Halloween Party Decorating Ideas + Pumpkin Workshops

While autumn has not yet wasted all the summer heat, it is so pleasant to spend more days outside the city and in nature. By the way, on the eve of the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. It is famous for its long history: it is believed that on this day the worlds of the dead and the living unite. But for most of our fellow citizens, Halloween is an occasion to arrange a masquerade, a feast and have fun with friends. It is widely celebrated in English-speaking countries. In the tradition of the holiday, bazaars and fairs, a bright decoration of a dwelling and a plot, a cheerful feast. Children in carnival costumes are caroling on Halloween night, receiving sweets. It is believed that this way you can buy off evil spirits.

Where did the “pumpkin lantern” come from?

Many people associate the celebration of Halloween with the sight of a pumpkin and with a frightening face carved on it. But not everyone knows that such a pumpkin has its own name. Her name is Jack Lantern. But what kind of Jack are we talking about? It turns out that there is an old Irish legend about the old sly Jack, who was either a farmer or a blacksmith. But the fact that he was a drunkard and a gambler who spent all his earnings on the game is known for certain.

Actually, according to legend, the first lamp that Jack made himself was from turnips, but in America, pumpkin is cheaper and, you see, it is still a much more picturesque vegetable.

This is how the simplest, but no less spectacular, Jack's lamp looks like. Craftsmen can make real masterpieces from pumpkins, arranging exhibitions and competitions on this matter

So, he had a chance to somehow communicate with the devil and even sell him his immortal soul for just a glass of intoxicated ale. But he also managed to deceive the devil, and not once, but twice. To pay for the ale drunk by Jack, the devil turned into a coin, but Jack simply appropriated the money, putting it in his pocket, where there was already a silver cross. The cross did not allow the devil to take on his former guise and, in order to get out of the trap, he promised the cunning drunkard a calm and long life. The devil also said that Jack's soul would never go to hell.

But years passed and old Jack died. Because of his sins, the path to heaven was closed for him. They didn't take him to hell either, since the devil knew how to keep his word. Jack had to go into eternal wandering. It's good that he had a pumpkin with him, from which he could make a lantern with coal from the hellfire inside. Since then, this lantern has illuminated Jack's path, and Halloween is not complete without a pumpkin. It is believed that the Halloween pumpkin illuminates the path to purgatory for lost souls.

Let's make a lantern ourselves

Let's start by choosing the right pumpkin. Estimate the place where this decoration will be located, and estimate the required size of the vegetable itself. It is best to choose a large pumpkin, regular round shape and bright orange color. Prepare tools, materials and utensils for work:

  • water-based marker or felt-tip pen;
  • thin and sharp kitchen knife;
  • stationery knife;
  • rubber gloves for hand protection;
  • a tablespoon;
  • bowl for pulp and seeds;
  • alcohol and cotton wool;
  • several tea candles.

The very process of work and the sequence of actions are perfectly presented in the video that we invite you to watch.

So that you can make your own original Jack lantern, check out these ideas. Perhaps inspiration will tell you your own version, unlike any other. We will not dwell on the simplest face, the manufacturing process that you just saw. Let's see what else they portray.

Option # 1 - a character of a famous horror movie

Pay attention to popular characters from modern cartoons. For example, The Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride are just the films you need. Choose Jack or Frankenstein or any other character that invokes a surge of creativity and energy. Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Make the initial sketch with a felt-tip pen that wears off perfectly. Try to do without small parts, then it will be easier to work.

The recognizable character from the cartoon will really appeal to children, especially adolescents. However, Halloween allows even respectable and important adults to become irresponsible mischievous people for a while.

Option # 2 is another popular symbol

Bats have always been considered a symbol of terror and fear. These emotions are just in tune with Halloween. Carve their silhouettes on the pumpkin. They look spectacular on the walls as a shadow and when candles are burning inside the pumpkin. The silhouettes of bats can be placed along the entire perimeter of the vegetable, arranging them arbitrarily, or even better, make a traditional scary face in the form of them. Use a utility knife to make small parts.

It's a tradition to use bat silhouettes as Halloween decorations. You can cut them out of paper, spray them on planes through a stencil: it will still turn out great

Option # 3 - a monster devouring a competitor

The more symbols there are on this holiday, the brighter it is. If you imagine that the pumpkin is the monster that they imagine, then why not conceive a whole pumpkin battle. Let the monsters fight for the primacy on Halloween, and the strongest and most vicious will win. If you can't find a suitable small pumpkin, then you can use an orange. Do not cut large holes right away. Better to increase them as you work.

