Growing Teacup Mini Gardens: How To Design A Teacup Garden

By: Laura Miller

The human passion for creating life-in-miniature has spawnedthe popularity of everything from doll houses and model trains to terrariumsand fairygardens. For gardeners, creating these small-scale landscapes is a relaxingand creative DIY project. One such project is teacup mini gardens. Using ateacup as the planter lends a certain charm and elegance to the very concept of“small.”

Teacup Fairy Garden Ideas

Even with limited skills, you can design a teacup gardenthat’s unique and expressive. To make traditional teacup mini gardens, begin bydrilling a small hole in the bottom of a discarded teacup. Place one or moretablespoons of pea gravel in the bottom of the cup. Use the saucer as a driptray.

Next, fill the cup with good quality potting soil. Use a mixcontaining vermiculite, perlite or peat moss to facilitate drainage. Insert oneor more teacup garden plants. Add decorations to create a small scene, if you’dlike.

Fairy garden decorations can be purchased at craft stores,gardening centers and discount shops. For miniature household and tinygardening items, try cruising the doll house aisle. Resin and plasticdecorations are more durable than metal or wood. If the teacup garden will sitoutside, consider applying a UV protective coating to metal or wood decorations.

If you’re feeling creative, you can also use household andgarden materials to make your own decorations for your teacup mini gardens.Here are few suggestions:

  • Acorn caps (miniature planter, birdbath, dishes, hat)
  • Blue beads (water)
  • Buttons (stepping stones, tabletops and matching chairs, roof or house adornments)
  • Fabric scraps (banner, flags, tablecloth, seat cushions)
  • Pebbles/stones (walkways, flowerbed border, filler around plants)
  • Popsicle sticks (fence, ladders, wood signs)
  • Seashells (decorative “rocks,” planters, walkways)
  • Thread spools (table bases)
  • Twigs and sticks (trees, furniture, fencing)

Other interesting teacup fairy garden ideas include:

  • Fairy house cup: Turn the teacup on its side on the saucer. Cut a circle, the same size as the teacup’s rim, from doll house siding. Attach windows and doors and glue the circle to cup’s rim to make a fairy house. Decorate the saucer with moss, rocks and small plants.
  • Cascading flower cup: Place the teacup on its side on the saucer and plant small flowers that “spill out” of the teacup as they grow.
  • Aquatic teacup mini gardens: Fill the teacup halfway with pea gravel. Finish filling with water. Use aquarium plants to create a miniature water garden.
  • Windowsill herb garden: Plant herbs in matching teacups and set them on the kitchen windowsill for a practical and decorative mini garden.

Teacup Garden Plants

Ideally, you’ll want to choose teacup garden plants thatwill grow well within the limited space of a teacup. These could be smaller species,miniature varieties, or slow-growing plants. Here are some plant suggestionsyou might consider:

  • Alyssum
  • Bonsai
  • Cacti
  • Herbs
  • Mosses
  • Pansies
  • Portulaca
  • Primrose
  • Succulents

Finally, keep your teacup garden looking its best by gentlywatering, protecting it from intense direct sunlight and regularly pinching andpruning the plants as needed.

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Teacup Gardens W hen I lived in one of my smallest houses, a sweet little English cottage in Portland, I created a tiny little garden in the back yard where there was previously just an ordinary plot of dirt and scraggly grass. I didn’t plant a vegetable garden, but more of an English style plant garden with lots of pretty little ground covers, boxwoods, rocks, a little bridge and stone pathways. I adored that yard. I miss it SO MUCH. But while I haven’t yet done any landscaping here at my house house, I have been enjoying creating small little container and even vertical gardens! You might remember my vertical pallet flower garden, my fairy garden and my cute 5 minute gardens from last year! I’m not a skilled gardener by any stretch of the imagination, I’m quite certain more plants have died in my care than lived to tell the tale, but I do try. I am obsessed with adorable little plants and really do love to take care of them. As long as they live, that is. I do love little succulents, moss and small creeping type plants. Fortunately, those little plants are PERFECT for container gardening or small gardens inside and out! They are easy to care for, simple to plant and obviously the most precious little plants ever. At least I think so! I was setting up our table for a Spring Brunch the other day and decided I wanted to use my blue and white teacups as charming miniature container gardens. (Teacups and spring just go together, don’t they? Or is that just me?) So, off we went to our local gardening center in search of some of the cutest little plants to fill the teacups. We found the perfect small container plants in the greenhouse. Literally 5 minutes after we returned home, we had our miniature teacup gardens planted and ready to decorate the spring brunch table! They make an adorable window sill garden too! And what a cute Mother’s Day gifts these would be! Gardening doesn’t get any easier than this! Watering is easy. These plants do not require much water so no need to worry about drainage. Just pick them up out of the cup to mist or water as needed and then put back in the cup!

