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The hanging garden is a particular type of garden that is created on the terrace. It is a question of placing various plants in this space and recreating a rather interesting green environment. Its origins date back to many centuries ago, the first evidence was found in Babylon. These gardens were the symbol of how this civilization was able to create works of great ingenuity and beauty.

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The hanging garden is today one of the most requested gardens especially by those who live in an apartment in the city and do not have the possibility of having a classic garden. The construction of the roof garden requires the knowledge of the waterproofing systems of the terrace, that is, of substances that prevent the creation of water infiltrations. This is a rather feared problem by those who want to build a roof garden because often, using poor quality materials, you find yourself with serious problems of humidity. In reality, by turning to qualified people in the sector, the problem should not exist, especially because by using suitable materials, the contact between the ground water and the pavement does not really have to exist. The construction of a roof garden can require the intervention of a person specialized in the sector or it can be done personally. Today the hanging garden has developed considerably: it is possible to create it even for those houses that have a strong slope. Of course, the work must be performed by specialized people. Only in this way will the roofing with waterproofing materials be made to adhere correctly. Those who would therefore like to try their hand at the philosophy of hanging gardens will then have to evaluate the exposure of the garden and above all also equip it with an irrigation system. When the garden has a considerable extension, it is not recommended to water it yourself, but to install an underground irrigation system. In this way, the plants will be watered according to their needs and above all, by equipping the watering system with an automatism, even during the absence of the owner, the plants will continue to receive their daily ration of water. These are important precautions that must be put in the budget during the design phase, because it is necessary to create the path of the watering system, which, even if it is achievable at a later stage, must be created during the design to avoid ruining the garden. already done. It is not recommended to use too many plants that could give a 'closed' effect and would not offer those who use this garden the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the plants themselves. Each will then personally decide how to distribute the various plants, especially with respect to what their needs are. Of course, the roof garden, even if designed by a gardener, must always correspond to the wishes of the customer. Those who love rather dense vegetation will surely tend to have a garden built where tall trees dominate, alternating with spaces with small shrubs and flowers, as opposed to those who want to have a garden where the greatest presence is of flowers.


The roof garden can be designed directly by the landlord or by contacting a specialized company. In the first case it is necessary to have a minimum of knowledge and confidence with the philosophy of these gardens. The first step to follow is certainly the subdivision of the spaces, to be carefully considered especially when the terrace is rather small. The spaces are divided and this serves to guarantee the possibility of having various corners on the terrace, where you can meet with friends: the relaxation area and the dining area are essential so that a roof garden can be used in the best possible way. The surrounding spaces will thus be filled with plants from the hanging garden, some of which will be in planters, others planted in flower beds. The choice of the species to be used for the roof garden must take into account the general climatic and environmental conditions of the place, in order to choose plants that are able to withstand any conditions. Each plant obviously will require a particular type of soil and during its evolution of particular "care" in the absence of which unfortunately the garden will begin to show the first signs of suffering. The plants must be arranged in such a way that each can receive a adequate lighting On the choice of species, everyone can feel free to orient themselves on those that are considered to be more suitable for both the climate and the aesthetic aspect.

Philosophy hanging gardens: garden design: philosophy hanging gardens tailored for you

If you intend to get more information, about a decidedly niche topic regarding the furnishing of your garden, then you are in the right place, considering that in this section we not only focus on the analysis of a style of gardening, but also on the philosophy of hanging gardens.

Specifically, in our opinion, the one just mentioned is perhaps the best choice for those who want to preserve above all the functional aspect. The hanging gardens, in fact, are ideal for those who live in the city and need to make the most of their terrace, which, otherwise, would sadly be unused. All without forgetting their glance.

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