Graduation flowers

Graduation flowers

After so much study, sleepless nights spent on books, exams, interrogations, etc., we finally graduate. Graduating is certainly a very important milestone in a person's life and is one more reason to be proud and satisfied with oneself; through the attainment of the degree, the title of Doctor is acquired and one becomes part of the world of the learned. Of course, even on this occasion, being still a reason for joy and celebration, it is customary to give gifts, there are classics such as the bag for women, the parure, the beautiful precious ballpoint pen etc., but more and more often it is used to the floral gift. The classic color of the flowers for graduation it is red even if each faculty has its own staff and in the following paragraphs we will talk about it more in depth. Most of the times they are given red roses combined with some laurel branches, but it can also be a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers with shades from red to orange, always with laurel or a bouquet of various colored flowers very elegant like orchids or anthuriums.

Each faculty has its own color

As we said earlier and as we all know, the typical color of the degree is red; each faculty, however, has a typical color, below we will list the main ones and give you some related ideas.

The typical color of the law school is red mixed with blue, an excellent gift can be a mixed bouquet of red flowers.

Blue corresponds to the fine arts, a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers in bright colors (including blue of course) will be ideal.

The color of economics and commerce is yellow, for a degree in this faculty, a wicker basket packed with yellow gerberas and tulips will be excellent.

For the faculty of letters, as white is the typical color, we recommend a bouquet of strictly white roses and daisies.

Also for medicine the color is red, perfect a bouquet of red roses with green as a complement.

Political science prefers cardinal purple, a tip for a floral gift could be a bouquet of brightly colored flowers, roses, daisies, etc.

Pink is typical of pedagogy and psychology, a delicate and tender color, a bouquet with gerberas and roses of this color will be perfect and very welcome.

These are just a few ideas. To complete the faculties, we can tell you that dark green corresponds to agriculture, garnet to pharmacy, orange to sociology, black to architecture and engineering, electric blue to statistics, green to mathematics.


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The first thing to take into consideration when decorating a garden for a degree is the use of red, which must always be prevalent (red is the typical color of degrees). For a garden I therefore recommend that you choose accessories such as candles, candelabra, flowers and red festoons. You can arrange these accessories above the tables, above the buffet table and even on the garden floor. The same goes for any furnishing accessories in the garden, which must be enriched as much as possible with accessories in red (if there is a bench in the garden, for example, it is advisable to use red cushions).

For a graduation you must always prefer fabrics in red, such as tablecloths and handkerchiefs, which can be placed on the guest tables. If you prefer you can use disposable plastic tablecloths, go to a party supply store for more information on products suitable for a graduation party.

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