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Everything about Garden is curious about readers' garden life. Madeleine is the Reader of the Month!

Madeleine Roos, 46, Fisksätra

You have a cultivation plot of 80 square meters, are you happy with it?

- Yes, it works great as a substitute for the garden I really want. My dream is a house with a glass veranda and a nice garden outside, but so far the lot is good!

What do you grow there?

Potato, onion, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, perennials. And so I have pioneer and garden iris which is from my grandmother's garden, and one akleja which I smuggled with from America. You are not allowed to bring in plants, so it was wrapped with wet kitchen paper and a plastic bag at the bottom of the suitcase. Now it thrives and feels good! Lavender I have too, although I read somewhere that it is not hardy. Mine has survived three winters now. Unfortunately, mine died lieutenant heart this summer, and nunneörten is also gone.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Peony. And marigold. At first I did not like them, but sowed some because a friend's birthday in August, and now I think they are great.

Is there something that does not fit into your lot?

Salad, because I do not eat it. And bristles, I do not like them.

What style is it on the lottery?

- It is a bohemian garden, not so arranged. I take it a little as it becomes, and use things I have or come across. My garden iris stands in an old deck for example. I like Lena Israelsson, because she is also a bit like that, that you take what you have.


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