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Sectional fencing Metaloff consists of mesh panels, support posts and fasteners. The sizes of each type of elements vary, they can be combined with each other. You can choose the desired height of the panels, the shape and size of the posts.

Please note that we only use galvanized poles, additionally covered with PVC, which significantly increases the service life of the fence!

The mesh is made of steel bars with a thickness of 4 mm or 5 mm, depending on the model of the fence, which are connected to each other by spot welding. The rods are covered with an anti-corrosion zinc layer, and the outside of the entire mesh is covered with a dense polymer shell, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage. Each panel is V-shaped to provide flexural strength, impact resistance and sag resistance. GATES and WICKETS are available, suitable for these fences.

Installation of a fence on a screw foundation, installation of a fence made of corrugated board, as well as gates, gates is possible.

Installation of SCREW PILE for various buildings of the N, U and F series (several dozen types, with and without flange).

The warranty period has been extended to 1.5 years (subject to operational standards).
When concluding a contract, we return the cost of the departure of the master.

For more detailed information and recommendations on the purchase of sectional fences, please contact our specialists!

About company
We have been supplying, selling and installing fences and screw foundations since 2012. Due to strict quality control during production and at all stages of delivery, the installed structures will serve for many years.

Among the clients: MUPV "Roads of Vladivostok", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate for Construction in the Far Eastern Federal District" of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, schools, kindergartens, other municipal, commercial institutions, private landowners.

ATTENTION! We ask you to agree on the time of shipment in advance in order to save your time and not wait in line for those who are shipped on schedule.

Shipping and payment

Payment in cash, bank cards, bank transfer (bank transfer)

How to build a gate yourself

Before starting construction, it is necessary to determine the exact dimensions of the future gate. Usually it is built on the same level as the fence and should not exceed 2 m in height. If the fence is higher, then another transverse bar is added to its structure to strengthen the wicket.

When designing the width of the wicket, it is important to take into account the ability not only of free passage of people, but also the ability to bring furniture.

A very wide gate will look cumbersome and will create additional stress on the fastening materials. Therefore, it is optimal to build a wicket with a width of 1 m.

Wickets - the gateway to the kingdom of greenery

She is the first, like a faithful guardian, to meet the guests of the garden. It conceals many secrets and "wonderful discoveries" behind its doorstep. Let's click the lock, open the gate and find out some of them!

Gateway to the kingdom of greenery

With their mere appearance, the gates express a friendly "Welcome!" or make it clear “Stay away from here!”, stand wide open or tightly closed, connect or divide zones of green possessions, in a word, they can perform the whole range of necessary, sometimes completely opposite functions. And of course, each garden assistant, depending on the mission assigned to her, has her own unique "face", design and size.

The gate may well become the main accent in the front garden! You just need to paint it in a bright color - then, in decorativeness, it will argue with the beauties of roses.

Material and appearance of the wicket entirely depend on the style in which the site is sustained. A wooden model is unlikely to fit into a modern garden, and a metal gate with a clear geometric shape is not very appropriate in a rustic or natural one.

A simple hand-made wooden gate is best combined with a wattle fence. Advice: any old unpainted boards are ideal for making it.

A simple hand-made wooden gate is best combined with a wattle fence.

Along with the cost, when choosing a wicket, you should pay attention to its "requests":

  • For example, wooden elements will have to be regularly impregnated with special protective equipment, otherwise their eyelids will be offensively short.
  • Metallic ones are more hardy and stable, but they should be periodically "pampered" with varnish.
  • The most problem-free are unpainted galvanized models and stainless steel wickets.

Sunflowers look like a picture, "looking" through the round window of the garden door. It is quite possible to make such a gate yourself. Important: Opt for sturdy pillars that can support the weight of the door.

Left: sunflowers look like a picture, "peeping" through the round window of the garden door. Right: A red wooden gate will definitely not be overlooked.

The red wooden gate will definitely not be overlooked, especially in contrast to the ivy-covered rectangular arch. Ivy is an ideal candidate for landscaping arches over a gate. The plant climbs calmly on a support even with a smooth surface. The angularity of the complex is harmoniously smoothed out by the strips built by a ladder and sharpened on one side.

It should be noted that wickets can be installed not only at the border of the site, but also in the middle of it - to draw a line between individual zones. Say, separate the vegetable garden from the ornamental garden with a low fence with a lovely door. This can be done with any “garden room” - a play area, a seating corner, or a barbecue area. Shrubs or tall herbaceous perennials will perfectly cope with the role of a fence - they will beautifully frame the gate and visually mark the border of the separated corner.

A walkway in a tall hedge can also be decorated with a wicket. A wooden model fits better into a rustic garden, and in a modern one, a metal one will have to be more in the yard.

And of course, one cannot fail to mention such an important detail as accessories. Choose handles, bolts and locks very carefully - and unwanted guests will remain outside your area!

Only for the elite

Many site owners enclose their property with a high fence with a secure gate. Ideally, they also install a bell outside so that the guest does not appear directly in front of the front door to the house. Agree, such a surprise is not always pleasant. In this case, before opening, you can look out the window or check the identity of the arriving person using the intercom. However, if a thief wants to get into the house, he is unlikely to be stopped by a gate and a fence. Only a gate with a height of at least 160 cm without any supporting crossbars can detain an attacker. A similar model should be chosen even if the main function of the gate is not to let out small children or pets outside the area. In general, the higher the gate and the more difficult it is to climb, the more reliable it is.

