what mood at work and at home, whether we feel needed by society and other people, relatives, friends, wife, children.

Our health has many supports, and in this respect it is strong enough, but at the same time it is quite fragile, since each support must be protected, it is necessary to adapt to new, changing conditions. Age influences many processes in our body. If we stop moving, doing physical education, then soon our joints will no longer be flexible, etc. You have to fight with yourself all the time, overcome yourself, your own bad habits, laziness.

A. Baranov, Doctor of Biological Sciences,
T. Baranov, journalist

The effect of weather changes on the human body

According to statistics, about 1/3 of the male population of the planet and 1/2 of the female population are weather-sensitive. As a rule, these people have chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as have suffered joint and bone injuries.

The body of people suffering from rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis always reacts unmistakably to weather changes.

But, in addition to changes in pressure and humidity, nature tests the health and well-being of a person for strength through other methods, for example, flares on the Sun, turning magnetic storms on the Earth.

Niches and ledges

Research shows that people prefer landscapes that arouse curiosity. We love to anticipate the discovery of the unknown beyond the visible, which is driven by the instinct of the discoverer.

The atmosphere of mystery at home stimulates creativity and curiosity, the desire to make innovative decisions. The Dutch scientist Paul Pennartz, who studied this topic in the 80s, interviewed residents of different apartments and houses and found out that most of all this "atmosphere of mystery" is influenced by the "wrong" geometry of the rooms. Rooms with niches and ledges encourage you to turn on imagination and satisfy curiosity, to come up with a special purpose for them in the interior.

Consider how to add some mystery to your home. If you are not lucky with ready-made niches and ledges, you can add texture and bulges: for example, hang something voluminous on the walls. It can be anything at all: from African masks to a hockey stick. The absence of niches can be compensated for by “secret” storage places: a hollow ottoman near the mirror or a window sill with shelves for books.

Influence on a person

In esotericism, the meaning of purple is defined as restraint, calmness, endurance. It is believed to protect the expectant mother and fetus during pregnancy. The combination of inertness, calmness of blue with expression, passion of red gives the deep purple color a special semantic depth.

It is called a symbol of spiritual wealth and unity with outer space. Depending on the predominance of one of the main constituent shades, perception and influence on others change. Refers to cold tones, therefore, it has an inhibitory, relaxing effect on a person.

He is credited with the ability to soothe coughing fits, lower blood pressure, reduce the number of heartbeats (pulse), improve vision, and establish normal sleep. Purple helps to cope with depression, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and normalizes the activity of the heart.

It is justly called a source of peace of mind - it clears the subconscious of unpleasant memories, eliminates the negative effects of stress. Given the individuality of each person, it can be assumed that the effect of color will be different. You can empirically determine how purple and its shades affect a particular individual.

It is very easy to combine fashionable colors in clothes, but do not forget the most important rule - everything is good in moderation!

The combination of blue and pink colors looks beautiful in clothes. For example, you can wear a blue shirt and pink trousers, choose accessories in such an outfit in soothing shades.

The combination of pale pink and white colors looks great in clothes 2019-2020. A white blouse, pink skirt, beige pumps and a clutch are the perfect bow for work, school or a romantic date.

Want to combine trendy colors like brown, white and black? The best option is a white blouse, black skirt, brown jacket, jacket or coat. High-heeled shoes and a small bag will complement such a stylish look.

Match colors to furniture

Often, when choosing colors for the interior, they are tied to existing furniture. For such cases, there is also a table of compatible shades. It is not difficult to work with it: in the right column, choose the color of the furniture, in the middle column, friendly colors are spelled out, in the extreme left, those that are incompatible.

How to match colors for existing furniture

But don't use every possible color. In addition to the color of the furniture, there may be three to five more colors. In this case, the basic ones - white, gray, black - are also considered. So don't overdo it.

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