Treatment of warts and keloid scars with herbal infusions

Immunodeficiency is a congenital or acquired disorder of immunity, manifested, in particular, by the loss of the ability to protect against infections and neoplastic diseases. Herpes, fungal skin diseases, eczema, warts may indicate the presence of immunodeficiency.

You can increase immunity with herbal infusions:

• Drink a stimulating infusion daily: take 1 tbsp. spoonful of juniper berries, sage leaves, eucalyptus, calendula flowers, brew with 4 cups of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, strain, squeeze through cheesecloth. Take 1/3 cup after meals. The course of treatment is 1 month.

• Strengthens the immune system mountain ash tincture: pour 1 glass of mountain ash with 1/4 liter of vodka. Insist 2 weeks. Reception: 20-30 ml twice a day before meals. Result: cheerfulness, increased efficiency.

• To get rid of warts, use, for example, mummy externally. Take Altai mummy with tablets from the pharmacy. Wash your feet daily at night and lubricate the mummy warts, after moistening the pill with saliva. Steam your feet once a week and rub the pumice stone over the warts. Warts will diminish right before your eyes!

Traditional medicine recommends the following methods for removing warts:

• Scrape lightly over the wart with a disinfected knife or razor blade. Put on it a piece of gauze, folded in half and soaked in alcohol tincture of celandine. Cover with a plaster for a day. Repeat the procedure for 7-10 days. You only need to scratch the wart the first time.

• Lubricate the wart with vinegar essence every night. Lightly rub the wart with your fingers.

• Painlessly removes warts with a strong infusion or decoction of wormwood, with which they are lubricated several times daily.

• Daily washing with a weak decoction of celandine (a teaspoon in a glass of boiling water) also helps to disappear warts.

• To remove warts, it is recommended to lubricate them 4-5 times a day with celandine juice (at the beginning of the flowering plant).

• Apply a piece of propolis to the wart and cover with tape for 1-2 weeks.

• The use of garlic gives a quick result. Rub the garlic and put this gruel on the wart. Hold for as long as you can. Rinse off with cold water. Repeat the procedure after two hours.

• Sometimes psychological intervention is sufficient to remove warts. Here is the old way: take a thread, tie as many knots on it as the patient has warts, and bury it in the ground (preferably in the place where there is a drain of water); when the thread decays, then the warts will disappear.

• Bioenergetic treatment for warts - make this movement: slide your thumb from the tip of your little finger along the tips of your other fingers, as if you were salt food. Repeat daily for 20 minutes over the wart, burning it away.

• Warts can be caused by the evil eye. After removing the evil eye, they are treated with folk methods, for example, licked for a month. Morning saliva is said to be the healthiest.

Method for treating warts affecting palms and soles:

Grind 1-2 cloves of garlic, add a spoonful of vinegar essence, mix with flour. In the tape of the adhesive plaster, cut a hole 1-2 mm larger than the wart, put it on the wart. Put a cake on top, tie with a bandage. After 2-3 days, remove and the wart will be removed along with the bandage. If it doesn't help the first time, repeat. A painful hole will remain at the site of the wart. Apply a bandage with aloe leaf on it until it heals.

A good result in the treatment of warts is given by tampons with celandine tincture. If there are a lot of warts, knead a cake made from flour and vinegar essence. Steam your hand, scrub the warts and apply a lozenge overnight. Remove it along with the warts in the morning.

Keloid scars

The difficulty in treating such keloid scars is that time leaves its mark on healed wounds, the skin must be revitalized to remove old skin formations and stimulate the formation of new skin cells. It is best done by medicinal leeches. They are used as in surgical operations to accelerate the healing of postoperative sutures, they contribute to the resorption of keloid scars.

Physicians usually recommend physical therapy, which usually does not work.

In traditional medicine, there are several recipes that are useful to use in order to observe their effectiveness. One of these methods is a vodka lotion or compress. It is necessary to wet the gauze with vodka so that there are no drips, and put it on the scar overnight, attaching a film or cotton cloth on top. Apply vodka compress daily, it will take 2-3 months.

There are several types of herbs for cleaning old skin lesions. It is best to make vodka tinctures from such herbs in order to then prepare an ointment on their basis.

The base of the ointment should consist of fat that is easily absorbed into the human body - internal lard or badger fat. The tincture is prepared from equal parts of herb and vodka. Infused for at least two weeks. The fat is heated in a water bath, to which the tincture is added in a 1: 1 ratio. After 15-20 minutes of stirring, the ointment is allowed to cool or immediately poured into prepared storage containers.

It is useful to prepare several types of ointments in order to periodically (after 7-10 days change one of them to another). Before starting to smear with ointment, you should clean the skin where there are scars for several days with an infusion of mint in a ratio of 1: 5. If there is marshmallow root, take a tablespoon of it, grind it finely and fill it with a glass of cold water. After 6-8 hours, wet the scars 4-5 times a day.

It is better to prepare tinctures from fresh plants, it is even better to use plant juice. The juice is taken at the rate of 20% of the volume of the mixture. (For 20 ml of juice, 80 ml of vodka is taken.)

The tincture is prepared from calendula flowers, plants or juice of celandine, dandelion, milkweed, Kalanchoe, juice of wormwood, garlic, mountain ash, plantain leaves.

You can prepare an infusion or napar from the inflorescences of calendula, St. John's wort, plantain leaves, nettle herb, chamomile inflorescences, knotweed herb and marsh creeper in equal amounts. We must take 1 tbsp. l chopped mixture of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, insist in warmth for 1 hour and apply a compress from the cloth soaked in this infusion overnight. This should be done regularly for 1-2 months.

First, check all procedures on the skin of the hands, whether there will be an allergic reaction, and look at the body's reaction. The skin revitalizing effect can be seen by the color change.

Scars can be removed if ground cherry pits are insisted (2 cups per 0.5 liters of sunflower oil - warm up) and rubbed into sore spots.

Take the root of celandine, cut it lengthwise and attach the cut side to the scar. The exposure time should be adjusted depending on the sensitivity of the skin - from 2 to 8 hours. To lubricate the sore spot with celandine juice.

A. Baranov, Doctor of Biological Sciences,
T. Baranov, journalist

Treatment of warts and keloid scars with herbal infusions - garden and vegetable garden

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Bulletin "Healthy lifestyle" - "Healthy lifestyle", 200 4, No. 6 (258)

Letter to the room


The beginning of spring is not only a holiday of the awakening of nature and the transition from hibernation to activity, but also vitamin deficiency, mud and exacerbation of many chronic diseases. During this period, as, indeed, in the rest of the time, it is necessary to maintain a positive psychological attitude and good mood, which spring contributes by itself.

I would be very glad if my spring plots would help at least a little in this wonderful business.

They hurry into the ravines from the hillocks.

Under a film of thin ice

And the pine trees shook the snow from the needles

The shrub is washed in the lowlands

Pichugi amicably trill out

Now for sure, people, summer

Address: Nikolay Ludkov, 445054 Samara region, Togliatti, st. Mira, 111, apt. 307.

Column editor


Well, friends, have you waited? Spring is in the yard! And life, no matter how difficult it may seem yesterday, today seems like a damn good thing. I want to love and be loved, to sow good and eternal, I want to hug everyone and see everyone happy and healthy.

Regarding the last thesis, I would like to especially talk with you.

Let's make 2004 a massive health campaign. It was the campaign that I did not make a reservation. Read the materials in today's section "Sports and You". Read it! We should have established this heading in the "healthy lifestyle" many years earlier - there would not be so many patients today. At least the same diabetes.

I think that hundreds of thousands of our readers, whose blood sugar is playing tricks, will take note of the letter from the chairman of the Optimist running and walking club in Saratov, Yuri Yakovlev. More precisely, the story of Viktor Yefimovich Shatsky.

For my part, I can note that everything written about him is not only not fiction, but also has a serious scientific basis. And if our state really cared about the fate of millions suffering from type II diabetes, then instead of empty and endless talks about the need to familiarize people with physical culture, it would approve by law the creation of such clubs in every more or less noticeable settlement in Russia.

Yes, actually, that is diabetes. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels, lungs, metabolism, and so on, and the like - everything is treated, and most importantly, it is prevented by prolonged movement in an aerobic mode. That is, when the body meets its oxygen demand through breathing.

Don't believe me? Then take the Japanese. Today they are centenarians among the world's centenarians. Why? Of course, the different seafood, soybeans, food traditions based on restraint - all this matters. But the main thing is that the Japanese adopted the “10 thousand steps a day” program in the country a long time ago. And this program is not an empty state sports concussion with unfertilized ideas and nothing materially supported by slogans, but a national movement.

We told at one time in "HLS" about wonderful walking festivals, which gather many tens of thousands of participants, despite the very solid distances - up to 50 kilometers.

Yes, let's spend 2004 under the motto of a massive health campaign. And we will tell you about our achievements on the pages of "HLS". I would, yes, probably all of us, would really like the endless talk about the benefits of the movement to turn into something real. So that the idea of ​​improving the nation would be included, at least, as an integral part of the national idea, which our politicians are painfully looking for and so far cannot find.

In the meantime, it's spring. And I want to live. And better without disease.

Read the materials of our section “Sport and you.Pro-fi-lak-ti-ka ". Write for her. And most importantly - remember what Porfiry Ivanov said: “I read it - well. The main thing is to do it. "

Your letters . ... ...

We have received "healthy lifestyle" since 1998, we also write out "Warning". We treat and recover according to recipes and advice, we especially try to follow the recommendations of Boris Bolotov regarding the oxidation of the body with apple cider vinegar. We prepare about 30 liters and tons of it for the whole winter, we share it with family and friends, even with doctors.

In the spring we collect birch sap and ferment for the whole summer.

We live with my husband in a small village in the south of the Vologda region, on the border with Tver and Novgorod. We have an apiary, goats, chickens. We read in our favorite newspaper that some of them move from city to village, start farming. Especially interesting was the publication by Lyubov Gerbei from the Krasnodar Territory "Pension is not a sentence" in No. 11 for June 2003. It remains unclear how Lyuba is managed, who helps her, because it is very difficult to keep cattle, you need a lot of water, hay, manure again.

My husband and I invite those who wish to our village, there is land (two shares of parents about 10 hectares, 8 hectares of arable land and 2 hectares of meadow). We can rent or sell. We are pensioners - over 60 - and are unable to cultivate the land. Local farmers have enough land, everyone grows potatoes and sells them successfully, they buy new equipment. In the district traffic police, registering another new car, they are surprised: “What are you there - found a gold treasure?”.

There is a forest around, you can build a dwelling, the district administration meets halfway to novice farmers and young families. The first time you can stay in an empty hut. Post office, first-aid post, school - 5 kilometers away in the former central estate. Schoolchildren are given a bus. The nearest train station is 18 kilometers away. The roads are good.

Address: Smirnova Nina Vasilievna, 162816 Vologda region, Ustyuzhensky district, village Bronino, p / o Nikola.


I am 61 years old. Was born in Siberia, in the place of exile of my parents: Tyumen region, Teguldetsky district, Krasnaya Chet village. This is my small homeland, which I remember all my life, I miss it, I often see it in my dreams. I cannot fulfill my dream and dreams, there is no road there. And I would like to visit. People scattered from that wilderness in all directions. And everything was overgrown with forest again, as if there had never been anything. And there was a large collective farm, fields, an office, a school, huts.

I remember my childhood in Siberia as something special: we were completely free from parental care. We didn't "walk," as they say now. We ran to the lake, smeared ourselves with colored clay and swam until we turned blue. On the way, they plucked last year's lingonberries, ate everything: young shoots of pine, sour cherry, lungwort, pistils, locusts. Well, there were a lot of berries of all kinds: strawberries, cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, bird cherry! Heavy currant branches hung along the banks of the river, and raspberries were red in the sun. At the beginning of summer we went for wild garlic. They made okroshka with her, baked pies, salted for the winter in a wooden tub.

There were so many mushrooms, even a scythe. Once, in a forest glade, I ran into a lynx, shouting: "Aunt Polya, what a beautiful cat!" She grabbed me and my friend Tonka, threw the mushrooms and tear out of the forest.

Taiga was generous. She fed us not only berries and mushrooms, but also cedar nuts, game, and animal meat. My father was a good hunter. I got the animal not only for our family, but also helped others to survive.

There were many fish in the rivers. They caught her with nets, nonsense. All mined by labor. Each settler had a large vegetable garden, a cow, sheep, pigs, chickens. But everything, however, was taxed heavily.

On the collective farm fields there was flax, ears of rye and oats, a huge turnip grew and there was a sea of ​​peas. The crop was harvested together with the adults. They knitted in sheaves of flax, dug potatoes, in the summer they carried heaps of hay on horseback, sawed firewood for the winter. For labor received a mug of honey.

When my children were at school, I told them about my childhood. To which one day my son said: "But we did not have a childhood." As it was not, when we spent all the weekend with him outside the city, went to rest by the sea, lived in tents on the river.

But I understood why my son said that. They had no freedom. Every step is with permission, and everything is under the control of parents and adults. And we were children of nature. And until now I have not lost my love for everything that grows from the earth. I have a dacha, which, the older, the more I love. The site is located in the forest. Birches are rustling, nightingales are singing, a cuckoo is cuckooing, and all around is a sea of ​​flowers, my garden. I take care of everything with love, talk with my pets, enjoy the new day.

I started a bed of medicinal herbs. I don’t look at the boxes of herbs at the pharmacy, I dry my own for myself. And when my legs are bursting with pain and heaviness, my

my husband brings me hazel leaves from the forest. We put them on swollen legs from varicose veins and bandage them with an elastic bandage. After two hours, I remove the rustling leaves from my feet, they dried up, taking on my pain. In winter, I use green potatoes for these purposes: I rub them on a grater and make compresses.

We drink tea with herbs. And also with amaranth (its seeds are sold everywhere). He's a good cleaner. Destroys stones and drives sand, cleanses the body.

By the way, a neighbor at the dacha introduced me to "healthy lifestyle". I learned a lot of useful things from the pages of the newsletter. And most importantly, I realized that to be treated for an illness is a lot of work and perseverance. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. In the summer, all day in the forest, in the fall we go to the sea, in the winter on weekends we get up on skis. Doing exercises. We drink the "golden mustache", dandelion syrup, we are treated with aspen. Learning to live correctly.

Our children are serious people. They live independently. We have three grandchildren, the eldest is finishing school this year. We tell them about our native Siberia. Maybe among the readers of "HLS" there will be those who lived then in Krasnaya Cheti or nearby, will let you know about themselves.

I bequeath to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren a particle of warmth and love for my Siberia, for my small, distant and so sweet homeland.

Address: Pridaeva (Efremova) Nina Mikhailovna, 300005 Tula, st. Bolotova, 61, apt. 32.


Pensioner. This word in Russia sounds somehow sad, derogatory, or something. It seems like a poor fellow, an old man, or even worse - a parasite. But it all depends on how you look at your pensioner status. For me it is joy, freedom, ease. All business and worries, all workload, all huge responsibility - everything is behind. No gatherings, meetings, meetings, seminars, reviews and assets, and most importantly - no work-obligations. In the early days, it was even difficult to imagine that all 24 hours to a single minute belonged to you: do what you want. Without haste and tension, without hassle - there is nowhere to rush. Once, before September 1, I asked a neighbor's boy: "Dima, how did you miss school?" And he, to my surprise: “Not at all. Hurry to retire. How good - not to go to school, not to teach lessons, and still get money for "this".

What is it, eh ?! So I say: we, pensioners, need to rejoice. Schedule your day so that every hour is joyful.

I get up at 5 in the morning, it worked out a year, and I go to bed at 22. Two hours of sleep up to 24 hours is equal to four hours. Yes, plus 5, that's 9 hours of rest in the end. What else does?

I wake up and immediately do the "bike" - 3000 revolutions in 32-35 minutes, then 2 minutes of shaking hands and feet along the Nishi. After that, I slide to the floor and walk on my buttocks - 100 steps. Then I get up, take a dessert spoon of vegetable oil in my mouth and "suck", that is, I drive through the front teeth until so much liquid accumulates in the oral cavity that it is difficult to drive it out - there is no room. The oil I spit down the toilet is white and white, liquid like water.

While "sucking" the oil, you are cleaning the rooms, vacuuming or whatever in the kitchen. I clean my mouth with a toothbrush with soap and salt - the sky,

cheeks, gums, teeth. Then I rinse with boiled water, in which I put 1 teaspoon of salt plus 8-10 drops of 5% pharmaceutical iodine in half a liter. And for 13 years I have no sore throats, no flu, no acute respiratory infections or acute respiratory viral infections, no colds.

After that I drink 400 g of hot water.It flushes the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, shifts everything in the small intestine and enters the large intestine, where the liquid should be. I empty my stomach 2 times a day at 7 am and 7 pm. I never go to bed with a full bowel. Currently, the "healthy lifestyle" is full of articles about diarrhea, constipation. I am amazed: how many of these careless, careless and lazy people. How can you go to bed without emptying your intestines, everything in you rots, the whole body is poisoned with toxins. And some people are completely "packed" to the eyeballs. For someone, but retirees can debug to perfection any unbalanced intestinal tract. No wonder our respected professor Neumyvakin teaches that all diseases are from the stomach, and everything is healed through it. Is it really so difficult for people to get it?

I am 74 years old, but since 70 I have turned back the “wheel” of counting the days of my life and every year I become younger. I mow hay for 5-6 hours without rest, which I did with difficulty at 50-55 years old. And this is not to wave with empty hands. Here all the muscles of the body are involved, here rib by rib goes. And I do all the gardening and dacha and homework. And when I received more than 1,500 letters to my article “In order not to be an experimental frog” (“HLS” No. 9 for 2002), I answered all of them.

And I don’t take the word “tired”. Especially after a 40-day fast

in 2003. The pressure was 120/80, and it was 220/120, the blood cholesterol was -4.6, and it was 8.4. The pulse at rest is 60 beats per minute. The weight was 98 kg, now 76-78. At least now in astronauts. I run up and down the stairs.

The response letters I received were numbered only up to 1500, and then dropped. They still come 2-3 a week. But with Lydia Vasilievna Utkina from Naberezhnye Chelny we correspond like our own.

Address: Chigirev Nikolay Nikolaevich, 442895 Penza region, Serdobsk, st. Yablochkova, 44, apt. 41.


This winter was unusually warm with us, and I went skiing to the forest almost every day. However, in February it suddenly got colder to minus 30, we had to “walk” the frosty days. A neighbor's boy was surprised that I didn’t ride, and offered to buy a riot policeman's mask so that my cheeks would not freeze. I laughed so hard, imagining myself in this mask on the track: I’ll scare all pensioners! And another boy of about four one morning, seeing me in a swimsuit with buckets of water, explained to his mother: this aunt always loves to wash on the street! Indeed, I never miss a douche, even though I am a "finch" - I dress warmly, because vegetarians are freezing.

There is a lot of snow today, just have time to make snowmen. I saw a snow cap on a hemp in the forest. I plucked the cones from the alder and made the eyes and nose of the snowman. Anyone who comes to mind will imagine what kind of animal is sitting on a stump. In December, she decorated several Christmas trees in the forest with homemade snowflakes, beads and toys, gave homemade products to all skiers who rode there on New Year's days. One woman called me "the mistress of the fancy trees." And I just want to bring joy to people. And in response to receive it: we greet many, meeting on the track, although we know each other only in person.

Address: Bogomazova Zoya Petrovna, 163060 Arkhangelsk, st. Timme, 2, apt. 252, tel. 64-33-69.


I have been writing "HLS" for 2 years, I read it as soon as it comes. I'm not sick at all. I don't go to doctors. I don't drink any pills. I observe sleep hygiene all my life (8 hours), I go in for sports. And she began to observe food hygiene after retiring. She worked at the school for 40 years. I have 3 daughters, 5 grandchildren (for now). She graduated from the pedagogical college and the pedagogical institute. There is a lot of willpower. This is the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle. I start the morning with the words: “I am in a good mood, I am in good health. My children are healthy and happy. " I definitely do exercises in the morning. I drink ginseng tincture on an empty stomach.

After breakfast - morning walk - jogging with walking. After lunch - 3 - 4 hours - skiing down the Volga. The snow on the Volga is clear, the snowflakes are shining in the sun, on the other side there is a forest. This nature is a miracle. In summer, we go swimming and sunbathing with our grandchildren. In the evening I like to read, sing, I like poetry, guess crosswords, rebuses, riddles. On my desk I have a world atlas, songbooks, newspapers, magazines, collections of poets. I live in a small

the town of Oktyabrsk on the Volga, in the village of Pervomaisky. This is my homeland. She moved here as she stopped working (at the age of 60). She moved, as she pulls home - once, to work with the land, two, so that the grandchildren would come to the fresh air in the summer - three.

I am one of the quiet hunters. Like Aquarius, I like to be closer to the forest and water. Mushrooms, berries, medicinal plants - all this is collected and harvested for the winter. Grandchildren are everywhere with me. One of them - Zhenechka, 8 years old, lives with us.

I don't understand how people get bored. I always have something to do or something to do. In the summer, give, a vegetable garden, in the winter I knit rugs, correspond with my family, friends, take care of my husband, granddaughter. Aunt is elderly, she also needs help. I visit the children in Syzran in two weeks. We live with everyone amicably. For the holidays - small souvenirs are a must. It pleases everyone.

I'd like to talk about nutrition. Thanks to our newspaper - I take all the useful advice into service. I have an "Elderly" folder. There are articles: "Nutrition, someone over 50 years old", "Nutrition, someone over 60 years old." There, everything is written down to the gramule, what to eat and how much. Dinner at 7 pm. We have products mainly from the dacha. They are clean. We use them for growing. My food is more vegetable. I grow green onions all winter on the windowsill. Onions, garlic daily on the table. Tea is made from herbs. I harvest linden blossom, viburnum, mountain ash, rose hips for the winter. There is more parsley. In the morning, usually porridge (alternating - on water and milk). Hercules, I cook whole oatmeal only for myself, my husband and granddaughter do not accept them. I eat only rye and stale bread. Radish, turnip, beetroot, carrot salads are constant. I drink or boiling water in the morning

(according to Lyubimova), or pickle. Sometimes I arrange fasting days. I eat a little at all. I constantly monitor my weight (60 kg). I often cook pumpkin.

Since December with my granddaughter we have been visiting the "Health" group, in which there are 20 pensioners (all women). It is led by Strelnikova, Lyudmila Ivanovna Novikova, through the respiratory system. Everyone is happy and feeling much better.

We live financially normally (3500 per month). I am an economical woman. There is enough for everything.

I want to give advice to the young: take care of yourself from your youth, exercise, do not overeat at the table. Observe your sleep schedule. Don't lose your temper. Try to be in control of yourself. And at the end of the day, take stock. Be kind and helpful. And everything in life will be fine.

Address: Mostolyarchuk Tatyana Nikolaevna, 445247 Samara region, Oktyabrsk, st. Vologi-na, 7, apt. 98.

I reread the books of the Neumyvakins and Bolotov many times. Both are written with the heart, each sentence is verified, the recommendations have options. What it is? As you know, all bicycles are built according to the same scheme: wheels and a seat. But what a variety of shapes, sizes, models! And what can we say about you and me - at the same time they are similar and so different. Recently I finished compiling an alphabetical index to the book by B. Bolotov "Youth and Longevity". Now I am working on pointers to the book of the Non-Umyvakins "Endoecology of Health" and the annual set of "healthy lifestyles" for the last year.

They ask me: is it obligatory to cleanse the body during treatment with hydrogen peroxide, especially since there is an effect even without cleaning? As an answer, let's imagine an everyday situation. You started repairs in the house, you did everything well, but you couldn't take out the debris. One might get the impression that it has become even worse than it was. Of course, the recommendations of both books are useful. How long without cleaning. After some time, the effect will decrease or disappear altogether. Why? Because the human body is a self-cleaning system, but only to some extent. This means that the system requires constant attention and care.

Life is also full of unexpected options. For example, in the queue for receiving a pension, a hackneyed topic: how old is who? They asked me too. He replied: it depends on who you count from.If you count from my mother-in-law or from my grandmother, and she says that the eldest son-in-law is quite a child, he needs an eye and an eye, then I am still a kid, despite my 66 years.

One of the grannies in the line says:

- Your mother-in-law told you not everything. I have a mischievous grandson who always tries to run away from me. Once I did not catch up with him, so he is with claims - they say, why do I run badly. She explained: the old one is already chasing him, the forces are not the same. The grandson said: "You are not old, you are old." So your mother-in-law did not fully say: you are an old child.

Address: Kaibyshev Mels Sultanovich, 744008 Turkmenistan, Ashgabat-8, PO PO PO Box 417 (128).

I bought a piece of land, but it is expensive to travel by bus to the dacha, and it’s hard to lug around with bags. I decided to buy a bike. Looked after the male

- "Ural". The sales guys immediately assembled it in the store and pumped up the wheels. I went out with the determination to saddle my "horse" immediately and dashingly drive up to the house, although since my school years I had not sat on a bicycle. Well, really

- not to go on a bus with him!

I left the store - around a crowd of people, a line of cars - it became scary: I would sit down and crash, I would fall on someone or on the roadway I would please under the wheels of a car. Okay, I think I'll bring the "knight" home on foot. Moved, and then one of the streets was blocked - neither people nor vehicles. And I made up my mind: I got on my bike and went! I sit high, I look far away! The wind in my face, I swallow air with my mouth, I - I am going, I am flying! I got to my house, and I’m afraid to drive into the yard: the grandmas, I think, will laugh - “I got on my bike under my old ass”. I took him to the entrance, and to the apartment there were four flights of stairs and in each of them there were nine steps, and everything was up, and all the steps were mine, and my sick hands did not hold anything. And I went to the attack - to take one height after another, step by step, as in my student years, peak after peak. I helped myself with the corps, I will rest - and again forward. After all, I brought it without any help! Another victory over oneself, over the disease. But in the summer season - no dependence on buses.

Address: Gitzovich Svetlana Naumovna, 625000 Tyumen, main post office, on demand.

"Healthy lifestyle": With a wonderful acquisition you, Svetlana Naumovna! With another victory - not the last, we hope.


After the publication in "HLS" (№21 (249) for 2003) my note "The experiment was successful" a stream of letters poured in. Many thanks to the Zozhevites for their help, a deep bow from me and my children for the warm, caring and full of support letters. You can say you saved three fading human souls. Dare, do good, and we, as far as possible, will support you.

I never cease to be amazed at the immense breadth and kindness of the soul of the Russian people. Wherever a Russian is - in Kamchatka, in Chelyabinsk or in the USA - everywhere he remains Russian with his responsive soul, sensitive and loving heart. You read the letters and think: yes, this person is much worse than me, but he still tries to support, calm down, inspire hope.

In March 2003, she began to take peroxide. I will not say that the pressure returned to normal immediately, there were moments of exacerbation, however, I now have no doubt about the benefits of the procedure. I decided for myself that I would take Н2О2 until the end of my life, as I was convinced that my health improved. Recently I conducted an experiment on myself: my ear and tooth ached, I think - let me try peroxide. I dipped a match with a cotton ball in it and smeared my ear from the inside 2 times. Then I took 30 ml of boiled warm water, added 10 drops of peroxide to it and

rinsed her tooth. The neck from the sore side and near the ear was smeared with menovazin and wrapped in a scarf. Soon the pain subsided, and in the morning it was as if nothing had happened. So much for the peroxide.

Address: Rudnichenko Galina Grigorievna, 385130 Krasnodar Territory R.A., Takhtamukaysky district, p. Enem, st. Perova, 3, apt. 2.


Naturally, every person dreams of being healthy. And here physical culture and sports can provide invaluable help. I know this from myself.

Of course, there are stressful situations in my life, but I shoot them walking around the room or walking in the park. I switch my attention to breathing: I count how many breaths there are per minute of time. The phrase is spinning in my head: "The more stress - the better health." Naturally, this phrase evokes a smile, and unpleasant thoughts immediately recede.

When my knees hurt, I make a compress of hydrogen peroxide at night, which I take off in the morning before walking.

By the way, I almost forgot to say that in the evening before going to bed I definitely go out to get some fresh air. For three days I do compresses, on the fourth it becomes easier, and I can walk not for 20-30 minutes, but much more.

In conclusion, I would like to wish: let sport become a friend of every person, and a zozevite in particular!

Address: Grebenyuk Alexander Alexandrovich, 346780 Rostov region, Azov, st. Mira, 19/31, apt. 159.

Salt: pros and cons


Such an expression from ancient times means the meaninglessness of something, like food without salt, and mankind has been using salt since time immemorial. In ancient times, this product was worth its weight in gold. From the 15th century to Ukraine and to Muscovy or the Crimean lakes, the great salt road stretches

- Chumak tract. It is customary among the Slavic peoples to greet dear guests with bread and salt. "You can't eat bread without salt",

- says the saying given in V. Dahl's dictionary. And legends say that, starting and ending food with salt, a person protects himself from 72 diseases, including madness and leprosy.

But in the 20th century, the wisdom of the ancestors was questioned, and the experience of previous generations was rejected. In 1979, at an international symposium in Germany, nutritionists recognized salt as harmful to the body. And the era of the craze for salt-free diets began. All newspapers and magazines wrote about the "white death". The concept of limiting salt and salty foods has become firmly established in the minds of people. But the new postulates of a healthy lifestyle have now again become the subject of criticism. In the West, a scientific discussion about the dangers and benefits of salt has flared up again.

American explorer Michael Elderman of New York

Einstein Medical School appealed to US government health organizations to stop promoting salt-free diets. Dr. Elderman has studied their effect on the condition of patients for more than two decades and came to the conclusion that the use of these diets gives negative results, including death.

Elderman became convinced of a pathological increase in the activity of nerve cells, an increased risk of heart attack due to vasoconstriction and spasms, blood thickening due to a lack of salt in the body. The American scientist warns of the danger of sodium deficiency, which contributes to the formation of blood clots and impaired insulin production.

Naturally, opponents of salt immediately launched a counterattack, proving that excessive salt intake automatically raises blood pressure, foreshadowing heart attacks and strokes. Actually, vegetarians have long been adamant that the required amount of salt is contained in foods of plant origin. And the "meat-eaters" are convinced that a person does not grow without salt, moreover, it contains substances necessary for the body, which are very difficult to replace in any other way. Surprisingly, both sides are right in a heated debate.

Salt — sodium chloride is a complex chemical compound that contains not only sodium and chlorine, but also magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. The body needs sodium to maintain the acid-base balance; without it, the pancreas cannot produce digestive juices. Sodium is a major component of all body fluids and is involved in muscle contraction. However, sodium is practically absent in plant food, table salt remains its best source, the most accessible and convenient. And you need to constantly replenish reserves of sodium and chlorine, since they are not produced by the body, but are lost with sweat, urine and other body secretions. (By the way, the salts deposited in the joints are mostly calcium).

The causes of salt depletion of the body can be the abuse of diuretics such as furosemide or diacarb. Sodium deficiency is caused by increased physical activity, diarrhea, lack of insulin in diabetes mellitus, increased use of sulfamides for colds and kidney failure. On the other hand, if the kidneys cannot cope with the elimination of the required amount of salt and water, then they become the culprit of the "over-salting" of the body.

When there is more salt than the body needs, it is often caused by prolonged use of hormones (such as cortisone). An excess of sodium is always accompanied by a lack of potassium. This happens due to vomiting or diarrhea, and also due to a reduction in vegetables and dairy products in the diet. And potassium deficiency affects the work of the heart, the electrocardiogram changes, and this is not for the better.

In a word, salt is our friend or enemy, depending on its quantity and the state of the consumer's body. Hypertensive patients are always advised to restrain their addiction to salty foods. Especially when taking diuretic drugs, the effect of which is easy to nullify if there is too much salt. People with heart and kidney disease should also limit their salt intake.

Its amount is reduced when it is necessary to reduce the edema of the lower extremities in heart failure. The addiction to salt is also harmful for ulcers, since salt stimulates and at the same time serves as a raw material for the intensive production of hydrochloric acid. In people with an unstable psyche, excess salt increases mood swings and provokes fits of hysteria. And for fat people, fresh food is an indispensable attribute of a weight loss program.

On the other hand, salt brings significant benefits to hypotonic patients suffering from low blood pressure, with a feeling of lethargy, weakness, lethargy. Women on critical days are advised to increase their salt intake, as well as to everyone who is experiencing great physical exertion. And who does not know that to improve their appetite, it is enough to swallow some cool salted black bread? An ambiguous product is table salt.

How to determine the advantages and disadvantages of using it for yourself? Scientists have found that the average salt requirement of an adult is about a teaspoon per day, that is, the daily rate is 5-6 g of salt, including the one hidden in food. But it turns out that different people have not only an individual need for salt, the rate of even one person is subject to fluctuations. American scientists have testified to the fact that on certain days in some patients the need for chlorine and sodium increases. And then, in order to stop an attack of migraine, headache or hypertension, to improve health, you just need to eat a couple of pieces of herring.

It remains only to observe the reactions of one's own organism, and to take into account, alas, the hereditary factor for hypertensive patients. Symptoms of an excess of sodium are not only high blood pressure, but also edema - fluid retention in the body, thirst, frequent urination, darkened consciousness, congestion in the cardiovascular system.

With sodium fasting, appetite is lost, taste atrophies, nausea and vomiting appear, stomach cramps begin, a person gets tired quickly, experiences muscle weakness and cramps, mood swings, tearfulness, dizziness, he is tormented by migraines and headaches.

Scientists have proven that salt works differently for everyone. The only question is its reasonable use, compliance with the measure of its consumption. After all, you can poison yourself with water, and not only with salt. Those who are especially sensitive to it should limit themselves to a minimum, and not bring matters to the point of absurdity, completely abandoning salt. Food according to the principle of "not eating salty" does not lead to good.The sad experience of adherents of salt-free diets, which Dr. Elderman told the world about, serves as a guarantee. Studying medical histories of 12,000 Americans, the researcher found a link between sodium deficiency and increased mortality.

True, despite the newfangled theories, pickles, mushrooms, tomatoes, herring, sauerkraut and other pickles and pickles and pickles adorn the table of a Russian bread-and-salt to this day. But so that the conversation does not turn out to be too salty, let's remember the healing power of salt and some recipes with its participation.

Respiratory tract diseases, asthma are treated in specially equipped salt mines. Salt heated, calcined in a frying pan and packed in a canvas bag is applied for 10 minutes on the forehead, on the nose, on the bronchial area, soles for colds and on the lower back with sciatica. It is used for a monthly course of treatment for alcoholism with sauerkraut brine, bringing its intake from a quarter to a full glass daily. For nosebleeds, an incomplete teaspoon of salt is diluted with a glass of water. The daily procedure boils down to the fact that the resulting solution is sucked in by the nostrils 10-15 times, holding it for a dozen seconds, and drained.

In case of periodontal disease, it is useful to rub salt (5-10 g) dissolved in honey (20 g) into the gums. Gargling with salt and vinegar helps with gum disease and loose teeth. Mixed with olive oil, vinegar and honey, salt saves from sore throats and diphtheria. And salt with honey helps out with stings of bees, bumblebees and wasps. In the old days, village ladies even knew how to get rid of freckles by washing themselves for several days with salt water (a teaspoon in a glass of warm water).

The bulletin "HLS" published materials about the miraculous power of salt dressings (No. 17 for 2000, No. 10-11 for 2002). Their author, physician A.D. Gorbunova, in her notes “From“ white death ”to“ white salvation ”, talked about the practice of using a hypertonic solution of table salt for a variety of diseases. No less interesting were the publications about salt and snow against arthritis, proposed by the village paramedic and longtime friend of the newspaper NN Shtab (No. 1 for 2002).

A lot of articles in the "HLS" newspaper were devoted to the use of salt for skin diseases. It is used in medicines for eczema, lichen and itching. For example, an effective remedy for bruises, inflammations, the initial stage of skin cancer and rheumatism is obtained if fine dry salt is added to the top in a bottle 3/4 filled with good brandy and shaken. When the salt has settled, the medicine is ready. It is taken daily in the morning, an hour before breakfast, 2 tablespoons, diluting them with 6 tablespoons of boiling water, and in case of abdominal colic, repeat the reception every 2-3 hours. When applied externally for compresses, washing wounds and burnt places, rubbing, use an undiluted solution 2-4 times a day. If you have a headache, rub it on the top of your head for 15 minutes before bed.

To influence the heel spurs and with osteochondrosis, make lotions from a glass of coarse salt infused for 5 days in 0.5 l of brandy with 3 pods of red pepper. Radiculitis is surrendered if the following procedure is repeated twice within 4 days: apply a gauze bandage with a mixture of honey, salt, alcohol (250 g each) and baking soda (2 tablespoons) on the lower back greased with vegetable oil, and change the bandage fresh at night, lubricating skin again.

Some traditional healers advise getting rid of back pain, joints and muscles with the help of heat and rubbing with a mixture of a raw egg dissolved in vinegar essence, adding a tablespoon of turpentine and vegetable oil plus a teaspoon of salt.

Another rubbing against rheumatism is prepared from a 10-day infusion (in a dark place) 1 0 0 g of vodka with chopped ficus leaf and 1 teaspoon of salt. But the swelling can be removed with 4 tablespoons of honey and sour kvass, in a mixture of which 12 onions are boiled.After adding half a tablespoon of salt, take a tablespoon of decoction 5 times a day, flavoring the drink with a decoction of juniper berries.