3D fence, sectional, metal + PVC, wickets and gates

3D fences are sectional structures welded from steel rods, which are attached to the supports using special clamps. Additional rigidity to the fence is given by V-shaped bends of vertically arranged rods, reinforced with horizontal rods. This horizontal spatial profiling gave the design the name 3D. It is ideal for the construction of fences for summer cottages, perimeters of cottage settlements, school grounds, parking lots, sports and warehouse complexes, factories, etc.
This fence is always in stock and in large quantities, we work directly with factories in China and guarantee you that our price is the lowest on the market. The prices are shown below.

Panel 3D 1470mm * 2500mm, bar thickness 4mm, 3 stiffeners - RUB 915 / pc
Panel 3D 1770mm * 2500mm, bar thickness 4mm, 3 stiffeners-1031 rub / pc
Panel 3D 1970mm * 2500mm, bar thickness 5mm, 4 stiffeners (premium) -1509 rubles / pc
Square metal post without flange, height 1650mm * 60mm * 60mm * 2mm, PVC, weight 6 kg -705 rubles / piece
Square metal post without flange, height 1950mm * 60mm * 60mm * 2mm, in PVC, weight 7.1kg -789 rubles Square metal post without flange, height 2100mm * 60mm * 60mm * 2mm, in PVC, weight 7.7 kg -831 rubles Round post metal without flange, height 1650mm * D50mm * 2mm, in PVC, -491 rubles / pc
Round metal post without flange, height 1950mm * D50mm * 2mm, PVC, -512 rub / pc
Round metal post without flange, height 2100mm * D 50mm * 2mm, PVC, -555 rubles / pc
Fastening the 3D panel to a square post 60mm * 60mm -70 rubles / pc
Fastening the 3D panel to the round post D-50mm -63 rubles / pc
Wicket, height 1.5 m, width 1m, bar thickness 4mm complete with 2 square posts 2000 * 60 * 60mm, hinges and bolt -5397 rubles / pc
Wicket, height 1.75 m, width 1 m, bar thickness 4 mm complete with 2 square posts 2000 * 60 * 60 mm, hinges and bolt -6245 rubles / pc
Gate, height 1.5m, width 4m (consist of two parts), bar 4 mm, complete with 2 square posts 3000 * 80 * 80mm, hinges and bolt-16333 rubles / pc
Gate, height 1.75m, width 4m (consist of two parts), bar 4 mm, complete with 2 square posts 3000 * 80 * 80mm, hinges and bolt-16 927 rubles / piece

Shipping and payment

  • Self-pickup - Ussuriysk, Nekrasov street 258B Base KPS warehouse No. 26 StroyMir
  • Delivery within the city - 300 rubles.
  • Delivery to shopping mall 300 r.

cash payment, bank transfer, Sberbank
delivery in Ussuriysk and Primorsky Territory
we organize delivery across Russia by transport companies


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Wickets (Karelian pies) with potatoes
(the work was placed in the competition "Stove with the" Magician ")

When I say “rye dough baking”, the first thing that comes to my mind is Karelian wicket pies. They are not very common in our country, but in neighboring Finland they are sold in every supermarket. There I tried them for the first time. In stores, karjalanpiirakka usually stuffed with potatoes or rice - probably because they are better stored. And in the hotel restaurant, the chefs prepared amazing salmon wickets. You can also make a filling from cottage cheese, buckwheat porridge, mushrooms, lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries and other northern berries - the hostess's imagination is not limited. But today I will make wickets with potatoes for you.

1 cup rye flour
1 cup wheat flour
1 glass of yogurt or kefir

8-10 medium potatoes
milk to taste
1-2 onions (optional)

1 egg
2 tbsp. tablespoons of thick sour cream

Peel the potatoes, put them to boil in salted water. While the potatoes are boiling, prepare the dough. I take the proportion of wheat and rye flour 1: 1, but this is not a dogma. The larger the portion of the rye flour, the more authentic the pies will be. Add yogurt and knead the dough.

Wrap the dough in foil and leave it to "rest" for 20 minutes so that the dough does not dry out, wrap it in foil. I did half the portion, so the dough came out a little.

While the dough is resting, prepare the filling. The potatoes are boiled, now you need to turn them into mashed potatoes.

You can simply heat it up or cook it the way you usually puree - with butter, milk, egg, etc.

I do not put an egg in mashed potatoes, but add the onion sautéed until golden brown.

You can fry the cracklings with onions - it will be even tastier. The filling is ready, we proceed to the artistic sculpting of the pies. Roll out the dough with sausage, cut into pieces the size of a large walnut and roll out oval cakes with a rolling pin.

The thickness of the dough is 1-1.5 mm. We spread the filling and seal the edges. No harder than dumplings. The dough itself lays down as it should.

Beat the egg and sour cream well. And we smear the top of the pies. We send it to an oven preheated to 200 degrees, the "convection + bottom heating" mode, for about 15 minutes. Do not overdry! When the top of the gates is browned and the aroma of baking floats through the house, you can get it out.

... Set the table and invite everyone for tea. Although from experience - they themselves will resort to the smell)))

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