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Neon silk

Researchers at the Kyoto Institute of Technology have selected silkworms that produce green fluorescent threads (news that appeared in Newton magazine some time ago).

The question arises spontaneously: what will they be used for? According to the scholars who have obtained this unique genetic mutation, this discovery would have important repercussions in the economic field of the silk industry. But there is more. According to the researchers, in the same way silkworms could be obtained that produce ultra-strong threads (using spider proteins) that could be used in the parachute industry ... we will have elegant and expensive parachutes made with silk threads ( and for those who want to have their own style) fluorescent green?


Curiosities from the world is strange news always arouse great interest from anyone, travelers or not.

Right there curiosity in our opinion it is one of the elements that characterize the traveler.

Those who travel around the world are driven by a thousand reasons, but among those thousand there is always that pinch of curiosity that makes you give up home comforts in search of that "diversity" of place, food and culture.

In this category we will collect all the curiosities from the world of travel, all the curious news which we will find particularly interesting, and all those strange news able to arouse interest and disbelief, and who knows, maybe even the desire to experience them firsthand.

From the largest ship in the world, to the hotel built in absurd places or with special materials, to the strangest traditions. And much more.

How many times has it happened to you too to read a curious news about a place, a building or a means of transport and to exclaim "wow, how much I would like to go there!".

To us many times, and often just the curiosities from the world they have been the impetus for some of our travels. Like when we decided to go to Wales to visit Hay-on-Wye "the City of Books", or to Las Vegas to take a tour of the strangest hotels in the world, just to name a few.

If you are a curious type and you love them strange news browse the posts in this category and come back often to visit us, because as Paolo Crepet said “True travelers are not rich but curious people. I'm not looking for comfort, but for novelty, for surprises ”.

The strangest and funniest news from the world

There are hundreds of strange news from the world and selecting the most curious ones is quite complicated, but this article will talk about the really strange and even a little funny ones.

The first strange news concerns Justin Bieber's pet, the singer has a monkey as a pet. After landing in Munich for a concert, the German authorities decided to quarantine the animal, because it did not have the necessary documents for transport.

Another strange news instead comes from Iran and this concerns the culinary world, an Iranian company has broken the world record for ice cream. It has been trying to lay down Baskin-Robbins' 8,865-pound tub of ice cream since 2005, the company in Iran has invested well over $ 30,000 in a five-ton tub to fill it with ice cream, in fact it could soon join the Guinness Book. of Primates.

The first league of laughter will be held in Alabama, the contest is quite original, the participants will be evaluated on their ability to perform various laughter. These are belly laughter, maniacal laughter and diabolical laughter, the aim of the competition is to make the audience laugh with the funniest laugh.

What happens in Chennai in India is a little more unusual, a policeman has decided to wear a helmet with the shape of the Coronavirus. For the usual normal lockdown controls instead of wearing a mask like everyone else, he decided to "transform" from Covid-19, perhaps to intimidate the unfortunates at the checkpoints a little more! On the island of Guernsey, in the English Channel, on the other hand, a rather singular and fun delivery took place. A father decided to give his 4-year-old son a dinosaur, so far nothing strange, only that at the time of delivery, the father had a statue 6 meters high delivered home. The misunderstanding occurred when the father bought the statue, he had not noticed that the statue was 6 meters high and not 3 as he believed!

From flora and fauna to curious news from the world of sport

Are you curious to find out which were the strangest, most incredible and dangerous inventions in history? Up Did you know that you will find several articles about it. Perhaps, instead, you are more interested in 'noir' stories, historical facts with real horror hues? In the 'Black Chronicle' section you can indulge yourself in looking for as many as you want.

If you are looking for something less extravagant or disturbing, but still curious, in the other sections there are many articles that will attract your attention. By reading 'Health and Wellness', for example, you can find out why you become less kind in the heat, or why having an active sex life helps you be more productive at work.

Curious news also from the animal world: from the mystery of the French bees that produced blue honey to why cats love boxes immeasurably, without forgetting the particular story of a 'life-saving' American pig.

Have you ever heard ofHobbyhorsing? Know that in Finland it is depopulating. Although riding a toy with a plush horse's head mounted on the end of a wooden stick may seem strange to you, in fact, there are those who even organize championships for lovers of this activity.

If horse riding is not for you, distract yourself with the dance in the clouds of the "Bandaloop"Dancing between one skyscraper and another.
Losapevateche will always offer you stories and tales, but also inventions and discoveries, difficult to explain, but true. Some articles, perhaps, will make you smile, others, instead, they will leave you speechless!

Wc, weird and curious toilet signs

In public places there are many ways to indicate the toilets in an original and witty way. And in some cases the instructions and prohibitions become involuntarily witty. Here is one collection of nice signs and instructional signs to laugh found and photographed abroad. From the rules on how to use an Indian toilet to the signs that prohibit some particular sexual practices and not just in the bathroom. And in some cases the signs are small works of art. Browse the image gallery and comment.

Which one did you like the most? The bathrooms indicated with Red Hood and the wolf, or with Barbie and BigJim? Or those stylized with the silhouettes of men and women in the most different styles? And what about the ban on fellatio in the bathroom or the ban on peeing like a dog (with the leg up !!)

The 20 strangest and most spectacular beaches in the world

Strange beaches, but beautiful. Here is a journey around the world to discover unusual, special and spectacular coasts. There are bays of bizarre colors, ranging from bright green to dark black. Beaches hidden in caves or in the dunes of a desert. Others are characterized by unusual rock formations: spheres, hexagons, monumental arches. Here is our selection of strange but true beaches, where you can land with your imagination.

Strange beaches most particular in the world: Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

Let's start from Koekohe Beach, one of the strangest and most curious beaches in the world. Located on a stretch of coast ofOtago, in New Zeland, has become quite famous for the presence of huge and perfectly spherical rock formations, called Moeraki Boulders, sprouting here and there in the sand. Each boulder weighs several tons and can reach up to two meters in diameter.

Scholars have established that the boulders are calcite concretions formed about 65 million years ago, shaped over time by atmospheric agents. But several legends were also born about their origin. According to the Maori, for example, they are nothing more than huge pumpkins brought ashore by Arai-te-uru, a mythical sailing canoe that in the distant past was shipwrecked on the coasts of New Zealand.

Spotting the Moeraki is quite simple: Koekohe beach is located between the cities of Moerkai is Hampden, and it is the stage of a nice on the road along the State Highway 1 scenic drive.

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