Finally, a recipe for those suffering from polyarthritic pain in Kovar, heated together with flowering pine shoots (1 kg) almost to a boil and then cooled down with water (5L). The course is three days.

As you can see, in addition to the taste that salt gives to food, and its active role in healing, this wonderful gift of nature is widely used by folk healers and for medicinal purposes. I have no doubt that the Zozevites will be able to replenish this medical catalog in the future. We are waiting for new tips and tested recipes from readers - admirers of salt.

The review was prepared by Yulia KIRILLOVA.

"HLS": Well, friends, the dispute, of course, is not resolved and did not lead all doubters to a common opinion, did not put a categorical dot on the i. We are all different, hence the different attitude and perception of salt in each of us. But the label that was once glued to sodium chloride: they say, "white death", it's time to remove. Do not torture yourself with salt diets and heed the advice of B about r and with a Vasilyevich Bolotov: “Salt! What is needed and where it is necessary! "

Visiting official medicine

Gout is one of the first diseases described at the dawn of the development of medicine, about which as early as the 5th century BC. mentioned Hippocrates.

At the time of Chekhov and Veresaev, it was "a disease of well-being and abundance." And what about the treatment? And the treatment was incredibly primitive: "miserable gout" was prescribed sodium salicylate and harmful mercury ointment on the area of ​​the joints.

“But this is all history,” the reader will say. "How are things now?"

Not in the best way - doctors are forced to state. Here's why: The incidence of this disease has skyrocketed over the past century. Almost complete mechanization and the associated physical inactivity, a change in dietary addictions in favor of the notorious "fast food", alcohol abuse, chronic stress have left an imprint on the structure of various metabolic diseases, the most complex and insidious of which remains. gout.

What is the main essence of this disease? It's just that metabolic processes are disrupted in the body for the reasons indicated above (the hereditary factor also plays an important role), as a result of which there is an accumulation of uric acid and urates with the formation of crystals that are deposited in the joints and target organs.

What does gout look like clinically? Has it changed over the past centuries? On the one hand, it seems to be following a "well-worn path": the disease begins at night with severe pain in the first toe or knee joint. The pain is unbearable, combined with swelling and redness of the joint, making movement in it impossible. One to two days in mild cases after the first attack, everything disappears without a trace, even without treatment.

"At present," says the head of the Department of Faculty Therapy of the Russian State Medical University, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Galina Aleksandrovna Shostak, "gout is being considered within the framework of metabolic syndrome, and new mechanisms of realization of the hereditary predisposition of gout are being studied."

If we talk about the portrait of a patient with gout, then this is an obese person with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and even diabetes mellitus.

“Gout,” continues Galina Aleksandrovna, “means in translation“ a trap for the foot ”. The main form affects the joints. However, this is a systemic disease, and in addition to the joints, especially if the disease is not treated, the kidneys, heart, and blood vessels are affected. (There may even be "gouty" heart attacks due to the deposition of uric acid salts in the walls of blood vessels) ".

An insidious disease, you will not say anything.

And what does the leading Russian phytotherapist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Medical Faculty of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Vladimir Fedorovich Korsun think about gout:

“The most common form of the disease occurs.However, modern gout is somewhat easier. People began to fast, eat less coffee, cocoa, meat, strong broths. Since this is an metabolic disease (of which there is no doubt), then first of all it is necessary to restore the metabolism. "

Scientists divide gout into acute and chronic. Treatment in these cases is somewhat different.

“In the acute period,” says Professor Shostak, “during an attack, rest is recommended, a diet with a sharp restriction of meat, fish, mushrooms (ie, foods containing purines). An abundant drink is prescribed. "

Against this background, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, a new drug Nimisil) are administered.

“The onset of the disease can be very sharp and painful,” recalls Galina Aleksandrovna, “therefore it is necessary to anesthetize the patient using such drugs as ketonal, ketorolac, ketorol. In such cases, colchicine is used less and less because of its undoubted toxicity and different assessments of this drug in the world.

But after the attack has been relieved, rheumatologists prescribe the drug alopurinol, which normalizes the metabolism of uric acid with prolonged use and is the drug of choice in the treatment of gout. "

“Well-chosen herbal medicine, as well as physiotherapy, are good only outside the acute period,” says Professor Shostak.

Professor Korsun believes, however, that it is possible to start treating gout with diet and herbs at any stage. The main thing is:

• Carry out activities to alkalinize urine. Pumpkin, squash, cucumber juices are good here.

• It is desirable to increase the solubility of uric acid salts. To do this, you need to take an infusion and decoction of the roots of barberry, immortelle, lingonberry, strawberry, bearberry.

• Be able to inhibit the reabsorption of salts in the intestine with infusions of blueberries, astragalus, horsetail.

• Strive to suppress the formation of urates and uric acid in the body. Here you can use corn silk and Chinese lemongrass.

• Saturate the body with vitamins A, B1, B6 due to currants, strawberries, blueberries, clover, nettle.

You can write down the corresponding recipe from V.F. Korsun: strawberry leaves - 3 parts, birch leaves - 2 parts, corn stigmas - 2 parts, nettle leaves - 3 parts, agrimony grass - 2 parts. Pour one teaspoon of the collection with a glass of cool boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, strain, take one third of the glass 3 times a day.

If you take this collection for one and a half to two months, the disease begins to gradually recede.

“It is also good to have a home phyto-parasauna or to do massage with Ballet, Start, Alorom, Dubravushka creams. But the traditional alopurinol, - continues Professor Korsun, - is undesirable in diseases of the liver and pancreas.

“What does gout dislike? - Vladimir Fedorovich asks and answers: - He doesn't like food after seven in the evening, beer, red wine, brains like warmth and a half-starved way of life.

And here is what Stella Artavazdovna Krikorova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Department of Balneology and Balneotherapy of the Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology, says about gout:

"Physical factors are used for gout both outside the attack period and during an acute attack."

So, in the acute period, only anti-inflammatory and analgesic procedures can be prescribed. This is EP UHF irradiation, it is also possible to assign impulse currents according to the method of electrosleep, which have a sedative effect.

“But outside the attack, baths are good,” says Stella Artavazdovna, “radon, hydrogen sulphide, sodium chloride. Radon baths act most selectively on gout, since they, by affecting the exchange of purines, thereby contribute to the excretion of uric acid salts. Radon baths are available in the resorts of Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Tskhaltubo. The course is usually given 12-14 baths every other day. Hydrogen sulfide baths and therapeutic mud are also good.These are, first of all, such resorts as Sochi, Zheleznovodsk or, for example, Staraya Russa, Saki, Sestroretsk.

But sodium chloride baths can be done at home. We take 1.5-2 kg of table salt for the bath, dissolve at a temperature of 37-38 ° C. The bath time is 20 minutes. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures. But we must remember who should not use baths: these are, first of all, patients with cardiovascular diseases (coronary artery disease, high-grade hypertension). "

“It is better to prescribe baths in combination with diet and walks,” adds Stella Artavazdovna.

Well, now you and I, dear reader, are armed with opinions and knowledge about a disease called gout. And whoever is armed is protected. Which treatment to prefer is the answer for you and your attending physician, without whom it seems that you cannot do without in the treatment of such a complex disease as gout.

"Healthy lifestyle": You can discuss the above problem with Tatiana Lvovna by calling the GASIS medical center: 280-73-58 and 953-53-00.

In several lines

I understand this - I have already received five letters - and therefore I will forgive all readers for not taking into account in my article published under the heading "Yeast from high blood pressure" ("HLS" No. 3, 2004). I did not take into account the fact that at first, when you just started drinking yeast, there may not be a noticeable improvement - at least for several days. Therefore - I say now - drink pressure pills as usual. And measure the pressure. According to my observations, it begins to decline after the fifth or sixth day of taking yeast. And even then you yourself will feel that you can not drink the pills.

I don't measure my blood pressure for weeks at a time. Not necessary.

Address: Rusinova Alla Vladimirovna, 443050 Samara, st. Dostoevsky, 82.

The topic is serious, but I want to smile.

Our family consists of three pensioners: me, my husband and cat Ivan - he is 9 years old. Not a pensioner, only a three-year-old dachshund Linda. In "HLS" there was a casual conversation about whether animals help a person and how. And how!

... I am a pediatrician by training. The medical school, where I worked as the head of student practice, picked potatoes from the fields of the neighboring state farm every autumn. On one of these last year's harvests in the fall, it became sharply colder. I have a cold. Temperature 39 - no one at home (husband on a business trip). Our pet, a ginger cat, was the first to come to the rescue. (It was then not Ivan, but Timofey).

He sniffed me and, when I lay down, immediately climbed onto my chest - closer to my neck - and lay down. It never occurred to me to drive him away. Lies and lies. I fell asleep. I will not tell all the details of my recovery, I think that I got up from a severe cold primarily thanks to the cat. This is not the only observation in my life and medical practice.

Address: Erakhtina Inessa Alekseevna, 456870 Chelyabinsk region, Kyshtym, st. Cr. Zvezda, 99, apt. 40, phone: 8 - (351-51) -2-14-12.


After my article was published in "HLS" (No. 18 for 2003), I received many letters. Didn't even expect it! Letters came from all over Russia, from St. Petersburg to the Primorsky Territory, from the Far North to the southern borders of the country. That's what Russia means! We sent a lot of greeting cards for the New Year. The namesakes were interested in how my surname "got" to the Kurgan region.

This surname was given to me by the virgin lands. I have been wearing it since April 1954: I participated in the development of virgin lands and met my fate in the Kurgan region, Almenevsky district. But it has been seven years since my husband Vasilenko Nikolai Grigorievich passed away.

On the occasion of the present half-century anniversary of the development of virgin lands, I convey my regards to our virgin lands friends. In 1956, my husband and I left for family reasons from the Almenevsky district. And since then I do not know about the fate of our friends. Dear ones, write or call! I remember you and the time of our youth - wonderful, albeit difficult.

Address: Vasilenko Valentina Ivanovna, 641451 Kurgan region, Kurtamysh district, village Maletino, tel. 9-41-56.

Thank you, "HLS", that you are! In No. 15 for 2003, a sincere article "It seemed to you" was published. The author is heartfelt Valentina Grigorievna Kalacheva from Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region. This material excited me, gave me hope. I remembered the distant years of the war.My father, Pegikov Ivan Spiridonovich, died defending the approaches to Moscow, and was buried in this very Solnechnogorsk, where this kind woman is devouring. I wrote her a letter. And I was happy to receive news from her, where she tells what she read in the Book of Memory about my dad. He reports that he was buried in a mass grave, where the Eternal Flame burns.

It was written with soul, so that I seemed to have visited near his grave and in the city itself. And there is no way to go there: I am 65 years old, a pensioner, I live far away - in Siberia.

We are children, my grandchildren and sister, and all his relatives who survived, thank Valentina Grigorievna for her sensitivity, kindness, and responsiveness. May God grant her health, long life and all earthly blessings.

Address: Bannikova I.I., 630126 Novosibirsk, st. Vybornaya, d. 131, building 1, apt. 16.

HLS: We join II Bannikova. “This is what they do. zozhevtsy! "

the choice fell on "healthy"

We have a public organization of sports veterans in Nizhny Novgorod, which unites more than five hundred people. Back in 1998, we discussed at a meeting the question: what newspaper to subscribe to 150 veterans at the expense of our organization - "Nizhegorodsky Sport" or "Healthy Lifestyle". Voted for the messenger.

And since then, for the sixth year now, we have been writing "healthy lifestyle" to those veterans who especially need advice from knowledgeable people, recipes, just a kind word. And "HLS" helps all of us to stay afloat, maintain health, get rid of sores.

And now, taking this opportunity, I would like to ask the messenger to tell you about how to cope with arthrosis - tortured, damned.

Address: Anatoly Semenovich Potapov, 603155 Nizhny Novgorod, st. Ulyanov, 45-6, apt. 29.


In the summer of 2002, I fell ill with acute paraproctitis. In the hospital, the pus was pumped out, but the wound was constantly inflamed, and the doctor said that everything could happen again. And so it happened - the wound opened again. That's when I started drinking Shevchenko's mixture 30 + 30, exactly according to the instructions. And, oh joy, I stopped bandaging several times a day. I drank this mixture for 7 months. Thank God, I'm even afraid to speak, the disease no longer bothers me. And along with this, my throat stopped hurting, my nose was in order. But before, even in the summer I suffered from chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis, laryngitis. And my heart got better.

Address: Smirnova L.I., 423537 Tatarstan, Zelensky district, p. Savaleevo.


When my three-year-old daughter accidentally sat down in the jam just taken from the fire, there was a lot of screaming. And I had a tincture of Sophora (a glass of Sophora for a bottle of vodka). I quickly wet the cotton swab and lubricated the body. She immediately fell asleep, and when she woke up two hours later, the trouble was over, there were even no blisters.

Now my daughter has long been an adult, and it was she who introduced me to "healthy lifestyle", which is always with me in difficult times. It’s a pity, I didn’t know about the messenger before, maybe there wouldn’t have been a big grief - I lost my husband, he had rectal cancer. After the death of my husband, I started to feel depressed, I lost 30 kg. I went to church, took prayer from "Healthy Lifestyle" No. 2 for 2003. Now I began to feel better. Strength is given by hydrogen peroxide, thanks to Neumyvakin. And recently the postman thanked me for seducing others to subscribe to "healthy lifestyle". Well done, I hope these people will also find it easier to live.

Address: Shilenko Nina Andreevna, 347781 Rostov region, Veselovsky district, Vesely, st. Leninskaya, 112.


I am writing because there was a proposal in the newspaper to tell who and what helped from the published recipes. So I decided to tell you how I cured my elbow. He had been ill for six months. Well, it hurts and hurts, and then I noticed that it was not easy to unbend. The surgeon said: arthrosis of the elbow joint, X-ray, tests. And then I came across a recipe in the "healthy lifestyle" - salt and snow. I didn’t make up my mind right away, but testing is not a loss. I did it. As a result, the pain disappeared, the elbow unbent. It's been a year now. However, a few days ago, the same story began with the elbow of the other hand. I urgently went to the dacha for snow, had one session. I think to repeat it again. Hopefully with the same result.

Stalina Vasilievna Kotova.

"Healthy lifestyle": We warn you: treatment with snow and salt is a painful thing. Frostbite is possible. Therefore, read the method carefully before applying the mixture. And start small.The threshold of sensitivity in humans to both salt and cold is different.

My request was placed under the heading "Respond!", And in three days I received 8 letters. Thanks everyone! I thought: in our cruel time, kindness and compassion have been etched away from people, but no! There were healers, and advisers, and just people with holy intentions to help a person. Thanks also to the messenger for such a promoted mechanism for uniting people.

We have been subscribing to HLS for four years, we already have an archive and are promoting it in every possible way. I am a former warrant officer of the Orenburg RVC - 26 years old, now I work as chairman of the law-enforcement agency, I have a speakerphone for all 600 precincts. Therefore, as soon as I get "HLS", I immediately yell at all 600 sites: "A new issue of" HLS "has been released. And with all sorts of jokes, jokes, I advise what to read.

Address: Chernov Boris Grigorievich, 460018, Orenburg, Hospital ave., 10a, apt. five.

Life as it is


I look at the "healthy lifestyle" on my table, write and smile. May God grant you a long life, you are joy and an outlet for the soul. How many are now disadvantaged and exhausted. The revolution came with the devastation of an already wretched Russia. And then there's the Patriotic. But we loved the Motherland, and we won!

How many have been restored after the war and devastation, rebuilt again. How Russia rose after the Patriotic War! Where is everyone now? Why are we in distress? It is impossible to endure further.

I have two brothers and my father died in the Patriotic War. The elder brother and his wife were tortured by the Gestapo in 1943 for participating in the partisan movement in the city of Belaya Tserkov in Ukraine. There are three orphans left. Did my family think that life would change like that? They loved the Motherland and believed in it, they gave their lives for it.

In the 18th century, my ancestors traveled to the Far East, to the Amur for a settlement. We drove along the banks of the Amur. The elder - my great-great-great-grandfather (the families were large, and the elder was in charge of everything) stops his wagon train and proclaims: “Tyrr-come-let's go!”. And they smashed a village there, which they called Tyrr. I was born there. Our breed is hard-working - we settled down. And in 1933 we were dispossessed, everything was taken away and expelled from the village, although we did everything with our own hands, without hired workers. However, soon everything came to its senses. Much was returned to us, and then we lived well.

Now what? My husband is dying of cancer. Our village is in the outback. Previously, the bus ran daily. If someone felt bad at night, the collective farm instantly allocated transport for the patient. Now the hospital is 15 km away, how to get there in winter?

Once upon a pension of 110 rubles, I could go to any part of the country. And now, for 1500 rubles, I can't visit my son, who lives 250 km away. It’s already two years since I’ve been with him. So you think: what awaits us, ordinary workers? Children, our grandchildren? Forgive me, my newspaper. I got sick. One spark is you! I have no one but you. No hope for anyone.

And then a real miracle happened to me somehow. I felt very bad. Exhausted, dizziness. Well, I guess my time has come. I decided to go to the forest belt - not far. Into the birch trees. Tired, I settled down under a birch tree and. fell asleep. I slept for half an hour. I had a puppy with me. I wake up, the puppy is nearby. I got up, I don't understand what happened to me - as if I was reborn. The state of health is wonderful. No pain. I hugged the birch tree, pressed against the trunk, I feel the strength pouring into me. I thanked the birch, kissed, stroked and skipped home.

I love nature very much! When I go into the woods, I say hello to the birch trees, wish you health, tell them that I love them very much. Apparently, the birches also fell in love with me. They drove the disease out of me.

Address: Lilia Fedorovna Tenisheva, 422867 Tatarstan, Spassky district, p / o IZh-Boriskino.


Last year, my neighbor Vera Voskresenskaya gave me a subscription to healthy lifestyle. I was very pleased with the newsletter and wrote it out myself for the current six months. In the newspaper I found not only useful recipes. For me, "HLS" is also a wonderful conversationalist.

The fact is that I do not hear - neither the radio, nor the TV, nor those who are talking nearby. I need to speak directly into my ear: for 40 years now there is a strong noise in my head that appeared after childbirth. And when the husband's leg was taken away and he was very weak, he began to speak quite quietly. I urgently needed a hearing aid.

Having received two pensions and taking every penny - 3980 rubles, I went to Irkutsk.There I picked up some kind of Danish behind-the-ear apparatus. I kept asking how much it cost, and I prayed to God that at least 300 rubles would remain. When the accounting department called its price - 18,500 rubles - my mouth opened and I didn't want to close for half an hour. So I went out into the corridor with my mouth open and couldn't even cry right away.

I came home, my husband says something, but I can’t understand anything, I instantly got a headache, my blood pressure jumped - 250 to 120. Now I am alone: ​​my husband died in August, we lived together for 47 years. And it’s harder and worse for me: neither talk, nor listen, not go anywhere, not even to church. And in order to save money for a hearing aid, you need not spend a single kopeck on anything for 10 months. It's too early to go to the garden and I can't find a place at home. One consolation - "healthy lifestyle": I read as if I will talk to a loved one, and calm down imperceptibly. A sister in the village saw my newspapers and also subscribed to them.

Someone ask: maybe make "healthy lifestyle" color? My opinion: nothing needs to be changed, the newspaper is easy to read and store, interesting and, most importantly, inexpensive. I have a favorite flower - lenok. All summer blooms with small blue-blue stars. In the morning, a lot of delicate beautiful flowers are revealed, and in the evening every one is closed. I love Lenok very much and call him "friend". Now I have two friends - Lenok and HLS.

Address: Ivanova Anastasia Semyonovna, 665824 Irkutsk Region, Angarsk, 219-3-26.

"Healthy lifestyle": Dear Anastasia Semyonovna, in Irkutsk we contacted the Moscow branch of the Center for Good Hearing "Rainbow Sounds" (Irkutsk, Mr. Yubileiny, 100, GUZ Irkutsk OKB, 4th floor, rooms 17, 18, 19). This center opened on March 1. Its director Nikolai Andreevich Sukhanov assured us that a Russian behind-the-ear device will be selected for you at the price of the Istok manufacturer. 2500-3000 rubles.

We would love you to hear!


In "HLS" (No. 4 (256) for 2004) the article "A runny nose is by no means harmless" was published. The author, a doctor from Irkutsk ON Sysoeva, claimed that the "Vitafon" apparatus successfully treats the disease, but the ultrasound used in it destroys a significant part of the cells. Of course, the first to sound the alarm were our readers who use "Vitafon" in the treatment of sinusitis. The fears were in vain. As the developers told us, "Vitafon" uses microvibration of sound rather than ultrasonic frequency range, and the impact power is measured in units of milliwatts and does not exceed the power of sound emitted by opera singers using the vocal cords, so no cell destruction occurs.

Sports and you. Pro-fi-lac-ti-ka

First of all, I read the section “Sport and you. Pro-fi-lak-ti-ka "and rejoice. Both in this heading and in the heading "Personal experience", whether we like it or not, the promotion of walking and running comes out on top. I am glad not because I myself have been promoting health-improving walking and running for 26 years, but because this is actually the number one remedy - a human innate reflex.

I really liked the article by Emma Popova "By trial and error" in "HLS" (No. 5 for 2004) in the heading "Personal experience". Keep it up! In the article: "In diabetes, salt the body is useful" I would consider it necessary to add the following: for a diabetic patient, the doctor should say that a large volume of walking, moderate activity (of an aerobic nature) is the main medicine, and only then - the organization of proper nutrition, drug therapy, and so on. ... This is not my opinion, but the recommendations of the world endocrinology. How many patients could be helped by giving positive information about the treatment of this serious ailment. I want to say that for 26 years my walking and running club "Sokol" has accumulated examples of victories over almost all modern ailments.

I am sending a story about a member of the club V.E. Shatskiy, who clamped his diabetes in iron gloves by means of a long walk.

10 million Russians are diabetics! According to the latest data, the incidence of type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents has tripled! Risk factors for type 2 diabetes are a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, obesity.

The overwhelming majority of patients with diabetes mellitus (about 85%) suffer from the second, non-insulin dependent, type. This type of diabetes develops most often after 40 years, although it occurs at a young age, but it is very rare. Overweight people usually get sick with it. It proceeds more easily than type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent), since the body has its own insulin. Moreover, quite often the patient's own insulin is quite enough, but for a number of reasons it does not "work" as it should. If the patient and the doctor succeed in teaching the cells to recognize insulin with the help of physical exercises, diet and special antihyperglycemic tablets, then all manifestations of the disease disappear. Being overweight is a serious obstacle in the fight for recovery. Therefore, a sure recipe for protecting yourself from disease if you are predisposed to diabetes, or a recipe for lowering blood sugar if you are already sick, is to get rid of those extra pounds. The choice of remedies for type 2 diabetes is small: either daily handfuls of antihyperglycemic pills plus all the inconveniences associated with being overweight, or daily exercise, the right attitude to nutrition and an appropriate diet.

Viktor Efimovich Shatsky, a former worker of the Saratov Electric Power Plant (SEPO), already retired, unexpectedly found an unwanted companion in the form of type II diabetes. Apparently, a new, calmer rhythm of life, a sharp decrease in physical activity, while maintaining the usual amount of food, and allowed to gain extra pounds. The patient was disciplined. He followed all the instructions of the endocrinologist thoroughly. But with the help of diet and medicine, it was only possible to stabilize the situation. This went on for several years, until fate brought him to the walking and running club "Sokol". It took him a long time to convince him of the physiological and health-improving effectiveness of vigorous walking over long distances. He quickly realized that he had found what he needed. Working in a cyclical mode continuously and for a long time, the walker burns a lot of energy, where fat cells were burned first of all, as they are less valuable for the body. And metabolic processes were activated in the best way.

At first, he walked relatively short distances, 6-7 kilometers three or four times a week. For a long time I could not find a partner equal in strength and close in spirit and interests. It seems like a big team is going into the forest, but he seems to be on his own. But this did not upset him. Gradually, he independently increased the duration of walking, diversified routes. He continued to be monitored by an endocrinologist, every three months he was tested for the presence of blood sugar. The analyzes were getting closer and closer to the norm. Six months later, as he joined regular walking training, the doctor, praising for the good results, asked why such a clear progress? Upon learning that Viktor Efimovich became a member of the Sokol walking and running club, she admitted that she herself had once walked with Yakovlev in the Kristall club, but had stopped walking due to tragic circumstances. She advised in no case to interrupt classes, but to come to her next time in a year.

During this year of systematic training, Shatsky noticeably lost weight, significantly strengthened physically and grew into a whole group of partners, becoming the undisputed leader of this group. His team makes vigorous 11-kilometer hikes three times a week along a variety of forest trails. After a year, as agreed with the doctor, he took his tests to the clinic. The results were excellent, and the doctor released him with a light heart for another year.

the head of the walking club and

physical education worker

She lived almost all her life in the North: on Sakhalin, and then in Murmansk. I came to the South by accident and for a long time could not get used to the Kuban life. For three years I cried in the North, for a thousand days I looked around: high fences, doors with "ten locks", and in summer and winter - shutters on the windows. And only 10 years later it became "Kuban".

With the growth of 1.68 weighed 100 kg, the joints of the legs hurt. Than just not been treated. And so they advised me to buy a bicycle - since then I've been riding for almost 10 years. Every morning (at 6 o'clock) I ride a bike for 3 km (instead of charging) - and I forgot about the joints. And now I weigh 72 kg.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, I am fond of cultural: I sing in the choir of veterans at the Palace of Culture. We are 40 people from 60 to 80 years old. I read a lot, write poetry and take part

in cultural events that take place in the city. I get a huge creative charge - isn't this a charge for life ?!

I don't understand those women who are always moaning and listening to their sores. I am treated by a healthy and cultured lifestyle.

Address: Semyonova Lira Petrovna, 352386 Krasnodar Territory, Kropotkin, st. Chernomorskaya, 1 "B".


Your new heading “Sport and you. Pro-fi-lak-ti-ka ”, of course, is needed. I would like to make a proposal: to advise every physical education teacher to devote at least 10 minutes of the lesson to promoting a healthy lifestyle: explaining to the children how to become healthy, strong in spirit and beautiful in body. After all, healthy children are the key to the health of the nation.

Address: Khairullina Anna Isla-movne, 420140 Ryazan, st. Minskaya, 40, apt. sixteen.

The organizer and host of the local running club "Breeze" writes to you (run wisely and temper). The blows of fate, losses and stress brought me a whole range of diseases: rheumatism, polyarthritis, tuberculosis, ulcers. However, thanks to the advice of kind people, I decided to start strengthening my health. And a miracle happened: from a half-dead man, I again began to turn into a normal person, my body and spirit became stronger.

Having reached the age of 70, for more than 25 years I have been constantly participating in various kinds of competitions (volleyball, athletics), all these years I have taken part in marathon races (including the 100-kilometer Rostov and 300-kilometer route Kerch - Sevastopol , phased). For the last 10 years, the competition distances have been reduced to 10 km, but the result in my age category is unchanged - I am always a prize-winner. Thanks to the competitions, I learned a lot about the vastness of our Motherland, visited Moscow, Kaliningrad, Voroshilovgrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Kiev, Kharkov, Yalta, Tashkent and met many wonderful people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1984, having moved to the village, he organized a jogging club with regular (3 times a week) classes according to a system I developed that is suitable for strengthening the health of people of all ages and varying degrees of health (from seven to seventy years of age), in which to the present time was visited by about two hundred people. Many pupils of the club are participants in marathon races, there are also prize-winners.

Now our club has established its own system of classes: the obligatory performance of physical exercises with a load on all muscles for 45 minutes and the obligatory jogging for all for an hour. More prepared people run extra in their free time.

Each of the exercises differs in quantity, intensity and depends on the age and degree of preparedness of the body, but involves a gradual increase in the load.

In the club we study (using at home) self-hardening, self-massage and read "healthy lifestyle".

I am 71 years old. Every day (except for classes in the club) I run 12-15 km, every morning (before running) I do physical exercises with 4-kilogram dumbbells, round resistance bands for hands and "piercing" rugs (metal bottle caps on plywood), I do massage. Lesson time - 2 hours (without running), running - an hour and a half, speed - 1 km in 4.5 - 5 minutes. After - pouring water from a well (or column) at any time of the year.

Address: Yakubovich Arkady Eduardovich, 309255 Belgorod region, Shebekinsky district, p. New Tavolzhanka, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 11.


I am already 78 years old, behind a difficult life, I have passed the front roads.In the 60s and 80s, he took part in festive parades ten times. I still have the marching bearing and I can mint the marching step.

I remember how in the seventies I came to my son Yuri in Leningrad. He studied there at the P.F. Lesgaft. Later he became a master of sports of international class, was a multiple champion of Russia in high jump. So my son advised me to sleep on a hard mattress. I got rid of sciatica, and in old age it is so important!

When he served, he performed physical exercises with the company in a certain complex. Now I live according to the strict regime of the day. Rise at 6 o'clock. I woke up - I'm alive, I rejoice. Lying down, I rub my palms thoroughly, squeeze my hands, twist each finger, they should crunch in the joints. I rub the surface of both hands to the shoulders and shoulders. I squeeze my elbows with my fingers. I put my hands with outstretched fingers on my face, simultaneously massaging the shells of the ears, lobes, chin, cheekbones.

Then I move on to the body. I rub my chest and stomach with circular motions of my palms. I bend my left leg at the knee, and sharply squeeze my right leg to the buttock and, straightening it, throw it forward. At the same time, with my left hand, I massage the surface of the leg from bottom to top. I bend it, put it on the knee of my left leg. I squeeze my toes with my right hand, grab the big toe, twist it until it crunches. This convinces me that the finger is in order and the bump on the side is not formed. Then I rub my leg up to the knee and above, massage the calf and with my finger massage the “point of life” under the knee on the right in the depression. I repeat the same with my left leg. I turn on my right side, grab the whole foot with my left hand and hit my left buttock with my heel several times. It will be difficult at first, knee pain may appear, but you need to overcome yourself. Then I do the same on my left side.

Then "bike" - with legs and arms. I work with the abdominal membrane ten times. Everything. I rest for five minutes and get up. Warm up a little.

Now I am awake, I feel good, It seems I can move mountains. This exercise goes with me through life, helps to maintain health, optimism and good mood.

Address: Gotovsky Vasily Vlasovich, 347923 Rostov region, Taganrog, st. Instrumental, 19/2, apt. 38.

Business trip by letter


I would like to tell you about the Treatment and Prevention Center for Asthmatics, which is located in the remote village of Korshik, Orichevsky District, Kirov Region. Patients from all over the place come here. And they are met by a friendly, close-knit team of medical workers, responsible and responsive. In all this, great credit goes to the head of the pulmonology department of the Center, Kapitolina Konstantinovna MOROZOVA (pictured).

She was born near the village. After graduating from a medical institute in Leningrad, she could well stay there to work. But the aroma of native fields, love for their small homeland beckoned to return. And now Kapitolina Konstantinovna has been working at the Center for 20 years.

In the guest book, patients write: "The doctor treats with warmth", thank you for the hope "that you gave us." "We have learned to breathe evenly and enjoy life."

Morozova is a village doctor. In addition to working at the Center, you have to go out on calls, it happens, and the night with the patient spends.

And the hospital itself. How not to root for her soul! The building is dilapidated; for several years there was not even a cosmetic repair. Consider that there is no modern equipment, and the old one often breaks down. And not to reach anywhere, not to interrogate.

And, like a miracle, the Korshikov Center lives, works, heals. In spite of everything, heals for free!

Address: Shvetsova Valentina Nikolaevna, 612412 Kirov region, Zuev-ka, pl. Sverdlova, 4, apt. four.

"Healthy lifestyle": The letter from Valentina Nikolaevna, as they say, called on the road. Our correspondent visited the village of Korshik.

The very first impression: the whiteness of the snow. One that will take your breath away. And immediately upon arrival, another sense of time, freed from the raid of city bustle.

And the village of Korshik is not so distant - 60 kilometers from Kirov. Buses run not often, but regularly. In recent years, there was a state farm-millionaire here. It was then that they built everything here that no other old town could even dream of: a club with an auditorium for 300 seats, a three-story high school with excellent sports and assembly halls, a music school, a bathhouse, and a kindergarten. And the hospital. Precinct.

You will look at it, at this hospital, from the side - a rather imposing two-story building made of gray brick with wide windows on two sides of the world. And you go inside and wonder: is this a hospital? Floors, windows, walls, doors, plumbing have not known any repairs for a long time. The millionaire state farm became a cooperative. Breathing hard. Who else cares about this hospital? Outwardly, only the impeccably white coats of the medical staff seem to emphasize in spite of everything: this is a hospital, and everything here is strict and according to the rules.

Morozova has 30 beds at her disposal, which is 30 patients. They come, as a rule, on vouchers of district polyclinics with severe respiratory tract lesions - bronchitis, asthma. And each Kapitolina Konstantinovna accepts as the one and only.

By the way, the cure rate for Morozova's patients last year was 100 percent, in the previous two years it was 96-98. And people not spoiled by attention, leaving the hospital, write notebook after notebook with gratitude: "You are a super doctor", "Your eyes radiate so much light and warmth", "People really need you", "Such naturalness and freedom in you, you are like Russian nature: the farther you look, the dearer it gets ”,“ You heal with warmth. "

But, of course, you cannot heal with warmth alone. We need treatment as such. And in an absolutely free rural hospital, lost in the white snows of the north-east of our country, where salaries are nowhere lower and there are almost no conditions, doctor Morozova applies the most advanced techniques. The same as somewhere in Moscow, or, perhaps, even to the one that has introduced and successfully uses the "school of asthma."

What it is . The World Health Organization and the world's leading experts have developed the "Global Initiative to Fight Bronchial Asthma." In 1995 it was updated. And all over the world, and in our country, asthma schools also began to be created. The most important and wonderful essence of them lies in the fact that the doctor and the patient become partners in the struggle for health. A patient who has gone through school acquires extensive knowledge about his illness. He imagines what the bronchi are, masters the technique of controlled coughing, knows what happens during an asthma attack, how the diaphragm works when breathing, what is the role of bronchodilators in treating an attack, what can cause an asthma attack, and much, much more.

At one time, Kapitolina Konstantinovna mastered the asthma school so much that she, as a leading specialist, was sent to the annual Russian congress on lung diseases. So no new items pass by her. By the way, last year Dr. Morozova received the title of "Doctor of the Year" in the nomination of rural doctors.

The hospital, despite its undeniable poverty, still has something for treatment. This is a bronchological room, an ozone therapy room, a small room for medical gymnastics, an inhaler, compressor nebulizers (these are the latest inhalers) and - the pride of the institution - an artificial climate chamber, the so-called "salt cave in the room." Her former chief physician, Honored Doctor of the RSFSR, Alexander Semenovich Egorov, introduced it. This room also needs to be repaired, but the devices still do not fail - they spray salt in the air, and the patients breathe it.

Now about the asthma school methodology - that part of it that our readers can use on their own.

After the obligatory morning exercises, long walking at a feasible speed is useful. After walking, drink very hot water, almost boiling water.A glass or two, whatever fits. Then lie down on the bed with a pillow under your stomach. Lie for 5-15 minutes on an incline. Get up and expel the phlegm that accumulates from the bronchi. You can use a bench with a slope. To complicate this drainage exercise a little: on the back — 5-15 minutes, stand up, remove phlegm. Then the same on the left, then on the right side.

For those who have weak airways, cyclic exercises are recommended: dosed walking, jogging at a slow pace, mixed - running, then walking - movement. And do not forget to gradually and carefully increase the load in the process of regular training.

And here is how they teach to breathe correctly in asthma school.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your lips, folded into a tube, as in a whisper or as a kiss. The exhalation should be at least twice as long as the inhalation. For example: one, two - inhale one, two, three, four - exhale. The back is straight.

To lengthen the expiration time, you can count in your mind and up to six. But in no case should there be any sharp exhalations, unpleasant sensations.

Closed-lip breathing is used for all breathing exercises. Breathe this way when you are working and when breathing becomes difficult.

In this latter case, diaphragmatic breathing should be added to the closed-lip breathing technique. Diaphragmatic breathing performs 80 percent of the act of breathing.

To experience diaphragmatic breathing, place your hand on your stomach and inhale through your nose. You will feel the movement of the diaphragm.

The first diaphragmatic exercise, or belly breathing. This exercise can be done while sitting, lying down, or standing. First, exhale through the lips folded into a tube, the stomach is drawn in, the chest rises, inhalation through the nose - the stomach is inflated, the chest is lowered. Moreover, the abdomen fluctuates with greater amplitude. A little rest and a second exercise: breathing with the lower ribs. We put our hands on the lower ribs and exhale through the lips folded into a tube, squeeze the ribs, pull in the stomach. Inhale through your nose, stretch your ribs, and inflate your stomach.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Diaphragmatic breathing will become normal, everyday, if it is practiced often. You need to do these exercises several times a day. After every five deep breaths, you need to rest, otherwise you may feel dizzy.

Correct cough technique. With respiratory diseases, a lot of phlegm is produced. It accumulates in the airways and makes breathing difficult. Excessive phlegm puts pressure on sensitive receptors and causes coughing.

