Mother's day flowers

Mother's day flowers

How could you not dedicate a mother's day? One day all for her? This very important figure within the family. Mom gives her life, runs the house and works. Reference point for all children, he teaches us to walk, educates us, accompanies us, scolds us if we do not behave well. What's sweeter and more tender than giving her flowers on the occasion of her party! Mother's Day is widespread in all parts of the world, in Italy it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May; this anniversary was established in the United States in 1914 as a sign of gratitude towards this figure and as a hope of peace for the world, while in Italy it was celebrated for the first time in 1957.

The colors of the flowers

In the next paragraph we will talk about the various floral gifts most suitable for Mother's Day, we will give you ideas and suggestions to make your choice easier on this very special and particular day. Now, regardless of the flowers, we would like to talk to you about their colors and advise you on the most suitable ones based on the character of the person who will receive them, in this case the mother. Red flowers are particularly suitable for a mother with a strong but sweet and tender character, they signify love and the desire to enjoy life. Yellow flowers are well suited to a naturalist and simple soul, we will give them to joyful and serene mothers. The orange color is that of exuberance, so flowers of this color will be suitable for a very dynamic and particularly busy mother. White is the color of purity but also of privacy, perfect for practical and down-to-earth mothers. Finally we have pink, a very sweet and tender classic feminine color, ideal for a mother with a sweet and loving character.

Floral ideas

And Mother's Day has arrived again this year. We decided to give her some flowers, yes, but which ones? Here are some ideas that can be very useful on this occasion.

In addition to classic plants such as azalea, always beautiful and perfect for communicating a feeling of love and gratitude to our mother, we can choose to give her a beautiful bouquet with roses and gerberas in a delicate pink shade; obviously always perfect can be an elegantly decorated basket of red roses, to communicate all our love to her; if we wanted to opt for a more elegant gift but, at the same time, tender and sweet, we could give her a bouquet of yellow calla lilies and red roses. Very simple but not least, even a bouquet of wildflowers will surely make your mom happy.

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