Double-queen beekeeping in sunbeds is a tangible addition to the collection

Having mastered the principles of double-queen beekeeping in sunbeds, you will almost double the amount of honey collected. The bee colony increases its number and, accordingly, improves the indicators for strengthening the vitality of each individual and for the amount of the harvest. We will tell you how to arrange two queens in one hive.

Main feature

In the family of these insects, there is an undivided monarchy. The queen bee is considered a queen and, naturally, such families simply do not exist in natural conditions. The queens will certainly start enmity among themselves. In the end, everything will end with a duel in which the strongest of them will survive, but she simply will not be able to cope and provide such a huge number of bees with brood.

The situation of enmity between the queens is eliminated by installing a dividing mesh partition between the two hives. Moreover, the holes in the partition are made in such a way that worker bees can freely move around the hive, and the queen (it is 1.5-2 times larger than a normal bee) cannot get to the neighboring half.

There is an undivided monarchy in the family of these insects.

Two-queen bee keeping can be organized in two ways:

  1. Planting a new family.
  2. Removal of the newly hatched queen and part of the bees in the other half of the hive.

The first method of creating such families (replanting) relies on the ability of these insects to unite into a single community, despite belonging to different families. Since each family also has its own smell - in order to avoid general enmity, when organizing two-queen beekeeping, before creating layering, each of the swarms is sprayed with sugar syrup.

The second method is applicable when a lot of brood and several queens are laid. It is necessary to transfer the layers with the new uterus to the second half. In this case, the new swarm has the same smell and the union is much easier, but do not forget to partition the hive with plywood or netting to avoid the war of queens.

Video about the basics of twin queen bee keeping

Not having established it, perhaps, the beginning of a war, in which both swarms will die, or there will be one, but very weak, who will not have time to collect honey.

Twin beehive

This way of keeping bees requires a large hive. Vertical double-box hives are very bulky and inconvenient for monitoring, treating bees and setting up stores. Two-queen bees are kept in bee hives, in which both halves with the bees in them are located horizontally.

This way of keeping bees requires a large hive.

A hive for two families should contain 24 frames in addition to the partition.

In such hives, it is much easier to arrange layering, replant queens, and regulate brood hatching. Entrances in such houses are arranged from different sides for better access of bees to the frames.

The benefits of such content

With this method of keeping bees, the amount of obtained marketable honey, for example, from late-flowering sunflower, increases by an order of magnitude. Due to the presence of a powerful swarm, bees are able to maintain the regime necessary for their life on their own. If a large honey harvest is planned, then the withdrawal (from the hive) of one of the queens will help increase the number of worker insects engaged in honey harvest.

During dry periods, remove the brood layers to avoid swarming, increasing the number of worker bees.

Video about beekeeping in sun loungers

Then you can grow hives.

When organizing beekeeping, the withdrawal of queen bees is an important task. If you observe all the factors and nuances, then with double-queen content, you can achieve amazing results.

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