There is a rule for coughing up phlegm: we exhale through the lips into the tube, then inhale slowly with our nose, hold your breath, cough twice with your half-open mouth, hold your breath and exhale calmly. If coughing is effective, a dull sound is heard at the end. To better cough, you must first drink a hot drink or an expectorant.

In conclusion, I would like to stress once again: treatment at the Korshik hospital is free. There is a good food and very attentive and sensitive medical staff.

Nina SHKOLNIKOVA, our specialist corr.


To my shame, in my 66 years I have no "bouquet" of diseases, although some, as it seemed to me, are proud of it. And yet, as I understand it, many diseases are the result of hard, conscientious work. It is worth pondering over this, because I am by nature a workaholic, as many tell me. I think that I am not a decent workaholic.

I really like those materials that could be given a general name: "Overcome yourself." It seems to me that they cure people better than the strongest drugs. I would like to say to the Zozhevites: hold on, you can overcome everything, heal each other with inexhaustible natural strength - the kindness of the Russian people.

Address: Tsatinov Boris Vladimirovich, 6800 Moldova, Ialoveni, st. Moldova, 16.

HLS: Well, continue to be ashamed, Boris Vladimirovich.


Maybe it will seem strange to some when I say that I am 87 years old and at the same time I do not feel decrepit. And although I have an enlarged thyroid gland, arrhythmia and cataracts of the left eye disturb, but at the same time I try to maintain my health with folk remedies. I walk without a stick, I don't rest during the day, I serve myself, I read with my right eye. I wrote out "Super-Vision", I have been using them for two months already. I do morning exercises. For a long time I accepted sprouted wheat grains, but now they are so difficult to buy!

We must fight for life with all available folk means. "Healthy lifestyle" teaches us a lot, the unenlightened in medicine. Thank you for your kindness to us.

Address: Gerasimchuk A.P., 129090 Moscow, st. Troitskaya, 9, bldg. 1, apt. 174.

Cured in 21 days

I am 73 years old, and I only recently heard about "healthy lifestyle" and immediately found in it the advice I needed for a long-standing disease - vulvar kraurosis. I exactly followed the advice of Clara Doronina in curing this disease and got rid of it in 21 days.

Address: Kabizova Nadezhda Stepanovna, 693013 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, st. Emelyanova, 17-a, apt. 58.

I got away from my youth

I am only 14 years old, but from a young age I caught myself and firmly decided to take care of a healthy lifestyle. And I helped in my search for "healthy lifestyle" - a good and kind companion. Our whole family reads it with pleasure, uses recipes.

In the summer, I spend as much time as possible in the fresh air: I swim and sunbathe. And in winter I go skiing. How beneficial it is for body and soul! When I come home after a two-three-hour skiing trip in the fresh air, I feel as if reborn: ruddy, energized, ready for any work and study.

Here is the end of winter. And soon she will be replaced by the beauty spring. Until next year I will remove the skis. But I won't stop taking care of a healthy lifestyle - without quotes.

Address: Baikova Julia, 171660 Tver region, Krasny Kholm, st. Privokzalnaya, 11, apt. one.

Cancer can be defeated


Thank you very much for your work, for the optimism with which you are making this difficult publication. It's sick, that's why I'm writing to you. Maybe what is written in my message will be useful to the readers of "Healthy Lifestyle".

I first met you three years ago, when a colleague brought to work a file of the healthy lifestyle newsletter. The publication's confidential tone immediately aroused sympathy. Many recipes that have already been tested by themselves in the treatment were struck by their simplicity and effectiveness. I immediately decided to subscribe to HLS. And now for the last time I have been a regular subscriber of the newsletter. And last year, "Healthy Lifestyle" helped my mother cope with a serious illness: doctors diagnosed a breast cancer. Mom underwent two operations, the course of the disease and postoperative rehabilitation were complicated by long-term diabetes mellitus. All this time, for six months, my mother did not stop using the recommendations of the messenger: she drank tinctures from the collection of herbs, an extract of hemlock, Shevchenko's mixture, tinctures of a golden mustache and others. I think that the optimistic attitude of her relatives helped in many ways to fight the illness for my mother. A significant contribution was made by all the authors of your magazine, who wrote about how they cope with their ailments. If a person is sick, it is very important for him to know how others overcome the same difficulties, what they do, how they are treated. I tried to find as much information as possible that could be useful to my mom. I learned that in our city there is a regional public fund to support patients suffering from cancer, "Nadezhda". I tracked down its chairman, Lyudmila Andreevna Sinyavskaya. This strong-willed and interesting woman, who herself underwent an oncological operation, today actively helps all cancer patients and their families to cope with cancer.

Lyudmila Sinyavskaya organizes meetings with people who have lived for decades after oncological operations and radiation and chemotherapy sessions.Cancer patients with many years of "experience" share their knowledge, experience, impressions, and their example gives hope: cancer can be defeated. Currently, Lyudmila Andreevna is collecting literature and audio recordings of lectures by leading doctors in Russia concerning diet, nutrition, lifestyle, psychological mood of cancer patients. Anyone who wants to study can borrow (rewrite, make copies) the publications or audio recordings they need.

Here are some extracts from the guidelines you can get from Hope.

Any disease is a disease of the whole organism, not just a single organ. This means that it is necessary to influence him not by one, but by a combination of different methods.

One of the rules of oriental medicine says: there is no disease that cannot be cured. The patient himself must become the main character in the restoration of his own health.

First of all, to establish and strengthen a new life position, review what you are doing wrong: eat, think. Change your daily routine, engage in physiotherapy exercises, learn to relieve physical and psychological overload, watch your appearance, do not disband. Do what you love, first of all forgive yourself and everyone who did you harm, help people. There will always be a person who needs your help, who is even worse than in a m. Regularly undergo medical supervision, look for additional, non-traditional methods of treatment, remember that in this situation everything is possible, the main thing is to believe. Think, analyze your life, actions and in no case punish yourself.

And further. The rules to be followed are recommended by Katsuzo Nishi. Once upon a time, the doctors released the young Katsuzo only 20 years of life. And he lived to 75 and still made his significant contribution to the fight against cancer. This man, an engineer by training, became an honored professor who saved many human lives. Nishi claims that a person is not born with diseases, he acquires them. In a person, everything is interconnected, and if a finger is sore, it means that a failure has occurred in the body. Nishi believed that it was not the disease that needed to be treated, but the whole body, and by all means find the cause. And the best doctor is nature. A person once ate natural food, but what are we doing today? We indulge ourselves with various delights, we use a lot of preservatives.

Today, the six golden rules of Niche health are very popular, and the whole world knows them. Here they are.

First. Firm, flat bed. It is necessary to pay great attention to the spine. Subluxation of the vertebrae leads to certain diseases. A person sleeping on such a bed, in addition to cancer, gets rid of, for example, atherosclerosis of the brain.

Second. Small hard pillow. A Japanese saying says, "A crooked neck is a sign of a short life." Sleeping on a firm pillow allows a person to forget forever what cerebral atherosclerosis is.

Third. The goldfish exercise is easy to do. Lie on an even bed, without bending your legs, pull the tips of your toes towards you so that you feel the tension in your calves. Place both hands under your neck, crossing them in the region of the fourth or fifth cervical vertebra. In this position, swing the whole body from side to side like a fish swimming in water.

Fourth. The exercise is for capillaries. According to Nishi, capillaries are the second heart. And for the heart to work well, it needs help. And for this, lying on your back, raise your arms and legs up and try to shake (vibrate) them. If you cannot raise both legs or arms at the same time, do this

alternately. Exercise is great for secondary lymphostasis. This disease affects people who have undergone cancer surgery to remove organs: breast, uterus, ovaries and others.Many suffer not only from this cosmetic defect, but also from severe pains that disturb the tumors. This exercise has been proven to relieve pain. It must be performed in the morning and in the evening. And not only for cancer patients, but also for almost all people for prevention.

Fifth. This rule helps to restore breathing, improve the work of the cardiovascular system, and balance the nervous system. Lying on your back, you just need to close your feet and palms. A few minutes with closed palms and feet perfectly relieve cramps.

The sixth exercise is for the back and abdomen. A description of it can be found in Nishi's book.

I noticed that, unfortunately, very little is said about maintaining the body after an oncological operation, radiation and chemotherapy courses. But rational and proper nutrition is simply necessary for a weakened patient. After radiation and chemotherapy, sugar, fats, and milk should be excluded from the diet. Drink more natural juices and eat more fresh vegetables.

And finally, a few words. Tune in to leave all the negativity. Do not withdraw into yourself. Go to the theater, cinema, watch more funny programs, walk more often in the fresh air, work on the ground. Avoid only strenuous physical activity. And remember: you are not alone.

Address: Artemyeva Marina Dmitrievna, 670050 Ulan-Ude - 50, PO Box 604.

HLS: Our readers are undoubtedly well acquainted with the rules of the Niche. By the way, it would not hurt to add here the need for multiple exposures in the fresh air during the day, a cool shower and some other points aimed at strengthening the body's defenses - read: immunity. In the next issues of the newsletter, we will try to prepare a series of materials on this topic.

And one more thing, Marina: tell us, if possible, the coordinates of "Nadezhda".

We are not inventing anything.


I have been reading "HLS" since the days of "Soviet Sport". And all my wealth in the house is files and folders with a messenger.

I work as a nurse in a hospital. I love my profession, I show persistence in the knowledge of alternative medicine. I am looking for a middle ground in the disagreements of the "minds" of medicine and I am very sorry that almost every doctor understands: it is necessary to treat the patient, not the disease, but. in the current conditions it cannot do anything.

I myself do not shine with health since birth. I got married, gave birth to two children, but I had to raise them alone.

At the age of 35, they poured me like a bucket of diseases: a stomach ulcer, urolithiasis, arthrosis, herpes. I do not like to talk about it, to complain, but I immediately began to “feel like an old woman.

By nature I am purposeful, strong-willed. She began to starve, douche herself with cold water, do gymnastics, swimming, and cleanse both body and soul. Certain successes have been outlined.

But in 2000 (I was 51 years old) doctors diagnosed breast cancer. They underwent an operation and prescribed Tamoxifen, but they did not carry out chemotherapy and irradiation.

And then I "got myself into a lump": I started drinking Shevchenko's mixture 3 times a day. I confess it was hard. It's like a new life - I constantly had to control myself, observing the daily regimen and nutrition. I felt nauseous, could neither drink nor eat. But gradually the black streak of my life changed to pink. I started to get better. Wrinkles are gone, I look younger. I forgot about the stomach ulcer, which for 10 years in a row worsened twice a year. I began to visit herpes less often. And how good I felt without the debilitating pain in my head!

Took a mixture of 8 cycles. I felt oversaturated and decided to stop, but continued to keep a diary of observations, and he testified that the old "sores" gradually began to return: herpes, laryngitis, hemorrhoids, finally, the stomach ulcer worsened.

I forgot about Shevchenko's mixture. And then, quite unexpectedly, an inner voice seemed to suggest: "From now on I am drinking a mixture." This happened in February last year.

Gradually I adjusted the food. This time, when taking the mixture, strength immediately began to return to me, the ulcer stopped bothering me, the skin stopped peeling, and the elasticity of the joints returned. The dermatitis disappeared on my hands: I grease my palms and face with the remnants of the mixture. The complaints in my observation diary were gone.

In between taking the mixture, I began to use recipes from the "Healthy Lifestyle" (No. 20 (200) for 2001). Ingredients: alcohol 96 ° - 0.5 l, honey - 0.5 l, aloe - 0.5 l, pine nuts with shell (turned through

meat grinder) - 1 glass, birch tar - 1 tbsp. spoon, iodine 5% - 1 tbsp. the spoon. I put everything in a glass jar and insisted for 10-12 days in a dark place. Then she squeezed out and filtered through 4 layers of gauze. Took 1 teaspoon in the morning and in the evening 30 minutes before meals.

The effect is amazing! While drinking this tincture, herpes disappeared. All day long, high spirits, no fatigue, sleep became deep.

Again, in between taking Shevchenko's mixture, she often suffered from acute respiratory infections. Then I decided to make a vitamin mixture for 1 glass (I took the recipe again from "healthy lifestyle"): walnuts, raisins, dried apricots (I added figs from myself), scrolled lemon through a meat grinder with skin, aloe, honey. Took 1 teaspoon in the morning 30 minutes before meals.

Now I drink the mixture once a day at night. I eat Indian sea rice for the prevention of gastritis. In the intervals between taking the mixture, I starve without water for 45 hours. I do not eat fried, spicy, meat, eggs, sugar, salt. I try not to take pills. I sleep without a pillow, because I sewed myself a roller for my neck. I do exercises in the morning. Three times a week I do aerobics, once - I swim in the pool.

I want to share my dreams. For a long time I have been nurturing the idea of ​​creating a society of Zozhevtsy in our Oryol. I'm waiting for the warmth and maturation of my idea. If someone supported me in my dream, I would be just happy!

Address: Fokina Nadezhda Nikolaevna, 302040 Oryol, st. Gorky, 60, apt. 287.

Phytotherapist's view


Under this heading, in the 3rd (255) issue of the bulletin, we published an article by the doctor-gerontologist Sergei Yakovlev. Today the topic is continued by the phytotherapist Alexander PECHENEVSKY.

Overweight is, if you will, a worldwide problem, a problem of civilization. It is known that overweight people get sick 10 times more often with any diseases except tuberculosis. They die earlier, live harder (that is, they have more problems in life). The main causes of the disease are chronic overeating, a sedentary lifestyle and endocrine disorders. My recommendations for weight loss will focus on the first two reasons.

So, make a decision as you read this article and follow it from now on. Start with measurements: with a tailor's centimeter, determine the volume of the neck and chest at the level of the nipples, the circumference of the waist and buttocks, weigh yourself. Record these results in a specially wound notebook. Such measurements should be carried out weekly or every 10 days. When the weight has stabilized, control measurements can be carried out once a month.

A harmful and common misconception is to reduce the number of meals: let's say, "I'll start eating once a day and lose weight quickly." Nothing like this! On the contrary, there is a danger that the appetite will go so far that the weight will begin to grow. In an effort to lose weight, you need to eat 5-6 times a day, but the last meal is no later than 18 hours. This limitation is significant: nothing is as fat as food eaten late at night or before bed. If it is very difficult to endure and you are used to going to bed closer to midnight, drink a glass of kefir, eat an apple, a portion of vegetables.

Get in the habit of always leaving some food on the plate. Let it disappear, do not be sad. But this residue will never be harmful to health.

Losing weight is almost impossible without regular physical activity. Even so, I do not urge everyone to go in for sports. But a daily half-hour walk at such a pace that the body warms up is absolutely necessary.If you sweat a little, it will be good. It is better to go for walks with a like-minded person - a "colleague in misfortune" - everything is more fun.

Get out of the habit of using the elevator. If it is difficult to immediately go up to your floor, take the elevator up to the 2-3rd floor, and the rest of the way - on foot. Gradually, without unnecessary acceleration, build up the pedestrian portion of the climb. Go down also without an elevator (a third of the energy required to climb is consumed).

A bath or sauna will help you a lot. In the steam room, lubricate the body and hair with a mixture of honey, sea salt and water in equal parts. This will increase fluid loss. There can be two, three, five visits to the steam room for 5-7 minutes, depending on how you feel. If your blood pressure is normal or, moreover, lowered, after the steam room it is imperative to drink, since usually the pressure after the steam room decreases.

Slimming tea: 2 tablespoons of linden flowers (can be replaced with elder flowers or birch leaves, currants) boil for 5 minutes in 700 ml of water, leave for 20-30 minutes. Drink before and during the steam room.

Fasting days, when food is replaced by juices or vegetables, fruits, rosehip decoctions, herbs for weight loss, mineral water without gas, it is rational to spend 1 time in 10-14 days.

Proven medicinal herbs will help you.

For example, this. Take in equal doses the herb of yarrow, zhostera berries, flowers of elderberry, linden, toadflax, hawthorn, hernia. 2 tablespoons of the collection pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for 10 minutes, leave overnight. Take one glass on an empty stomach in the morning and at night for a month. Rest the next month, but continue to control your weight and your parameters. During the year - 6 courses.

With proper treatment, weight should be reduced by no more than 1 kilogram per month. A faster movement towards the goal will not lead to a good result: what is easy given, then just as easily and is lost.

Second collection: buckthorn bark, field horsetail, red rowan berries, black elderberry flowers and berries, calendula flowers, water pepper leaves, taken in equal parts. They brew and drink in the same way.

A difficult to manufacture, but tested and effective composition of herbs for weight loss includes: horsetail, buckthorn bark, fennel fruits, thorn flowers, steel root - 1.5 parts dandelion root, juniper fruits, corn stigmas, yarrow - 1 part flowers black elderberry and linden - 2 parts each.

Sift the herbs through a colander, crush the remains in a coffee grinder and mix. Pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture with 600 g of water, bring to a boil and boil over low heat for 5-7 minutes. Insist 1 hour. Strain and drink half a glass 4-5 times a day, regardless of food intake for 1 month.

I recommend eating while losing weight in the same way as usual. I am not a supporter of restrictive diets, which are only psychologically exhausting, and when they are canceled, they cause bouts of gluttony. That is, on holidays you can sit down with everyone at the table and eat the same as the rest. But the next day, be sure to replace the usual food with drinking water or a decoction of rose hips, apples. This is already strict. Do not worry: there will be no harm to your health, because the day before you have already eaten three days in advance.

These are the basic steps for slow, systemic weight loss. The period of treatment is 1-8 months: courses of 1 month with a break of 1 month.

If you observe all of the above, but the weight does not decrease, then in your case the simple measures described above will not solve the problem. Consultation with a specialist doctor is required.

What else? Show patience and endurance in your diet, eat more low-calorie vegetable, fruit and lactic acid (1-2% fat) foods. If you have an increased appetite, knock it down - a little nuts, dried fruits, seeds. In principle, one of the authors of the newsletter was right when he said roughly but fairly: “You need to eat less.”

And move, move. Don't let temptation take over: eat a portion of ice cream, then walk 2 kilometers and “burn” calories. Burn calories first, and then you don't want ice cream. Observe fasts - this is a great heritage of previous generations, helping to get rid of not only excess weight, but also from many mental and physical ailments.

Take more care of yourself and your neighbors, rejoice at the success in strengthening your health and "infect" the health of those around you.

With respect to all readers of the bulletin "healthy lifestyle"

Alexander PECHENEVSKY, phytotherapist.

Tel .: 151-04-17. Pager: 232-0000, subscriber "Our Doctor".


Dear editors of the healthy lifestyle bulletin! I enjoy reading your newspaper and applying many recipes. Thank you very much for taking care of people and their problems.

The last February issue (No. 4 (256), 2004) contains an excellent article about Bolotov's medicine. It is very relevant, since almost all people now have gastrointestinal diseases. Everything is described in great detail, but I have a question: what is cabbage cake? And which cabbage - fresh or sauerkraut?

Address: Gabbasova Elena Konstantinovna, Bashkiria, Ufa, st. Khalturin, 45-69.

HLS: We have written in detail about the procedures with cabbage cake more than once or twice. And, nevertheless, we receive letters and calls with similar questions. Let's repeat briefly for new subscribers: the cake is prepared from fresh cabbage, passed through a meat grinder or juicer. The resulting juice can be drunk in the evening before bedtime. Well, the resulting cake is eaten in the morning on an empty stomach 40 minutes before meals, 1-2 tablespoons. If the cake "goes" with difficulty, you can salt it, pour sour cream. Fresh cake should be prepared every morning.

Personal experience

Men often suffer from prostate adenoma. This disease usually begins to develop after 50 years. But it happens before.

Adenoma is a benign tumor that can develop into a malignant one over time. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to undergo a preventive examination by a urologist. In its neglected form, as a rule, an operation to remove the adenoma is inevitable. But if a man is already in old age, and even with a bunch of diseases, it is risky to do such an operation.

Today, many expensive domestic and imported drugs are known for the treatment of adenoma. While you are taking them, the process of urination is much easier, but the adenoma still continues to grow.

Around the age of 50, I first felt pain in the region of the heart. And since then he became interested in medical literature. He began to follow a diet, completely abandoned bad habits. I lead an active lifestyle, I am engaged in gardening and horticulture. Once I got into the hands of a modest volume of the book of Academician A.A. Mikulin "Active Longevity". The program of healing the body, proposed by the author, pleased me so much that I still try to stick to it, despite my 80 years old.

I am sure that my active lifestyle, together with physical exercises, which I have been doing for more than a dozen ice, helped me at one time to avoid a serious operation. And it was like that. Doctors discovered I had prostate adenoma. I’m not serious at first.

no action was taken. Does not hurt, does not interfere. I did not experience any particular difficulties when urinating, although I had to get up 4-5 times at night. And then one morning three years ago I went to the toilet and felt that I could not urinate. The pain was unbearable. An ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital. There they conducted a full examination of the body and made a bunch of disappointing diagnoses: angina pectoris, atrial fibrillation, hypertension of the third degree, atherosclerosis of the brain. In short, an operation to remove the adenoma was out of the question. I was discharged from the hospital, but my problems remained with me. True, when I was in the hospital, a roommate gave me the newspaper "HLS" to read. It was in that issue that an article by Professor I.P. Neumyvakin was published, where he described in detail gymnastics according to the yoga system "Walking on the buttocks", which helps to restore the functions of the small pelvis. Immediately after leaving the hospital, I subscribed to your newspaper. How many practical and useful recommendations I found in it! This is a veritable guide to acquiring health for young and old people.I am sure that "healthy lifestyle" should be in every family.

So, since then I have been doing the exercise "Walking on the buttocks" on a regular basis. I usually do it in the morning after exercise and body massage. It is easy to do: I sit on the bare floor, then lightly, effortlessly touch it with my hands and move first one buttock and leg forward, and then the other. When moving with my left leg, I look at the left shoulder, and when moving with my right, I look at my right. And so 4 meters forward, then 4 meters in reverse. By the way, it's much harder to move back. To focus on the exercise, mentally counting: 1-2-3-4-5-6 in time with the movement, starting with the left leg. Thus, I walk 40 meters a day at the “fifth point” in just 15 minutes. The other day I calculated that during the execution of such a charge, I have already covered 21 kilometers! In addition, it was written in the article that many diseases begin when the tissues of the body experience oxygen starvation. And cancer cells develop only in an oxygen-free environment. Therefore, it is necessary to take H2O2, which I regularly do according to the above scheme ("HLS" No. 1, 2003). I regularly eat pumpkin seeds, nuts, peas, beans, cereals, which are rich in zinc. I drink the liquid in moderation and only in the first half of the day. In November of this year, I did an ultrasound. The results are stunning: the adenoma does not grow. During the day I can not urinate for 5-6 hours if I do not drink a lot of fluids. I get up only once at night. The general state of health with my illnesses has become much better. I continue to work in the garden, take care of my seriously ill wife, cook food, go to the market to buy food, and do not use transport. I tell all my friends and acquaintances about my recovery results when walking on the buttocks. I would like my letter to help other men cope with such an ailment as prostate adenoma. So, guys, don't be lazy! Sit on the floor - and. Happy journey to you!

Address: Zubitskiy Ivan Ivanovich, 453261 Bashkortostan, Salavat, st. Ufimskaya, 48, apt. 24.

I want to share my experience of successful disease control. But I'll start with one single failure. Failed to get rid of folk remedies from excess blood sugar. I tried to use some of the popular recipes: beer with horseradish - stomach ached, willow steamed - it did not help, I drink flax for three months - it does not help. If really someone was able to get rid of excess sugar in the body, please let me know where I was wrong.

But many other recipes, published in "Healthy Lifestyle" and have already been tested on myself, helped. My lower back hurt, I thought it was sciatica, but the ultrasound showed pyelonephritis. It helped me a lot - for several years now I have not been bothered by any pyelonephritis - such a treatment regimen:

1st cycle from the 1st to the 10th day of each month - rosehip decoction.

1) horsetail - 1 dessert spoon

- 1 tablespoon 3) licorice root

4) smooth hernia or birch leaves - 1 tablespoon

5) bearberry - 1 dessert spoon

6) lingonberry leaf -1 dessert spoon.

Pour the collection with three glasses of boiling water and brew for 10 minutes. Apply one tablespoon three times a day 15 minutes before meals. (You can replace these herbs - from the 11th to the 23rd - with phytolysin, but it is expensive).

3rd cycle from 24th to 30th day of each month. During this period, you need to take from relatively inexpensive drugs:

1) olettrin 0.25 took 4 times a day all May

2) 5 NOK (nitroxoline) 2 tablets 4 times a day

- All June instead of 5 NOK, you can use furadonin

3) furagin - 2 tablets three times a day - August

4) erythromycin - 2 tablets three times a day - September

5) nevigramone - one capsule three times a day

Just avoid buying these products from private pharmacies and watch carefully the expiration dates and certificates. And, of course, try to drink cranberry or lingonberry juice. If you can follow this scheme, you will get rid of pyelonephritis.

And I also managed to practically cure a duodenal ulcer. I drank potato juice on an empty stomach. This is not difficult at all. Rinse four potatoes well and grate with a peel on a fine grater. Strain through cheesecloth. It turns out half a glass of juice. Drink in the morning before meals. After 10 days of taking potato juice, doctors checked me - the ulcer was completely healed!

Address: Zoya Stepanovna Shevlyakova

301364, Aleksin, Tula region, st. Armaturnaya, 14, apt. 47.

I am 76 years old, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War and a veteran of labor. I want to share my experience - how I got rid of diseases as I got older and worse. I received the hardest blow at the beginning of last year, when my son, a lieutenant colonel of the Russian army, died. I was stressed and had a desire to commit suicide. Friends held back. I escaped with a stroke with paralysis of my right arm and leg. At the same time, as on a signal, they hit: arthrosis of the right leg, rheumatoid arthritis, thrombophlebitis and gout.

By nature I am patient, but the pains were so severe that I couldn't sleep. At night, I thought about how to continue to live.

First, I determined the required diet. I limited fatty foods and the total amount of what I eat. Separated the intake of protein foods from carbohydrates and starches. Fruits were also eaten separately. I started drinking green tea infused with oregano, blackberry, rosehip and thyme. Eliminated salt.

As an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, I used a tincture of dandelion, plantain, lingonberry, nettle, thyme, sage and calendula. (To obtain such a tincture, you need to mix two tablespoons of each of the herbs, pour alcohol - you can use vodka - leave for 10 days in a dark place, then strain and take 20-30 drops twice a day with meals).

Against gout, I made a special tincture (for a liter of boiling water, 4 lemons without a peel and 3 heads of garlic, insist for a day and take a quarter of a glass three times a day).

For arthritic pains - tincture of "golden mustache". I alternately use this remedy and the cinquefoil oil extract, which is widely used in folk medicine in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, polyarthritis and gout. I prepare the oil extract as follows: I poured 100-120 grams of crushed dry roots of cinquefoil with half a liter of unrefined vegetable oil, insisted in a dark place for 21 days and used it to rub the joints and to apply napkins moistened with this extract on a sore spot.

For thrombophlebitis I drink horse chestnut tincture - 20-30 drops after a meal.

He added to exercises (he began to do it day after day, without missing a single morning), 100 - 120 blows with his heels on a rigid support - he borrowed this method of rejuvenating the body from the recommendations of Academician Mikulin.

Regardless of the weather, I began to make three or four times a week three-kilometer walks.

What have I achieved? A lot. First of all, the working capacity of the arm and leg was restored by 90 percent. Pains from arthrosis, osteochondrosis and gout are gone. And although I can walk with a cane, I am now excellent at handling personal matters.

Address: Tkachenko Ivan Andreevich, 355037 Stavropol, st. Frolenko, 20, apt. 126.

I will tell you about my treatment experience. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are in the first place, as well as mortality from them. Naturally, the number of patients with such diseases is enormous.

Medical treatment of victims is an expensive, long-term and not always successful business.

Practical doctors in the field do not use breathing exercises in their practice, they simply do not have time for this.

And I was convinced from my own experience that in 9 months it is with the help of breathing exercises that you can restore your health.

By the age of 75, I have a whole bunch of diseases. I will name a few. Atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, coronary artery disease (ischemic heart disease), angina pectoris, hypertension, complex arrhythmias, chronic coronary (heart) failure, prostate adenoma. Regarding the last one, 2 years ago, I was offered an operation, which is very dangerous for such diseases.

From the available medical literature and conversations with people who recovered from bronchial asthma using the Buteyko method, from the descriptions of breathing exercises on the Frolov and Samozdrav simulators, I made a treatment plan for myself and from March 1, 2003 I began to implement it.

Before holding my breath, I do physical exercises for 35 minutes. (any easy exercises). Then for 8-10 minutes, lying on the couch, complete relaxation.

After that, holding the breath for 1 min. within three hours. After the delay:

- a slow shallow breath for 2-3 sec.

- pause 3-4 sec. The more often the delay, the

better, carried out daily and only after exhalation.

Ways to lengthen the delay:

rolling eyes up (do not raise your head)

- in favorable weather, you can hold your breath in the fresh air.

The classes were very difficult, especially in the first three months. At the beginning, I had some aggravation (by ECG). Has consulted with doctors. Someone recommended stopping classes, since this method is used only in the treatment of bronchial asthma, others for continuation. (By the way, I found out that none of the local doctors in their practice uses the Buteyko technique.) “At my own peril and risk,” I continued to hold my breath. For some time at first I took validol and asparcam to prevent possible complications. In July I felt much better, my blood pressure was normal, but my pulse remained irregular.

I still worked daily at the dacha. Since the end of July, he no longer took any medications, the pulse became rhythmic during rest and at night. While holding my breath, I, however, did not always feel

rush of warmth all over the body. If in previous years in the fall, before the start of the heating season, my legs were so chilly that I put on felt boots, and in bed covered myself with a fur coat over the blanket, then this year everything was done without boots and a fur coat.

I felt completely healthy after 9 months. The pulse became rhythmic even after exercise.

The records of doctors and electrocardiograms in the outpatient card in the polyclinic serve as documentary confirmation of the diagnosis of my disease, treatment and recovery.

As a therapist with half a century of experience, I can give advice to anyone who wants to take advantage of my experience: the diagnosis of the disease may be the same in many patients, but the disease proceeds differently for everyone.

Moreover, there are diseases that cannot be treated in this way. For example, congenital and acquired heart defects.

Therefore, before starting such treatment, I advise you to always consult with your doctor.

Address: Nikolai Nikolaevich Kupriyanov, 442500 Penza region, Kuznetsk, st. Kalinina, 150, apt. 1. Phone: 4-57-56.

HLS: Nikolai Nikolayevich is right: local doctors ignore not only the Buteyko method, but also Frolov breathing on the TDI-01 simulator, Strelnikova's paradoxical gymnastics and the so-called sobbing breathing. We reported on all these techniques to a greater or lesser extent. With persistent practice, they undoubtedly help to get rid of many cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases without drugs.


Why is there no subject about human health at school? In my opinion, information about proper nutrition, lifestyle, how to take care of your health and provide assistance in case of various ailments is simply necessary. To know what's what. Otherwise, if anything, we go straight to the hospital. If only instructions on a healthy lifestyle were printed in "Healthy Lifestyle" - there would be even more subscribers.

Address: Pankratova Maria Vladimirovna, 624025 Sverdlovsk region, Sysertsky district, p. Averino, Sovetskaya st., 49.


... Now "healthy lifestyle" in terms of content is such that it is better not to do it anymore. We, ordinary people, suddenly saw how many kind, courageous, talented people were among us.

HLS: Dear Nellie, maybe let's try to do it even better? With the help of the reader, of course.


From time immemorial, our people have been characterized by deep traits of morality, concern for others, respectful attitude towards parents, especially mother.

It was! And now, when the world is ruled by the cash purse?

Yet what has distinguished our nation is impossible to kill. I would like to believe and hope that this difficult turning point will pass, and everything will return to normal.


It's good that the newsletter has a heading "Respond!" and readers can correspond. But, in order to check how it works, I propose to introduce a permanent heading into the "healthy lifestyle" - "I want to help" or "I respond", where responses to specific requests from readers would be published. And then all of us - employees of the newspaper and readers - will see the fruits of our work.

Address: V.P. Gvozdetskoy, 350020 Krasnodar, st. Krasnaya, d. 137, apt. four.


It is very true to say: "A person is sick from himself." So you need to start with yourself. You need to love yourself and those around you, then the world will change around you.

Address: Bayburinoy Guzel, 450097, Ufa, PO Box 46.


Dear brother "healthy lifestyle"! (Witch doctor Ozdorovilovich Zhivolyubov). Home doctor, companion of thoughts, hope and support instead of a stick in trouble and in old age.

Sorry for the long silence: it is very difficult for a person of my age to concentrate to write a detailed message, and you shouldn't send anything else.

I always pay attention to the following: everyone who takes up a pen and writes in "HLS" are people who can burn and ignite those around them, people who are inspired, who are able to fight and help others. How I would like to be like them for a long time already my grandfather!

Address: Petrov Vyacheslav Pavlovich, 142200 Moscow region, Serpukhovskoy district, p / o Rai-Semyonovskoye, Ivantinovo, 6.

Simple advice from Dr. Lyubimova

A signal to revise your life strategy

Our readers are well aware of the name of the good doctor Natalia Vladimirovna LYUBIMOVA from Morshansk. Today she is with you again. Natalya Vladimirovna answers numerous questions from readers related to the prevention and treatment of neoplasms such as fibroids and mastopathy.

Dr. Lyubimova's recipes are not exhaustive. In the bulletin "healthy lifestyle" at different times we gave a lot of folk recipes for the treatment of the above diseases. Dr. Lyubimova's advice does not at all cancel them.

The occurrence of any tumor brings confusion and fear into a person's life, and if the doctor reports that the tumor is benign, the patient experiences tremendous relief. But is there any reason for joy? Yes, a benign tumor grows slowly, it can be cured without resorting to surgery, it does not metastasize and rarely reappears. But the reasons leading to the emergence of both benign and malignant tumors are practically the same!

Consequently, a benign tumor is also a signal to revise a life strategy (nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity, etc.).

Today I will share my practical advice on the treatment of the most common diseases, such as uterine fibroids, fibroadematosis (this is one of the types of mastopathy).

Fibroids are typical for women after 30 years, and they arise as a result of a disorder of the hormonal function of the body.

After the cessation of menstruation, myoma, as a rule, does not develop, and if it is, it often decreases or disappears altogether. In recent years, benign myomatous nodes of the uterus have been successfully treated by naturopathic doctors. With the right natural remedies, fibroids resolve within one to six months.

The recommendations that I will give below give a good effect in case of mastopathy, since both of these organs - the uterus and the mammary gland - are hormone-dependent, and the reasons that led to both pathologies are the same.

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate all factors that lead to hormonal imbalance. Eliminate foods that increase the hormone estrogen in your blood.

Give up legumes (except soybeans), fatty foods, coffee, by all means quit smoking.

With fibroids and mastopathy, it is recommended to eat more plant foods. Radishes, turnips, cabbage, mustard are especially useful. I recommend drinking tea (especially green tea), taking a food supplement "BIO-SORB" (1 tablespoon 2 times a day) or its analogue (FERVITAL). Eat foods rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins. It is also important to use vegetable oils, reducing the consumption of animals. Avoid stress.

But let's start with cleansing. I usually recommend to my patients the following composition: rinse 400 grams of prunes with pits well and pour two liters of boiling water over low heat for at least 1 hour, then remove the prunes and add 1 box (15 g) of buckthorn bark to the broth, bring to a boil again and insist for at least 5 hours, strain (the composition should be at least 1 liter, if it is less, then add boiled water). Then add 50 ml of holosas and mix thoroughly. Take 100 ml 2 hours after dinner. Dinner should be no later than 7 pm. (If you have gallstones, I do not recommend using this recipe). Take the composition for 12 days, break for 3 weeks and repeat the course. It perfectly cleanses the liver and intestines.

Every morning on an empty stomach, 1 hour before breakfast, take 1 tablespoon of tincture: mix 500 g of natural red wine with 500 g of powdered sugar, two cloves (spice) and 1 teaspoon of powdered camphor. Mix all components and cook in a water bath in a sealed container for 30 minutes, leave at room temperature for at least 3 hours and strain. Store the composition in a cool place and take until it ends. In the afternoon and evening, 15 minutes before meals, take the following composition: 7 walnuts, crushed together with the core and shell, 3 tablespoons of peeled oats and 2 tablespoons of parsley roots, dioecious nettle and chicory, pour three liters of boiling water and cook over low heat for 20 minutes, then add 2 tablespoons each of pine tops, horsetail herb, wild strawberries, hop cones and 2 lemons, cut into 4 parts. Bring to a boil again and simmer for another 15 minutes. Insist at room temperature for 2-3 hours and drain. Take 50 ml. Once every 3 days, it is necessary to do a cleansing enema: 3 liters of warm boiled water, to which add 100 g of celandine infusion (1 teaspoon of herbs per 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes and drain). Do the enema in stages: first, introduce 500 ml, after defecation, introduce 1 liter of liquid and after about 15-20 minutes the rest of the composition. The number of cleansing enemas should be at least 10.

Below I will give the most effective fees and recipes in the treatment of the above diseases.


