My grapes

I have grown grapes recently, but the taste of juicy, aromatic berries ripened on my vine is already well known to me and my family.

I still have four grape varieties. I really like the varieties Krasa Severa, Isabella, Zilga. I grow grapes according to the "Guyot" system - a multi-arm scheme.

I also try another way of growing, I want, as they say, to test everything and check it myself in order to choose the best.

So far I have an optimal load of 3-4 sleeves per bush. It all depends on the occupied area and the correct location of the bushes. For a short period of growing grapes, I already understood where changes need to be made in order to achieve a favorable development of the bushes. The shortcomings are immediately noticeable, so I think that the one who grows grapes, finds unaccounted for moments.

Of course, experience comes with time. At first, it is even scary to start growing a vine here in the North-West. After all, people have mastered this business for thousands of years. And then you suddenly immediately take on it. It's not eggplant bush... But, as it turned out, there is nothing terrible in this, but, on the contrary, such work is even fascinating, and you are already waiting for the fruits of your labor.

I grow grapes in the greenhouse... This has to be done because of the weather conditions in our Leningrad region, because it starts to rain when the bushes are in the stage of berry ripening. And this negatively affects the harvest, and the vine from waterlogging can grow. I remove the film when I collect the bunches of grapes.

The bushes are planted in raised beds on the sides of the greenhouse. I water the grapes through plastic bottles that are dug into specially made wells so that moisture gets to the roots. I pour warm water from the barrels that are in the greenhouse. I water and fertilize according to a special scheme for grapes. In autumn pruning vines I also do it according to the scheme.

When the ground freezes after the rains, I begin to insulate the bushes. I pack the vines in insulation for pipes, tie them with twine and put them on the ground, pin them. I rake the root system with earth, cover it with leaves - and that's it.

In the spring, I again cover the greenhouse with a film, free the bushes from insulation, they are dry, clean - they never die and do not freeze. Until the threat of frost passes, I do not raise the vine, I additionally cover it with foil. After the frost, I raise it and tie it to the trellis in three tiers. I tie it vertically to the lower trellis, horizontally to the upper trellis. The most important thing is to distribute each vine so that light and air can freely penetrate to it. The door and window in the greenhouse are open all summer, I put a cat net in the doorway.

Spraying and foliar feeding is carried out according to the scheme for grapes.

So, dear gardeners, grow grapes, do not be afraid, there is nothing complicated. Find the literature you need and choose the options that are right for you. And I wish you success in this!

My brother Nikolay Baluev, who lives in Magnitka, has been growing grapes for a long time, and also citrus and berry crops. Since childhood, he began to plant apple trees in his mother's garden area, and now he has become almost an academician in this matter, many people know him in other cities of Russia. Love for work and the desire to achieve something new always give positive results, only you need to go towards your goal, not stopping when faced with difficulties.

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Galina Balueva,
prize-winner of our competition "Summer Season - 2007"

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Grapes. Harvest vine

It is not difficult to break up a vineyard on your site and get a good harvest if you know the main features of growing this crop. In this book, you will get acquainted with the rules for choosing the most productive varieties, the features of planting seedlings, caring for them, protecting against diseases and pests.

We offer you to download an introductory fragment of the book “Grapes. Harvest Vine "by Anna Belyakova in electronic form in FB2 and TXT formats. It is also possible to download the book in other formats such as RTF and EPUB (e-books). We recommend choosing the FB2 or TXT format for downloading, which are currently supported by almost any mobile device (including phones / smartphones / e-book readers running Android and IOS OS (iPhone, iPad)) and desktop computers. The book was published in 2017 in the series "33 Harvests".

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Correct rationing

Athos belongs to the vigorous varieties. In one season, vines can ripen up to 7 meters. Therefore, when growing it, one cannot do without rationing. For this grape, a fan-free four-arm shaping is perfect:

  • The seedling is planted in an upright position in the spring. To make it better "grab" and mature, experts recommend covering it with a film.
  • In the first year, in the fall, choose the two most powerful shoots and cut them back. In this case, only 2-3 kidneys are left.
  • In the second year, in the summer, shoots will begin to grow from these buds. When inflorescences form, remove them.
  • In late July, early August, pinch the top. This will improve the ripening of the shoots.
  • In the autumn, the shoots are distributed on different sides and rationed for mature wood. In general, the bush becomes like a fan.
  • In the third year of life, in the spring, all buds are removed, except for the top three.
  • In the autumn of the same year, the shoots are cut off. The lower ones are 2-3 buds (replacement knots), the upper ones are 6-8 buds. It is on the upper ones that our future harvest will be formed.
  • In subsequent years, the formation of culture occurs in a similar way.


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