Protected areas

The first national park in the world was born in the United States at the end of the nineteenth century and precisely in 1872, in Yellowstone, with the establishment of the park of the same name.

Italy, the first protected area, was established fifty years later, in 1922, with the Gran Paradiso National Park. From that date, the Abruzzo National Park (1922), the Circeo Park (1934), the Stelvio National Park (1935) and after a stasis of thirty years the Calabria National Park (1968) followed. , it has come a long way.

It will be the task of this column to explain how the different protected areas (and more generally the protected environments) have been divided in the world, the legislation that regulates them and what they are. In addition to this, the objectives, perspectives and reasons of the current choices in the field of environmental conservation will be addressed.

Classification of protected areas

The legislation

Environmental philosophy

Protected areas

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