Eucalyptus (leaf) - 1 de-cert spoon.

Burmese (herb) - 1 dessert spoon.

Celandine (herb) - 1 teaspoon.

Mix all the herbs, pour 1 tablespoon of the collection with 1 glass of boiling water and boil. Insist 30 minutes, strain, take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is at least 1 month.

Partitions 25 walnuts for 500 ml of vodka. Insist 10 days, take 20 drops 3 times a day for 2 months.

Violet tricolor (grass) -1 tablespoon.

String (herb) - 1 tablespoon.

Licorice (root) - 1 tablespoon.

Stinging nettle - 1 dessert spoon.

Oregano (herb) - 1 dessert spoon.

Pharmacy chamomile - 1 dessert spoon.

Valerian (root) -1 dessert spoon.

Mix all the herbs, pour 1 tablespoon of the collection of herbs with 1 glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, strain. Take 50 ml 3 times daily before meals. The course of treatment is 1.5 months. For topical use. Mix 3 tablespoons of rye flour with 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 yolk of a raw chicken egg, 3 drops of iodine, knead the dough. If the dough is thin, then add a little more flour. Apply the lozenge on the chest daily for 2 weeks, break for 3 weeks and repeat the course of treatment.

I will cite very effective antitumor preparations in the treatment of fibroids and fibroids.

Calendula (flowers) - 0.5 parts.

Mix all the herbs. Pour 2 tablespoons of a mixture of herbs with 1 glass of boiling water, leave for at least 5 hours. Strain. Drink 2 tablespoons 3 times a day one hour before meals. The course of treatment is 4 months with a break of 10 days every month.

For douching - 2 tbsp. spoons of infusion for 1 liter of boiled water. Douching should be done in the evening for 10 days.

I propose for the treatment of mastopathy and uterine fibroids a recipe for tincture from the houseplant arum (alocasia, or calla). The people have another name for this plant - shamrock. It turned out that the combination of three sheets in it is the most optimal. As soon as the fourth leaf appears, the first, the oldest of the leaves, begins to turn yellow and dry out. It is he who is the raw material for the preparation of the medicine. Take a leaf of arum the size of an adult's palm, grind and add 100 g of 70% alcohol. Insist in a cool, dark place for 10 days. Then strain and take strictly according to the scheme, adding 1 tablespoon of water, 3 times a day: 1st day - 1 drop, 2nd day - 2 drops, 3rd day - 3 drops, and so on, adding per day one drop at a time, reach 52 drops (corresponds to 1 teaspoon). From now on, take 1 teaspoon three times a day. The course of treatment requires from 100 to 200 g of tincture.

"Healthy lifestyle": You can contact Dr. Lyubimova at the address: 393950 Morshansk, st. International, d.46, apt. 7.


Three new weekly scanword magazines are on sale this week: "Clear Deal!", "Lord of Words" and "Cross Star". We are talking with the general director of the STAR-KOM publishing house, Alexander MALINKIN.

- Why are there so many scanword publications at once?

- These are three different magazines published throughout the week. We offer our readers a new quality for a good habit. These are modern, high-level, color editions aimed at sharp-witted, enthusiastic people. We have made the magazines the most comfortable for readers: we use semi-matt paper for printing, which is convenient for any fountain pen, a calm gamut of colors that do not irritate or distract attention, the size of the cells is convenient for filling. And, of course, we tried to make the content the most advantageous.

- What can be new in the content of a scanword magazine?

- To the greatest extent, the novelty of the content is reflected in the quality and quantity of scanwords appearing on the pages. We have tried to present in our magazines almost the entire range of existing scanwords: Japanese, Hungarian, Italian and many other scanwords of varying degrees of difficulty. We found it interesting to return to the readers the crosswords of the old, "Soviet" type, which are now deprived of the attention of publishers. We start from the understanding that scanwords are "brain training". A scanword gives a person a reason to remember what is pleasant and interesting, to train his mind and memory, and not to rummage through encyclopedias. But it is also impossible to live with old knowledge, therefore we give texts that offer cognitive information through tasks, small notes, articles to the tasks of scanwords.

- It turns out that all three magazines are the same?

- These are completely different publications. "Clear business!", Which goes on sale on Monday, contains all kinds of existing scanwords of varying degrees of difficulty. Added to the tasks are notes about amazing things, a lot of puzzles and interesting tasks.

The Lord of Words, which will be published on Wednesdays, is the most informative of our three magazines. There are many exciting topics in it: great scientists, secrets of civilization, inventions, mysteries of nature. We strive not only to communicate knowledge, but also to increase it with the help of our readers and are happy to receive letters from everyone who wants to share their findings. The "Master of Words" presents a variety of thematic and illustrated scanwords, as well as interesting contests.

Friday's "Cross-Star" is aimed at weekend audiences. This is a magazine for the whole family, where complex scanwords, tasks for children, puzzles, comics and much more are presented. The main theme of the issue is an interview with a "star" personality plus a "star scanword", which we invite our guest to solve, and the reader to compete with a star and win a prize. The guest of the first issue is Vladimir Vinokur. The magazine contains a lot of tips that apply to everyday life: where to go, what to buy, what to watch, how to cook deliciously. All three magazines as a whole complement each other and cover the entire diverse world of scanwords.

The interview was moderated by Natalya ASAFIEVA.

Home doctor

One of the readers asked how to care for kombucha. My mom - she died at 95

- all my life I drank this drink and watered us. She looked after the mushroom like this: first of all, hands and dishes must be clean. And the technology for preparing the mushroom is very simple: pour sugar into cold boiled water - at the rate of 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sand with a top - for 1 liter of water, add tea leaves to taste. Stir everything well and pour into a glass jar where the mushroom is located, tie the neck with gauze.

When the mushroom grows up and a fringe appears below, the bottom layer must be torn off.Wash the jar from time to time, cleaning the bottom from white bloom, and rinse the mushroom with boiled cold water.

We drink mushroom all year round, and in the summer we make okroshka with it instead of kvass.

Address: Shashlova Maria Andreevna, 363750 North Ossetia, Mozdok, pl. 50 years of October, 46, apt. 36.

I want to help people suffering from sciatica, osteochondrosis, and back pain. The method has been tested many times in my family and acquaintances. Medical banks should be placed on sore spots (but not on the spine). If the spine hurts, you should put cans on the sides, but no more than three cans on each side. As a rule, two procedures are sufficient.

- relief comes for a long time.

The second recipe concerns all kinds of abscesses and suppurations. You need to tie a pickled cucumber to the sore. How many times in our life has this simple recipe helped our whole family! In fact, cucumber pickle (without vinegar) is the same hypertonic solution. I would be very glad if my advice is useful to people.

Address: Shelukhina Anna Alexandrovna, 634034 Tomsk, st. Vershinina, 58, apt. eleven.


I want to share my recipe for the treatment of prolapse of the uterus. Before proceeding with the procedure, massage the abdomen from the bottom up - as if lifting its organ. Cut a potato larger than a chicken egg in half and stick 4-5 matches, heads up, into one of the halves. Light them and put these potatoes on the navel, covered with a half-liter jar. Lie for 5 minutes. Then remove the can, slightly pressing down on the stomach near it so that air gets in - just like ordinary medical cans remove. After that, lie down for 20 minutes with your legs raised above your head. Then put on a bandage or tie up your belly. Do the procedure three days in a row on an empty stomach. Try not to lift weights.

Address: Chernovaya Maria Zakharovna, 666671 Irkutsk region, Ust-Ilimsk, per. Yuzhny, 4, apt. 65.


In Siberia, in the distant years, the infusion of St. John's wort was used to treat urinary incontinence in children and adults. 50 grams of dry St. John's wort was poured with 1 liter of boiling water, insisted for two hours. Strained and drank instead of tea.

For gastrointestinal disorders, horse sorrel seeds help well: brew 1 tablespoon, leave for 1 hour, strain and drink half a cup on an empty stomach. Enough 1-2 times.

Address: Fadeeva Galina Grigorievna, 248012 Kaluga, pos. Uchkhoz, 8a, apt. fifteen.


Trouble happened to me: I had a sore throat, and a rash appeared on my body. I went to a dermatologist, who simply stunned me: psoriasis plus diabetes mellitus. I was shocked, I didn’t realize how I got home.

The body was covered with a scab, like a shell. In "HLS" I found a recipe using birch tar. I bought 4 bottles at the pharmacy. My husband smeared me from head to toe, and I walked naked for 40-50 minutes. It's good that it was summer. Then she went to the bathhouse and washed herself with an infusion of celandine. Brewed celandine by eye. Dried out without wiping. And so - every day for two weeks. At the same time, I drank the Khilak tincture.

In two weeks everything passed, and to this day my body is clean. And with diabetes, too, I fight on the advice of "healthy lifestyle", follow the diet.

Address: Falaleeva Galina Mikhailovna, 636465 Tomsk region, Kolpashevo, st. Portovaya, 42, apt. fourteen.

I have an old, proven recipe for a quick spur cure. You need to take a fresh chicken egg

and pour it in a jar with 70% vinegar. This jar of eggs should be left standing until the eggshell dissolves. Then put 100 g of butter in a jar and stir everything until smooth. The ointment is ready, put it in a jar with a lid and keep in a dark place. Rub the ointment into the heels at night, then put on socks. I know from experience - you won't have to smear more than three times - everything will pass. If your heels are hardened, then it is better to steam them first, and then smear them with ointment.

Address: Trusikhina Vera Mikhailovna, 603057 Nizhny Novgorod, st. Pushkin, 38, apt. four.

I would like to recommend a recipe for the treatment of pyelonephritis. Prepare a collection: 50 grams of bearberry leaves, kidney tea, flax seed, marsh calamus, birch buds, licorice root. All herbs are sold at the pharmacy. Mix everything thoroughly. Pour three tablespoons of this mixture into an enamel saucepan and pour 0.6 liters of boiling water, put on low heat and simmer for 5 minutes.After removing from the stove, let it brew for half an hour, then strain and squeeze. Take the resulting broth 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals, about 180 grams. And so every day for two months. Take tests and prepare a new broth from two tablespoons of the mixture. Take 3 more months even with normal tests.

Address: Sulimov Evgeny Petrovich, 623534 Sverdlovsk region, Bogdanovich, st. Victory, 30.


In the January bulletin No. 2 a request was made by N.V. Lebedeva from Tver regarding the treatment of lichen planus. I think she will not be offended that I do not answer her personally, someone else will be able to use the recipe in the newsletter.

I got this disease in 1994, when I was going to fly to the children in Magadan. The clinic was diagnosed with scabies. I tried to object and heard: "You know a lot, treat yourself." And I went to all medical authorities, and I was getting worse. I visited different grandmothers and grandfathers, one of the psychics even identified incurable 3rd degree cancer for me. Finally, the dermatologist suggested trying histaglobulin. They started doing subcutaneous injections. And along the way, I decided to conduct urine therapy. I drank as much urine as I could, eating a lemon. In the evening she rubbed all the sore spots with urine, wrapped herself in a warm robe and sat for two hours. Then she went to the shower and went to bed.

In addition, my son-in-law bought me a Bittner balm. I took it a teaspoon three times a day, sometimes added to tea. The matter got under way, the disease began to slowly recede. I did a course of injections, drank 3 liters of balm and used urine every day. And now 10 years have passed, I remember, like a nightmare, all my ordeals, but I still won the disease.

Address: Kiseleva Ksenia Nikolaevna, 353260 Krasnodar Territory, Seversky District, p. Lvivske, st. Proletarskaya, 126.

When my three-year-old daughter accidentally sat down in the jam just taken from the fire, there was a lot of screaming. And I had a tincture of Sophora (a glass of Sophora for a bottle of vodka). I quickly wet the cotton swab and lubricated the body. She immediately fell asleep, and when she woke up two hours later, the trouble was over, there were even no blisters.

Now my daughter has long been an adult, and it was she who introduced me to "healthy lifestyle", which is always with me in difficult times. After the death of my husband, I started to feel depressed, I lost 30 kg. I went to church, took prayer from "Healthy Lifestyle" No. 2 for 2003. Now I began to feel better. Strength is given by hydrogen peroxide, thanks to Neumyvakin. And recently the postman thanked me for seducing others to subscribe to "healthy lifestyle". Well done, I hope these people will also find it easier to live.

Address: Shilenko Nina Andreevna, 347781 Rostov region, Veselovsky district, Vesely, st. Leninskaya, 112.

I was 10 then, and my sister was 5 years old. I was just about to go to school when my sister, getting down from the stove, hit a pot of boiling water with her hand. I put the baby on the bed, began to wave the newspaper, but she cried as best she could. Then my grandmother came from the courtyard, and immediately began to make eggs - about 15. She began to evaporate butter from the boiled yolks. Meanwhile, the sister's hand turned into a piece of meat, the skin burst, veins and joints were exposed. I also cried, I was afraid that my sister's hand would be cut off and she would be crippled.

Soon oil gathered in the pan. Grandmother poured it into a saucer and began to lubricate her hand with a chicken feather. Sister

calmed down and soon fell asleep. The hand gradually healed, there were no big pains. And subsequently, there were no scars left. And my sister graduated from a ten-year college and became a salesman. That's the whole story.

Address: Popova Alexandra Petrovna, 403533 Frolovo, Volgograd region, st. Uritskogo, 44.


I've been going to write for a long time, but after two heart attacks I still can't get myself together, it seems that the handwriting is incomprehensible and there is much that is still wrong. And I want to tell you how I saved myself from burns and cut wounds.

Take sunflower oil, pure unrefined and a white lily flower. Tamp the flowers into a container of your choice and cover with oil. After 10 days, the medicine is ready. By lubricating the burned area, in 2-3 days you will eliminate the pain and other consequences of the trouble.

In the hospital, one woman was treated to no avail for a whole week, and after applying my oil, she went home a day later.And thanks to this oil, the neighbor's son saved his face from scars - there were no burn marks left. I have been using this recipe for 20 years now and have always been successful. Lily oil also helps after surgery if the incision oozes. It usually takes 5-7 days to heal.

I also offer a prescription for the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis. Take 8 white chicken eggs, wash thoroughly and pour lemon juice in an enamel (or glass) dish. You will need 10-12 lemons, and you need to squeeze the juice with your hands, no meat grinders! After closing the lid, put the dishes with the mixture in the refrigerator - where the vegetables are stored, for 7-8 days. Eggs need to be felt and turned over until the shell dissolves. Then discard the films, mix everything, add a half-liter jar of honey and a bottle of five-star brandy. This mixture must be passed through cheesecloth folded in 4 layers. This makes 3/4 of a bottle. Drink in the dining room (for children - a teaspoon) three times a day.

The longer the illness lasts, the longer the course of treatment. Helps even in hopeless cases. The man, who was suffering from tuberculosis for 65 years and was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer, was given a week of his life by doctors, and thanks to this medicine he lived for a year.

Many have tried a wonderful, albeit expensive, recipe. I am ready to answer everyone who has questions.

Address: Just Sime Gissovna, 353290 Krasnodar Territory, Goryachy Klyuch, st. Lenin, 193-66.


Almost forty years ago I developed hemorrhoids. Yes, such that she could neither sit, nor stand, nor lie. I was in the hospital, and a roommate said that hemorrhoids can be treated with menovasin. In the finished form, this medicine, as I now remember, was not in the pharmacy, and they made it to order for me: it consists of alcohol, novocaine, menthol and anesthesin.

Indeed, she very quickly got rid of her sore. Now I am 65 years old, I didn’t even think about it until I read the letter “Oh, hemorrhoids” without a return address in “Healthy Lifestyle” No. 2 for 2004. So I decided to write about my experience - maybe it will come in handy for someone too.

We take a cotton swab, moisten with menovazin and thoroughly blot the hemorrhoids. Then be sure to rub the menovazin into the back of the head and behind the ears. The procedure is carried out three times a day until the sores disappear. Menovazin also treats sciatica, rheumatism, female diseases, and soothes headaches.

And I also want to advise you to use fir oil to normalize blood pressure. Put sugar on the tip of the spoon, drip 6-10 drops of oil on it and drink with 2-3 sips of water. Take a month, three times a day. But at the same time, three days before the start of treatment and three days after the end of it, do not drink a drop of alcohol, even beer! I experienced the effect of this recipe on myself and I am not yet complaining about the pressure. Therefore, menovazin and fir oil are always at hand in the house, like brilliant green or iodine.

Address: Ibragimova T.G., 680033 Khabarovsk, per. P. Osipenko, 39.


I write "healthy lifestyle" only for the second year, and when I get it, I read it from cover to cover. I take a binder from my friends for the past years, I reread everything, I write out many recipes in a notebook. In "HLS" (No. 17 (221) 2002) I read Pavel Shcherbinin's letter "Pharmacy — for people or for business?", In which he talks about how his tonsils were removed at the age of 7, and since then , in about t for more than 50 years, his throat torments, and decided to write.

I am a doctor who have worked in the countryside for 25 years as an ENT doctor and dentist. She herself removed tonsils, treated and pulled out teeth. I want to say: before removing the tonsils, think about whether it should be done? After all, the tonsils are a barrier to the penetration of microbes.

Several times a woman came to me with an exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis. I remembered that a man who worked at a gas station came to my appointment. He said that he sometimes rinses his mouth with refined kerosene.

Each time for ten days, I lubricated the patient's tonsils with refined kerosene. It has been 20 years since she last applied to the ENT office!

This can be done at home as well. Only during periods when there are no exacerbations.Cotton wool is wound on the tip of the stick, dipped in kerosene, wrung out so that it does not drip, press the tongue with a spoon so that it does not interfere, and smear the tonsils once a day for 10 days. It is better that one of the relatives does it, because the patient himself is uncomfortable.

Now he is retired. Raised a grandson, he is 15 years old. The daughter graduated from the medical institute. Followed in my footsteps. Now he works as a dentist in the same clinic where I once worked.

Address: Gubina Tatiana, 655102 Khakassia, Ust-Abakan, st. Pionerskaya, 38, apt. eight.


I propose a recipe for a cold and flu: boil potatoes in "uniforms", heat with water and pour a tablespoon of fir oil into the same saucepan. Breathe in pairs under the coverlet as long as you can. Inhale the therapeutic vapor every other time: either with your mouth or with your nose. A runny nose and flu go away after one procedure. We checked the recipe with the whole family.

Address: Gulyaeva A.S., 692411 Primorsky Territory, p. Kavalerovo, st. Lugovaya, 29.


I would like to recommend a recipe for one miraculous ointment that helps with sinusitis, purulent abscesses, trophic ulcers. My friend with the help of this ointment cured her trophic ulcer. I took this recipe from my mother when I went to Ukraine in the fall.

So, in an enamel bowl, pour one glass of vegetable oil, throw in a piece of wax the size of a matchbox. We put on a small fire so that the wax melts. Take out the yolk from the pre-boiled hard-boiled egg, take half of it, press with a fork on a saucer and throw it into a cup with boiling wax, but not the whole half of the yolk at once, but in crumbs. When the oil boils, you hear, as it were, lumbago, at this moment and throw. With the first egg crumbs, the butter will begin to foam. Everything can be "overboard" in one second. Pick up the bowl with a rag, remove from the heat for a while, let it stir aside and stir all the time. And so three times. The ointment is ready. Strain it through a nylon tulle fabric folded in half. The resulting ointment can be stored in the refrigerator for a year.

Address: Denga Valentina Stepanovna, 347328 Rostov region, Volgodonsk, st. Oktyabrskoe highway, 35 A, apt. 29.


I read a letter from Tatyana Danilova from Maikop in the "HLS" No. 4 for this year under the heading "Respond", in which she asked for advice on the treatment of adhesions. I have intestinal adhesions. She was operated on, but they appeared again, or maybe those that were there were not completely eliminated. After the operation, 2.5 years have passed, and I treat adhesions myself with flax seed.

I take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed, wrap it in cheesecloth and put it in boiling water. I boil for 2-3 minutes and cool in this water to body temperature. I lightly squeeze and distribute the semen with a spoon on the area of ​​the body that needs treatment, in the case of Tatyana - she has adhesions of the fallopian tubes - it should be placed on the lower abdomen and kept all night. There are 7 such procedures to be done during each month. And how many months it will take, you will understand for yourself: the result will be visible. I have been doing this for two and a half years and so far I avoid reoperation.

Flaxseed can also be drunk - it is good for the gastrointestinal tract. Boil one teaspoon of the seed in a glass of water and when it cools down, take the broth warm along with the seeds.

Address: Malkova Valentina Alexandrovna, 603011 Nizhny Novgorod, st. Mendeleeva, 26, apt. 82.


In the spring, doctors recommend taking multivitamins. But not only are they not cheap, they are obtained by the method of synthesizing chemicals. I propose a remedy for replenishing the deficiency of vitamins in the body with the help of pine, spruce or cedar needles, tested back in the years of the Great Patriotic War.

Preparation of the infusion. Coniferous needles are cut off, washed in running water and passed through a meat grinder. The pulp should fall into water (preferably cold boiled) in a ratio of 1: 4 or 1: 5.Insist 5-6 hours (you can leave it overnight). The settled clarified liquid is drained and drunk at 0.5-1 glass per day.

Broth. The needles of coniferous trees are placed in boiling water in a ratio of 1: 5, making sure that they are covered with water. With the lid closed, boil for 20-40 minutes. The infusion is filtered or defended and chilled to consume 1 glass per day. The needles can be reused, and both broths (primary and secondary) contain almost the same amount of vitamins, and they can even be mixed with each other.

To give stability during storage and better taste, it is advisable to acidify the broth. For example, lemon juice ..

In addition, to improve the taste, it can be mixed with various drinks: compote, kvass, beetroot and cabbage brine. You can sweeten it with sugar (30-50 g per 1 liter), prepare jelly in the usual way. The infusion itself is stored in a dark cool place for 2 days.

For lovers of coniferous kvass, it is recommended to add rye bread or yeast to the infusion and leave it indoors for 36-40 hours. At the same time, the taste of the drink improves, it loses its bitterness and is additionally enriched with B vitamins. Drink to your health!

Address: Kondrashkin Gennady Ivanovich, 428025 Cheboksary, st. Elgera, d. 1 0, apt. 87.

Cut off the lid from the black radish, make a hole in the radish and pour honey into it. Put the radish in a glass overnight, and drink honey juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Wash down with a raw egg.

you can re-pour honey into it. Two or three radishes are enough for a year of life without heartburn.

Address: Bunakovoy A.A., 125310 Moscow, Pyatnitskoe highway, 40, building 1, apt. 90.


Whoever has cracked, flaky, itchy and sore skin, for example, on the hands, before going to bed, try to dip your hands into a jar of kombucha infusion. I lower it for half a minute and do not wipe it off. In the morning, the redness disappears, the itching and pain stop. Previously, no creams helped me that much!

Address: Melnikova Alexandra Nikolaevna, 681003 Khabarovsk Territory, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, st. Alley of Labor, 60, building Z, apt. 9.


I am writing from distant Kyrgyzstan. I would also like to share my recipes. I'll tell you how I treated wet eczema. I got it in my youth, I remember, my hand itched terribly, than they just did not treat, nothing helped. Friends advised me to take half a liter of milk, put 1 teaspoon of sour cream in it, cover it with gauze and put it under the table for a week.

When the milk is covered with a wrinkled brown crust and a slight downy mildew, stir it and anoint the sore spot — preferably at night. When it dries up, go to bed without rinsing. It helped me three times. In this way, I also cured others.

For those who have poor hearing after any illness, such a recipe. Buy a kilo of pine nuts. Eat the kernels, and pour a full handful of shells with one liter of water, simmer for 40 minutes. Then insist the broth for an hour. Drink as much as you like, like tea. Tested on me and my friends.

And another good recipe. About 30 years ago I read about ebonite - living "electricity". I bought it because my arm and leg hurt badly. Sometimes she began to stroke the sore spots - 50 times clockwise in the morning and in the evening. I had deformed fingers and large painful bumps on my hand, and I stroked them too. They began to bother me less and gradually disappeared. And the pains in the arm and leg went away after a week. Ebonite also helps with asthma: you need to stroke your chest in the morning and in the evening - everything will return to normal within a year. My kidneys have been hurting for 14 years, but thanks to ebonite I don't have the operation and I live. And she cured the hemorrhoids with an ebonite candle, which I also bought at the pharmacy. An operation was already scheduled, but while I was taking tests, I used an ebonite candle. When I came to the operation, the surgeon was surprised: where is the hemorrhoids. Now I don't have this ailment. Ebonite also helps my children, grandchildren and relatives. The main thing is that it must be stored correctly: finished the procedure, put it in a dark place - living "electricity" does not like the sun's rays and charges in the dark.

Address: Nikolaeva Valentina Stepanovna, 720015 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Tomsky lane, 6.

Like most readers, I fell in love with HLS from my first acquaintance, in 1998

year, and since then I have not parted with the newspaper. I read everything because I like it. I decided to make my own contribution: don't be just a passive consumer! So, for all the time I have never seen a mention of the bedstraw in the newsletter. I met this wonderful herb about eight years ago and since then I have always had a small supply at home: it heals the liver very well.

I collect the bedstraw at the end of June, in July. Grows in flooded meadows, forest glades, dry lands: bright orange panicles of flowers with a strong, pleasant honey smell. The grass is capricious in drying - you need to hang it in small bunches or spread it in a thin layer and turn it over often. While it is fresh, it is caked and the bottom layer may deteriorate. I brew at the rate of 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs in a glass of water. Boil for 2-5 minutes, leave for at least 2 hours. You can put on a water bath for 20-30 minutes. Drink 100-200 grams 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 3-5 weeks. I gave herb to relatives and friends: there were no zero or negative results, everyone forgot about the liver. I add the bedstraw to the kvass

- to dissolve stones in the gallbladder. In general, this herb has a wider spectrum of action, but I love it as "liver".

About me: retired, 68 years old, for the last decade I have not visited doctors or pharmacies

- I am treated with herbs. I love winter and summer fishing, mushroom hunting, I work at my summer cottage. The main transport is a bicycle, the daily mileage is 20-30 kilometers.

Address: Nikulin Valentin Dmitrievich, 63460 Ukraine, Kharkov region, Zmievsky district, pos. Komsomolsky, st. Lenin, 14, apt. 22.

Green pharmacy


Once, returning from the house, I saw hare cabbage flowers in the woman's hands. She asked her: "For what purpose did you pick these flowers?" The summer resident replied: "For a winter bouquet!" And she began to tell how beautiful this bouquet is in winter. When I told her what the name of this plant is, that it can be used for medicinal purposes, she said in bewilderment: "And in the" HLS "nothing is written about her."

Undoubtedly, the authority of the messenger is great, but if we begin to heal with herbs, then we need to study special literature, be more attentive to plants. Many medicinal plants: amoranta, echinacea, sage, hyssop, marjoram and others are decorative, but their main value is still that they are medicinal and serve human health.

So, hare cabbage (purple stonecrop) is a perennial plant. Leaves are juicy, thick, oblong, serrated, sour taste. Flowers are small, pink, collected in a thyroid panicle. Roots are knobby, stems are erect. Everything in this plant is used for medicinal purposes.

The leaves are high in vitamin C and organic acids. Infusion of hare cabbage is used as a tonic, wound healing, strengthening agent for various intestinal diseases, for pain in joints and rheumatism, for removing warts, calluses, enhances visual acuity, lowers blood pressure.

The infusion is prepared in this way: for 100 g of roots 0.5

liters of alcohol not higher than 48 °. Place in a dark place for 20-25 days. Strain, squeeze well. Take 15-20 drops in 30 minutes. before meals - 20-25 days, 10 days - a break. Repeat if necessary.

The infusion of cabbage root is used for face care and masks that prevent facial skin fading, make it elastic and firm.

To strengthen and grow hair - 4-6 tbsp. boil spoons of root with 1 liter of boiling water, keep in a thermos for 8-10 hours. Wash your hair with softened black bread, and then rub the resulting solution into a damp scalp.

Young leaves and stems together with other herbs and leaves - currants, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes are brewed into tea.

1 teaspoon of dry hare cabbage roots per 1 liter of water, boil for 7-10 minutes, leave for 30-40 minutes. You can use a thermos. Drink 1-2 glasses a day after meals, using sugar, honey to taste. You cannot drink such tea constantly, only during the period of mental or physical exertion, with a cold.

But what methods of using hare cabbage does V.P. Makhlayuk in his book "Medicinal Plants in Traditional Medicine".By the way, I quite agree with the authors of "Healthy Lifestyle", who highly appreciate this book. Yes, it can become a table for the study and use of medicinal plants.

• 1 tbsp. a spoonful of fresh leaves of hare cabbage, insist 4 hours in 1 glass of boiling water, drain.

Take 1-2 tbsp. spoons 3-4 times a day.

• 4 tbsp. tablespoons of leaves to insist 4 hours in 3 cups of boiling water, drain.

Use for washing purulent cuts and wounds.

• 3 tbsp. boil spoons of leaves with boiling water, wrap in cheesecloth. Use for pain relieving poultices.

We have been subscribing to the magazine "HLS" since 2000.

All these years she propagandized it among relatives and friends. Many of those who have ever used our newsletter have signed themselves. With the help of "HLS" I purchased the seeds of some medicinal plants. I would very much like to purchase the seeds of Potentilla goose, blooming with white flowers, and stevia.

I am grateful to Yuri Alekseevich Kot for the miraculous collection, which he describes in "HLS" (No. 10 for 2003) and to Vitaly Vasilyevich from the Ivanovo region, the author of the article "Cinderella" from Polesie. "

I drank the miracle collection for 2 months, replacing the goose cinquefoil with a silver one.

The pressure has stabilized somewhat, and the vision has improved. This year I am trying to collect herbs at the right time. I will look for the seeds of Potentilla, blooming with white flowers. I just need it!

Address: Kantemirova Valentina Vasilievna, 404120 Volgograd region, Volzhsky, st. Zavodskaya, 8, apt. five.


All winter my husband and I drink a decoction of dried apples, which saves us from colds. We live in a dacha, near a mixed forest, many birches. Every spring we collect fresh juice, drink it and prepare it for future use. I make kvass from juice for the summer. I take a large plastic bottle (1.5-2 liters), pour in fresh juice, pour 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar (with a slide) and put 5-6 unwashed raisins for sourdough. I screw the bottle tightly and store it in the basement. After fermentation, the juice becomes cloudy, but pleasant, sour in taste. Very good thirst quencher in hot weather. We prepare birch kvass up to 100 liters. In the summer we drink plenty of ourselves, treat our friends and acquaintances.

The second way of making juice is canning. I add sugar and citric acid to the cold juice to taste. Then I heat it in a large container to about 80-90 degrees, but do not boil it. I pour hot juice into sterilized jars, roll up the lids, turn them over and wrap them with a blanket. I store it in the basement, or better in the cellar.

Spring has come. Today there should be a lot of birch sap, since the earth is well saturated with moisture. The spring forest will calm the soul and generously share the life-giving drink. Only you treat the birch trees with care, with love.

Address: Pankova Raisa Nikolaevna, 187110 Leningrad region, Kirishi, st. Dekabristov Bestuzhevs, d. 1 1, apt. 36.

Modern methods of aesthetic medicine in cosmetology

Abstract on cosmetology

Luhansk National University named after T. Shevchenko

on the topic: "modern methods of aesthetic medicine in cosmetology.
ampoule techniques, cosmetology masks "