The fight of monsters, embodied in a hypertrophied pumpkin form, ceases to be scary, although a little monster who got into a mess is still a little sorry

Option # 4 - lantern, so lantern

To create such Jack Lanterns, you can use not only round, but also elongated pumpkins. It will be even more spectacular. Apply the image of the lantern to the surface using a black marker or acrylic paint and a brush with artificial bristles. Those parts that are glazed in an ordinary lamp, you just need to cut out so that the light from the candles, placed inside, goes through them. And simple, and effective!

Flashlight images can be very diverse. You can change the shape and color of the pumpkin. This is how Jack's lamps become different from one another, but all are interesting in their own way.

Option # 5 - Jack the Gatekeeper

Halloween is an autumn holiday, but winter is coming, and after it the New Year will come. Why not remember this right at the end of October? Let's take two pumpkins and make a good Jack out of them. Let it balance the forces of evil and keep them out of the house. For a pumpkin snowman, you will need a hat, several large buttons, a collar from an unnecessary shirt or a scarf, a wine bottle cork, a felt-tip pen and pins. Cut a good face out of a smaller pumpkin, the cork will be instead of the nose. Fasten the scarf around the neck and buttons with pins or glue. Eyebrows and pupils can be drawn with a felt-tip pen. Let Jack, standing at the gate or at the entrance to the house, greet the guests.

Funny Jack in the form of a pumpkin snowman does not look scary or dangerous at all. Let him guard the entrance to the house, letting in only those whose intentions are pure

So, having quietly moved to the street, we proceed to decorate the site itself.

Lighting up the garden for the holiday

A special holiday requires special lighting. It is not difficult to make it, it is much more difficult to choose one of the several most attractive options. However, you can even combine several ideas by placing the lamps in different parts of the garden. Several plastic containers, felt-tip pens and candles that are inserted inside, and the first funny lamps are ready.

I have an idea to make a backlight using empty cans. Before starting work, you need to pour water into such a jar and freeze it. This is done to make it easier to fulfill your plans without flattening the jar in the process of creativity. We put a drawing on the container and punch it through with a hammer and a carnation. Remove the ice, remove the marker marks, and the jar should be painted orange, black, gold, or any other color. It remains to place a candle inside and arrange or hang the cans.

Plastic bottle ghosts can be very funny. They will be effectively placed along the wall of the house and will create a special festive atmosphere.

Although the first option with an arch and ghosts is still more picturesque, preference should be given to safer lamps from cans. They, too, are able to delight the most discerning critics.

If the garden area already has lighting in the form of, for example, lanterns under the arch, you can decorate the arch itself with branches, cattail and reeds, and cover the lamps with a white transparent cloth, tying black ribbons around the throat of the resulting ghosts. The utmost attention should be paid to fire protection measures. Be careful not to heat the fabric. Dry grass and foliage burn like gunpowder. Therefore, it is better if it is not so beautiful, but safe.

We decorate trees and lawns

Cute and completely safe ghosts can find a place for themselves in trees or on lawns. Lightweight fabric, felt-tip pens with markers, and balloons are all you need to create a fun company of ghosts who want to play in the branches. If you stick sticks of about the same length into the ground on the lawn, on the free end of which you put cans or pots, you get the basis for a cheerful round dance of dancing ghosts.

No special effort is required to create such an original round dance of ghosts having fun right on the lawn in front of the house.

By the way, there are ready-made horror stories that will also serve as an excellent garden decoration. For example, a skeleton, asleep in a hammock, responding to the approach of a person with a gesture or sound. Not at all scary little plastic skeletons can be used to decorate an ordinary New Year's garland. Placed between trees, it will not burn brightly, but it will create the necessary atmosphere.

And also, to decorate the site, you can use a garden scarecrow. You can learn how to make it yourself from the material: https://diz-cafe.com/postroiki/ogorodnoe-chuchelo-svoimi-rukami.html

Finishing touches: entering the house

The traditional wreath that adorns the door of the house before the New Year can be exchanged for a black funeral bow, but do not forget to decorate it with glitter. Even a bunch of straw or a wreath of black crow feathers will come in handy. Black, orange, golden yellow, bronze, white and black are the main colors of the jewelry. When decorating the front door or blank wall of the house, show your imagination to the fullest.