Aren’t they sweet?

I’ll show you more of the spring brunch party pictures on Wednesday! We had so much fun!

Similar teacups can be found online here or at many antique stores or flea markets (affiliate link used).

Ready for the best new trend in miniature gardens? Try a garden in a teacup! You can use your imagination and make an incredibly creative fairy teacup garden, or just add a touch of living charm to… well, to just about anywhere you can set down a teacup! It’s a great way to make some “living green” portable, charming and easy to take care of. Succulents, herbs, and even mini varieties of well known garden plants are now being sold for miniature gardens just like this. The whimsy from a teacup fairy garden can bring a smile to anyones face, and let’s face it…this is just such a simple and fun project, right? I mean, look at these! Indoors or out, let’s make some DIY teacup gardens!

This DIY teacup garden from ‘Instructables‘ is the perfect fairy fantasy… in an easy to accomplish size!

‘HGTV‘ gets us down to the basics with a great step by step primer on how to make a DIY teacup garden. This project is also a reminder that teacup gardens make a perfect gift! (Hello, Mom’s Day!)

These DIY teacup garden succulent planters from ‘Oriental Trading‘ give us some trendy plants with some fun and fresh style. See how the type of teacup you choose makes a huge difference in the feel of the final project? I also think succulents are some of the toughest plants on this earth, and work so well for this type of project.

This DIY succulent planter (made from teacups) from ‘Tattooed Martha‘ uses similar plants as above, but she chooses a more elegant cup. The result is a sophisticated look, with no fuss! The type of soil she recommends for her succulent planter is the exact same one we use for all our sedums, cacti and succulents.

This fairy teacup garden from ‘The Magic Onions‘ isn’t complicated to make, but is full of fun and smiles. This site is chock full of ideas for fairy gardens of all types, with lots of tutorials and suggestions for supplies.

These simple, minimal DIY teacup gardens are perfect for a touch of stylish appeal without adding too much visual clutter. Love the pebble accent for a nice polished finish. From ‘Happily Eva After‘.

You know what I like most about this teacup DIY fairy garden from ‘See Vanessa Craft‘? You don’t have to keep anything alive! Even thought this looks green & lush, it is the delightful nature of this garden that makes it special, not the plants.

Here is another teacup garden that you (practically) never have to water. This DIY cactus in a cup is from ‘Intimate Weddings‘. I love how the cups look vintage and romantic, yet they use something more contemporary like cacti. I dare you to kill these! (Don’t overwater though, that is their only death sentence!)

This one is just a little bit different, in that it is a hanging teacup garden planter. From ‘Hearth & Vine‘, this one could be gorgeous hanging in a tree, or from a porch post as well as indoors! That “String of Pearls” plant is perfect.

‘Curbly‘ made these easy DIY teacup gardens to make wonderful party favors, complete with pretty name tags!

Create a miniature teacup garden with this tutorial from ‘Camp Makery‘. You even learn how to make the little houses and mushrooms with air dry modeling clay!

Another succulent teacup garden from ‘Charming Succulents‘. We can’t get enough of these!

Ok, this one does look a little tricky, but wow! We couldn’t not include this, because it’s so inspiring! From ‘Woodward Greenhouses‘.

Last for you we have these 5 minute miniature teacup gardens from ‘The Inspired Room‘. Seriously guys, what are you waiting for?

So if you want some easy charm that can go just about anywhere, try these DIY teacup gardens and planters!

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Teacup Fairy Garden Ideas – Tips On Growing Teacup Garden Plants - garden

Psst! Do you believe in fairies? Most of us have seen or read Peter Pan and remember clapping, to say that we did. Well, here is a fun craft to share your love of fairies with friends and families.

Fairy gardens are charming and a perfect DIY project to do with your children. Many of the materials you need, you likely already have on hand, such as a clay pot or other large container and small plants.

One of the great things about fairy gardens is that no 2 are exactly the same: the way you make one is likely going to be a bit different than your best friend or sister would. We’ve found you 35 fun fairy gardens in a pot, to see how others have designed theirs. You’ll see just how creative they can get!

If you want to make a tiny one for your kitchen windowsill, try the teacup fairy garden. Or if you’d like to make one that grows herbs too, try to kitchen herb fairy garden. Perhaps you’d like to make a fairy garden that includes other magical creatures – there is even a gnome garden and he looks quite at home!

We think fairy gardens in pots are a terrific DIY project too because they are eco-friendly. You are using materials that otherwise might be not put into a project. Best of all, everyone gets to enjoy the terrific results!