II-year student

1. Procedures
2.vial techniques serums
4.cosmetic masks

1. Procedures
Biorevitalization (bio-revitalization) is a complex technique that allows you to restore the tone, elasticity and color inherent in young skin, as well as protect it from free radicals. The effect of the procedure is achieved not only by mechanically smoothing wrinkles, but also by triggering internal reserve mechanisms.
To start the natural processes of regeneration and moisturizing of the skin, preparations based on hyaluronic acid are used, which are injected in a mesotherapeutic way.
With age, the number of fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen fibers) decreases, and their structure changes. An important role in the aging process is played by free radicals, which are normally involved in many cellular mechanisms. But due to various reasons (UV radiation, stress, inflammation), they accumulate in tissues, exacerbating the oxidative process.
Biorevitalization can be started from the age of 35, when wrinkles in the eye area and around the mouth become visible.Each wrinkle is filled all over by the introduction of hyaluronic acid-based preparations: Restylane, Perline, Juvederm, New Phill.
Thanks to this technique, regenerative processes in the skin are stimulated, its deep hydration occurs, turgor and elasticity of the skin are restored, microcirculation is activated.
o for the prevention of chrono- and photoaging of the skin,
o to correct involutional skin changes (dehydration, wrinkles, decreased turgor and elasticity),
o for the correction of cicatricial changes,
o for skin rehabilitation after chemical and laser peels.
o with varying degrees of pigmentation
o with spider veins
o for rehabilitation after plastic surgery
o in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,
o infectious and allergic diseases of streptococcal genesis, autoimmune diseases.
o For several days after the procedure, a sharp temperature drop should be avoided: sauna, solarium, etc.
Vacuum therapy is a dosed effect of negative barometric pressure on certain parts of the body. This method allows you to influence the layer of subcutaneous fat. Its task is to make the fatty tissue contract. Vacuum therapy stimulates cell proteins - collagen and elastin, eliminates lymph congestion and improves metabolism at the cellular level.
In the field of vacuum therapy, the following procedures are used: vacuum massage (vacuum lymphatic drainage), vacuum facial cleansing, vacuum micro-grinding, vibration therapeutic massage.
Vacuum massage is a universal medical and cosmetic procedure based on the use of cans of various sizes, inside which a vacuum is created. It increases the supply of oxygen to tissues, the intensity of metabolism, improves blood circulation, tightens the skin under the influence of negative pressure.
What is the advantage of vacuum massage? The impact of this method is energetically stronger and more effective. It is not possible to get to the deep structures using the classical massage method.
Vacuum face cleansing is a procedure for removing fat plugs from the pores of the facial skin using an applicator connected to a device that creates negative pressure. During cleansing, dead skin cells are exfoliated, surface impurities are removed, and inflammatory elements are removed. It is indicated for oily, combination, aging skin with reduced turgor.
Biodermabrasion or biological skin resurfacing is a procedure of dosed microstress action on the epidermis, as a result of which biological processes in the skin are activated.
Biological resurfacing combines 2 procedures in one and is designed in such a way as to restore microcirculation and metabolism at the cellular level, to provide a long-term tonic and stimulating effect. In the process of double exposure: a mask containing glycolic and lactic acids, and a biological paste, regeneration processes are triggered - the rate of cell division of the basal layer increases, collagen synthesis is enhanced, biologically active substances are produced that are necessary for the successful restoration of the skin. As a result, the firmness and elasticity of the skin increases, pigmentation disappears, fine wrinkles are smoothed, and the complexion improves.
Technology of execution: first, the skin is cleansed with a special emulsion containing fruit acids and moisturizing ingredients, then a special mask is applied to the cleansed skin, which is a light peeling thanks to glycolic and lactic acids. The next stage is the application of a biological paste containing plant extracts that help soften the epidermis, eliminate toxins and improve microcirculation in skin cells.The program ends with a mask that is selected individually. If the skin is dry and thin, then after the mask, a serum with vitamin C and a serum with hyaluronic acid are applied to the face in layers. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, enhancing cellular immunity, hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing effect that prevents early skin aging. After the mask, a revitalizing cream is applied to the skin to help restructure it.
Bio-resurfacing is recommended for everyone, both women and men. The treatment has an immediate visible effect and is ideal for those who need to look great in just one hour.
Scope: face, neck, décolleté.
Indications: skin with wide pores, scars, irregularities.
The effect of the procedure: as a result, the firmness and elasticity of the skin increases, pigmentation disappears, fine wrinkles are smoothed, and the complexion improves.
Care after the procedure: during the course of procedures, it is not recommended to visit the solarium, sauna, actively engage in sports, take alcoholic beverages, use preparations containing aloe vera extracts and essential oils.
Duration: about an hour. Typically, a standard course of treatment takes 6-10 procedures every 7-10 days.
Mechanical dermabrasion is one of the best methods for correcting aesthetic skin imperfections. It is a gentle procedure, since the depth of the removed skin layer is visually controlled. After the operation, wrinkled skin is smoothed out.
Is used for:
o eliminate facial wrinkles
o improving skin color
o removal of age spots, freckles, dilated small blood vessels
correct scars of various origins
o Microdermabrasion - a procedure for removing dead skin cells from the epidermis using microcrystals of aluminum oxide. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, eliminates the effects of acne, smoothes fine wrinkles.
Sometimes the procedure is used to remove the tattoo and remove stretch marks. The procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia. Redness of the skin is possible. The recommended course is 5-10 procedures with an interval of 7 to 10 days.
Cryotherapy is a treatment with artificial cold, which causes a stressful state of the body, actively affects the regulation of metabolism, the formation of necessary hormones, improving blood circulation, and all processes in the human body, which makes it possible to stay healthy, young, and beautiful for a long time.
Even our distant ancestors laid the foundation for cryotherapy, they took ice baths for rejuvenation. Modern methods of cryotherapy imply exposure to an inert gas, nitrogen or air cooled to an ultra-low temperature - 150-190 ° C. Cryotherapy is divided into general and local.
General cryotherapy is carried out in a special cryochamber, where the skin is exposed to temperature stress for 2-3 minutes without being damaged. General cryotherapy provides for full or partial immersion of a naked body in a gas environment at a temperature of 110 - 160 C. The limbs and respiratory organs are protected from frostbite by wearing woolen socks and mittens and a cotton-gauze mask. General cryotherapy has a healing and rejuvenating effect on the entire body as a whole.
This effect is based on a change in the activity of blood vessels - the initial spasm of small arteries is replaced by their pronounced expansion, which leads to active hyperemia, the duration of which is from 1 to 3 hours. The result is increased heat generation and improved nutrition of skin tissues and internal organs, stimulating the work of the heart and blood vessels, and facilitating venous outflow. All this greatly helps rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system and surgical interventions, with diseases of the spine, inflammatory and metabolic diseases of the joints, with many skin diseases.
Thanks to the increased heat exchange, general cryotherapy also promotes weight loss. There are no side effects associated with general cryotherapy. But they are contraindicated in such severe conditions as myocardial infarction and cerebral strokes, high degrees of hypertension and heart failure, and some others. And, of course, with individual cold intolerance.
Cryotherapy used for cosmetic purposes is based on the use of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a clear liquid, colorless and odorless, with a strong therapeutic effect on tissues. Depending on the technique, in some cases, freezing causes tissue death, in others only narrowing of blood vessels with subsequent expansion of capillaries, which significantly increases blood flow to the site of exposure, resulting in improved tissue nutrition. Masks, wraps, injections performed after cryotherapy sessions have an enhanced effect, which significantly helps in the treatment of excess weight and cellulite.
Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen has been used for several decades to remove warts, moles, papillomas, senile keratosis, hypertrophic scars and acne. It is in this case that tissue death is achieved by deep freezing of the removed neoplasm - a long exposure to liquid nitrogen, more than 30 seconds, under low pressure is carried out. In 40-60 seconds after freezing, hyperemia and edema appear, and, after a few hours, either an epidermal bladder is formed, or immediately a dense crust, which after a few days is rejected, leaving an inconspicuous pink spot. If a more superficial effect on the skin is needed, liquid nitrogen is applied for a short time, 10-15 seconds, in the form of cryomassage. Cosmetic cryomassage is performed with a cotton swab on a wooden stick, which is dipped in a thermos with liquid nitrogen and rolled along massage lines or locally on the problem area. There is even a cryomassage of the scalp to treat some forms of baldness. Comb the hair and, in parallel with the combed partings, use a swab with liquid nitrogen to carry out rapid rotational movements.
More effective is the modern use of a cryogenic gas jet directed by a special device to individual parts of the body. Such a cryoapplicator is a tube-reservoir for liquid nitrogen with replaceable metal tips of various configurations.
Cryomassage is most actively used in programs for rejuvenating the skin of the face and body. A new word in the local application of cold is cryopilling and cryoelectrophoresis. The essence of the last procedure is the administration of frozen preparations, selected depending on the nature of the skin problem, into the deep layers of the skin by means of a pulsating current. The effect of cosmetic cryomassage and other cold procedures is to reduce wrinkles, prevent sagging skin, restore the shape and elasticity of the breast, and get rid of fatty deposits.
Cryosauna is a new trend in the field of cosmetology, used for treatment or hardening. In special devices, the patient is enveloped in low-temperature gas. This procedure helps to cope with stress, cellulite, and many other diseases. Scope: the body as a whole, excluding the head and neck.
Having put on woolen mittens and socks, the patient enters the cryocabin, which is supplied with a dry cold mixture of nitrogen and air up to shoulder level. After 15 seconds, the temperature inside the cabin is set at 130C-140C.
Contraindications for use are:
o acute infectious diseases
o tuberculosis
o diabetes
o cardiovascular insufficiency
Microcurrent therapy is a procedure based on the effect of a weak impulse electric current on various layers of the skin and the muscular system.The impact of microcurrents has a beneficial effect on aging skin. Due to the absence of visible muscle contractions, microcurrent therapy is absolutely physiological. The procedure optimizes the processes taking place in each cell.
o lifting, non-surgical correction of the face contour
o treatment and prevention of wrinkles
o hyperpigmentation
o hypersensitive skin
o treatment of oily and problem skin (acne, post-acne)
o rosacea
o hair loss
o flabby atonic skin
o anti-cellulite programs
o edema, lymphostasis
o pregnancy
o intolerance to electric current
o disturbances in the rhythm and conduction of the heart muscle (IHD)
o artificial pacemaker in the heart
o the presence of metal structures and pins in the bones
o golden threads
o malignant tumors
o chemical peeling
o plastic surgery (at least 3 months)
Myostimulation (electrical stimulation) - the use of impulse currents to restore the activity of organs and tissues that have lost their normal function. Pulse currents from devices are used in medical cosmetology to correct the figure and improve the contour of the face by strengthening and increasing muscle mass.
Myostimulation (electrical stimulation) - the use of impulse currents to restore the activity of organs and tissues that have lost their normal function. Pulse currents from devices are used in medical cosmetology to correct the figure and improve the contour of the face by strengthening and increasing muscle mass. Myostimulation is usually called "passive fitness". It activates all innervated muscle fibers (that is, the muscle fibers to which the nerves are connected). In addition, the blood supply to the stimulated tissues also improves.
Myostimulation is usually called "passive fitness". It activates all innervated muscle fibers (that is, the muscle fibers to which the nerves are connected). In addition, the blood supply to the stimulated tissues also improves.
Electrolymph drainage is a method of sequential electrical muscle stimulation aimed at accelerating the outflow of lymph and venous blood. The procedure promotes activation of blood supply to muscles and internal organs, creates conditions for drainage of the intercellular space, which improves metabolism in tissues.
Electrolipolysis is a microcurrent therapy method based on polar microstimulation. This is one of the ways to combat fatty tissue and cellulite. There are 2 types of electrolipolysis: electrode and needle.
With electrode lipolysis, electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin of problem areas. With a needle, the needles-electrodes are inserted directly into the adipose tissue. During the procedure, the frequency of the supplied current and the waveform are changed several times, which makes it possible to enhance the lipolytic effect on the tissues.
Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening system. The new thermage technology is designed to help aging skin regain its firmness. The impact leading to the lifting effect is based on radio frequency radiation, which has certain parameters, the main of which is a very high frequency of 6 MHz.
The radiation energy allows it to penetrate into the skin and deep under it (up to 5 mm), as a result of which the temperature in the treated tissues rises. As a result, the collagen fibers under the skin, which provide its elasticity, are tightened and tightened.
This effect allows you to feel skin tightening almost immediately after the procedure. But exposure to radio frequency radiation also stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers, instead of the weakened and stretched old ones. This process is akin to the "domino" effect lasts six months or more, during which there is a constant strengthening of the skin and underlying tissues. Thanks to this, the tightening effect becomes more pronounced and durable.
Features of the procedure. Thermage is performed without anesthesia. The procedure is well tolerated: it feels like a sequence of short cold and moderately hot touches. The sensation of warmth deep in the tissues is accompanied by a radiofrequency impulse and means that the collagen fibers have reached the temperature at which they are compacted.
The session lasts from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area of ​​the treated surface. Immediately after the procedure, the skin looks smoother and younger, it becomes more elastic to the touch. Most patients need only one procedure for a good lasting result.
Indications for use:
o removal of wrinkles and folds in the face, neck and décolleté, upper and lower eyelids, as well as in any other area with a loss of its elasticity and density
o correction of facial contours (age-related ptosis of soft tissues)
o non-surgical eyebrow lift
o acne vulgaris therapy
o excess localized fat deposits
The procedure is contraindicated in patients with an implanted pacemaker, with an implanted automatic cardioverter / defibrillator, with any other implanted electrical device. Contraindications are diseases such as diabetes mellitus, systemic connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.), general infectious diseases and skin lesions in the places of intended treatment are undesirable.
Ultrasound therapy is the use of high-frequency ultrasonic waves (mechanical vibrations) for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. In hardware cosmetology, under the influence of ultrasound, cell metabolism and lymphatic drainage are activated.
Ultrasonic waves create mechanical vibrations in adipose tissues, thereby accelerating metabolic processes, peripheral and local blood circulation. Inflammation, pain, itching and swelling are also reduced under the influence of ultrasonic waves.
Ultrasonic liposuction is a procedure based on the destruction of adipose tissue using ultrasound. A special probe emits ultrasound into the adipose tissue, which converts the fat into an emulsion. Then this emulsion is sucked off with a vacuum pump.
Vaser liposuction is a type of ultrasonic liposuction. The procedure is the removal of fat deposits using ultrasound without damaging the skin.
Ultrasonic face cleansing - the effect of high-frequency sound vibrations on the tissues. Under the influence of ultrasound, cell metabolism and lymphatic drainage are activated. This procedure unclogs pores, removes dead skin cells, eliminates acne, brightens and removes age spots, strengthens facial muscles, and smoothes fine wrinkles.
Ultrasonic peeling is a gentle type of ultrasonic face cleaning that removes only the most superficial layer of the skin. This procedure cleanses the skin from acne, smoothes the skin surface.
Ultrasonic hair removal - used as an additional wax depilation procedure, after which a special gel is applied to the skin surface. Then, under the action of ultrasound, the molecules and ions of the gel penetrate deep into the skin and slow down the process of division of germ cells. It should be noted that along with them, cells of other tissues are also destroyed.
Ultrasonic lifting (sonolift) is a low-traumatic way of facelift. It is used to reduce skin firmness and elasticity associated with age-related changes. It is carried out in a pulsed mode of operation of the device, when the ultrasonic wave either amplifies or dies down.
Ultrasonic massage is a hardware method of applying high-frequency sound vibrations to the skin. Recommended for smoothing wrinkles, acne, dermatitis, fading and flabby skin, "double chin".
Phonophoresis is a procedure that allows medicines and cosmetics to penetrate into the surface layers of the skin with the help of ultrasonic vibrations produced by the apparatus. It can be successfully used in patients who cannot tolerate painful mesotherapy sessions or have medical contraindications to it.
Phototherapy is a light therapy based on the ability of high-intensity light to penetrate the skin structure, providing a rejuvenating and healing effect on it. The procedures are painless, comfortable for the client and do not require a lot of time.
Infrared sauna - a cabin made of natural wood, in which ceramic infrared emitters are installed. The infrared sauna uses the method of direct (direct) heating of the human body. This method helps to get rid of cellulite, relieves stress and fatigue.
During the procedure, tissues, organs, bones and joints are heated, and the flow of blood and other body fluids is accelerated. The body's immune system increases, muscle nutrition improves, tissues are enriched with oxygen. In addition, due to active perspiration, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins.
PUVA therapy (photochemotherapy) is the use of long-wave ultraviolet radiation together with photosensitizers (substances that enhance the effect of the sun, quartz).
o malignant neoplasms
o liver and kidney disease
o hypersensitivity to ultraviolet radiation
o acute gastrointestinal diseases
o acute and chronic diabetes
o cachexia hypertension
o pregnancy
o diseases of the central nervous system
Photophoresis is a photorejuvenation method based on the application of a medicinal product to the skin of the face, followed by exposure to high-intensity light. A comfortable and painless procedure that does not require rehabilitation.
Chromotherapy is a procedure based on the effects of light and color waves. It is known that each color carries an attitude towards action or type of behavior. Yellow helps to concentrate, blue calms and relaxes the body, green is the color of harmony. It is widely used to solve both physical and emotional problems.
Electrotherapy is a dosed effect on the body of electric currents, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. It is used as an analgesic and sedative for neuralgia, convulsions, paralysis, muscle atrophy, rheumatism of the joints, some female diseases, neurasthenia, hysteria.
Darsonvalization - the use of electrotherapy methods to eliminate skin defects. It is indicated for acne, hair loss, decreased skin tone and turgor. The action of high-frequency alternating current inhibits the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands, increases skin elasticity, normalizes turgor, and enhances lymph and blood circulation.
Darsonvalization can be combined with microcurrent therapy, oxygen therapy, ultrasonic face cleansing.
Diadynamic therapy - exposure to a constant pulsed electric current with a frequency of 50 × 100 Hz. During the procedure, the electrodes are placed as close as possible to the painful area. The patient feels a slight burning sensation, tingling sensation and vibration. The method of diadynamic therapy promotes the resorption of edema, improves blood circulation, and also increases the oxygen content in the tissues of the body.
Diathermy is a deep heating of tissues by currents of high frequency and great strength, received from a special apparatus. It is used for inflammatory diseases of muscles, peripheral nervous system, joints, adhesions and some diseases of internal organs.
Interference therapy - the use of medium-frequency impulse currents that form an amplitude inside the tissues.These vibrations have an exciting effect on the tissues of the body, helping to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Interference currents easily penetrate the human body without irritating skin receptors and without causing discomfort under the electrodes. It can be used by both adults and children. However, this method is addictive and is often discouraged.
Iontophoresis is a method of introducing medicinal substances into the deep layers of the skin under the influence of direct (galvanic) or alternating current. Thanks to its action, cosmetic products penetrate deeper layers of the skin, which cannot be achieved with conventional application. Iontophoresis is used in cosmetology for skin rejuvenation, cleansing, acne and even brittle nails.
A medicated gauze bandage is applied to the surface of the skin. Within 10 minutes, the active electrode treats the skin. Each drug is administered from a separate electrode, positive or negative.
Ridolysis is one of the ways to fight wrinkles using an electric current.
A special needle is connected to the active electrode and inserted into the epidermis parallel to the wrinkle. As a result, a weak galvanic current flows under the skin. It promotes the formation of connective tissue under the wrinkle, which lifts the epidermis that has formed the fold. Ridolysis stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and prevents the formation of new wrinkles.
Course: 6-10 procedures 2 times a week
UHF therapy (UHF coagulation) is a method of treatment with high frequency current. Treatment is indicated for acute and chronic inflammatory processes of internal organs (bronchitis, cholecystitis, pneumonia), musculoskeletal system, ear, throat, nose (tonsillitis, otitis media), peripheral nervous system (neuritis), female genital area, dystrophic processes and acute suppuration (boils, carbuncles, abscesses, phlegmon).
Ultratonotherapy is a method of exposure to current, which forms a “soft” electrical discharge, endogenous heat and ozone between the body and the electrode. Ultratonotherapy is a relatively new method of treatment that appeared in the 60s of the XX century. Ultratonotherapy causes vasodilation at the site of exposure, improves blood circulation, skin trophism, has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps to eliminate spasms, accelerates the resorption of infiltrates, has a local bacteriostatic effect, an analgesic effect.
Course: 20 procedures, repeated course - in 1-2 months.
Franklinization is the use of static electricity for medicinal purposes. Franklinization improves capillary blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, has an analgesic effect, and accelerates the epithelialization of wounds.
Electrocoagulation is a method of burning tissue with an electric current. It is used to remove papillomas, genital warts, moles, warts, age-related keratosis, spider veins, acne. This method allows you to visually control the depth of the impact.
Neoplasms are removed using a special device. An electric current supplied through an electrocoagulator causes thermal damage to the tissue. A dry crust appears at the site of removal of the neoplasm.
The resulting crust is smeared with 5% potassium permangonate solution for 3-4 days. Healing under the crust occurs within 8-10 days.
After it falls off, a pink spot remains at the site of the former formation, which over time acquires the color of normal skin. Small formations can be coagulated without anesthesia; in other cases, local anesthesia is used.
Electrostatic massage - exposure to a pulsating electrostatic field.The massage is performed using a special apparatus, due to which a physiological vibration of the tissues occurs.
Procedure duration: 15 minutes
Pulse electrotherapy - exposure to the skin with a pulsed electric current, where the supply of energy alternates with pauses. It is widely used in general physiotherapy.
pronounced swelling of soft tissues
insufficiency of blood circulation in the extremities due to atherosclerosis
chronic lymphostasis
Duration of the procedure: 15-20 minutes
Electrolysis is a hair removal method based on the effect of current directly on the hair growth zone. A course of properly performed epilation procedures ensures permanent hair removal.
Depending on the type of electrolysis, the following technologies are distinguished:
Thermolysis is a thermal effect on a follicle that occurs when it is treated with high-frequency alternating current. Fast and painless method.
Electrolysis - chemical destruction of hair roots. This procedure uses a constant galvanic current.
o tendency to form keloid scars
o hypersensitivity of the skin
o presence of an artificial pacemaker
o skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema)
o pregnancy
o age up to 17 years
Galvanization is the effect on the body of a constant continuous current of low strength and low voltage using electrodes applied to the body.
Electric current enters the human body through the sebaceous and sweat glands, which have the least electrical resistance.
Having overcome the subcutaneous adipose tissue, the current spreads through the intercellular spaces, blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve sheaths and muscles.
Under the influence of the current, the quantitative and qualitative ratio of ions in the tissues changes. This increases the physiological activity of the tissue.
Applied electrodes:
For the procedures, electrodes of various shapes and sizes are used. For cutaneous techniques, rectangular or round electrodes are most often used, with abdominal ones - special cavity electrodes: vaginal, rectal, gingival, etc.
The duration of the procedure ranges up to 10-15 minutes (general and segmental-reflex techniques) and up to 30-40 minutes (with local procedures). The course of treatment is from 10 to 12 procedures carried out daily or every other day. Repeated courses are held no earlier than 1 month later.
o acne
o oily skin
o plexitis, radiculitis, mono- and polyneuropathy, neuralgia
o craniocerebral and spinal cord injuries, disorders of cerebral and spinal circulation, meningitis, encephalitis
o chronic gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
o hypertensive and hypotonic disease, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis in the initial stages
o periodontal disease, glossalgia
o keratitis, uveitis, glaucoma
o chronic arthritis, bone fracture
o rosacea (vascular network)
o pigmentation
o chronic dermatoses in the acute stage
o fever
o bleeding
o intolerance to electric current
o malignant neoplasms
o acute inflammatory and purulent processes
o pronounced atherosclerosis
o eczema
o pregnancy
o cachexia (wasting)
Disincrustation cleaning is a method of deep cleansing of pores using an electric current. Under the influence of direct current, sebum reacts with substances that contain alkalis. As a result, the secretion of the sebaceous glands dissolves and is removed to the surface of the skin. The pores are cleared of grease plugs and impurities.
The procedure is carried out in 3 stages:
1. Opening of pores with the help of electric current, saponification of comedones and excess sebum.
2.Cleansing the skin from saponification products with lotion and a cotton swab.
3. Closing pores, restoring acid-base balance.
Oxymesotherapy - treatment of the skin with a pulsating stream of pure oxygen. Having filled with oxygen, the cells begin to function actively, regulating the course of physiological processes.
In oxymezotherapy, special low molecular weight serums (anti-inflammatory, whitening, anti-cellulite, anti-aging) are used. Absolutely pure oxygen under carefully controlled pressure provides painless injections of medicinal preparations into the deepest layers of the epidermis of problematic skin areas.
This procedure increases the absorption of low molecular weight cosmetics, improves blood microcirculation, strengthens and tones the skin, improves complexion, stimulates collagen synthesis and stimulates cell metabolism.
As a result of the sessions carried out, the skin is detoxified, blood microcirculation improves and cell metabolism is stimulated, collagen is synthesized. Also, oxymesotherapy sessions are recommended for the elimination of age spots, rosacea, rosacea, and for the treatment of psoriasis and cellulite.
o mimic wrinkles
o acne
o hyperpigmentation
o edema
o dark circles under the eyes
o rosacea
o psoriasis
Algotherapy - treatment and care based on seaweed and mud, rich in trace elements and iodine and providing analgesic and antiseptic effects. Improves metabolism, reduces inflammation, softens the skin. Application of sea mud (algae), rich in vitamins and minerals.
Types of procedures in algotherapy: algae wraps, algae applications, thermal wraps (thermal sweating - applications based on essential oils on the whole body under an electric blanket helps to remove toxic substances from the body). Healing clays with a high content of magnesium, silicon, copper and bentonite, an intensive lyophilized algal complex (kelp, lithothamnia, fucus, chlorella) and cinnamon oil in the mask enhance microcirculation, accelerate fat burning, and increase skin elasticity. The effect of thermal modeling is achieved by wrapping in plastic wrap with the participation of a thermal blanket.
The effect of the procedures:
o silhouette correction
o anti-cellulite, anti-stress effect
o optimization of intracellular metabolism processes
o Indications:
o arthrosis
o osteoporosis
o osteochondrosis
o tendon inflammation and even insomnia
o sagging skin
o cellulite
o stress
o slagging of the body
o body fat
Paraffin therapy is used with great success today in cosmetology as an effective means of moisturizing the skin. The surface of the skin, covered with a layer of warm paraffin, is in a kind of "greenhouse conditions". Consequently, the sweat that appears on the skin cannot evaporate: a dense paraffin barrier prevents it from doing this. Therefore, water - the main constituent of sweat - is absorbed by the skin through the epidermis.
Paraffin therapy uses cosmetic paraffin melted at a temperature of 52-54 ° C in the form of a viscous viscous mass of white color, which is applied to the skin in the form of applications. The temperature of the skin under the hot paraffin layer rises by 1.5-2 ° C.
As the temperature of the skin increases, blood flow increases. It promotes better joint function, tissue repair and faster wound healing. In this regard, paraffin therapy is widely used in medicine for the treatment of joint diseases, the consequences of various injuries, pain in the arms and legs.
When cooled, paraffin has the property of decreasing its volume. This has a "squeezing" effect on the skin. The paraffin layer tightly covers the tissue, which helps to smooth the skin.
Paraffin therapy procedure
Solid paraffin, placed in a special bath, melts to a liquid state. Then it is applied with a wide brush to the desired area of ​​the body or face. Such a mask freezes instantly, the exposure time is 15-20 minutes. Applicable to all skin areas.
Parafango wraps are a procedure using natural active ingredients. Parafango is a paraffin wax mixed with sea kelp that softens, regenerates and protects the skin. These algae are rich in mineral compounds: iodine, vitamins A, B, PP, C, K, D, E.
The Parafango procedure cleanses and tightens the skin, corrects cellulite, and helps to reduce volumes. Due to the vacuum effect inherent in a paraffin mask, a large amount of liquid leaves, taking with it toxins and toxins. Experience shows that during the procedure, you can lose up to two kilograms of excess weight.
Manual lymphatic drainage is a method based on light and rhythmic pressure and patting, sliding wave movements, contributing to the relaxation of the whole organism. To enhance the effect of the massage, special masks or oils are used.
With systematic manual lymphatic drainage, a lifting effect occurs by increasing muscle tone and improving complexion. Enhances the effect of other cosmetic procedures for face and body care.
The procedure is performed only by an experienced physician, who first relieves the slightest tension and spasms in layers throughout the body for an hour with his hands, and then for about 15-20 minutes pumps the lymphatic system, acting on the main lymphatic centers located deep inside the chest and abdominal cavity.
Peeling - translated from English "peel" means the process of removing a layer from something and is considered an alternative to plastic surgery.
Chemical peeling promotes rapid skin regeneration, it looks rejuvenated, healthy and fresh. Small wrinkles disappear, skin tone and elasticity return. Facial peeling is also one of the stages of a complex of acne treatments.
In cosmetology, peeling means removing the top layer of the epidermis. The main task of peeling is to stimulate the skin by removing the surface layers of the epidermis. Such stimulation is carried out with the aim of: rejuvenating the skin, increasing the protective properties of the skin, eliminating skin defects.
Depending on the type of effect, several types of peeling are distinguished: chemical, ultrasonic, mechanical, glycolic peeling (АНА - peeling, acid peeling, peeling with fruit acids), yellow peeling, laser peeling, fruit peeling, middle peeling, superficial peeling, etc. Choice one of them depends on the type of skin and the problems that the peeling should relieve it of. Peeling may differ in the method used during its implementation and the degree of penetration of the funds used during the peeling into the layers of the skin.
So, ANA - peeling is suitable for almost everyone, among the problems that it solves are wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, age spots. Here you can add a dull complexion, pimples, flaking and various "unevenness" of our skin. At the same time, the method is quite mild, only a slight tingling is felt - a tingling sensation, which lasts only a few minutes while the product is applied to the skin.
This is a gentle procedure - after it you can go out, since the rehabilitation period does not take much time, the skin shines, peeling disappears, and age spots become less visible. These are the first "instant" results of the glycolic acid peel. And more serious changes in the skin will occur in about a month or a month and a half, when young cells come to the surface, and new collagen and elastin fibers are formed in the dermis (deep layer of the skin).Often, a course of peelings can significantly delay the time of surgical intervention in order to correct age-related skin changes.
Of course, peels are not a panacea for all problems. But in combination with other modern methods (massage, phonophoresis, electrophoresis, mesotherapy, etc.), they give tremendous results in the treatment of various cosmetic defects.
Facial cleansing - deep cleansing of the face. This procedure helps to exfoliate dead particles, remove blackheads and blackheads. After the procedure, the skin is cleansed of toxins and toxins, metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated.
There are the following types of face cleansing: mechanical, chemical and hardware cleaning, which includes ultrasonic face cleansing, vacuum face cleansing, galvanic cleansing, etc.
Mechanical face cleansing - manual skin cleansing. Before the procedure, the skin is steamed or a special cold gel is applied. Then the beautician cleans the skin with his fingers. The procedure is somewhat painful; after applying a soothing and tightening mask, redness remains on the skin for several hours.
Chemical face cleansing is carried out using fruit acids. A mask with a high content of glycolic acid is applied to the skin, which enlarges the pores. Then a mask with an even higher acid content is applied, which warms up the skin and partially dissolves the sebum. The treatment ends with the application of a soothing mask.
Ultrasonic peeling (cleaning) - cleansing the skin with an ultrasonic scrubber. This procedure, in addition to deep cleansing, carries out micro-massage of the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles.
Vacuum face cleansing - cleaning with a vacuum tube that sucks out the sebaceous plugs from the pores of preheated skin under negative pressure.
o vitiligo
o benign neoplasms
o inflammatory skin diseases
o hyperpigmentation
o dark skin
o gold or platinum reinforcement
Duration: 15 minutes.
Herbal medicine - herbal medicine. In many cases, herbs can be a safe alternative to chemical medicines. However, their use requires extensive medical knowledge.
Herbal medicine is one of the most ancient sciences, which originated almost 6 thousand years ago. Over the centuries, mankind has gained vast experience in the art of herbal treatment.
The effect of herbal medicines is determined by the active substances contained in different parts of the plant: alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, essential oils and others.
Using the methods of traditional phytomedicine, patients want to protect themselves from the many side effects of antibiotics and other chemical drugs during treatment. Herbal preparations have a milder effect on the body, are less toxic and do not lead to addiction and allergies.
However, among medicinal herbs there are many poisonous ones. And they become medicinal precisely because of their toxicity, and their beneficial or harmful effects on the body are related to the dosage. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a specialist.
Plants in herbal medicine are usually divided into the following categories:
astringent: oak, galangal
anti-inflammatory: St. John's wort, chamomile, coltsfoot, mint
nourishing: carrots, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, rosehip seed oil
tonic: aloe, ginseng
whitening: lemon, parsley, currant, strawberry
irritants: nettle, pepper, formic acid, garlic
coloring: coffee beans, indigo leaves, henna, onion husks
Laser cosmetology is a complex of services for laser correction of external skin defects.
Photorejuvenation is a skin rejuvenation technology using high-intensity light sources.This method helps to fight pigmentation disorders, porosity of the skin, acne, dilated blood vessels, age-related changes in the skin, a decrease in its tone and the appearance of wrinkles.
Laser hair removal is a highly effective method for removing unwanted hair. Exposure to the laser beam destroys the hair follicle.
Suitable for all skin areas. This method does not damage the epidermis, which makes it possible to apply the procedure on the most sensitive areas of the skin.
Laser skin resurfacing is a rejuvenation method based on the use of a laser beam that penetrates into the surface layers of the skin and evaporates cells. After laser resurfacing, wrinkles are smoothed, the appearance of the skin improves, and its elasticity increases.
The results of the performed procedure can be observed already after 7 days, the final result - after 3-6 months. After resurfacing, the skin becomes light-sensitive, so it is not recommended to stay in the sun for a long time.
After the procedure, the following complications are possible:
o skin redness
o hyperpigmentation
o hypopigmentation
o the appearance of small scars
Photocoagulation is the destruction of tissue by heat that comes from a light source that illuminates the tissue.
It is carried out using high-power flash lamps. The energy of the light pulse, absorbed by the walls of the vessels, causes their soft and rapid heating, and then the reverse development. Following this, the body gets rid of the particles of the destroyed tissue.
The photocoagulation procedure is comfortable, but sometimes there are sensations of burning and tingling, which quickly pass. After the procedure, short-term redness and swelling of the skin in the area of ​​photocoagulation may occur.
Course: 3 - 8 procedures with an interval of 3 - 4 weeks
Laser removal of neoplasms is based on the evaporation of skin cells until the surface is completely smoothed. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Postoperative healing occurs under the crust, which is formed when the area of ​​exposure is treated with a 5% potassium permanganate solution and is rejected for 4-8 days.
Course: 4 - 5 procedures with an interval of 2 - 3 months
Photoepilation is a method of getting rid of unwanted hair based on the absorption of light energy by the hair pigment (melanin), which is located in the hair shaft and hair follicle. Allows you to remove hair from the entire body in one session.
Before the session, the doctor collects complete information about the patient's health. Then the optimal mode of the procedure is selected. The patient sits in a comfortable chair and wears dark glasses. The doctor applies a cooling gel to the treated area of ​​the body, which will exclude the possibility of a negative effect on the skin of photoepilation. Then an epilation machine is driven over the skin. Periodic flashes of light destroy the hair follicle. After the procedure, an aerosol or cream is applied to the skin.
Sclerotherapy is the most popular and effective treatment for spider veins, vascular snakes and small and medium-sized varicose veins in Europe. It is a safe and aesthetic treatment that does not require incisions or scarring. The essence of sclerotherapy is to exclude the damaged vein from the bloodstream. For this, the vein is "glued", and the role of "glue" is played by a special substance - sclerosant.
Currently, depending on the method of sclerosant administration, there are several options for sclerotherapy: puncture, catheter, intraoperative, echosclerotherapy (performed under the control of a duplex scanner), phlebosclerotherapy using the foam-foam technique (foam-shaped sclerosant), microsclerotherapy, sclerotherapy (common for all procedures )
The sclerotherapy technique is as follows:
A special drug (sclerosant) is injected into the varicose vein through very thin needles (they may be thinner than a human hair), which seals the vessel from the inside. The drug, which is injected into a vein, and then squeezed with a pad and elastic bandage, causes the walls of the vessels to stick together. The lumen of the varicose vein disappears - and it becomes inaccessible to blood flow. She subsequently disappears completely. Along with the disappearance of the pathological vein, the pathological blood flow and all the symptoms of varicose veins disappear. The needle is removed and the vein is pressed with a gauze ball or a special latex pad is placed over the injection area. Then the leg is wrapped with an elastic bandage or an elastic stocking is put on (best made of natural rubber or cotton).
Bandaging the leg or wearing compression hosiery is carried out during the entire course of treatment and 2-4 weeks after its completion. Compression bandages or underwear are worn around the clock and must not be removed without a doctor's permission. Compression therapy ensures constant closure of the vein walls and prevents the restoration of pathological blood flow in it. It is an obligatory component of sclerotherapy, but since compression stockings are selected according to individual measurements, they must be purchased in advance.
Immediately after the sclerotherapy procedure, the patient needs to walk at least 4-5 kilometers. It is advisable to walk at a brisk pace. The first days after sclerotherapy, you need to move a lot - at least 1 hour a day.
Compression stocking after sclerotherapy of large veins is not removed for 3 days, after sclerotherapy of spider veins and venous mesh for 1-2 days. Then the stocking can be removed at night in a horizontal position. A shower after taking off the stocking is taken while sitting with outstretched legs (sit in a dry bath, take off the stocking, take a shower, quickly go to bed).
The whole sclerotherapy procedure is painless and takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. A full course of serotherapy is from 1 to 5 sessions, on average - two or three, which are performed with an interval of 5-7 days.
In one sclerotherapy session, the doctor can make from 3 to 10 injections. Their number is determined by the nature of the varicose veins and the drug used for sclerotherapy.
"Bonding" of the affected veins does not worsen, but on the contrary significantly improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, because it eliminates blood stagnation in varicose veins and the progression of the disease. At the same time, it is especially worth noting that not only the dilated vessels disappear, but also the symptoms of varicose veins - pain, swelling, cramps, increased leg fatigue.
Also, sclerotherapy is good in that it allows you to remove only the veins affected by the pathological process, while preserving healthy areas of the veins, the loss of which is far from indifferent to the body.
Features of the techniques:
Microsclerotherapy - a cosmetic procedure, the introduction of the drug into the smallest veins, and "spider veins".
Echosclerotherapy is an alternative technique to the operation. Removal of large varicose veins takes place under the control of a duplex (two-dimensional) or triplex (three-dimensional) ultrasound scanner, which significantly increases the safety and efficiency of the treatment process.
Foam-form therapy is one of the latest developments in the treatment of varicose veins. The role of the sclerosant is played by a special foamed preparation obtained immediately before the procedure. When injected into a vein, the foam fills the entire volume, displacing the blood, rather than mixing with it. This allows you to reduce the dose of the drug and avoid unwanted side effects.
Foam does not spread into healthy vessels due to the presence of valves in them.Immediately after the introduction of sclerosing foam, a sharp narrowing of the varicose vein (spasm) occurs, after which a special compression stocking is put on, which keeps the varicose vein in a spasmodic state. The varicose vein adhesion occurs after about three days. For the formation of denser adhesions, the use of compression stockings is necessary for another 4-6 weeks.
Before the procedure:
To prescribe sclerotherapy, the doctor must have on his hands the results of Doppler ultrasonography of the vessels of the lower extremities. It is also highly recommended to perform color angioscanning of the veins of the lower extremities, to learn about all possible allergic reactions of the patient.
Regardless of the method of sclerotherapy that the doctor will use, it is necessary to follow all the basic principles in the process of its implementation in order to avoid possible complications of sclerotherapy and to obtain the expected therapeutic and cosmetic effect.
Sclerotherapy provides excellent therapeutic and cosmetic results for a very long time, and in some cases for life. Also, this method completely excludes the development of severe complications. This procedure is extremely effective with minimal trauma. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.
The cosmetic effect appears in 3-6 weeks. As a rule, the use of microsclerotherapy leads to the complete disappearance of the venous network. However, it is important to understand that these procedures do not guarantee that the vascular network will not appear elsewhere. In order to prevent the appearance of telangiectasias, it is necessary to abandon hormonal contraceptives, take venotonics and wear light compression hosiery.
o not performed by a patient who is unable to walk independently
o severe obesity and fat legs
o cellulite (skin inflammation) in the area of ​​varicose veins
o furunculosis
o erysipelas
o acute thrombophlebitis of deep and superficial veins
o second half of pregnancy
o menopause and menopause
Cryosurgery is a set of surgical methods of treatment based on local tissue freezing. This method does not cause changes in the surrounding tissues and is used without anesthesia. The source of cold is liquid nitrogen and solid carbon dioxide.
Freezing causes the formation of ice crystals in the extracellular and intracellular space and blood stasis, leading to anoxia and tissue necrosis. The level of necrosis is under the control of a specialist.
Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen. It is always available, inexpensive, easy to store and quickly gives effect when applied. Freon 12, freon 22, solid CO2, liquid N2O (nitric oxide) and liquid helium are used less frequently.
Cryosurgery is used by doctors of various specialties: neurosurgeons, oncologists, gynecologists, urologists, ophthalmologists. Most commonly, cryosurgery is used to treat warts, senile keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, and molluscum contagiosum.
o benign formations
o acne
o actinic cheilitis
o senile keratosis
o angioma
o nodular chondrodermatosis of the auricle
o dermatofibroma genital warts
o hypertrophic scar
o lentigo
o molluscum contagiosum
o myxoma
o pyogenic granuloma
o fatty hyperplasia
o seborrheic keratosis
o warts
o keloid
Swabs of various sizes are immersed in liquid nitrogen and applied to the formation to freeze it. When using a larger swab, more refrigerant is taken, and the effect is achieved faster and deeper. Tampons are not useful for treating cancerous tumors.
In the aerosol method, liquid nitrogen can be sprayed from special thermos flasks through the tip.The degree of freezing depends on the size of the tip, the pressure in the thermos, the distance to the tumor and, of course, the duration of the freezing.
o cryoglobulinemia
o cryofibrinogenemia
o cold urticaria
o Raynaud's disease
After the procedure, the wound is left open for self-healing. In the place of the therapeutic effect, the formation of a bubble, the appearance of secretions and the formation of a scab are possible. The healing process takes 1-6 weeks. Complications are rare and include infection, hypertrophic scarring, and nerve damage.
Radio wave surgery
A highly effective method for the treatment of benign and malignant neoplasms.
At the tip of the thinnest active electrode, the energy of high-frequency radio waves is concentrated. Its powerful flow directed to soft tissues causes a burst of intracellular molecular energy, which raises the temperature and actually vaporizes the cells.
By setting the desired waveform and power, you can remove the affected tissue as gently as possible. At the same time, visual and tactile contact allows the doctor to fully control the depth and area of ​​exposure, thereby ensuring an excellent cosmetic result.
After radio wave surgical manipulations, there are no such unpleasant consequences as pain, swelling, infection. The risk of relapse has been reduced to almost zero.
Healing mud, or silt, is a bluish-black oily mass with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. It has a complex composition. Healing mud is a product of chemical and biological processes that have been going on for many centuries.
The microorganisms contained in the mud "disarm" the microbes and strengthen the immune system. The positive effect of sludge on the nervous system and human hormonal metabolism was also revealed.
Mud therapy stimulates metabolism, promotes resorption of inflammatory foci. Improving tissue nutrition, causes softening of scars, accelerates the process of bone fusion after fracture, reduces stiffness and increases the range of motion in the joints, improves adrenal function.
The healing mud has an antimicrobial effect: when applied to the skin or mucous membranes, it absorbs the bacteria contained on their surface; substances such as antibiotics are also present in the mud.
The history of mud therapy goes back to ancient times. Even the ancient Egyptians used the silt left after the flooding of the Nile River for medicinal purposes.
* diseases of the musculoskeletal system
* diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system
* inflammatory diseases of the female and male genital area
* diseases of the digestive system
* burns and frostbite
* acute inflammatory processes
* tuberculosis
* heart disease in the stage of decompensation
* pronounced atherosclerosis
* hypertonic disease
* phlebeurysm
* blood diseases
* chronic kidney disease
Mud temperature: 37-46 ° C.
Duration: 15-20 minutes, rarely 30 minutes.
Cell therapy is a therapy using stem cells that can be used to obtain either tissues or whole organs specially adapted for future recipients.
Cellular therapy is used to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Cell therapy products are extracts of embryonic tissues that can be used to treat various pathological diseases. First, the cells are centrifuged, after which they are dipped into a special solution, which helps to preserve the biological activity of the cells. Then, using ultrasound, the cell membrane is destroyed and the resulting drug is injected into the basis of the cosmetic product.
The use of stem cell-based products allows you to regenerate age-related changes, which are caused by the process of structural changes in the skin under the influence of various external factors.
When injected into the dermis, cell therapy preparations stimulate various processes, which leads to the production of collagen and elastic fibers, as well as the strengthening of the dermis itself.
The introduction of stem cells into the recipient's body is carried out by professionally trained medical personnel under sterile conditions.
Introduction methods:
* intravenous
* intramuscular
* subcutaneous or as applications
Solves problems: Deep wrinkles Problem skin.
Thermotherapy uses the most pleasant physical factor for the human body - heat.
Heat acts as a healing factor in thermotherapy. It acts mildly and relaxing, but at the same time has a universal healing effect without causing adverse reactions. Thermotherapy uses the heat of natural and artificial sources: the moist heat of water baths, warming compresses, therapeutic mud, and dry heat of a heating pad, infrared lamp, paraffin, dry air and electric light baths. For deeper heating, thermotherapy uses high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency currents.
The effect of the procedures: thermotherapy has a calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispastic effect, improves blood and lymph circulation, also promotes the formation of biologically active substances in the body, which helps in the complex treatment of diseases of most organs and systems of the body. Under the influence of heat, blood vessels dilate, which leads to hyperemia and an increase in skin temperature. This is accompanied by an acceleration of metabolic processes, the formation of biologically active substances, an intensification of the regeneration process, and the resorption of tissue decay products. All this determines the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and resorption effect of thermotherapy.
Techniques used in thermotherapy:
Mud and paraffin wraps and thermal blankets use the effect of a sauna on the whole body or part of it, enhancing the penetration of active substances into the skin. Thermal wrap allows you to reduce body volume, helps to eliminate toxins from the body and improves blood microcirculation, and most importantly, helps fight cellulite, normalizing skin tone and improving its appearance.
Scalp thermotherapy restores tired, lifeless, faded hair, treats too dry and too oily scalp, as well as dandruff - together with herbal oil extracts, for dry hair with creamy masks, for oily hair - with clay masks. Under the influence of heat, all the healing ingredients penetrate deeper into the tissues, strengthening and restoring the hair along the entire length, giving shine and elasticity, contributing to the healing and cleansing of the scalp.
Traditional bath is one of the methods of thermotherapy, familiar to us from childhood. It increases the defenses of organisms and slows down the aging process. The procedure involves heating under the influence of a temperature of about 80 degrees and wet steam. The bath is perfectly combined with other procedures - for example, nourishing and moisturizing masks, peeling that saturates the skin with minerals, massage that helps to cleanse the body of toxins, and the contrasting effect of cold water, which has a tonic effect.
* cellulite
* excess weight
* skin diseases
* problem skin
2. Ampoule techniques

7-day ampoule regenerating anti-wrinkle course (Relax Impression)

Manufacturer: Lavere Naturkosmetik
Zones: Face | Forehead | Nose | Chin | Neck
The tool is indicated for noticeable age-related changes: wrinkles, enlarged pores, reduced skin tone, pale complexion.
Mode of application:
Use half the contents of the ampoule in the morning and the other half in the evening. Apply the concentrate to face, neck and décolleté. Enjoy the unique regenerating effect.
Restores healthy skin condition: nourishes and moisturizes

Treatment of warts and keloid scars with herbal infusions - garden and vegetable garden

Glossary of terms used in cosmetology

Nail art technique, in which there is a random mixing of various paint options on the surface of a special film and transfer of the resulting version to the surface of the nail plate by immersion. The technique does not allow you to get two identical, pre-planned drawings.