Both entrance options are simply stunning. One can only envy the guests who will see all this beauty and splendor in reality


  • place pumpkins or their dummies everywhere;
  • scoop up more fallen leaves, gilding it with spray paint;
  • make up lush bouquets and wreaths from dead wood;
  • decorate the entrance with branches or garlands of triangular flags;
  • cut out silhouettes of witches, bats and ordinary mice and spiders from black paper to attach to the wall of the house.

The imagination of a creative person is limitless, but it is important to stop in time and show a sense of proportion, without losing a sense of humor. After all, Halloween is a mischievous and funny holiday when people laugh at their fears, rather than instill them.

In order to see a real witch on Halloween, you need to put on clothes that are topsy-turvy, go outside at midnight and walk backwards

The garden has received its fair share of fun decorations. Anyone looking at the house and the plot from the outside will appreciate the effort put into creating a festive atmosphere. It remains to surprise and delight those who will be invited to the house and to the table.

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Halloween: festive table decor

When a person is really scared - this is, to put it mildly, unpleasant, but when it is just a little scary, and even then for fun - it tickles the nerves and causes a sweet fading under the "spoon". It seems that such a state should arise on a holiday. Moreover, on such an unusual holiday as Halloween, when you expect something unprecedented and otherworldly, and then you laugh at your fears and the fears of your friends.

01. Pumpkin spiders

These cool creatures created from pumpkins will become a creepy decoration of the lawn. Choose medium-sized orange or white pumpkins for this decoration. Use an awl to pierce four holes on both sides of each pumpkin and attach giant black stems of suitable plants to them - these will be the legs of the spiders.

The more hairy and prickly you choose a plant, the more terrifying the spiders will turn out to be. Use glue to attach white and black styrofoam circles to the pumpkins to represent the spider's eyes.

It is best to place such a decoration on those lawns and flower beds that are not immediately striking, then this decoration will definitely become a terrible surprise for your guests.

02. Pendant decoration of pumpkin "Bats"

Use a marker and magic spells to attract a flock of bats to your garden area. Take white pumpkins and paint these scary companions of the dark night on them. If you can't draw, cut out a stencil and spray paint through it.

To hang the pumpkins, cut a thick rope into several pieces, make a hanging loop at one end, and pass the other end through the hole in the pumpkin, securing it with a large washer. The washer will support the weight of the pumpkin and prevent it from slipping off the rope.

03. Pumpkin Owl

Ah, that owl cry in the night! Frost creeps across your skin when you hear it in the dark. But these pumpkin owls are not so scary, rather cute and attractive. Decorate white pumpkins with seeds and nuts to give owls noses and eyes. Add furry ears. From mini-pumpkins, owls can be made according to the same principle. Such crafts for the garden will surely please not only your children.

04. Bird Bath

Do you have a birdbath on the property? Excellent. Use this Halloween idea to decorate your birdbath with a large pumpkin carved lantern with holes in the center of the eyes, mouth and nose. Fill the tank with moss for an even spookier picture.

05. Pumpkins with silhouettes

Do not forget about the porch of the house and various retaining walls, decorating the site. Lay out a group of large and small pumpkins with silhouettes of cats and mice on them. Take a suitable template and use black paint to paint the images on the pumpkins. If you don't like cats or are afraid that mice will ruin pumpkins, try other design ideas, such as spider webs or bats crescent moons.

06. Friends of children

This Halloween decoration idea of ​​fun fairy tale characters is perfect as a kid's party decoration. Stack the pumpkins like snowmen and dress them up with masks, hats, and capes. Children will love it!

07. Entrance decoration "Welcome!"

Place an antique wheelbarrow on your porch or one that is just taking a break from agricultural work, and arrange in it an artistic composition of various pumpkins, bright leaves and autumn berries. On the largest pumpkin, write welcome words for guests or use self-adhesive letters.

This garden entrance area decoration can work all autumn, and before Halloween, put a pumpkin head with a scary face on top to scare away evil spirits.

08. Halloween house number

A very simple Halloween decoration idea.Create a decorative pumpkin composition with your house number so that guests will feel the Halloween mood as soon as they enter the site. Draw the outline of the numbers with a sharp knife, and then use a chisel to hollow them out in the thick pumpkin rind.