Please note, some of the images we found did not credit the DIY creator. Please notify us in the comments if you know the true source of any images we try our best to credit the artist when we can find them.

Whether you are brand new to DIY projects or are experienced, we know that you can create a wonderful fairy garden. So let’s get started. Happy Crafting!

Fairy Garden Pot

Make a tiny fairy garden, in a broken clay pot. Your little ones will be charmed and look for the fairies!

How to Make a Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden

Broken flower pots today can be made into charming home decor, fairy gardens! Make one to entrance your children and guests who come to visit.

Circus Themed Fairy Garden

Make your fairy garden super playful, with a unique circus theme. Everyone will enjoy it and can’t help but smile when it greets them.

Broken Pot Garden

Fairy gardens are a sweet indoor garden accessory. Give it a try!

Old Drawer Fairy Garden

Making fairy gardens from drawers or old pots is eco-friendly, as you are giving old materials a new life. Look at how beautiful this old, worn drawer now is with its fresh purpose!

Fairy Garden

Make your own fairy garden, instead of getting one at a pricey Big Box store. Get creative and soon you’ll be receiving many compliments!

Fairy Garden in a Broken Terra Cotta Pot

Could there be fairies in those adorable houses? Or perhaps sitting on the mushrooms?

Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are eco-friendly, a great way to re-use gardening materials. Whether you have clay pots or something such as a bird bath in your garden, it could make a great fairy garden.

Fairy Container Garden

Its the perfect DIY project to do with kids or teens, make a fairy garden! Add veggies, flowers or other plants you like, along with fun fairy themed accessories.

Enchanting Fairy Garden

Make a sweet fairy garden to greet guests when they visit. It will certainly make everyone smile with wonder and joy.

Woodland Fairy Garden from 3 Tier Stand

Can you see all the fairies? If you look hard, we bet you can see a few in this unique container.

Teacup Fairy Garden

Isn’t it adorable? A fairy garden you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Home for a Gnome

Why not make this flower filled fairy home, complete with a happy gnome? With charming birds and animals, it is the perfect outdoor scene.

Bathtub Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are super eco-friendly. You can make good use of materials you have – such as an old bathtub – and make it beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Fairy Garden

Make a fairy garden for your backyard. Its great for kids and families to do as a fun DIY outdoor project.

Fairy Teacup

Perfect for a shelf or over the kitchen windowsill, this fairy themed garden teacup is sweet and charming. A great gift for your Mom or any woman who loves fairies!

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Who knew that a broken pot could become so adorable? This is the perfect craft to do with your children.

Child’s Fantasy Garden

Make a fairy garden as a family project, its a fun DIY craft you can do together! Who knows, you might spot fairies!

Fairy Pot in the Garden

Fairy pots are the perfect addition to your garden. Try them in a larger container or pot, not just clay pots to make a bigger fairy garden.

Kitchen Fairy Garden

Try making a fairy garden with a fun, kitchen theme. Complete with herbs you can pick for your home cooking for family meals.

Fairy Garden Pot Outdoors

Have a big, clay pot that’s broken? Put it to good use and make a fun, fairy garden!

Kids Craft – Fairy Garden

Looking for a fun kids’ craft or DIY project? Try this fairy garden, they can enjoy watching the plants and flowers grow year round.

Fairy Garden in a Broken Pot

Now this is a fairy garden that will make everyone smile when they see it in your home. Do you see a fairy peeking in the garden? Perhaps you do!

How to Make a Fairy House

What a fun craft to do with your children or as a family, make a fairy house. It is perfect to keep on the porch or just inside your home.

Magical Fairy Garden

Try making a vivid and colorful fairy garden. A pot full of flowers and fairies is fun for everyone!

Fairy House Garden in a Pot

This charming fairy garden even has a little house, where you can imagine the fairies to reside. Its perfect for your outdoor deck or indoor porch.

Fairy Garden with Birdcage in a Pot

This fairy garden in a pot depicts a sweet outdoor scene, complete with a fairy! This is unique because most fairy gardens we’ve seen actually don’t have fairies in them.

Fairy Door Planter

3 Story Fairy Garden

Now this fairy garden is truly sky high! Make a stunning fairy garden to greet guests who visit your home.

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Succulents are terrific to add to your fairy garden. Don’t forget a sweet door or other cute accents.

Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden

Fill your fairy garden pot with luscious plants. Why, the fairies will certainly enjoy it!

Indoor Tabletop Water Garden

Here’s a unique twist on a fairy garden. Make a tiny water garden to lure the sprites (water fairies) to come and play!

Mini Fairy Garden

Its easy to see how the fairies could be at play all day in this sweet garden in a pot!

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