A surgical method of body shaping, which involves the removal of significant fatty deposits in the abdomen. Such an operation is combined with plastic surgery of the muscles and skin of the abdominal wall, so that subsequently no folds and irregularities remain.

Reinforcement with gold threads
The method of face and body contouring, which consists in the introduction under the skin in a certain configuration using a needle of fine threads of pure gold of 999 assay value with a diameter of 0.1 mm. In response to the appearance of foreign material, the body begins to produce new collagen-rich tissue around the threads, which leads to elastic scarring. As a result, there is an improvement in blood flow, a gradual smoothing of wrinkles, and the disappearance of skin laxity. The choice of the depth and direction of thread insertion is the main condition that determines the result. The final version is noticeable in 2-3 months, the rejuvenation effect lasts 10-12 years. Reinforcement can be carried out only in a clinic that has a license to carry out surgical operations; ordinary cosmetologists in the salon are not allowed to carry out it.

Reinforcement of nails
Strengthening and restoration of torn, broken or split natural and artificial nails using a variety of materials. There is paper reinforcement ("juliet"), when a thin paper strip is applied to a fresh layer of transparent varnish or glue, linen, silk or fiberglass cloth - fiberglass. Technologically, all reinforcing fabrics are applied in approximately the same way, but the details of the reinforcement process differ with different technologies. Reinforcement of nails is especially important for clients who do not want to use acrylic or gel systems for nail correction, but prefer to keep their own natural nails.

Aroma bath
A fresh bath, to which individual essential oils, or their mixtures, fragrant waters have been added. Most often used for general relaxation (lavender, rose) or for skin problems (tea tree).

Aroma stones
Means for aromatizing indoor air or linen. Porous stones or synthetic or natural pieces of material - a sorbent impregnated with essential oils - are used as a carrier of the smell.

The direction of medicine that studies the therapeutic effect of aromatic substances on the human body. Modern aromatherapy is mainly aimed at eliminating stress, relieving emotional and mental stress. Essential oils are used as the main means of aromatherapy. There are three main ways of using aromatherapy products: 1) baths 2) massage 3) aromatization of the room (incense, aromatherapy, sticks). Exposure to aromatherapy products is through the skin and respiratory tract.

Aqua aerobics
Aerobics in water, for which you do not need to be able to swim. Special belts are used to help stay on the water. You get the main load by overcoming water resistance.This type of aerobics is especially effective for strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.

Aqua building
muscle building technique in water, using water procedures.

Polymers and copolymers of esters, amides and nitriles of acrylic and methacrylic acids. They are widely used in nail extension technologies (acrylic nails), where the ability of certain types of acrylates to polymerize and acquire a given shape within a fairly short period of time is used, provided that special additives are introduced into the system or under ultraviolet irradiation.

Replacement of tissue or organ defects using another person's tissues and organs.

Allergic reaction
The general name for the clinical manifestations of the body's hypersensitivity to an allergen.

Hypersensitivity of the body to any substance - an allergen (one or more). Allergies are at the root of allergic diseases (eg, bronchial asthma, hay fever).

Persistent or temporary, complete or partial hair loss or lack of hair.

An ambiguous concept that is synonymous with acne and acne. The most correct definition of acne is purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and often the hair follicles associated with them.

Impact on certain active points of the body with pressure with several fingers folded together, which leads to a reflex response of certain organs or systems of the body. The method is also known as acupressure or shiatsu.

A generalized term for various methods of acupuncture - a method of influencing certain biologically active points on the human body. In addition to acupuncture itself, exposure to special needles, about two dozen more techniques are used, which differ in instrument and method of exposure. The most commonly used types of acupuncture are electropuncture, laser puncture, light puncture, thermopuncture, and acupressure.

Ambulatory treatment
Treatment carried out at home or when patients themselves visit a medical institution.

Microbes that can exist in an environment that does not contain oxygen.

A method of treatment and cosmetic care based on the use of bee venom and other waste products of bees - propolis, royal jelly (apilak), honey. Most often, the term is used in relation to treatment with bee venom, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The procedure for applying a certain amount of the mass of the drug (mask, paraffin, mud) to the areas of the body to achieve a therapeutic or cosmetological result.

Nail application
Applying various materials (plants, stickers, nets, sparkles) to the nail plate.

Lack of smell.

Methods of anesthesia for surgical operations and manipulations.

Transplantation of tissue belonging to the patient himself.

A system of physical exercise, usually performed at a fast pace, the main purpose of which is to increase the oxygen consumption of the body and, as a result, improve the condition of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. At the same time, intensive fat burning occurs. According to a number of sports experts, popular sports such as running, swimming, and cycling also belong to aerobics.

Method of medical application of air ions. Aeroions are ionized air molecules covalently bound to 10-15 neutral gas molecules. Upon collision with the surface of the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, air ions lose their charge and turn into highly reactive atoms and molecules.Penetrating into the surface layers of the epidermis, they cause swelling of the cells of the basal and granular layers of the epidermis. Chemically active atoms and molecules interact with molecular complexes of biological membranes, forming a variety of electrolysis products, biologically active substances, and also change the microenvironment of free nerve endings of the skin, significantly reducing its tactile and pain sensitivity.

A special area for taking air and sunbathing.

Therapeutic application of air saturated with volatile substances of plants. Volatile aromatic substances secreted by plants (phytoncins, terpenes, essential oils, etc.), when inhaled, enter the upper nasal passages and are adsorbed on the receptor proteins of the membranes of the olfactory receptors. As a result, inhalation of volatile aromatic substances changes the tone of the subcortical centers of the brain, its reactivity and the psychoemotional state of the patient.

Medicines that increase the body's nonspecific resistance to adverse environmental influences (temperature fluctuations, oxygen starvation, etc.).

Barolaser lymphatic drainage
As a result of the simultaneous action of infrared waves and vacuum, oxygen supply to tissues and general metabolism are improved, blood circulation is enhanced, the immune system is activated, and the synthesis of protective enzymes is increased. It is used for exacerbation of acne. During the procedure, exacerbation is removed, the pores are cleansed, the function of the sebaceous glands is normalized. Pros: a characteristic feature of this method is the long-term preservation of the obtained effect. Cons: Not recommended for people with very sensitive and fair skin.

Water-salt balance
The ratio of the amount of water and salts that entered the body (or cell) and excreted from it is provided primarily by the body's osmoregulation system.

Balancing procedure
The final or one of the final procedures in a pedicure, based on the use of liquid powders, special creams or talcum powder to prevent the appearance of calluses on the feet, as well as to deodorize.

A set of methods of prevention and treatment based on the use of natural, natural or artificially prepared mineral waters, both externally and internally. External use is baths, swimming in the pool, special gymnastics in the water. Internal procedures - drinking, bowel lavage (irrigation), enemas, inhalation.

An abrasive bar for treating the surface of natural or artificial nails, less often for treating feet in a pedicure.

Proteolytic enzyme isolated from pineapple. It is active in both acidic and alkaline environments. Popular in modern weight loss diets. It is used in cosmetic compositions for exfoliating epidermal cells.

Mechanical peeling, cleansing the skin from keratinized epithelial cells, during which an exfoliating agent is applied to the skin, and then the surface is treated with a rotating brush, a sponge, which is an integral part of the brushing apparatus. Brossage is also used for aesthetic body treatments using larger brushes. Indications for the procedure for the face and body are porous or sluggish skin, sallow complexion, the presence of comedones.

Overlay light spots-highlights on a dark background to reveal volume.

Bikini design
The direction of aesthetic cosmetology, the creation of intimate hairstyles in the bikini area. The first stage is partial or complete removal of hair in the groin area according to a predetermined form, then applying dye to the hair or skin, and then decorating the resulting pattern with decorative elements is possible. Performed for both men and women.

Blockade of Vishnevsky
(novocaine blockade) - an abundant introduction of a solution of novocaine into the tissues surrounding the lesion, to block the corresponding nerve endings.

A powerful preparation based on the latest protein complex. Designed to instantly improve the appearance of facial skin. Used before makeup. Within 20 minutes, the skin becomes smooth and firm, and wrinkles are less noticeable. The gel tightens the skin around the eyes, relieving puffiness, leaving the skin looking rested, smooth and refreshed. The gel also has moisturizing properties and contains a rich composition of vitamins and herbs enclosed in microcapsules. During application of the drug, they interact with the skin, penetrating deeply into it. The vitamins supplied in this way are not subject to destruction and their nutritional effect is more effective. The drug can be used regardless of age, it is especially recommended for dry, swollen and fading skin. Pros: quick effect on the skin of the face, instant effect. Cons: Not used with iontophoresis.

Biologically active points
Areas (points) of the body surface, which are the projection of the nerve endings of the corresponding deep tissues and organs.

The form of a cosmetic product, which is a thin plate of a material of natural origin pressed according to a special technology. Biomatrix is ​​intended for use as cosmetic masks and, depending on the intended purpose, the masks are produced in various configurations. The matrix itself can be additionally saturated with biologically active substances. The most common biomatrixes are from collagen, dry plant extracts, and algae. Masks are activated by wetting with water, their effectiveness can be further increased by tonics and serums applied under the mask.

Carrying out drawings on the skin using natural dyes, for example, henna.

A ready-made pattern of rhinestones and other attributes for nail design.

Hair removal with natural sticky substances. There are two types of biodepilation - sugar and wax. There are three types of wax depilation: hot, warm and cold wax. The principle of action is the same - wax of various temperatures or wax strips are applied to the skin, which after a while are removed along with the hairs, sometimes part of the hair follicles is also removed. With sugar depilation, a concentrated solution of sugar and lemon juice is applied to the skin. With the help of special napkins, hair and partially hair follicles are removed. The method is painful and has a number of contraindications.

Hair shine
The natural property of hair to reflect incident light due to the presence of a thin natural fatty film on its surface.

(plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids) is a surgical procedure aimed at eliminating the overhanging eyelid and bags under the eyes. Sometimes blepharoplasty is performed to correct the drooping of the eyelid (blepharoptosis or ptosis of the eyelid). The essence of the operation is to remove excess skin, muscle fibers and fatty tissue that form bags under the eyes or part of the overhanging eyelid. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia (often in combination with intravenous anesthesia or sedation provided with tranquilizers) and usually lasts no more than 30-40 minutes. The incision of the eyelid follows a natural crease, which subsequently makes the scar invisible. When the overhanging eyelid is removed, excess skin and fiber are removed, followed by stitching of the skin. The result can be assessed 2-3 weeks after the operation, when all the inflammatory phenomena associated with the operation disappear.

Lateral nail roller
(or lateral nail fold) the skin fold that surrounds the nail plate on the sides.

The trade name for a botulism toxin type A drug marketed in the United States in the form of ampoules for injection. Since 1988 used in aesthetic medicine as an injectable preparation for smoothing wrinkles. It is injected into the mimic muscles of the face in the forehead, bridge of the nose, corners of the eyes. Botox injections lead to relaxation of tense facial muscles, which gives an additional cosmetological effect and allows you to effectively use the drug also for the treatment of tension headaches. Most effective when injected into the forehead, it is used to smooth transverse wrinkles. The effect of one procedure lasts 4-5 months. Since injections are carried out without a preliminary assessment of the state of the muscles with devices, there is no doubt that only doctors, but not cosmetologists, can practice injections.

Body art
Decorative painting (or coloring) on ​​the human body. It arose and developed in the early 70s in the United States. In Western Europe, body art gained popularity and development in the early 90s. For body painting, special or skin-friendly watercolors are used, which are then covered with an easily washed off transparent protective layer. On the naked body, details of clothing are imitated or a fantasy composition is depicted. The so-called painting on hands for the advertising industry, computer bodybuilding, one-day tattooing and others have become widespread.

Decorations for nail art in the form of small balls of the same size with the effect of metal spraying.

Slag-free diet
Easily digestible, refined food, almost free of indigestible substances.

Bust shock
A procedure that improves the condition of the breasts. It is recommended in cases when the breast loses its shape, and its skin becomes elastic, stretch marks appear. For cleansing, a light peeling with non-concentrated AHA acids is used, due to which keratinized scales are removed and blood circulation is improved. Then a "bust shock" is injected into the skin. The drug is sprayed to particles with a diameter of about 0.5 microns, which facilitates penetration through the skin barrier. As a result, the drug gets under the skin to the desired depth, where it fights free radicals and restores skin density. The "bust-shock" contains liposomal components, beta-glycan, extracts of plant proteins of pine and lupine. If there are stretch marks on the chest, the stria-shock drug is injected in the same way. Since phytopreparations are able to penetrate deeply enough, the structure of the skin is restored at the molecular level. The next step is a microcurrent therapy session, which stimulates collagen production, strengthens the tissues and maintains the shape of the breasts by contracting muscles. This is followed by a mask with liposomes and amino acids. The two-hour treatment ends with a chest and back massage.

Protrusion of the walls of the veins with the formation of their nodes, tortuosity and functional failure.

Vacuum spray
Water treatment, dust or needle shower, in which the skin of the face is treated with a separate needle jet of water or a fan of jets resembling rain. A needle jet is used mainly for hydromassage for sluggish skin, a rain jet for cleansing or toning. Processing can be done not only with water, but also with tonics. The procedure is not widespread.

Vacuum cleaning
A procedure for cleansing the skin from dead cells of the epithelium, acne, comedones using special cannulas connected to a device that creates a vacuum (rarefied air). The amount of negative pressure required for a particular procedure is adjusted and set to the level required for a particular procedure.Vacuum cleaning is used as an independent procedure, and in addition to others in complex care. It is mainly used to cleanse the skin of the face. It is a rather gentle method.

Vacuum lymphatic drainage
Cosmetological procedure, massage along the large lymphatic vessels of the body using the vacuum massage method. Designed for body modeling, cellulite correction. It is usually used in combination with other aesthetic body treatments and enhances their positive effects.

A drug created from weakened bacteria or parts of bacteria that "carry" information for the immune system about the causative agents of infectious diseases. When germs enter the vaccinated body, they are destroyed by the immune system.

Gas bath
A treatment using water saturated with gas, which is released in the form of bubbles and settles on the skin. Natural sparkling mineral water or fresh water saturated with various gases is used. The impact is temperature, mechanical and, in addition, chemical and physical effects of the gas itself. This category includes carbon dioxide baths, pearl (atmospheric air) and nitrogen baths.

Air bath
Dosed action of air on a naked body, recommended for the purpose of hardening the body.

Contrast bath
A procedure using two large-capacity baths or small pools, in which you can move freely, with different temperatures: 38-42 C in one and 10-24 C in the other. Recommended for increasing metabolism, hardening.

Medicinal bath
Fresh baths, carried out with the addition of medicinal substances to the water, which have an additional therapeutic effect. The most famous are pine baths, mustard baths, turpentine baths, valerian baths, chamomile baths, and succession baths. Each of the mentioned procedures, depending on the water temperature and duration, has its own therapeutic value. In modern wellness centers, medicinal and aromatic baths are often combined with hydromassage.

A device designed to produce ozonized heated water vapor and / or atomization of aromatic substances. It is a reservoir with a heating element and a tube - a reservoir for spraying steam, in which there is a quartz lamp, which provides the formation of ozone.

A cosmetic procedure based on the mechanical and thermal effect of water spray (steam) sprayed under pressure on the skin of the face. Herbal extracts, essential oils can be added to the sprayed water, depending on the purpose of the procedure. Spraying is done with vaposon. Vaporization is designed to improve blood circulation, cleanse pores, soften comedones, increase tissue turgor, relieve fatigue. It is used as an independent procedure or before face cleansing, mask, massage, peeling.

A type of shiatsu, the Japanese system of acupressure massage, which is performed on the client's body while in the water of a warm spring or in a warm pool or bath. In this case, the client's head is on the masseur's hand. Watsu is designed to relieve tension in patients who find it difficult to relax with conventional massage.

Vibration vacuum therapy
Therapeutic effect on the patient of local vacuum-decompression and vibration. The complex effect of local vacuum and vibration on various tissues causes mechanical stimulation of nerve and muscle fibers. This effect helps to mobilize fat and accelerate its utilization in the body. Local decompression causes an increase in various types of metabolism, an increase in blood flow in the underlying tissues, and improves their lymph drainage.The course of medical procedures leads to an increase in the metabolism of all layers of the skin and its appendages, which increases the elasticity and turgor of the skin, and helps prevent wrinkles.

Vibroacoustic therapy
Therapeutic effect of complex modulated mechanical vibrations on the patient's tissue. With direct contact of the emitter with the skin, the mechanoreceptors of the skin and autonomic nerve conductors are selectively excited by vibrations of the low-frequency part of the spectrum. This frequency-selective effect leads to vasodilation of the dermis and activation of microcirculation, an increase in the convection flow of fluids into the lymphatic vessels, which leads to dehydration of the skin, a decrease in edema and an increase in skin turgor. There is a decrease in muscle tone and an increase in skin trophism, a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in intestinal motility.

Impact on the human body by mechanical vibrations of low frequency, produced when the vibration source comes into contact with the patient's skin. The impact is made in order to provide a vasodilator, tonic, analgesic effect. The main method of vibration therapy is vibration massage using special devices with a system of removable attachments.

Make-up is a correction and visual "lifting" of the face, the art of applying cosmetics, make-up.

Specialist in make-up, cosmetic styling and aesthetics. The term was introduced by the famous French stylist F. Aubry, the creator of the modern make-up technique.

The presence of male secondary sexual characteristics (excessive body hair, low timbre of voice, small breasts, etc.) in women, caused by the increased formation of androgens (male sex hormones) in the adrenal cortex.

Hair implantation
A method of restoring missing hair, based on the introduction and fixation of artificial hair on the bald part of the head. The role of hair is played by artificial fibers made of materials indifferent to the skin, which are implanted deep into the skin using various mechanical devices. The method is considered unpromising due to the active rejection of artificial threads by the skin. Currently, techniques are being developed related to the transplantation and implantation of one's own hair.

Hair charging
A set of measures aimed at improving the condition of the hair and including manual massage of the scalp, special combing, shaking the hair.

Hair brittleness
Decrease in the physiological resistance of hair shafts to mechanical action (combing, curling, styling, etc.), due to damage to the protective shell - the cuticle. Hair breakage can be caused by the abuse of a hairdryer, electric tongs, regular coloring with products containing hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, as well as perm. Sometimes this can be the result of a deficiency of the vitamin and mineral complex. For the treatment of brittle hair, specially selected shampoos, conditioners, masks, nutritional supplements and vitamins are used.

Hair thinning
Changes in the structure of hair and a decrease in volume under the influence of various factors: age, poor nutrition, frequent dyeing with chemical dyes, perm.

Hair depletion
Hair loss of its natural healthy state and appearance, manifested in the disappearance of shine and elasticity, in excessive dryness, bifurcation of the ends of the hair, and the appearance of dandruff. The reasons for this condition of hair can be metabolic disorders and internal diseases, as well as external factors: frequent discoloration and dyeing, perm, intense exposure to sunlight and wind.

Hair treatment
A set of measures for the recovery of hair damaged as a result of adverse effects: natural, mechanical or chemical.It is carried out both at home and in specialized salons.

Hair Extension
Artificial hair extension. Hair extensions are attached to their own hair closer to the root using special capsules, to which specially treated natural hair is attached. Capsule extension technology has been used since 1991.

Hair discoloration
A procedure that allows you to obtain a high degree of hair lightening. It is used for full hair coloring in lighter colors than natural, or for lightening individual strands (highlighting). For this purpose, various cosmetic compositions based on chemical oxidants are used. Hair bleaching is also used to correct cosmetic defects, for example, to combat pronounced fuzz on the upper lip, where the procedure is carried out until the hair is completely thinned and broken, most often using hydrogen peroxide or perhydrol alcohol in the form of solutions or as part of special pastes.

Hair coloring
A procedure for changing hair color using special dyes. Allocate permanent (permanent) and temporary hair coloring. Permanent coloring - changing the natural color of hair with the help of persistent dyes that are difficult to wash off with shampoos or other detergents. Permanent hair coloring is eliminated only with natural hair regrowth. Temporary coloring - changing the natural hair color for a short time using easily washable surface dyes that do not affect the natural hair pigment.

Hair lightening
Giving hair a shade much lighter than it was before. Achieved by the action of dye and lightening components on the hair structure. Clarifier is a strong chemical agent, so the procedure is best done in specialized salons.

Hair transplant
(or hair transplantation) is a surgical method for closing alopecia, if it is impossible to do it with therapeutic methods. There are several hair transplant methods that are selected depending on the origin of the alopecia.

Hair toning
Coloring not with persistent paints, but with lighter tint agents. Toning is attractive to most women, as it allows you to try different shades before finally deciding on a radical change in hair color. Hair tinting is especially suitable for those who like to often give their hair a new shade in accordance with fashion requirements, without any problems ensuring a new image. In addition, toning more gently restores the native color on hair that is just beginning to turn gray (no more than 40% of gray hair).

Hair greasiness
The result of increased secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, as well as changes in its chemical composition. The functioning of the sebaceous glands depends on the general condition of the body. Violations of their activity can be associated with diseases of the nervous system, endocrine organs, the intake of various medications, poor nutrition.

Skin appendages that form hair in humans and animals. Structurally, the hair is divided into a shaft, or a part protruding above the surface of the skin, and a root immersed in the dermis, ending in a hair follicle. The root, together with the bulb, is enclosed in a special bag - the hair follicle, into which the sebaceous gland duct also opens. Attached to the follicle is a pilomotor muscle that straightens the hair. Hair consists mainly of a fibrillar protein - keratin. Hair coloration is related to the pigment content in it. The hair shaft consists of a cortical substance enclosed in a sheath - the cuticle - the hair's defense system. The shell cells have the form of scales located along the long axis. Hair growth rate is about 1 cm per month. The life span of a human hair is usually 2-4 years.

Ingrown hair
Hair whose growth direction is changed, the ends grow into the skin. Most often found in men on the chin due to their constant injury when shaving.

Absorption of the cream
The process of interaction of the components of a cosmetic cream with the skin surface, including saturation of surface structures with water, the penetration of individual components through the membranes of skin cells into the intracellular space and penetration through the pores and intercellular space into deeper layers. The effectiveness of the absorption of the cream depends on the size of the molecules, charge, hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity of the active complex, its state of aggregation, as well as on the characteristics and degree of purity of the skin. An important condition for the absorption of the cream is the method of application.

The use of water for the prevention, treatment or rehabilitation of the body. Includes two independent sections - hydrotherapy and balneotherapy.

Water-salt balance
The ratio between the amount of water and salts entering and excreted from the body.

Food that excludes or restricts the consumption of animal products.

Autonomic nervous system
The division of the nervous system that innervates the internal organs, smooth muscles, glands, blood and lymphatic vessels: divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

Spindle hair
Hereditary hair dystrophy: alternation of fusiform-widened and thinned sections of the hair shafts with their dryness, brittleness and loss.

Using low voltage current and constant direction. Galvanization improves the recovery processes in the affected areas. Galvanization is indicated for neuroses, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral neuroses. The introduction of medicinal substances using galvanic current or electrophoresis is a method widely used in the sanatorium. For this, specially prepared solutions of calcium, potassium, magnesium, novocaine, some vitamins and others are used. In this case, a long and uniform effect of medicinal substances is achieved. Galvanic treatments are local and general. Local can be taken daily, and general every other day and combined with balneological procedures. Pros: great therapeutic efficiency, painlessness of procedures, the ability to use at home.

(or electropuncture) a method of influencing biologically active points with a constant electric current of low strength and low voltage using an electrode of a special design with a pointed tip, in order to induce a response in the internal organs directly connected with them.

A decrease in the thickness of the nail plate, its softening, caused by matrix dystophia.

Graphic technique
The technique of painting nails, in which at first the outline of the drawing is outlined with a thin clear line, and then it is filled with color.

Scallops and grooves
Longitudinal horny projections on the surface of the nail plate are the natural pattern of the nail.

Medicinal mud
The general name for the deposits of natural reservoirs and products of the eruption of mud hills, used for medicinal purposes in the form of baths, applications and other procedures. They consist of water and substances with a fine structure, homogeneity, plasticity, high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity, and include high concentrations of trace elements. There are medicinal muds like silt, sapropelic, peat, etc.

Mud therapy
The use of clay, silt, sapropel, mud of various origins in the form of general baths or local applications.

1) a section of preventive medicine that studies the effect of environmental factors on the body, normalizes them and sets their maximum permissible levels
2) a set of measures aimed at preserving human health and preventing various diseases. Distinguish between occupational health, nutrition, social, etc. The set of measures that ensure the health of the individual is called personal hygiene.

Treatment with medicinal leeches or products of their vital activity. It is used for skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, furunculosis), chronic bronchitis, allergies with asthmatic components, cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, cardiosclerosis, hypertension, dystonia, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis), diseases of the abdominal organs ( , cerrosis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, gastritis, duodenitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, etc.), neurology (osteochondrosis, myositis, sciatica, spinal hernia, headaches and dizziness of any origin), gynecology (inflammation of the ovaries - chronic and acute, adhesions, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis), urology (prostatitis), endocrinology (diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease), overweight, cellulite. The therapeutic effect of leeches is determined by the properties of the secretion of the salivary glands, which has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, bacterioscopic, analgesic and other beneficial effects on the human body. Pros: hirudotherapy has no side effects. Cons: there are a number of contraindications - congenital incoagulability of blood, severe anemia (a significant decrease in red blood cells), pregnancy.

Clay therapy
A set of procedures, mainly external, for therapeutic purposes with the use of various varieties and types of clays. This concept includes applications, wraps, compresses, masks with clay.

Nail polish with a holographic effect.

A type of vitamin deficiency that develops due to insufficient intake of a certain vitamin in the body. Often occurs in the spring. For the prevention of hypovitaminosis, it is recommended to take combined vitamins (group B, vitamin C, A, E).

The part of the subungual bed fused with the nail plate, located under the free edge of the nail plate.

(or underwater massage) massage of various parts of the body with a stream of water coming out under high regulated pressure from a hose with a specially shaped tip. At the same time, a person lies in a large bath, completely immersed in water of a comfortable temperature.

External use of fresh water in pure form or with the addition of functional substances (extracts, infusions, essential oils) for the purpose of prevention or treatment. The action of hydrotherapy is based on a combination of temperature and mechanical stimuli of different strength, complementing each other. Treatments of this type are subdivided into douches, wipes, wraps, showers and baths.

A growth hormone
(or somatotropin) is a peptide hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland of vertebrates that regulates the growth and development of the body and metabolism. Lack of growth hormone in childhood leads to pituitary dwarfism, excess - to gigantism. In adults, excess production of growth hormone causes acromegaly - a disproportionate increase in certain parts of the body - hands, feet, tongue, lower jaw, etc.

Hormone therapy
A therapeutic method using hormones and their synthetic analogues. In cosmetology, natural hormones themselves are not used, but are replaced by phytoestrogens - hormone-like substances of plant origin, the activity of which is several orders of magnitude lower, but is quite sufficient for cosmetic purposes.

Biologically active substances secreted by the endocrine glands into the blood or tissue fluid and providing humoral regulation of growth, development and metabolism in vertebrates and higher invertebrates. They act in very low concentrations and selectively on those organs and tissues, in the cells of which there are specific receptors for these hormones. By chemical nature, they are divided into proteins and peptides (insulin, glucagon, pituitary hormone), amino acid derivatives (adrenaline, norepinephrine, thyroxine), steroids (sex hormones, corticosteroids).

Synthetic non-absorbable threads used as implants for wrinkle correction, skin tightening. Forms a support for damaged subcutaneous fibers. When injected under the skin, due to their cellular structure, they can be overgrown with connective tissue. The fibroblasts of this tissue, penetrating into the thread, form new collagen, which improves the structure of the skin and fills in wrinkles.

A cosmetic product with a high content of film-forming substances, intended for mechanical peeling. A few minutes after application, the gommage is removed from the face by rolling it with your fingers. Due to the softness of the effect, this peeling is suitable for all skin types. Additionally, gommages may contain light fruit acids.

The system of treating diseases with negligible doses of drugs, built on the principle of "treating like with like". The drugs used in high doses can cause phenomena similar to the signs of the detected disease. Homeopathy was proposed in the late 18th - early 19th centuries. S. Hahnemann.

Biologically active substances that prevent the development of premature aging. These include adaptogens of natural origin, biogenic stimulants, antioxidants, growth factors, immunomodulators.

The most common human viral infection, which exists for a long time in the body in a latent form and manifests itself in the period of exacerbation by rashes on the skin and mucous membranes in the form of grouped vesicles.

Physiotherapy method, part of climatotherapy, sun rays treatment.

A type of cosmetic product for face and body massage. The combination of ingredients in the base provides high glide and low absorbency. At the same time, the gel-oil contains functional additives for intensive nourishment and moisturizing of the skin.

One of the standard methods of physiotherapy that has found application in cosmetology. This is a hardware method of cosmetology, using the effect of physiotherapeutic high-frequency alternating currents of high voltage and low strength ("d'Arsonval currents"), carried out using glass vacuum electrodes and causing an improvement in blood circulation and metabolism. The blood supply to the treated area decreases, accompanied by antiseptic and sedative effects. Recommended for acne, seborrhea, hair loss. In medicine, general d'arsonvalization is used, which slows down blood clotting, lowers blood pressure, normalizes the tone of the cerebral vessels, eliminates headaches, fatigue, improves sleep and performance. From the point of view of cosmetology, the main effect of the technique is the ability to rejuvenate the skin. D'arsonvalization is usually used in combination with other procedures.

The method of heating deep-lying tissues by directed electromagnetic fields or high-frequency currents. In cosmetology, it is used to correct cellulite.

Nail design
(or nail art) a set of techniques for creating aesthetically pleasing artificial nails. Includes manicure, nail extension, nail coloring, development and implementation of a special design or composition.

The trade name of a type A botulism toxin drug used for the correction of facial wrinkles in aesthetic medicine. The correction effect is reversible and lasts for 3-4 months after drug administration.

Specially balanced qualitative and quantitative selection of food products, combined with a specific regimen of food intake, ensuring the restoration of normal vital activity of the body or supporting it.

Fragrant substances
Natural and synthetic organic substances belonging to various classes of chemical compounds, possessing a strictly defined odor specific to each specific substance. They serve as raw materials for the preparation of perfume compositions, are an integral part of essential oils, resins, balms, extracts, etc. Natural fragrances can be of both plant and animal origin.

A set of measures aimed at freeing the human body (the owner - the patient or the carrier) from the pathogens of helminthiasis.

A cosmetic procedure carried out using galvanophoresis (a method of physiotherapy, in which a constant electric current affects the body) and special solutions (disinfectants) and consisting in dissolving and removing the secretion of the sebaceous glands from the excretory ducts (deep cleaning of pores from fat plugs and pollution). The frequency of the procedure is set by the beautician, depending on the type and condition of the patient's skin.

The connective tissue base of the skin, or the skin itself, which, without a sharp border, passes into the subcutaneous tissue or hypodermis. The dermis is represented by two types of connective tissue: loose connective tissue, which forms its papillary layer, and dense connective tissue - the mesh layer. The papillary layer is abundantly supplied with blood vessels and provides nutrition to the epidermis. The visible relief of the epidermis follows the individual contours of the papillary layer. The skeleton of the skin is provided by collagen and elastin fibers.

A method of mechanical removal of the epidermis, sometimes up to the tops of the papillae of the dermis. One of the ancient methods of cosmetic care, known since the days of Ancient Egypt. Distinguish between mechanical dermabrasion, microdermabrasion or micro-resurfacing, chemical and thermal, or laser. The choice of dermabrasion method depends on the type of cosmetic skin problem.

The method of making the pattern on the skin.

A kind of hardware vacuum massage, in which the vacuum is applied in a pulsating mode. It is used to correct postoperative edema, scars and cellulite areas.

(or decal, decolomania) gluing jewelry and decals on the nail plate.

Makeup remover
Removing make-up from the skin of the face and body with special cleansers: milk, tonic, lotion, some types of oils.

1) cosmetic hair removal products
2) mechanical or electrical devices, devices designed for hair removal.