09. Pumpkin Lantern

To greet guests in a Halloween style, the front door can be decorated with a pumpkin lantern in addition to wreaths and decorative numbers. Draw a smiling face on the pumpkin with black acrylic paint and decorate with branches and leaves. For the complete beauty of the picture, it is good to plant a stuffed raven on top of the pumpkin. Make a loop of sturdy rope or wire and hang the pumpkin where you want it.

10. Terrible watchman

With this holiday design idea, you can not only greet guests cheerfully, but also save money on the watchman. Make a new garden scarecrow to welcome your guests to Halloween. Fill a set of old clothes with straw and fallen leaves, and on top attach a pumpkin head with holes cut in the form of eyes, mouth and nose.

Illuminated from the inside, such a head in the dark can really scare especially faint-hearted guests. So that your watchman does not fall prematurely, put him on a bench under the window, then in the daytime, from a certain distance, such a scarecrow can really be mistaken for a living pumpkin-man.

11. Hanging pumpkins

Plain old wire baskets or flowerpot planters often seen at flea markets or found in grandma's barn can be a great base for decorative mini pumpkin decorations. Place them on orphaned trees in your garden or veranda for Halloween or the fall.

Moreover, you can leave this decoration for the winter. Well-ripened pumpkins with a tough skin can sag until spring with a bright color to the eye - add sunshine to short winter days.

12. Statue at the entrance

Greet your guests with this original composition, which is probably more correctly classified as a small architectural form. And maybe not small. It all depends on what size pumpkins grew on your site and how many of them you are ready to use to decorate the site on the eve of All Saints' Day. Fill a metal bucket (tub, barrel, pool, etc.) with sand and fix a vertically suitable stake or post in it. Remove the stems from the pumpkin, drill through holes and plant on a stake like a kebab. Add ornamental plants, other gifts of fall, and spell your greeting on the pumpkins.

How to decorate your house for Halloween?

Every country has its own traditions. Some are very popular among the people. And the rest are quite difficult to understand. For example, in our country it is not customary to organize beautiful carnivals, as in Brazil. But in some cases it is customary among our people to celebrate the customs of other countries. Such holidays include Halloween. It is customary to celebrate this holiday from October 31 to November 1 before All Saints Day. That is, it is necessary to pay tribute to the victims. On a given night, any family is trying to make their home as bad as possible. On this day, the kids go to the houses of their neighbors and ask for sweets. Now let's look at how to decorate a house for Halloween.

Halloween table decor

The table can be decorated with spooky decor like a caramelized apple. An excellent solution is to cook green apples in multi-colored caramel. In appearance, it will look like a large lollipop. You can also decorate the festive table with sweets and goodies such as jelly or soufflé. Pour melted chocolate on top of the sweets. You can fantasize, draw a chocolate spider web on saucers. Such desserts will reflect the essence of the holiday.

You still don't know how to decorate your house for Halloween, especially the most important moment - the festive table? No need to despair, as there are many effective ways to decorate the table, including decorating with an orange or you can stick the whole table with carnations. Also, popcorn balls will not interfere with the decor of the table of different colors, you can use food coloring to give different colors. You can make a dessert in the form of an icy bloody hand for this scary holiday. In this case, consider how to make such a hand from ordinary jelly.

  1. First we take a red dye and mix in water.
  2. Then we pour water into rubber gloves.
  3. The glove is tied and placed in the freezer.
  4. We dip frozen hands in a glove in water, so it will be much easier to pull it out.

The guests will definitely like it when the ice starts to melt and the fingers begin to break off. If you want to get brains, then pour weak tea into a jar, put cauliflower without leaves in it.

How to make a pumpkin?

The pumpkin, which has carved eyes and mouth, is the main decoration of an American holiday like Halloween. In fact, she is a symbol of the holiday. There are many methods to make a pumpkin. Consider a couple of popular and sought-after options. Here, we'll take a look at how to make a classic pumpkin.

  1. We take a large pumpkin for this. Moreover, it must be ripe.
  2. The pumpkin is cored and marked with a stencil.
  3. First, we cleanse our pumpkin from the pulp, from which you can prepare a delicious dish.
  4. Then we draw a pattern of faces on paper, transfer it to a pumpkin with a needle.
  5. Cut out the points with a knife.
  6. We put a candle in the inner part of the pumpkin, light it.

Another way to decorate your pumpkin for Halloween in an original way. For this we will need

  • large pumpkin,
  • 3 small pumpkins,
  • different colors of ribbons,
  • template on paper with ears,
  • 3 pieces of wire, the length of which is about 20 centimeters,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • buttons,
  • leaves,
  • hot gun.

Now let's take a closer look at the stages of making a pumpkin.

  1. We cut about 3 pairs of ears using black cardboard, and another 3 pairs of slightly smaller ears.
  2. We attach small ears to huge ones in pairs.
  3. Then we attach the ears with hot glue to small pumpkins.
  4. The eyes need to be made of black buttons, the antennae are made of black cardboard, the nose is made of a triangle of colored cardboard.
  5. Our cats are ready.
  6. We clean the large pumpkin from the inside.
  7. We cut the ribbons into strips, the length of which coincides with the height of the pumpkin.
  8. We decorate the pumpkin with ribbons, attach the tips with buttons, the ribbons themselves can be glued with double-sided tape.
  9. We pierce each small pumpkin from the bottom with a wire, the other end must be fixed with floral foam, which must be put inside a huge pumpkin.
  10. We attach the pumpkin lid in the same way.

Small details of home decor

If you want to make your Halloween room even more terrifying, we recommend hanging the ghosts on the chandeliers at home. Any stylistic direction of the apartment can be decorated, even a solid hi-tech or houses in a classic stylistic solution. We wrap the legs of the table with chairs with black threads - the appearance will look like a spider web. With the help of a chandelier decor with gauze, you will also get a cobweb effect. White bedspreads can be strung on chairs to create ghosts.

Throughout the house, you can add bat or spider blanks in various corners and secluded places. You can draw orange balls and hang them around the apartment. And if you hang witches near the windows that will glow, then passers-by will be simply horrified by such a sight. So is the hand that hangs out of the mailbox.

Thus, you can also decorate the territory of the apartment and not only. You can also decorate your front door. It can be decorated with a cobweb. We add as many bats as possible to the decor of the front door. And in order to make such crafts, you can use ordinary black thick cardboard, we hang the finished products above the door. You can also buy pre-made plastic bats at children's toy stores. Paper pumpkins can be laid out on the steps of an apartment, or you can get a picturesque composition of beautiful gourd pumpkins by hanging them above the door area. If you paint them white and cut out their mouths, they will look like little ghosts. And if you put lamps in the inner area, then at night they will look like a nightmare.

If you are a fan of creativity, then you can use the sinister "Ekibana" in the form of a gnarled branch, which is installed in a flowerpot near the entrance to the apartment. On the flooring, you can place lanterns, several witches' brooms, lay out pumpkins, and put a couple of stuffed crows on the twigs. The invited guests leave their hats right there on the branches.

Halloween Figurines

You can also make your own invitation cards. You can make scary copies that your friends will absolutely love. After decorating the house itself, you should also start decorating the garden. You can hang pumpkin lanterns on open tree branches. Here you can also hang lamps made of glass jars with candles in the inner area, and a few crows will perfectly complement the decor. Decorating a plot in an ominous setting, you can see a shop with gags. Here you can choose good options for decoration, something like a severed hand that we attach to the doors - it looks very creepy outwardly.

At this stage, we put in a thorough and final decor inside the room. This is where you can do your best, and you don't have to be afraid to experiment. You can choose cute ghosts as a decoration for the chandelier; you can make them from gauze with starch. We inflate small balls and attach them to the neck of the bottle. We wet a piece of gauze in starch and hang it on a ball - this way you need to leave it for a while so that it dries. Small ghosts can be hung on lines from indoor chandeliers. In order to get the effect of cobwebs on candlesticks, we use the same decor method.

Stock up for this with plastic bottles and a few pieces of wire to create frames, so that the gauze, after drying, turns out a cone-shaped skirt. To give your apartment a creepy Halloween look, as you can see, you can use a few handy tools and decorative elements that will completely transform your apartment and more.

One important point: when decorating any areas of an apartment or garden, pay as much attention as possible to small details, thanks to which you can get such a terrible picture in your home. Do not be afraid to experiment, then you will succeed in an original way.

Watch the video: 10 DIYs für die perfekte Halloween Party

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