Hair removal for a short time by mechanical or chemical methods. Distinguish between mechanical, chemical and bio-depilation.

Mechanical depilation
Removing hair from the surface of the skin for a short period of time by shaving or plucking. For plucking, special tweezers or various models of mechanical or electrical devices - depilators are used.

Chemical depilation
Removing the visible part of the hair using chemicals (for example, sulfides, thioglycollates), mixtures thereof or depilatory cream. The impact does not affect the hair follicle. Chemical depilation can be applied to any part of the skin, but preferably not for the face, due to its high ability to cause irritation.

Cosmetic defect
Flaw, lack of appearance. In cosmetology, a defect is understood as congenital (age spots, "cleft lip", etc.) or acquired changes in the structure and shape of organs and tissues (scar formation, bruising, the appearance of circles under the eyes, changes in the shape of the ears and nose). Some cosmetic defects can be masked with make-up, more complex ones can be eliminated by plastic surgery.

A specially designed bathtub with hydromassage devices built in in such a way that jets of water are directed at the body of the person in it from all sides.

Painting technique
The technique of painting nails, which is based on colorfulness and brushstroke. Gouache, tempera, acrylic paints are used for painting techniques.

Human dermal fat
A product of the activity of the sebaceous glands. Contains about 20% unsaturated fatty acids, 25% triglycerides, 25% other fatty acid esters, 10% saturated. Together with water, it forms a water-lipid protective layer on the skin surface.

Oily skin
The consequence of excess sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands of the skin. With oily skin, the chemical composition of sebum changes, the reaction of the skin surface becomes alkaline, so oily skin becomes easily inflamed and infected.

1) the process of darkening of the skin under the influence of UV rays, due to the formation of a brown pigment melanin
2) darkened skin color with varying shades of brown tanning as a result of exposure to UV light or self-tanning treatments

Artificial tan
Giving the skin a tan color artificially: in a solarium or with the help of chemicals that are part of special cosmetics for artificial tanning, for example, dihydrooxyacetone. The mechanism of its action on the skin is in interaction with the amino acids of keratin, which explains the appearance on the skin of a bronze-brown shade, close to the color of a tan. The term is more often used in relation to tanning obtained with the help of special means (self-tanning).

Tanning accelerator
Cosmetic designed to be applied to the skin before sunbathing to reduce the amount of sun exposure before pigmentation appears. To activate the synthesis of melanin (skin brown pigment) under the influence of ultraviolet rays of the A spectrum, tyrosine is usually introduced into the composition of the drug.

Hair curling
Giving straight hair the shape of curls or curls due to mechanical action (curlers, papillots), which can be supplemented and enhanced by thermal (curling iron, hot curlers) and chemical (curling agents).

Hair curling horizontal
A type of permanent in which the hair is wound from the ends to the roots. Depending on the thickness of the bobbins, a small or large curl is obtained.

Hair curling hot
Curling with special tongs, heated in one way or another, currently with electric tongs (with different rod thicknesses).

Hair curling vertical
A type of permanent, in which the hair is spirally wound on the bobbins - from roots to ends, as a result of which, when combing, light, soft, natural hair is formed.

Chemical hair curling
A method of curling hair using chemical formulations, in which the hair is not exposed to strong heating and retains its natural color. Allows you to keep your hairstyle for a long time. The method came into use in the middle of the 20th century.

Eyelash curling
Shaping the upper eyelashes curved upwards using special tweezers.

Free edge sealing
Polishing the free edge of the nail to prevent infection from entering from the free edge.

Lump, dead skin on the cuticle, painful damage to the cuticle around the nail.They appear when the skin loses its elasticity, when it breaks, not withstanding the tension. They are removed with a manicure cutting tool and a file.

Posterior nail fold
(or proximal nail fold) a fold of skin located at the back of the nail plate.

Golden threads
999 gold threads, 0.1mm thick, used for face and body contouring. Since gold threads are very thin and fragile, they are used in conjunction with polyglycolic thread, a self-absorbable suture material. A gold thread wraps around a polyglycolic thread and in this form is injected under the skin, after about 60 days the latter is absorbed.

An instrument in the form of an elastic tube (a combination of tubes) intended for the collection of the contents of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and / or for the introduction of fluids into them.

Transplantation of tissue of a part or a whole organ to a new place with subsequent engraftment.

Ion therapy
Subcutaneous injections of ionized oxygen or oxygen-ozone mixture, which significantly increase metabolic processes in the cell. It is used to treat cellulite, flabby, flabby skin, wrinkles, excess and uneven fat deposition in the chin, thighs, abdomen, etc.

Pulse magnetotherapy
Therapeutic application of high-intensity magnetic field pulses. Such fields induce vortex electric fields in tissues and cause circular motions of charges. Induction (eddy) electric currents of significant density excite the fibers of peripheral nerves and cause rhythmic contractions of myofibrils of skeletal muscles, smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs (the phenomenon of magnetostimulation). Pulsed magnetic fields also activate local blood flow and stimulate the processes of reparative regeneration of damaged tissues and their metabolism.

Immunity of the body to infectious agents. Humoral immunity is due to the presence of certain biologically active substances in the internal environment of the body (antibodies, etc.). Cellular immunity - immunity., Due to the activity of certain cells (phagocytes, etc.).

A method of treatment based on the effect on the immune system, restoration, regulation, temporary replacement or suppression of its functions.

Injection plastic
A method of correcting the contours of the face and body, improving the appearance with the help of injections of microimplants.

Artekoll injection
Artekoll consists of acrylic microparticles, evenly dissolved in liquid collagen. The drug is injected under the skin with a syringe. The procedure takes 10-20 minutes under local anesthesia. During the first three months after the injection, all collagen contained in the preparation is absorbed. Over time, microparticles "overgrow" the patient's own collagen, so they do not migrate and keep their shape for a long time. The drug perfectly corrects the drooping corners of the lips. Pros: Since acrylic does not dissolve, the effect of the operation is quite long-lasting. Cons: Before using artekol, two tests must be done to determine the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Biopolymer gel injection
The procedure consists in injecting special gel-like substances under the skin, which, by filling the tissues, smooth the skin. The injection is performed under local anesthesia. It is used to smooth wrinkles, depressed scars, nasolabial folds, to increase the volume of lips, cheeks, to reshape lips, cheekbones, chin. The duration of the effect is more than 5 years. Pros: painlessness, quickness, long-term effect, good result. Cons: possible complications - soft tissue swelling, redness, itching.

Botulinum toxin injection
A cosmetic procedure used to correct mimic wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, radical wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, to eliminate hyperhidrosis.For injections, botulism toxin preparations are used, produced under the trademarks Botox and Dysport.

Oxygen injection
An original technique - pulsating injections of pure oxygen and active drugs without the use of needles. Using a special tip under strictly controlled pressure, the composition is injected into the deep layers of the epidermis. Oxygen hunger is quickly satisfied, cells begin to function actively, and the course of physiological processes is regulated. Injections help to eliminate stretch marks, fat deposition, cellulite formation, and improve the appearance of the skin.

Collagen injection
A cosmetic procedure used to correct both age-related skin changes and acquired cosmetic defects. For injections, natural collagen is used in the form of finished preparations of various brands. The duration of the effect is 6-8 months.

Ozone injection
Intramuscular injection of ozone is carried out with disposable syringes in painful, trigger, acupuncture points, Zakharin-Ged zones, in ischemic, inflamed and diseased muscles, paravertebral blockade in acute chondrosis, myositis. 10-20 ml of ozone-oxygen mixture is introduced. Pain, inflammation, swelling are quickly relieved, microcirculation, lymph flow improve, muscle spasms pass.

Injection of microimplants
A cosmetic procedure designed to correct age-related skin changes, cosmetic defects, to improve the contours of the face and body. All injectables are divided into temporary - absorbable (based on natural materials - collagen, hyaluronic acid) and permanent - non-absorbable (based on synthetic materials - artekoll).

Polyacrylamide gel injection
The gel is injected under the sheath of the calf muscle, usually in the case of a thin calf. Gel migration is common: the muscle pushes the gel out, it flows down and stays there forever. Or "goes for a walk" through the body, and then traces of it are found in various organs. Polyacrylamide gels are non-toxic, do not cause allergic reactions, but, most importantly, they easily give and take in water, that is, they are actively involved in the metabolic processes of the body. They are used to correct facial defects, enlarge the bust. Pros: permanent effect. Cons: not recommended for diabetes, varicose veins. Inflammation, gel migration, hematoma formation are possible.

New fil injection
L-lactic acid-based New-Phil allows you to increase the volume of your lips. The drug differs from its analogues in that an increase in the volume of the red border is achieved by thickening the dermal layer of the skin - even thin lips seem to grow. In addition, it enhances the synthesis of collagen, which the skin needs to prolong its youth. New fil is injected with a syringe under local anesthesia (an anesthetic cream is applied to the injection site). One procedure is enough for correction, for contour enlargement - two or three. Pros: You can evaluate the result immediately after the injection. The effect lasts for several months. The drug is completely absorbed and excreted from the body. The procedure is quick and painless.

Thinning of the subcutaneous fat layer
A decrease in the layer of subcutaneous fat under the influence of various factors: age, rapid weight loss, poor nutrition, deterioration in general health, etc.

A cosmetic procedure described by the Japanese doctor Ito, combining five traditional ancient oriental methods of exposure: strong tapping, stimulation of the meridians, shiatsu, massage and aromatherapy. The impact is made with the help of two metal tubes, inside of which there are incense sticks with red-hot tips.

Organic nitrogen-containing acid, water-soluble vitamin. Carnitine enhances, stimulates lipolysis and prevents fat deposition in the body.It is widely used in diets for weight loss.

Cardio fitness
A special set of gymnastic exercises aimed at training the cardiovascular system in order to increase the efficiency of the heart and the respiratory capacity of the lungs. It originated in the USA in 1975. It is also used as a method of losing weight called "lipo-training".

A non-systemic unit of the amount of heat required to heat 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius.

Peptide (protein) hormone synthesized by C-cells of the thyroid gland, an antagonist of parathyroid hormone. Reduces bone resorption (resorption).

Drop in drop
Reception in nail art, applying drops of varnish in a contrasting color of rounded shapes one into another on a dry background. It is often used as an initial stage for painting on a wet background.

Correction of the back side of the free edge of the artificial nail using acrylates.

The quality of life
Cumulative concept that includes feelings of well-being, job satisfaction, social activity, completeness of sexual life, general sense of satisfaction with life.

Dyeing the nail
Reception of nail art, application of small, different colored spots, splashes (specks) to the painted nail.

Massage with liquid nitrogen. In the case of classical cryomassage, an applicator is used, a cotton swab, screwed onto a stick and soaked in liquid nitrogen. The applicator performs fast and continuous rotational movements along the massage lines with light pressure until the skin whitening quickly disappears. The procedure lasts 5-6 minutes and can be combined with other types of procedures. It is used for alopecia, acne, to reduce inflammation and increase tone. In addition to the classic, there are at least two types of cryomassage - application and roller, which differ in the type of device used for the massage.

A branch of physiotherapy that uses cold as the main active physical factor. Cryotherapy methods are known at moderately low (about 0 ° C), low (down to -20 ° C), and ultra-low (from -100 to -180 ° C) temperatures. Depending on the method, melting ice, liquid nitrogen, special cryogels, chemical mixtures, where active heat absorption occurs during the reaction, nitrogen-air gas mixtures are used.

Classic French design
A variant of the French manicure, in which the "smile" is performed with bright white varnish, and the body of the nail is made of natural pink.

Cosmetic brushes
Modern accessories for applying makeup. Made from natural and synthetic materials. Distinguish: a powder brush, the largest and softest, a slightly smaller dry blush brush, a narrower and flatter eyeshadow brush. Lip brush, narrow and thin, is used to give the lips a clear outline.

Round brush
A brush with a pile in the shape of a candle flame, a drop of water, in nail art is used to perform contouring work.

Linear brush
Nail art brush with a very thin and long bristle, used to make fine straight lines or graphic elements of painting.

Cellular cosmetics
Cosmetics, which include preparations extracted from embryonic tissues, and cellular materials intended for the indirect activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin and other substances important for the skin, restoration of cellular regulation processes in the dermis, and activation of skin immunity. The source of active material for cellular cosmetics are tissues and organs of sheep, sea urchins, fish, unicellular algae. The biological material is extracted and preserved by diophilization, deep freezing, extraction.

Cell therapy
A branch of medicine that deals with the restoration of body functions lost as a result of illness or old age (for example, heart failure as a result of myocardial infarction) by transplanting their own or foreign stem cells. The greatest success in this area has been achieved in the treatment of diseases such as myocardial infarction, hemorrhagic stroke, trauma and bruises of the spinal cord and brain, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, restoration of bone tissue defects, etc.

Face correction with makeup
A method for eliminating minor cosmetic defects of the face using decorative cosmetics.

Correction of nails
Restoration of the correct architecture of the nail.

The main protein of collagen fibers of connective and bone tissues, tendons, cartilage.

Collagen mask
An effective physiological method for retaining moisture in the skin fibers. When a collagen leaf is moistened in a collagen solution, collagen dissolves, which is absorbed and accumulated by the skin. The skin regains its freshness and elasticity. It is used to reduce wrinkles and restore youthfulness and freshness of the skin, relieve tension and fatigue of the skin, moisturize the skin, improve the complexion, remove the raspillin after peeling to protect the skin from harmful effects. Pros: The mask is easy to use (you can use it at home). Cons: If the mask is not properly selected, redness and rashes may occur.

Spoon or trampoline nails. The nail is smooth and does not change in thickness. It can be either congenital or acquired as a result of past diseases.

Compress phlebosclerosis
A procedure used in the early stages of varicose veins disease. With the help of a thin needle, a special drug is injected into an enlarged vein or a venous "asterisk", which, as it were, glues it together. As a result, the blood returns to the deep veins, and the legs acquire their original beauty. Duration of treatment is from one to two weeks. A prerequisite for treatment is tight elastic bandaging. Pros: the method is highly reliable and effective, not traumatic, practically painless, performed on an outpatient basis, which allows patients to lead a normal life.

A set of relatively stable morphological and functional (including mental) properties of a person, due to heredity, as well as a long and intense influence of the environment, which determines the functional abilities and reactivity (the ability to various reactions to impact) of the body.

Contour plastic
A set of aesthetic surgery methods that correct the shape and proportions of certain areas of the face and body in order to improve the appearance. It is divided into contouring of eyelids (blepharoplasty), nose (rhinoplasty), ears (otoplasty), cheeks and chin (genioplasty and mentoplasty), abdomen (abdominoplasty), hips (hip lift), breasts (reduction, enlargement, breast reconstruction).

Genital warts
A genital wart resulting from a viral infection.

Modern technology of aesthetic medicine for the care of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, based on the principle of three-dimensional mechanical action on the skin. The maniple of a special design, in the form of two parallel plates, captures the skin fold and, due to the pulsating vacuum, initiates mechanical vibrations in the skin and underlying tissues in three planes: vertical, horizontal, and also corresponding to the direction of movement of the maniple.Cosmechanics allows you to model the oval of the face, correct the shape of the lips, lift the face, neck and décolleté, lymphatic drainage, including during rehabilitation after plastic surgery. The technology was developed by LPG System.

A set of skin, hair, and nail care products.

Professional cosmetics
A category of cosmetics intended for use only by cosmetologists, hairdressers, make-up artists working in salons. The content of professional cosmetics implies a clear functional focus and high intensity of the drugs' action.

Photoprotective cosmetics
The collective name for cosmetics designed to protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of sunlight. It is known that UV rays are classified into three regions: A-spectrum, B-spectrum, and C-spectrum. Radiation of the B region, penetrating relatively shallowly into the skin, quickly causes its burning, resulting in the formation of melanin pigment. Sunburn protects the skin from sunburn, but with prolonged exposure to B-spectrum rays, premature aging of the skin occurs, photoallergic reactions, photodermatosis are possible. It must be remembered that sunscreen filters with excessive use of photoprotective cosmetics can provoke allergic reactions, especially in children. Recently, it was also discovered that under certain conditions, chemical SPF can have estrogen-like effects on the body, which also requires extremely careful attention to the use of photoprotective cosmetics.

Cosmetic mask
A procedure for applying a creamy mass containing various active ingredients to the skin of the face. Unlike absorbable creams, the carrier substance of the mask, that is, the filler, is not absorbed into the skin, and therefore, at the end of the procedure, it must be removed with a cotton swab or a special napkin dipped in a cleansing lotion. The effect of cosmetic masks is varied: some soften, nourish and strengthen the skin, others have a degreasing and astringent effect on it, and others whiten it. Many have healing properties: relieve irritation and inflammation, shrink pores, cleanse the skin, nourish, moisturize, and stimulate. You need to apply the mask from the chin to the temples, from the upper lip to the earlobe, from the back of the nose to the temples. Masks are especially effective after a steam bath or hot compress. The duration of the masks is 20-30 minutes. Pros: masks can be applied at home, quick effect. Cons: due to incorrectly selected mask components, allergic reactions may occur, a short effect that requires constant support.

Cosmetic surgery
The field of clinical medicine, which studies the nature and mechanisms of cosmetic defects and develops methods for their elimination, masking and prevention. In cosmetology, the main methods of plastic surgery are used. Surgery is performed on the most visible areas of the body (face, neck, abdomen, limbs and chest) to change their appearance. the specificity of cosmetology lies in the fact that the patient must clearly define the requirements for appearance, present the end result of the operation, must be warned about the risk of the forthcoming surgical intervention and the possibility of failure.

The field of medicine that studies the nature and mechanisms of cosmetic defects and develops methods for their elimination, masking and prevention.

Hardware cosmetology
A set of physical methods of influencing the skin in order to improve and correct their condition and appearance using specially designed equipment and methods developed for this equipment.

A complex dynamic organ, one of the largest in the body (16% of body weight).The outer covering of the body provides a connection between the body and the external environment and maintains the constancy of its internal environment and temperature. The main components of the skin are: the outer layer is the epidermis, the middle layer is the dermis, and the inner layer is the hypodermis.

Mature skin
The commonly used name for skin in women and men over the age of 40, regardless of skin type.

Combination skin
(or mixed) type of skin characterized by the presence of both oily and dry areas. The T-zone of the face, the top of the chest is usually covered with oily skin, the rest of the areas are dry, possibly even peeling. Mixed skin requires strictly special double care, separate for each area. This is practically normal skin with unevenly distributed areas of grease.

Normal skin
A type of skin that looks like a cross between dry and oily, due to a balanced level of sex hormones. This characteristic applies to the entire skin. At the same time, there are areas with a greater or lesser concentration of sebaceous glands per 1 square centimeter.

Dry skin
Thin, easily flaky, the pores on it are barely visible, prone to wrinkles. Dry skin is associated with a lack of sebum in the lower layers and a lack of moisture in the upper ones. Physiological peeling is noticeable, especially after washing. Sometimes dry skin can be congenital, because it depends on a lack of vitamins A and C in the body, neuroendocrine disorders (for example, decreased thyroid function). The reason may also be unfavorable weather conditions, central heating and air conditioning in rooms, increased solar radiation, work in hot shops, constant work with water, corrosive liquids. Under unfavorable conditions, dryness increases, redness appears. Such skin is possessed by people in whose body estrogens prevail over androgens.

Oily skin
A type of skin characterized by an abundance of open pores (excretory ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands), a yellowish-pale color. The skin looks greasy, shiny, embossed and thicker due to the pronounced activity of the sebaceous glands. Leaves a greasy mark on paper. Prone to acne. The extreme manifestation of oily skin is the so-called problem skin with pronounced acne: black, white, acne vulgaris. The cause of increased fat content is neuroendocrine disorders, diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders. In the hormonal profile, androgens prevail over estrogens.

Rough skin
Not smooth, with small irregularities. Roughness occurs with dry skin that has lost moisture and fatty film, with small cracks and irritations.

Sensitive skin
Thin skin, light, usually pinkish. Has a stratum corneum, little protective pigment, produces little fat, therefore, easily irritable. Sensitive skin is always dry, easily reddens and flakes. Skin sensitivity can be congenital or acquired. To care for such skin, use only special care products.

Skin whitening
A method of reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin as a whole or eliminating individual age spots. It consists of two stages: 1) exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum and 2) reduction of the level of melanin produced by skin cells. Exfoliation is usually performed using hardware cosmetology methods (dermabrasion) or by chemical or enzyme peeling. The second stage is provided by the use of depigmenting cosmetics, which may include substances that reversibly inhibit the synthesis of melanin in melanocytes. For clarifying agents that are not expected to have radical effects, plant materials are used as bleaching ingredients, for example, essential oils of thyme, thyme, anise, fennel, bearberry and licorice root extracts. Retinoids, in particular tretionin, are often included in cosmetic lines for skin whitening, which are believed to interfere with the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes.

Skin aging
A natural biological process associated with age-related changes in general.Aging skin is characterized by disturbances in the water-lipid balance, loss of elasticity and the ability to retain water, which leads to visible changes: dry skin, the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, flabbiness, deterioration of complexion. Premature aging of the skin can be caused by external factors: excessive exposure to UV rays, adverse weather conditions, chemicals, even excessive use of decorative cosmetics.

Skin elasticity
1) the property of the skin to maintain tone and maintain its shape. It is caused by a network of elastic fibers located in the dermis and closely associated with collagen fibers. A decrease in skin elasticity is associated not with a weakening of muscle tissue, but primarily with a gradual loss of the ability to contract by elastic fibers, and by collagen fibers - the ability to swell
2) the ability of stretched or folded skin to return to its original state after elimination of the impact that caused the deformation.

Skin fatigue
The process of a temporary decrease in the functional capabilities of an organ under the influence of intense or prolonged exposure to adverse factors, manifested by a deterioration in the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the organ's activity, discoordination of physiological functions. The term implies both premature aging and the loss of signs characteristic of young healthy skin, discoloration of the face, flabbiness and dryness, loss of smoothness, the appearance of wrinkles and deep folds, frequent skin irritations. Skin fatigue can be caused by the general physiological state of the body, exposure to unfavorable external factors, including excessive use of makeup.

A yellow nodule or plaque, predominantly on the skin, consisting of histiocytes containing lipids (fats).

A metal instrument with two sharp cutting planes used to remove cuticles in pedicure and manicure practice.

Hair cuticle
The part of the hair immediately adjacent to its cortex and consisting of cylindrical cells, which gradually transform into horny keratinized scales in the superficial areas of the hair root.

Nail cuticle
Skin fold around the proximal end of the nail, tissue extension of the matrix or nail root.

A fibrillar, water-insoluble protein that forms the basis of the stratum corneum of the skin, hair and nails. Impaired metabolism of this protein leads to the development of skin diseases, called keratoses.

A scar on the skin, consisting of dense connective tissue, often rising above the surface of the skin. A keloid can form in response to mechanical damage to the skin - a burn, a surgical incision, an injection, an insect bite, a tattoo, it can develop on acne sites and even spontaneously. Most often, keloid develops on the upper back, shoulders, front of the chest, face and neck.

Laser coagulation
The method of aesthetic cosmetology, coagulation (burning) of cosmetic defects - warts, tattoos, nevi, telangiectasias using the energy of a laser beam. The most commonly used high-energy carbon dioxide or argon lasers.

Laser resurfacing
The method is used in cosmetology to eliminate imperfections after acne, keloid scars, hyperkeratosis, cholesterol deposits, flat warts, small fibroids and papillomas, with fading facial skin. Dermabrasion with a CO2 laser provides a strictly dosed depth of penetration into the tissue in one pass with a scanner and good hemostasis at the same time. In addition, this method has the effect of the thermal energy of laser radiation, which largely contributes to the smoothing of wrinkles. Pros: a highly effective way to eliminate various imperfections of the facial skin and a long-lasting result.Cons: postoperative complications are possible (in 5-10%), postoperative crusts, redness are inevitable, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure for people with impaired psychoemotional status, with allergic and skin diseases.

Laser lipofilling
(fat transfer) a procedure for introducing corrective fat injections into the body. It is used to correct wrinkles, folds, as well as body defects. Fat is injected subcutaneously, into the hypodermis, into the deeper layers between the muscles. The rehabilitation period lasts from 2 to 7 days, but it can be accelerated by using laser therapy, which quickly removes swelling and bruising. The operation is performed with local anesthesia. Pros: no surgical complications, no rejection, suitable for any age. Cons: there are a number of contraindications - chronic diabetes, infectious diseases, pulmonary insufficiency.

One of the lipolytic enzymes that hydrolyze neutral fats or phospholipids by cleaving the fatty acid radical from the glycerol residue.

Aesthetic surgery methods that allow you to change the volume of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body: remove excess - liposuction - or inject your own fat taken from other areas, for example, to correct nasolabial folds.

A plastic surgery technique used to remove excess subcutaneous fat. Aesthetic surgery used to improve the contouring of the entire body.

Liposuction wet
A type of liposuction, during which, before aspiration of fat, a certain amount of saline solution containing adrenaline and anesthetic is injected into the operation area.

High-frequency liposuction
The method of removing excess adipose tissue using a special device, the working part of which are two cannulas, between which a high-frequency electric field is created, under the influence of which the fat becomes fluid and easier to remove. Solution is supplied through one cannula, fat is aspirated through the second.

Laser liposuction
A type of liposuction in which adipose tissue is destroyed by exposure to a niodimum laser before aspiration begins.

Mechanical liposuction
Suction of accumulations of excess fat using special cannulas connected to a vacuum pump (aspirator), which creates an adjustable negative pressure - vacuum. Before starting the procedure, an additional injection of a special saline solution can be made into the adipose tissue, which reduces blood loss, softens the fat and at the same time provides local anesthesia.

Dry liposuction
A type of liposuction in which fat is aspirated using rather thick cannulas without prior infiltration with any solution.

Ultrasonic liposuction
A method for removing excess adipose tissue using the principle of ultrasonic cavitation. A special tube-in-tube device allows simultaneous sonication of fatty masses and removal of them with a special pump. The method can be used anywhere on the body. Provides significant skin contraction after surgery.

Syringe liposuction
A type of liposuction, when adipose tissue is removed using a special syringe. The method is used to correct small areas of fatty deposits.

(or lipomodelling) a kind of body contouring due to adipose tissue. The operation consists of two stages: the extraction of fat cells and their subsequent correction of other parts of the body.

Artificially obtained spherical particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns, formed from the bimolecular layer of lipids. Liposomes can serve for the transport of medicinal substances.

Typically, malignant neoplasms of lymphatic and reticuloendothelial tissue manifest as well-defined dense tumors consisting of cells that appear immature or resemble lymphocytes, plasma cells, or histiocytes are classified by cell type, degree of differentiation, and growth pattern (focal or diffuse).

Lymphatic drainage
A cosmetic procedure that improves the flow of lymph from the swollen area.

A surgical procedure that removes adipose tissue (usually in cases of obesity).

Cosmetological procedures performed with the help of cosmetics, massage, hardware cosmetology methods, aesthetic surgery in order to improve the contour of the face and body, visibly improve the appearance of the skin by increasing its mechanical tension.

Lifting mask
1) a surgical operation, otherwise called a circular lift, the purpose of which is to change the tension of the skin in the upper part of the face, which leads to a "rejuvenation" of the look. Tension of superficial and deep tissues is performed on a bone basis around the eyes
2) a cosmetic mask containing special ingredients.

Nail bed
The surface of the skin on which the nail plate is located.

Hair follicle
The structural part of the hair, located in the scalp, where the dividing epithelial cells responsible for hair growth are concentrated. If the matrix of the bulb becomes keratinized, then it turns into a so-called hair bulb, which gradually pushes the hair to the surface, and it falls out.

From the French. maquillage, which roughly means "disguise". The system of decorative design of the face (skin, eyes, lips, etc.) and cosmetics for this.

Contour makeup
Permanent make-up procedure, which involves the penetration of the needle to a depth of one or two layers of the epidermis (there are no blood vessels and endings, therefore, there are no unpleasant consequences), which is possible only when using special devices, one of the main characteristics of which is a high-precision fixed needle stroke with minimal lateral amplitude. The risk of infections and allergic reactions is excluded. The device is designed in such a way that it can be sterilized. For contour makeup, only antiseptic and hypoallergenic paints are used, created on a mineral or plant basis. The paint is applied from 5 to 30 minutes. The paint itself is harmless. The new appearance will last for about two years, then the paint is washed off. With the help of such an operation, you can add colors with an expressionless appearance, hide the consequences of injuries and other obvious shortcomings. In these cases, something is painted over with flesh paint, something is painted anew. Pros: contouring makeup is performed almost painlessly, bloodless, avoids the formation of crusts and scar tissue with repeated repetition of the procedure.

Comprehensive care for the skin of the hands and nails in order to shape the nails, treat the nail roller, remove impurities. The use of varnishes and nail strengthening products improves the appearance of nails. For hands, use cleansing, softening and soothing baths, special creams and lotions, massage. Manicure can be done at home and in salons.

Hot manicure
A type of wet manicure, in which hands are placed not in water, but in special lotions with a high content of oils and mineral additives. Recommended for thin, brittle nails, good for children and adolescents. After such preparation, the master can do both edged and unedged manicure.

Hygienic manicure
A nail care procedure that includes cutting the cuticle, shaping the free edge, sealing the free edge and sanding, polishing the nail plate.

American manicure
Long, oval-shaped nails in rich and bright colors.

Classic manicure
A hand care procedure that includes the processing of fingernails using cutting tools and preliminary steaming of the fingers in hot water.

Combined manicure
A treatment for nails and hand skin that combines safe and cut manicure techniques.

Wet manicure
Cut (cut) method of removing the cuticle with its preliminary steaming in hot water.

Uncut manicure
A nail care technique without the use of cutting tools, scissors or nippers, based on the removal of the cuticle using keratolytics.

Dry manicure
Technique for performing manicure with safe or cut-out methods using keratolytic, exfoliating drugs. In this case, the treatment area is not pre-steamed.

French manicure
A method of covering the nail with varnish, in which the body of the nail and the free edge of the nail plate are painted with colored varnishes of different shades.

Manicure Attaché
A variant of a French manicure, more often used for a man's manicure. "Smile" is made with a translucent white varnish, the entire surface of the nail plate is covered with a special matte varnish.

Permanent French manicure
French manicure made with two-component light-curing mixtures.

Plastic surgery for breast augmentation or reduction. Also, this term means "lifting" sagging breasts and giving it the desired shape.

Wax mask
A cosmetic product containing various waxes and some solid fats. Initially, they have a solid consistency, before use they are melted in a water bath and in liquid form are applied to the skin of the face, where they remain until completely solidified. Provides a good cleansing effect, removing comedones, dead epidermis, excess sebum. Boosts blood circulation in flaccid skin. The action is close to paraffin masks.

Astringent mask
A cosmetic product with a pronounced drying, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect. Depending on the type of skin, it includes a certain set of herbs. Herbal masks are prepared in the form of an aqueous solution, in which a napkin is then moistened and applied to the face. Astringents also include a protein mask used for oily skin, as well as for any type of flabby skin.

Cosmetic mask
1) a cosmetic product with a specific purpose and providing highly effective care for the skin of the face and body or hair. Usually, a cosmetic mask is included in a series of cosmetics along with creams and lotions. According to the consistency, masks are divided into liquid, pasty, gel, wax and powder.
2) a procedure for skin care with the help of cosmetics or medical and health procedures performed in beauty parlors or at home.

Essential oils
A complex of fragrant substances contained in plants and with increased volatility. Complex natural mixtures of various chemical compounds. Soluble in many volatile organic solvents. They have an oily consistency, they leave a stain on the paper that quickly disappears. They are widely used in perfumery, cosmetics, medicine, food production, etc. It is known that many essential oils have antispasmodic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects. On the basis of the comprehensive use of essential oils for the purpose of improving the body, a separate direction of medicine, closely linked with cosmetology, has been formed - aromatherapy.

Plasticizing masks
Masks based on natural and synthetic plasticizers: paraffin, resins, pectin. By hardening, this mask shrinks and tightens the skin. Pros: after this procedure, the tension of the muscles of the face decreases, due to which wrinkles are smoothed out. Cons: such masks have a short-term effect.

Massage oil
A specially selected mixture of vegetable and mineral oils, designed for massage. First of all, it should provide ease of sliding of hands on the surface of the skin. It may additionally contain functional active substances, for example, helping to reduce the subcutaneous fat layer, nourishing or moisturizing the skin, relaxants, vitamins.

Dermotonizing oil
A cosmetic product designed to massage cellulite areas, effectively eliminating the "orange peel" effect due to a balanced complex of essential oils of rosemary, juniper, oil extracts of birch leaves and garden savory.

A set of methods of mechanical and reflex action in the form of friction, pressure, vibration, carried out directly on the surface of the human body, both by hands and by special devices through air, water or other medium. There are about 10 types of massage that have a different effect on the human body: general, classic, therapeutic, hygienic, sports, Chinese, cosmetic, bath, children's, with elements of manual therapy. Pros: an effective method that allows you to normalize and improve the work of both the general condition of the human body and its individual parts of the body. Cons: there are a number of contraindications - with an increase in body temperature, acute inflammation, skin diseases, skin damage and increased irritability, severe fatigue and agitation, a predisposition to bleeding, significant varicose veins and their inflammation. In case of malignant and benign tumors, birthmarks should not be massaged; abdominal massage for hernia, menstruation and pregnancy (especially in the last month in the prone position), for cholelithiasis and urolithiasis is unacceptable. For some diseases, according to certain indications, massage can be carried out, but it is obligatory in agreement with the attending physician.

Vacuum massage
A method of affecting the deep layers of the skin by creating a differential pressure on its surface. The effect is based on the same principle as the well-known curative banks. Glass containers of various sizes and designs are placed on the skin, from which air is removed in one way or another - by burning oxygen or using a pump. There is a static and kinetic vacuum massage. In the first case, the banks stand still, in the second they are moved along the lymph flow. It is used to enhance lymph flow, metabolism in the skin, eliminate waste metabolites. In cosmetology, the method is used mainly for the prevention and elimination of cellulite.

Vibrating massage
Massage with the help of various electric massagers, in terms of effectiveness, is significantly inferior to classical manual massage. More popular abroad than in Russia.

Lymphatic drainage massage
Special manual or hardware massage along the lymphatic vessels in order to ensure the outflow of lymph from the area of ​​edema or to prevent edema.

Point massage
Massage based on the impact only on precisely defined biologically active points on the human body with the aim of indirectly affecting the internal organs and systems.

Alpha massage
Complex effect on the patient of mechano-therapeutic, thermo-curative and photo-curative factors. Such an effect on all sensory systems of the body forms a flow of impulses into the brain stem about the action of different-modal stimuli, which leads to the activation of various parts of the cortex and the formation of stable temporary connections, displacing conditioned reflex reactions weakened during fatigue. The polysensory effect improves the mood of patients, reduces internal tension, significantly increases the increase in exercise tolerance and stabilizes the vegetative resource.

Nail matrix
The part of the nail bed under the root of the nail, the growth zone of the nail, it contains the nerves, blood and lymph vessels that feed the nail.

Marble design
Marble technique, glass technique. Gives a marbled effect to the nail plate. It is achieved by alternately immersing nails in a vessel with water, on the surface of which there are pre-mixed special paints of several tones.

a method of drawing a pattern on the surface of the skin by means of point and line injections, in which the needle does not reach the level of the dermis. In this case, the applied special pigment penetrates into deeper layers and is fixed not only immediately at the time of the procedure, but also within one or two months after it. It is assumed that the drawing will be preserved for three to five years. It is used to temporarily correct any facial features.

Microcurrent therapy
The method is based on the effect of physiological microcurrents on various layers of the skin and the muscular system. The result of exposure is the normalization of the physiological activity of skin cells, muscle tissue, lymph nodes and blood vessels. Microcurrent therapy allows you to get fast and stable results in the treatment of wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, dry and aging skin of the face and neck. Unlike classical myolifting, microcurrent therapy excludes the possibility of subsequent sagging of the skin and aggravation of mimic wrinkles, and gives visible results immediately after the first procedure. The method has practically no contraindications, which determines its wide range of use. The technique is successfully used to restore skin firmness and elasticity in the treatment of early stage cellulite and as an additional method in the later stages of cellulite in order to improve the quality of the skin and muscle tone, using various cosmetics.

Resurfacing the skin with corundum particles (fine powder of aluminum oxide), which are applied to the skin with strong pressure and "knock out" dead cells from its surface. Pros: eliminates fine wrinkles, scars, the effects of acne, sagging skin. The procedure is less traumatic than dermabrasion. Anesthesia is not required. Cons: severe redness of the skin is possible, sometimes age spots are formed.

Training of the subcutaneous muscles using electrical stimulation. Pros: during myolifting, sedentary facial muscles contract under the influence of electrical impulses and, over time, straighten skin folds. In addition, the skin is trained: blood microcirculation improves, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin is improved, its structure is noticeably improved. The result of this training is a significant - for 7-10 years - facial rejuvenation. Cons: to consolidate the effect, at least 20-25 procedures are required. With asymmetric muscle stimulation, the effect of a skewed face can occur. Some cosmetologists do not recommend myolifting, as they believe that after the termination of the procedures, the skin sags even more.

Physiotherapy treatment aimed at tightening a weakened muscle. This requires 10 to 20 sessions, 20 minutes for each area that needs a tightening. Usually, myostimulation is recommended in a complex of health procedures. Pros: painless, the effect lasts over 3 years Cons: it is not recommended to use the procedure to stimulate the breast, as well as for cardiovascular diseases, especially with a pacemaker, thyroid diseases, pregnancy and menstruation, epilepsy, any prosthetics (for example, joints) with the use of metal parts.

Cell inclusions (organelles) containing enzymes of the electron transport system and oxidative phosphorylation are the main biochemical function of M.- production of energy necessary for the life of the cell.

Furrows (lines) and folds of skin that appear on the face, neck, arms, and other areas of the body. Anatomically caused by breaks in the connective fibers of elastic tissues and are caused by irreversible changes in the structures of elastin and collagen of the skin. Distinguish between expression and age wrinkles.

Wet effect
The shiny character of varnish or artificial material on the surface of the nail plate, achieved by applying glossy protective coatings.

Accessory, makeup detail. A tiny piece of dark cloth glued to the skin to simulate a mole. They were fashioned in medieval France.

A new method of aesthetic cosmetology, a non-injection analogue of mesotherapy. It is based on the introduction of phytoextracts into the dermis and hypodermis, enclosed in specially adapted multiliposomes. It is carried out using ultrasound with a frequency of 0.88-3 MHz.

The method of aesthetic medicine, which is multiple intradermal microinjections of active substances into the problem area at the level of the middle part of the dermis (mesoderm). The drug (otherwise called a cocktail) is delivered in microscopic doses to the desired place using a needle or a special pistol, which allows the drug to be absorbed exactly in the injection zone, where the active ingredients of typical cosmetics usually do not get. An additional effect is achieved by stimulating the skin with a microneedle (physical irritation), which to a certain extent activates the protective functions of the body. Often, injections are given at the acupuncture points.

Brown skin pigment, an insoluble high molecular weight polymer produced by melanocytes - specialized skin cells. The color of the skin depends on the intensity of melanin synthesis. Melanin acts to protect the skin from UV rays. Melanin is widespread in the animal kingdom and often determines the color of the eyes, skin, skin appendages (feathers, scales).

A sliding massage of the face and body with sounding tuning forks. Low-frequency vibration excites encapsulated mechanoreceptors, which form reflex reactions of activation of local blood and lymph flow (sliding microsurge), restoring skin turgor and relaxing tense superficial muscles with a subsequent increase in their tone.

A skin derivative is a flat horny formation on the dorsum of the terminal phalanx of the fingers and toes in primates and humans. They grow from the groove at the root of the nail.

Acrylic nails
Artificial nails made of acrylates that harden when exposed to special liquids that harden the acrylic mass. This technology, using two-phase modeling and self-hardening systems, allows you to create an artificial nail plate (using tips and shapes) of any shape and architecture at the request of the client.

Gel nails
Artificial nails formed by the technology of nail modeling using gel systems. Gel is a single-phase light-curing material used with tips or molds. The gel is hardened by exposure to ultraviolet light.

Brittle nails
Nail plates, cracking or breaking in the area of ​​the second stress zone, as well as nails curling in the area of ​​the free edge as a result of a lack of moisture and fat-like substances in the thickness of the nail.

Nail plate
(nail body or matrix) the main part of the nail, which is a plate lying on the nail bed, consisting of horny scales tightly adjacent to each other.

Brittle nails
Cosmetic defect, loss of strength of the nail plate, which does not tolerate various loads.Nails become fragile, easily exfoliating, which may be the result of internal diseases, the influence of the external environment, the overdrying action of some manicure dyes and acetone. Softening of the nail and loss of elasticity can cause frequent contact with water, surfactants, household chemicals. Care is required with the use of special strengthening agents.

Nail extension
One of the types of nail care. For the purpose of lengthening and modeling the shape of nails, an artificial protective coating is applied to the nail plate made of self- and light-curing resins and other indelible materials. These procedures require special forms and materials. Until recently, nail extensions were performed only on the nails of the hands. Recently, toe nail modeling technologies have been spreading, especially in cases of curved, upturned nails. The most popular are gel and acrylic nail extension technologies.

Nail piercing
The procedure for piercing the nail plate or artificial nail in order to decorate it with a special earring.

Nail polishing
The process of processing the surface of the nail plate in order to obtain a smooth appearance, mirror shine.

Nail modeling
A procedure for creating artificial nails using two-component light-curing (gel) or cyanoacrylate systems, taking into account the architecture and balance of your own natural and created artificial nail.

Brittle nails
(or brittle nails) a deficiency caused either by the physiological characteristics of the body, or by external factors: degreasing of nails from the action of manicure varnishes, solvents, working conditions in harmful environments.

Nail strengthening
Caring for nails using special cosmetics to prevent delamination, softening, excessive drying, brittleness. Strengthening of nails is carried out with special preparations containing useful additives such as keratin, collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, lanolin, vegetable oils, vitamins. They are rubbed into the nail plate, the growth zone of the nail and the skin around the nail, thereby plasticizing the structure of the nail, making it flexible and elastic, resistant to various damages, and returning its natural shine.

Nail design porcelain
Marketing, advertising name for volumetric acrylic design.

Square nails
The shape of the free edge of the nail plate, characterized by the perpendicular arrangement of the lateral lines to the base of the free edge.

Nail art
The art of decorating nails.

Neon effect
Aura, the effect of a bluish tint, the reception of nail art, achieved by applying special protective coatings.

Volumetric design
The art of decorating nails, the main elements for which are usually done with modeling materials (colored acrylics or gels) and have noticeable dimensions in all three dimensions.

A procedure used to treat cellulite, restore skin elasticity after losing weight, restore the tone of the mammary glands and tissues of the anterior abdominal wall. The wraps can be cold or warm depending on the problem to be solved. Wrapping can be done using algae, mud, blue clay, etc. Pros: The procedure can be done at home. Cons: you cannot do body wraps during pregnancy, after a recent operation with non-healing stitches, or if you have a rash or abrasions on the skin. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, varicose veins, asthma, liver and kidney diseases are not contraindications for wrapping sessions. As a rule, body wrap is an integral part of complex care, combined with massage and hardware cosmetology methods.

Ozone therapy
Injection of an ozone-oxygen mixture with the thinnest needle under the skin in problem areas. Pros: the ozone-oxygen mixture removes the upper stratum corneum of the epidermis, makes the skin young and elastic, smoothes wrinkles. Due to the ability of ozone to renew and stimulate cells, improve blood circulation and cell metabolism, ozone therapy sessions help to cope not only with wrinkles, but also with bags under the eyes, swelling and bruises. Cons: ozone therapy cannot cope with deep mimic wrinkles. To maintain the effect, the procedure must be repeated periodically.

Special sensitivity of nails, aching painful condition.

Delamination of the nail plate in the transverse direction. A common cause is often repeated trauma to the free edge of the nail, especially in women who abuse manicure.

(or sloughing) the separation from the skin surface of keratinized cells of the epidermis. Exfoliation is a normal physiological process. Artificial exfoliation of cells occurs with chemical or mechanical peeling.

Excessive deposition of body fat. There are different types - alimentary and constitutional.

Alimentary obesity
A type of obesity caused by excess food intake versus energy expenditure.

Obesity constitutional
A type of obesity caused by metabolic disorders and characterized by a uniform deposition of fat throughout the body.

A mixture of high molecular weight hydrocarbons obtained during the distillation of oil. Chemically and electrically neutral substance, melting point 50-55 ° C, has a high heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and almost no convection, so that even at temperatures above 60 ° C, paraffin does not cause burns. For cosmetic purposes, purified and dehydrated white medical paraffin is used.

Paraffin therapy
A cosmetic or medical procedure, which consists in immersing the hands and feet, wrapped in polyethylene, in a bath with hot paraffin, the temperature of which is constantly maintained at a level slightly above 40 ° C. Deep and gentle warming improves blood circulation, metabolism, and therefore the quality of the skin.

Triangular flap of hair curling paper.

Paleness, a decrease in the elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with their mild edema.

Secondary primer applied to the natural nail area before laying out the artificial material for better adhesion of acrylates to the nail plate.

The shape of the hair on the head, obtained by combing, cutting, curling the hair arranged in this order.

(or pneumomassage) a method of massaging the limbs using pressure. The legs are placed in special corsets-boots with double walls, and the arms - in cylindrical shapes of a similar design. Air is supplied to the space between the walls of the covers using a compressor with a predetermined rhythm, which allows you to compress and unclench the lower leg with a certain pressure. It is used to activate blood supply, relieve edema, detoxify, correct cellulite.

Aging pigment
(or lipofuscin) glycoprotein, dispersed in the cytoplasm of cells of all organs and tissues in the form of small yellow-brown lumps, its content increases with aging of the organism.

Plastic surgery of the hips and buttocks
Removal of excess uneven fat deposits under general anesthesia. It is performed in very obese women who have lost weight, after which folds appeared on the hips (breeches) and buttocks.

Chin surgery
Removal of excess fat deposits under local or general anesthesia. It is performed in patients over 18 years of age.

Thermal sculpting mask, gentle heating of which improves superficial blood circulation and stimulates the biological functions of the skin.

Plastic surgery
A branch of surgery that deals with the restoration of the form and / or function of individual parts of the body and organs that have been lost or damaged as a result of diseases and injuries or have been removed by surgery. Plastic surgery also deals with the treatment of congenital anomalies and the correction of defects that affect human activity.

Flat nails. A congenital or acquired disease affecting all the nail plates.

A procedure for piercing the skin in any part of the body in order to decorate with a special earring. The most popular piercing sites are ears, lips, wings and septum, eyebrows, and navel. Painful and unsafe procedure from the point of view of hygiene, especially with punctures of the navel and tongue, eyelids. Piercing can have an unpredictable effect on the client's health, since most of the areas undergoing piercings on the face are areas with a high density of biologically active points, closely connected with various internal organs, and such a radical effect on these points cannot remain without consequences. Often combined with tattoos. It is a very fashionable direction of mass culture in our time and a profitable type of salon business.

Removal of the surface layer of the skin (stratum corneum of the epithelium). Promotes stimulation of regenerative processes, activation of metabolic processes in the skin. Indications: wrinkles, blackheads, skin defects (for example, traces of acne, scars), age spots, etc. Mechanical peeling is carried out manually (using scrubs) and using equipment (for example, brushing). Chemical peeling - with the help of special compounds and chemicals that cause a burn of the surface layer of the skin, followed by exfoliation and the formation of a new epidermis. There are several types of chemical peels: a) depending on the chemical nature of substances (peeling with fruit, trichloroacetic acids, phenol, etc.) b) depending on the depth of penetration (superficial, middle, deep). Pros: promotes the activation of metabolic processes, improves the appearance of the skin, starts regeneration processes in it. Cons: slight redness is possible. After peeling, it is necessary to use restorative preparations containing moisturizing components, since the damaged epidermis quickly loses moisture.

Ultrasonic peeling
Facial cleansing with ultrasound. As a result of the rupture of intermolecular bonds in a continuous field of high-intensity ultrasonic waves, the contact medium applied to the skin boils up, which causes the destruction of keratinized epidermal keratinocytes and their exfoliation.

Nutrition for skin, hair, nails
Providing the skin cells, as well as hair and nails with nutrients vital for normal functioning. It is carried out with the help of special care for the skin, hair, nails.

Double-sided foil for nail design (glossy on one side, matte on the other). It is applied to the surface of the nail plate by applying and tearing to the areas glued with glue.

Specialist in foot care, pedicure.

Hair curling with chemical compounds that can be stored for a long time. In everyday life it is called a "six-month perm". Invented by the German hairdresser K. Nesler.

Permanent makeup
From the point of view of cosmetology, this is a violation of the integrity of the skin by means of stabbing instruments (electric dermopigmenters), followed by the introduction of dyes on a plant-mineral basis (pigments) at the level of the epidermis to obtain stable, long-lasting lines.Within three to four weeks after the procedure, the process of stabilization of the pigment in the skin takes place, the final neutralization of the pigment occurs after two to three years. In addition to aesthetic indications, there are medical prerequisites for permanent make-up: these are congenital and acquired defects of the skin of the face and body ("cleft lip", alopecia of eyebrows and eyelashes, facial trauma, consequences of reconstructive plastic surgery).

The disease, characterized by the appearance of many small loose scales on the scalp, is more in the occipital-parietal region. Often accompanied by seborrhea, it can be associated with a violation of metabolic processes in the body, improper hair care. Treatment and hair care are the same as for seborrhea.

Landscape technique
A type of painting technique nail art associated with the image of nature.

Healing mud, natural organo-mineral colloidal formations with low thermal conductivity and containing biologically active substances and living microorganisms. By their origin, they are divided into four main types: peat, sapropelic, silt sulphide, hill.

Care of feet, nails and toes using a set of special procedures (baths, cuticle removal, massage, callus removal, etc.) and cosmetics (varnishes, cuticle softeners, etc.).

Hardware pedicure
A method of treating nails and feet with a special pedicure apparatus. Processing is carried out in various shapes with nozzles covered with abrasive material.

Classic pedicure
A foot care procedure that includes the treatment of toenails using a cutting tool (cuticle nippers) and foot skin care using a machine or scalpel to treat callus on the feet with a preliminary steaming of the feet in hot water.

Cosmetic line of products for SPA pedicure, which includes special intensive preparations that allow it to be used both in the classic "safe" and in the hardware method.

Pigmented spots
Light brown or dark brown, usually symmetrical spots with uneven edges, the appearance of which is associated with a change in the melanin content of the skin. Typical localization of spots is the area of ​​the face (forehead, cheeks, temples, the area around the eyes), on the chest near the nipples, on the abdomen. Pigmented spots can be congenital or acquired. Birthmarks (nevi), lentigo are congenital. The acquired include freckles, chloasma. The reasons may be pregnancy, age-related changes due to age-related decrease in ovarian function in women. If any pigment spots appear, you should limit the use of cosmetics that contain essential oils (especially bergamot), since they increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV rays and in themselves contribute to the appearance of pigmented spots.

Smoothing wrinkles
A term used in cosmetology to characterize the beneficial effect of cosmetic preparations on the skin. Means a reduction in the depth and number of wrinkles by increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Plastic nose. It is used for the correction of congenital or acquired defects of the nose, for cosmetic purposes or to restore the function of an organ. The operation consists in fracturing or cutting off the protruding part of the nasal bones, followed by excision of the bone and cartilage. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

The most effective way to rejuvenate is to remove the "excess" skin and tighten the edges of the remaining skin. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia for patients over 35 years old.

(or ridopuncture) a method of forming local edema with low-frequency impulses of high-frequency electric current.Under its action, in the underlying tissues, a multidirectional movement of free water molecules and ions of the near-membrane layer trapped in the hydration shells occurs relative to the cells. Due to the fact that the number of water molecules in the hydration shells of cations is greater than that of anions, the water content under the cathode increases and local edema occurs. On the contrary, under the anode, the edema decreases, which is used for tissue dehydration.

Painting with a needle
Nail art technique, in which several shades of varnishes are mixed with thin needles.

Painting on a wet background
Nail art technique, in which thin needles are used to mix several shades of varnishes applied to a wet background.

Growth zone of the nail
The area in which the cells capable of proliferation and forming the nail plate are located.

The process of relieving neuropsychic stress caused by intense mental or physical stress, in order to achieve a state of rest, relaxation, and decrease the tone of skeletal muscles.

Eyelash extension
A cosmetic procedure that allows you to acquire fluffy long eyelashes for 2 weeks and make your eyes more expressive. Eyelashes in the form of separate bundles are glued to the upper eyelid from the inside with special glue, which makes them look natural. They are selected according to the color, size and shape of the eyes. It is no longer necessary to dye such eyelashes with mascara. They are not afraid of water, but high temperature (sauna) can affect them. After 2 weeks, the eyelashes can be removed in the salon and new ones added.

The trade name for an injectable hyaluronic acid-based resorbable preparation used to correct facial wrinkles and folds, reshape and enlarge lips. The duration of the cosmetic effect is 6-10 months. Injections can only be done by a licensed physician.

A secret secreted by the sebaceous gland into the hair funnel. It is a complex fat mixture that includes cholesterol esters, fatty acids, proteins, hormones, etc. Sebum prevents skin and hair from drying out, has a protective and antimicrobial function. Production is regulated by male sex hormones.

Free edge of the nail
The edge of the nail plate, not connected to the subungual bed.

High molecular weight biologically inert oxygen-containing organosilicon compounds.

Overgrowth of the nail plate with thickening, compaction, discoloration and even slight separation at the nail bed.

1) a platform equipped for sunbathing

2) apparatus for artificial tanning. Has various designs (vertical, horizontal) and purpose (household, professional household, professional). High voltage lamps operating in the range of long ultraviolet waves are used as a light source. Professional solariums of the latest generation - turbo solariums - equipped with a powerful and efficient ventilation system

Imitations of gemstones made of rock crystal have traditionally been used to decorate costumes. In modern practice, rhinestones are widely used for nail art, as applications for decorating the skin and hair. Now they can be made from modern, cheaper artificial materials, while their aesthetic appeal remains high.

A haircut
The shape of the hairstyle, the way of cutting the hair.

Haircut "virtual"
A haircut, on the basis of which you can model various hairstyle options.

A complex of exercises designed to stretch a specific muscle group in order to maintain the original natural mobility of the joints and improve muscle tissue tone.

Stress zones of the nail
Areas of the nail most prone to breakage and injury.

A set of exercises for training the cardiovascular system, initially consisting in the fact that a person monotonously, without sudden movements, climbs one flight of stairs, and then also monotonously descends. In the system of modern fitness, step is better known as a kind of aerobics using special structures - steps.

Amniotic serum
A cosmetic product containing an extract from amniotic fluid and an extract of embryonic tissue as an active ingredient. Designed for intensive care of dehydrated and aging skin.

Cosmetic serum
The cosmetic product is a highly active agent for the care of the skin of the face and neck, giving a quick targeted cosmetic effect. It is usually a liquid with a viscosity higher than water. Provides an increase in skin tone, smoothing wrinkles, improving complexion, which is due to the presence in a complex complex of physiologically active substances usually of plant and animal origin, which have a stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin or hair.

T inviter
Tattoo artist.

Physiotherapy method of treatment and restoration of the body through the complex effects of the sea climate, sun, water, seafood. Combines with a special diet, massage, water treatments. It is especially used to eliminate the signs of cellulite. It is widely used in cosmetology, a course of thalassotherapy can be obtained in special centers, where a complex of procedures using sea salt, mud, cosmetics with biologically active additives from seafood and algae is offered.

(or permanent make-up) a method of permanent coloring of the skin, application of an indelible color pattern by pricking with several connected needles using natural and synthetic dyes. The dye is injected to a depth of 1 mm and only within the epidermis. To ensure safety (infection, allergic reactions), the dye must be indifferent, sterile and insoluble in fats. Mineral dyes have proven themselves the most for tattooing. Tattooing is carried out for both aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. In the practice of medical aesthetics, tattooing is used to mask seams and scars, burn marks, angiomas, birthmarks, etc. It is widely used to outline the contour of the lips and eyes. Modern tattooing is often applied electrically with the obligatory use of antiseptic agents.

Temporary tattoo
(or henna tattoo) temporary tattoo. For temporary tattooing, the pattern is applied with a mixture of henna and other dyes. The technology is painless, harmless. The drawing lasts from three days to three weeks. To fix the pattern, a special composition is applied over it.

Cosmetic tattooing
Permanent make-up for the contour of lips, eyebrows, corners of the eyes to give expressiveness to individual parts of the face.

Artificial violation of the integrity of the skin with the help of stabbing (cutting) instruments and the subsequent introduction of dyes into the skin in order to obtain persistent, non-disappearing patterns or other images.

Replacement of tissues or organs that are missing or damaged by a pathological process, with their own tissues or organs, either taken from another organism, or artificially made.

Plastic plates, glued to / under the free edge of a natural nail in order to increase its length, imitate the shape of a natural nail, and have several standard sizes.

Skin tone
Elastic tension of living tissues, in particular, of the muscular tissues of the skin. Skin tone is determined by two main factors: the condition of the elastic fibers of the connective tissues of the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue.Their normal state allows the skin to maintain elasticity, tightness, and not "sag".

A kind of electromyostimulation method, combining the phased use of infrared radiation (thermal energy) and stimulating the influence of pulsed electric currents of low frequency. Currently, there are devices that combine both types of exposure. The method is used for body shaping.

Heat therapy
Physiotherapy methods using heated masses for therapeutic purposes, which have a high heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and high heat-retaining capacity, are therapeutic mud (peloids) and peloid-like substances (clays, naphthalene, paraffin, ozokerite).

Stencil technique
A method of applying an image to the surface of the nail using stencils.

Huber technology
The technology of aesthetic and sports medicine, based on the simultaneous effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, i.e. on all muscle groups, joints, ligaments, tendons, bones and on the spine. The impact is carried out with the help of a motorized platform, a dynamic vertical column with fixed sensor handles-dynamometers and a feedback system in the form of a colored target. It is used for posture correction, body shaping, in sports and fitness, in sports rehabilitation and restorative medicine. Patented by LPG System (France).

Chronic, often recurrent purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Acne occurs due to excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which develops, as a rule, due to hormonal changes in the body, more often in adolescence.

The process of saturating the skin with water. The optimal level of moisture allows the skin to maintain a healthy physiological state and is provided by a balance of the processes of water binding by skin cells, perspiration and transepidermal water excretion. A decrease in skin hydration can be caused by both internal and external factors, leading to dryness, loss of elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles.

Excessive moisture
Disruption of the normal water metabolism of the skin associated with the formation of an oily occlusive film on the skin. Pores closed with sebum prevent moisture from evaporating from the surface of the skin; excess moisture can cause swelling of the skin and enlargement of the pores. Excessive hydration is common for oily skin. It is recommended to use cleansing water-alcohol lotions with an astringent effect, special masks for the care of oily skin.

UHF coagulation
Method of cauterization of tissues with high-frequency current. When a high-frequency current is passed through the electrode, it quickly heats up, the degree of which is proportional to the frequency of the passing current. The heated electrode, when in contact with the affected skin, causes thermal denaturation of keratin and cellular proteins of the superficial and deep tissues of the dermis.

The general name for plastic surgery to eliminate defects in the hard palate.

Ultrasound therapy
A cosmetic procedure using the stimulating effect of sound impulses on the body. Ultrasonic waves create mechanical vibrations in adipose tissues, due to which cellulite formations are destroyed, metabolic processes, peripheral and local blood circulation are accelerated. Under the influence of ultrasonic waves, inflammation, pain, itching and swelling are reduced. Cons: contraindications for ultrasound therapy are tumors, acute infections and intoxication, blood diseases, ischemic heart disease, thrombophlebitis, a tendency to bleeding, low blood pressure, organic diseases of the central nervous system, severe neurotic and endocrine disorders, pregnancy.

Ultrasonic Cellulite Treatment
Ultrasound gently crushes all fibrous tissue without affecting the cell.All fats are broken down, the "orange peel" disappears. Ultrasound, penetrating into adipose tissue to a depth of 4-5 cm, destroys cellulite nodules, activates cell metabolism and lymphatic drainage, stimulates peripheral and local blood circulation, which leads to a decrease in the volume of fatty deposits, an increase in skin tone and skin elasticity, smoothing of the "orange peel" ... In the treatment, homeopathic preparations are used (extracts from algae, ginseng, tea tree, etc.) on a gel basis. Pros: the ultrasound therapy procedure is tolerated without problems, but should not last more than 20 minutes (excessive mechanical ultrasonic exposure can aggravate the sagging skin and muscles). The result of treatment lasts for six months or a year, depending on the physiological characteristics. In addition, the course of treatment has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin. Cons: there are a number of contraindications: epilepsy, pacemaker, phlebitis, cancer, tuberculosis, infectious diseases and multiple sclerosis, severe hypotension, early pregnancy. Exposure to ultrasonic waves should be avoided for inflammation and trauma to the skin, pustular eruptions. There are cases of individual intolerance. Do not use high-intensity ultrasound in areas where there is a thin fat layer and the bones are close to the surface: on the bony protrusions of the pelvis and knee (there are special methods of ultrasound treatment for joints in an aqueous medium).

Hair care
A complex of procedures, the final result of which is to give the hair a healthy and beautiful look. May include washing, styling, hair masks, applying various balms and conditioners, combing, cutting, coloring, curling, straightening, varnishing and other cosmetics.

Fiberglass, a special fabric used in the practice of modeling and repairing nails as an adhesive material to give the nail mechanical strength.

Frontal composition
Compositions on the nails that protrude above the surface of the nail, but do not require lateral perception. They use colored acrylics, stones and traditional materials to decorate nails.

Frost effect
Reception of nail art, giving the effect of frost on the nail plate.

French Revolution
A kind of French manicure, in which the "smile" and the body of the nail are painted with bright contrasting varnishes.

A separate section of herbal medicine. Exposure to the skin and hair with extracts and infusions obtained from flowers. The term was introduced into practice by Dr. Bach, the author of special methods for the preparation and use of flower infusions.

A bar offering an assortment of various cocktails and products based on herbal and fruit preparations, freshly squeezed juices, as well as special meals.

Growth substances, chemical compounds produced in small quantities in any part of the plant, transported to other parts of the plant and by acting on the receptors that regulate its development and growth. Phytohormones are more often formed in actively growing tissues at the tops of stems and roots. The category of phytohormones includes auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, abscisic acid, and ethylene. Since none of these compounds are estrogenic, they cannot be called phytoestrogens. Unlike mammalian hormones, they are less specific, the manifestations of activity depend on a number of reasons.

Substances isolated from plants that have an estrogen-like effect. In terms of chemical composition, these are steroidal hydrophobic substances and phenolic compounds of a hydrophilic nature (flavones, flavonones, isoflavones, chalcones, etc.). Phytoestrogens have an effect similar to human estrogen, only in concentrations that are a thousand times higher than the concentration of estrogen in the body. In most cosmetic products, phytoestrogens are in a really inactive concentration.

Folic acid
An integral part of the B vitamins. It is necessary for normal hematopoiesis. It is present in liver, green vegetables and yeast.

The procedure, carried out with the help of ultrasonic waves, which deliver active substances (vitamins, trace elements, etc.) to the deep layers of the skin, perform micromassage at the cellular level, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Pros: the protective functions of cells are activated. In addition, ultrasound has good anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. Cons: phonophoresis course consists of 8-12 procedures. High-intensity ultrasound should not be used in the areas of the nose and forehead. There are cases of individual intolerance to ultrasonic waves.

A method of removing and preventing wrinkles without damaging the skin. The light wave starts the natural regeneration process. Thanks to this procedure, fine wrinkles are smoothed, pores are reduced, complexion is improved, "spider veins" and age spots disappear. Pros: the procedure is comfortable and painless, no rehabilitation period is needed.

Skin phototype
It is customary to consider the type of skin not only depending on its physiological state, but also the degree of pigmentation. In accordance with the last criterion, 6 types of identities are distinguished: Type 1 - light, freckled, usually in redheads or blondes. Typical of the Anglo-Saxons. Never tans, burns instantly. Requires products with maximum SPF (sun protection factor) when exposed to the sun. Type 2 - normal skin of a Central European with light hair, skin color is pale, tans poorly, burns easily. NWF - from 20, with addiction - 15. Type 3 - Northern European type with dark blond hair, skin of a neutral color, tans well, rarely burns. SZF 20-10. Type 4 - Mediterranean type with dark blond hair, olive-colored skin, tans easily and only rarely burns. SZF 15-8. Type 5 - Arabian type with dark eyes and hair, olive-colored skin, burns extremely rarely. SZF 6-8. Type 6 - African-Caribbean type, eyes, hair and skin are dark, this type of skin never burns SPF 3-4.

A method of hair removal by irradiating the skin with high-power light pulses with a wavelength of 600-900 nm. The hair follicle is destroyed by the absorption of light by the melanin of the hair and subsequent heat exposure. To prevent burns, a special cooling gel is applied to the treatment area. The method is applicable for hair of any type and color, except for white and gray, gives a quick, fairly stable effect, is applicable for sensitive areas and for the skin of the face, is indicated for women with endocrine disorders that cause excessive hair growth.

Fluorescent photoepilation
A procedure for removing hair from various parts of the body using a flash lamp. The procedure is simple and does not take much time. The beautician applies a transparent gel to the client's skin, then acts on the epilation area with periodic flashes of light. The impulses destroy the hair follicles that are in the active growth phase. Hair falls out immediately after the procedure, but sometimes it takes up to 5 weeks, depending on the thickness of the follicle. Pros: the skin does not redden, there is no irritation, infectious complications, pigmentation disorders and scars.

Impact on the selected reflex zone or active point of the body with a directed beam of light of a certain wavelength in order to enhance the effect of cosmetic preparations applied to the skin surface. Moreover, each color of the spectrum has its own purpose, for example, blue activates lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, and yellow is used to combat cellulite.

A substance that normally in humans is a material for the synthesis of various hormones and substances.

A concept that completely closes a person's attention only to questions of his own health, as the only goal in life.Helsism preaches that a healthy lifestyle depends only on the person himself and ignores the conditions of his existence.

Color of the skin
Natural skin color, determined by the presence of melanin in it.

Inflammatory process in connective tissue, in particular subcutaneous adipose tissue. The term denoting local fat deposits in problem areas as a result of hypertrophy of adipocytes, disorders of blood and lymph circulation, leading to changes in tissue structure (loss of elasticity and elasticity). According to modern views, the main reasons are an excess of female sex hormones, impaired lymph flow and retention of moisture by the body, loss of elasticity of the connective tissue. Outwardly, it is characterized by uneven, bumpy, loose skin in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, prone to edema and uneven color. The skin in these areas has a reduced temperature. Cellulite mainly develops on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Foods high in fat, physical inactivity, hormonal contraceptives contribute to the development of the process. An important role is played by hereditary predisposition. The main method for reducing the appearance of cellulite is to increase the local circulation and improve the function of the lymphatic system. For this, massage is used, the application of special creams containing active ingredients such as horse chestnut, ivy, caffeine. Be sure to follow a diet low in fat and rich in fiber. Consumption of coffee, tea, as well as carbonated natural and synthesized waters is undesirable.

Body modeling method, non-surgical method of cellulite treatment. A procedure using electrodes through which an alternating current is passed and which causes ions to move through the cell. The essence of this method, developed by the French, is that long (up to 20 cm) needles-electrodes - conductors of low-frequency current - are inserted under the skin of problem areas, directly into the cellulite layer. Under its influence, an electromagnetic field arises, which forces the cells to work actively, thereby destroying the hardened micronodules of the subcutaneous tissue. As a result of these movements, the cell opens, the fat melts and becomes fluid. The excretory channels open, the cells gradually decrease in volume - the skin is leveled. The full course of treatment depends on the degree of neglect of cellulite. The result of treatment can achieve a reduction in volume up to 10 centimeters and persist for years. Pros: after the procedure, no external defects remain on the body. One procedure takes about an hour.

Face cleaning
A cosmetic procedure performed in a beauty salon or at home. It means cleansing the skin of sebum, dirt and dead cells, as well as removing impurities from the pores. It is carried out using special cosmetics containing abrasives, exfoliating and detergents.

Tinted shampoo
A cosmetic product intended for toning (shading) hair of natural color or dyed. The intensity of the shade depends on the correct shade and the length of time the shampoo is applied to the hair. When using a tint shampoo, hair coloring is superficial, so the shade is easily washed off with the subsequent shampooing.

A natural suede nail polish accessory that gives a glossy shine to any nails.

Erbium laser resurfacing
Allows bloodless and almost painless evaporation of the surface layer of the skin along with wrinkles, age spots, scars and skin neoplasms. In addition, during laser skin resurfacing, in addition to renewing the surface layers of the skin, the collagen fibers of the deep layers of the dermis are reduced, which causes the effect of a true face skin tightening and allows you to eliminate not only small epidermal wrinkles, but also deeper wrinkles. Within 4-5 days after laser resurfacing, the skin should be protected with a special ointment, sunlight should be avoided, and sunscreen should be used. Within 2-3 weeks, the skin may look pink, as if "burnt" in the sun.

Peeling skin
Separation of tiny skin particles (dead keratinized cells) from the surface of the epidermis.This process, being a normal physiological phenomenon, is usually subtle. Sometimes it intensifies and becomes more visible, for example, due to a change in the condition of the skin due to its defatting, loss of moisture in certain diseases (psoriasis, measles, scarlet fever, etc.). Increased peeling of the skin indicates a violation of the dynamics of the keratinization process.

Eyelash curler
A special device that allows you to mechanically change the curvature of the eyelashes and give them a beautiful shape.

Express build-up
System for fast nail modeling using cyanoacrylate adhesives.

(or exfoliation) removal of the upper stratum corneum of the epidermis using mechanical means (scrubs, abrasives) or chemical methods. Chemical exfoliation occurs with the help of special agents capable of destroying the intercellular substance between the cells of the surface layer of the skin. The choice of method is determined by the area of ​​the skin to be treated. Cosmetics used for exfoliation are called exfoliants.

Electrical procedures
Exposure to human skin with electric current with strictly defined characteristics. In modern cosmetology, two types of influences are used - continuous (direct electric current) and pulsed (intermittent, alternating and electric current).

(or myostimulation) the effect on the muscles of the face and body, using an alternating electric current, passed between two electrodes located at different ends of the muscle, in order to induce its passive movement. It is assumed that muscle contraction stimulates metabolic processes and, therefore, the breakdown of fats. Also known as "gymnastics for the lazy". For the muscles of the face it is used to increase their tone, for the muscles of the body - in order to increase activity in problem areas, areas of cellulite. The procedure is ineffective if the blood and lymph vessels are compressed by fatty nodes.

Impact on certain active points of the body with short pulses of electric current using a specially designed needle-electrode.

Medicinal electrophoresis
A method that combines the effect of direct current on the body (galvanization) and medicinal substances introduced with its help, which penetrate inside in a dissociated form: cations - from the anode, anions - from the cathode. Active substances penetrate mainly through the ducts of the sweat and sebaceous glands, to a lesser extent through the intercellular gaps, and accumulate in the epidermis and dermis, forming the so-called skin depot of ions, then diffusing into the blood and lymph vessels. In cosmetology, the method is known as iontophoresis and is used to restore flaccid, atonic skin of any type. The advantages of the method are the possibility of local application and the provision of a prolonged action of active substances on the skin.

Pulse electrotherapy
Impact on the skin with a pulsed electric current, where the supply of energy alternates with pauses. It is widely used in general physiotherapy. The method of pulse electrotherapy used for cosmetic purposes is electrical stimulation.

A method consisting in the introduction of a disposable metal needle into the hair follicle, through which an electric current passes, killing the hair follicle. It has several basic modifications - electrolysis, thermolysis, and their combinations. Thermolysis is the destruction of the hair follicle under the influence of high frequency alternating current, which causes the release of heat energy in the cells of the hair follicle and destroys it. The effect is long-term, it comes on rather quickly, but it is very painful, there is a high risk of causing a needle-electrode burn. In a number of countries around the world, the method is prohibited in private practice.Electrolysis - exposure of the hair growth area with direct current using a special multi-needle device. The destruction of the hair follicle occurs due to the effect of chemical products arising from the passage of current through the tissue. The method is more acceptable than thermolysis, gives a stable effect and does not require re-treatment of the zone. Suitable for all hair types, recommended for those with dark skin and fair hair. The procedure is slow.

Removal of hair along with the root by acting on the hair follicle. There are several types of hair removal - laser hair removal, photoepilation, electrolysis. Provides a longer lasting effect than depilation.

Ultrasonic epilation
A hair growth inhibitor is applied to the previously depilated area, the components of which, under the influence of ultrasound, reach the deep layers of the skin. It is very effective, but qualitative changes are noticeable only after a year. There is a risk of damage to the surrounding skin cells.

Enzyme epilation
It is based on a thermochemical effect on the hair growth zone. A special gel with special enzymes is applied to the problem areas, silicone thermal bands are applied on top, then processing with computer equipment begins, and finally visible hair is removed with wax.

The upper, constantly renewing layer of the skin.

The newest method of aesthetic cosmetology, based on the simultaneous local action of several physical factors using one device equipped with a nozzle of a complex design. Includes microcurrent electrolipolysis - the use of low-frequency pulsed current wave vacuum dermis - pulsed vacuum massage using balls of different sizes phototherapy - the use of pulsed infrared radiation. The method is intended for body modeling, correction of severe forms of cellulite and sports rehabilitation.

Modern technology of aesthetic medicine based on active mechanical stimulation of tissues using motorized rollers. It is used for the correction of cellulite, overweight for the care of flabby, atonic skin. The technology was developed by LPG System (France). Endermology is a registered trademark.

A method that allows you to increase the functional characteristics of the athlete's muscles and ligamentous apparatus (muscle strength, endurance, speed characteristics of muscle fibers, etc.), remove the effect of muscle overtraining, and treat sports injuries. Based on endermology technology.

A method of restorative and sports medicine, medical rehabilitation based on the principle of endermology. It is used to treat injuries and functional disorders of muscles and ligaments, damaged joints, eliminate edema, treat scars, shorten the rehabilitation period after operations, including plastic ones.

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